inviZimals: Shadow Zone Coming to PSP This Fall

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inviZimals: Shadow Zone Coming to PSP This Fall

inviZimals: Shadow Zone for PSP

Emerson here with some great news for all you inviZimals fans out there. inviZimals: Shadow Zone is coming to North America!

inviZimals: Shadow Zone for PSP

The story picks up several months after the events of the first inviZimals game and features new, deeper and more involved captures with over 100 new inviZimals to hunt and battle with. You can also team up with a friend for co-op captures using AdHoc or Infrastructure connectivity. You can even modify and share your inviZimals by changing their names, colors and choose from a greater range of attack moves. The game will also feature a full blown rank and prestige system as well as you being able to travel to new exotic locations as you investigate how inviZimals shaped ancient mythology.

inviZimals: Shadow Zone for PSPinviZimals: Shadow Zone for PSP

So get ready to team up with Keni, Jazmin and Dawson on another whirlwind adventure across the globe to solve the great mysteries of inviZimals: Shadow Zone.

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  • im on rite now how could it be down

  • the store not the network.

  • just read that the ps4 is in development,
    this could just be a lie but considerind the new wii and a supos new xbox,
    who knows, this might be tru.
    tell me what you think

  • Am I the only one that realizes that Nintendo 3DS already did this? Oh well I don’t have nor want a 3DS and I have no plans of buying a PSP anytime soon so this Pokemon rip-off doesn’t appeal to me. I just keep coming to this blogsite waiting for details on the PS store. Nothing again today I see…….. Next week then Sony?

  • I figure after the store opens I’ll wait about a week then get my stuff, after all we have 30 days to get it.

  • when is the store opening? you have had nothing on it but an inaccurate date sony. You need to keep us better informed on some other matters as in… what you are doing and how you are doing with the store right now?

  • i got that game alredy

  • There deadline they set and hopefully will adhere to is the 31st of may. Here’s hoping sony that you make it.

  • @stmdpsn1

    ya i know but have they informed us about it…no. that is the least they could do for the troubles. im kinda of sick of sony not informing us at all on matters… they could at least inform us once or twice on the matter.

  • also the last date they said…monday…was a lie… and how many times did they say it would come back on in 2 days duringt he outage… about 5… only one was tru.

  • sony when are we going to receive the welcome back program? because i really wanna download infamous from the free list of games and REALLY want 30 days of free ps plus……………….?

  • i wish sony would only give dates that they had a 90% or more chance of turning it on that day.

  • @Dabarius

    Actually they have twice and that’s why I hope they stick to the may 31st deadline. So that way people will finally calm down about it.

  • The new inviZimals the Shadow Zone will be
    the PSP UK GAME inviZimals DLC on PSN

  • buuuuuu boring

  • Ok, so on May 31st, they’ll be announcing the store isn’t up and running, but they’re working round the clock, the new deadline is “as soon as possible”, and they appreciate our patience and support? It’s a been a few days since I’ve been able to enjoy some good Sony-style bum-flufferies…but I’m looking forward to it!

  • When does the store come back? The month is almost over folks….

  • @56 amen! sony needs to keep its consumers involved in matters to avoid all of the users theyre losing. now im hearing tomorros the day. can i get confromation on that?

  • @sonic5423

    thanks for proving my point. all of sony’s dates are inaccurate and thats the only thing they give us. no “we are in the process of …”

  • the last time they informed us on the store was either the 16 or 18 (cant recall which) and they didn’t even have that much besides “two free games” (personally i think the list should be a little longer).

  • I chose you PSNasorus!! ….. *waits*

    …. *waits*


  • same here ?????

  • Are these games forward compatable with the NGP and its camera? Or do I need to buy a PSP camera?

  • Im a huge fan of monster battling games. But I dont think I can play this only having a PSPgo.

  • plasticmonkeycra

    so this blog is open to everyone, and I wasn’t being a jerk or saying anything negative, so why Sony did you delete my blog?

  • Would have loved to see this on my PSP Go, but sadly…hopefully it will be available on the NGP since there is no way I’ll be buying another PSP and the camera just for one game even though this game looks great.

  • PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE… any and all information you provide to ANY ENTITY, can be exploited!!!

    The rest of you children need to S T F U and stop whining, the adults are busy working, and talking this thing out. Think before you speak… and be resourceful and informed before you hand your info to ANYBODY!!!

    On topic: this game looks, uh… like it was made for whiners!!! (lol)

    I’m off to GTA Online… come and get me, beeeches!!! 8~)

  • storeplz

  • ngp!!!! relese already i dont want to waste my money on the 3ds!!

  • @54 / JUGGALO454 –
    The first Invizimals came out in November 2009 ( ), so yes, that’s quite right. Sony ripped off the 3DS 5 months before the 3DS was even announced, and 15 months before it actually came out. You’ve seen right through it. How foolish of them to think they could pull the wool over your eyes ;)

  • @stmdpsn1
    Dude give it a break you are not sonys personal little love ninja. Why don’t you stick to yourself and stay out of everyones business just because someone posts something doesn’t mean they want to hear your two cents about it. Worry about yourself. A blog is just that , someplace for people to get to gether and vent and discuss things, doesn’t really matter wahat or how there spelling is. I bet you are the type of person that was always the little tattle tale in school and always got put in a locker or (dear GOD allow) beaten up and left in the gym. I personally haven’t seen you post anything except jumping people who have every right in the world to complain.

  • @ stmdpsn1 get bent bud you are sick of people asking about the store well every one is sick of know it all busy body chumps like you trolling blogs to look cool by stating opinions that are as useless as the person making them ie YOU. just so you know complaining about people complaining is in fact more useless i think everyone here aside from you realizes this .

  • And unless you have Patrick Seybold, Jeff Rubenstein or Kazuo Hirai personal phone numbers or emails and have regular bbqs, parties or drinks with them you don’t know jack about what there doing or when the store will be up etc…. half of you don’t even read the blogs obviously because you keep asking questions they have answered over and over its pretty clear most of you will never stop playing sony products just idle threats to get more from them, they could give away NGP’s as a welcome back prize and it still wouldn’t be enough for over half of you. you have nothing better in your lives but to complain and ask for more more more its sick

  • @ dabarius
    sony has only ever given but one estimated time for the store being back up and that statement was made by kaz last month and he said it would be up by the end of this month, no-one from sony has ever said otherwise. if you want to believe the rumours that is upto you but sony didnt plant them seeds, gaming sites did, sony always said it was nothing more than rumours.

    @ rebelis you said this ” get bent bud you are sick of people asking about the store well every one is sick of know it all busy body chumps like you trolling blogs to look cool by stating opinions that are as useless as the person making them ie YOU” is that not exactly what your doing? your opiniion is no more useful than his and no more important to the rest of us, just as mine is no more than an opinion, to which i am entitled.
    and im guessing the reason he claims he knows when the store will be up is because he read sonys statements.
    good day

  • @ CnGmutil8tors lol thanks for pointing that out captain obvious i never would have realized what i was doing with out you. you must be the coolest guy ever! can you even see the rest of us from way up there on your high horse??? would you like to come follow me around pointing out more obvious stuff? you can tell me when i’m eating, watching tv or even point out when i’m taking a dump because you’re great at telling people what they know already.
    and btw my day is awesome how is yours get that bug out of your ass yet?

  • @ 85
    so after you pointed out the obvious to someone else you are now shouting me down for doing the same. read your arguements back again and in your post earlier, you were even contradicting yourself. you had a go at someone who was tired of hearing all the “when is the store up” people, and then you went on to have a go at the people asking when the store was up. lol you also went into great detail to tell us all how some people have got nothing better to do but complain, after you had spent the previous 2 posts complaining. and if you think what i pointed out was obvious then you clearly agree that your not too bright, and the more you post the more your ignoranc shows.
    oh and i never said i was a guy and nor is there a bug up my ass but i fear that you may have a weavel in your brain. :)
    oh and of course your day is awesome your talking to me.

  • So this means the official PSP camera will be available in America!?

  • @ CnGmutil8tors

    stop your whining i have bee checking the blog EVERYDAY since the outage… there has been no date except for them saying “Monday” two weeks ago. I think the 2 free games is enough i just wish we had a bigger selection. Oh and by the way if you read one of mine i asked for more updates on the store. they have given us nothing about how the process is coming as in “we are in the stage of…”. They have been under informing us we have heard Nothing but a date.

  • ………

  • Why don’t they just save it for the NGP?

  • This reminds me of the Nintendo 3DS AR games. Actually looks like it’s copied a bit from it.

  • You know you can go to internet and type special or secret invizimals and you can aim you camera and get it.

  • I’m looking forward to this game… despite it’s childish looks, it’s fun and interactive, it’s no Pokemon that’s for sure… yet I’d rather play this.

  • Threemusketeers3

    I have a psp go so I cant play it

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