Into The Pixel 2011: PlayStation Artists Honored

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Into The Pixel 2011: PlayStation Artists Honored

Today, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced the winners for the 2011 Into The Pixel collection, the only juried art exhibition that brings together experts from the traditional fine art world and the interactive entertainment industry to display and discuss the art of video games. We’re excited to share that art from four exclusive PlayStation titles have been chosen to be included in this year’s list of winners – UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Killzone 3 and God of War III. The ITP has selected only 17 pieces of art to be included in this prestigious collection, so this is a true honor for SCEA and our developers.

Check out the art below to see the winning pieces from our SCEA developers as well as a few words from the teams.

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception

“The Pelican Inn” by Andrew Kim

Naughty Dog, Inc

UNCHARTED 3: "The Pelican Inn"

Everyone at Naughty Dog is extremely proud to have one of our artist’s works of concept art accepted into the Into the Pixel 2011 exhibition! This is the first time we’ve had a piece of art selected and we couldn’t be happier for Andrew Kim and his piece, The Pelican Inn! I caught up to Andrew after giving him the great news and wanted him to say a few words about his art and the honor of being selected for the Into the Pixel 2011 exhibition.

“The Pelican Inn is one of the first scenes you’ll see in UNCHARTED 3, where Drake will toughen up his fists for the first time. It’s a compact space with mostly drunken brutes and hustlers. What a perfect place to start a brawl!

When I was first introduced to this level, I was amazed at how a typical London pub has so many stories contained within itself. The mix of vibrant colors from the stained glass and muted colors of antique furniture with all kinds of stuff behind the bar, old frames, and personal messages on the wall… wow, I really could picture so many things that might have happened in this pretty small, compact space. We decided to give the pub a boxing theme, as it seemed a perfect fit to have Drake and Sully brawling in a small pub that has been historically patronized by boxers and boxing fans. It definitely was lot of fun decorating the place under that theme. I paid lot of attention to the details knowing that we wanted to show a very authentic looking pub yet very suitable for our game world.

Having said this, it’s a tremendous honor to be recognized by Into the Pixel. As an artist, it’s always very fulfilling and proud when my work is liked and appreciated by an audience and such competition like Into the Pixel just adds that much more magnitude to this honor.” – Andrew Kim

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

“Oktonok Cay Cannery” by Dave Guertin

Insomniac Games

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: "Oktonok Cay Cannery"

Insomniac Games is extremely proud to have one of our long-time Principal Artists featured in the 2011 Into the Pixel exhibition. David Guertin has been with Insomniac for over a decade, and drew the original concept sketches of one of PlayStation’s greatest heroes, Ratchet. This marks the second time he has submitted artwork to Into the Pixel and the second time one of his pieces was accepted into the exhibition (His first, the Viper Caverns from Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty can be seen here.

You may already be familiar with Dave Guertin’s work. He creates many of the concept art pieces for the Ratchet & Clank series, and he conceptualized, created and painted the box art for all of the Ratchet & Clank Future games, as well as many of the Ratchet & Clank magazine cover that you’ve seen. If you’ve been a fan at all of the Ratchet & Clank series, you’ve no doubt been exposed to his paintings over the years. If you’d like to learn more about Dave and see some of his non-Insomniac related work, check out his and fellow Insomniac Principal Artist Greg Baldwin’s side project called CreatureBox at

“Inspired by childhood summers along the New England coastline, Oktonok Cay serves as our ravaged seaport in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Continuing the franchise tradition of exploring vast unique locations, we sought to capture the history and character of a weather-beaten seaside village. Complete with winding docks, alien sea life, and a bustling cannery, the area encourages players to find their “sea legs” while clobbering a host of menacing creatures along the way.

Into the Pixel continues to represent a broad range of spectacular video game illustration year after year. From gritty realism to unique stylization, ITP has always displayed a great respect for the many visual facets of our industry. I feel extremely fortunate to be included in 2011’s collection alongside so many artists I admire.“ – Dave Guertin

Killzone 3

“Stahl Arms” by Jesse van Dijk

Guerrilla Games

Killzone 3: "Stahl Arms"

“‘Stahl Arms’ shows the main base of operations for Killzone 3’s prime antagonist, Jorhan Stahl. It’s remote location allows for secret testing of powerful new weapon technologies. The architecture of the complex is predominantly industrial: the dark, segmented sections contain the production facilities, while the lighter, yellow-banded sections house the R&D departments. To underline the commercial nature of Stahl Arms as an organization, part of the structure serves as commercial office space.” – Jesse van Dijk

God of War III

“Cronos Battle” by Tyler Breon

SCEA’s Santa Monica Studio

God of War III: "Cronos Battle"

We are absolutely thrilled here at Santa Monica Studio to have a piece in this year’s Into the Pixel 2011 art exhibit. A well deserved congratulations goes out to Tyler Breon, character artist, who created Cronos Battle, the piece that was selected. We are very proud of Tyler and the exceptional work he continues to do here at the studio.

“The Cronos Battle is another one of those epic scenes that doesn’t exist anywhere but in God of War’s insanely over-the-top universe. A monster larger than a mountain with a temple chained to his back attacking you while you try to kill him in the middle of a ravaged wasteland as enemies sprout from his skin…how could that not be awesome? Plus he’s your grandfather so it’s really twisted.”

“God of War defines the word epic and working on this game moment, for me, defined our studio. There is no quit in the Santa Monica Studio vocabulary and I have nothing but admiration for all of the hard work everyone on our team put into making this battle completely unforgettable. Thank you!”

“Finally, like any artist, I appreciate having my work liked by others! Receiving this award from Into the Pixel is a great honor, and I look forward to doing it again.” – Tyler Breon

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  • I wonder how strong Sony’s influence was on this competition not to call unfair play the sceneries are amazing… I wonder what the other winners drawings look like?

  • Playstation has some of the best art in their exclusive games. I’m very proud to be arguing against the Xbox 360. :) and to Tyga95 and hdm210 i’m waiting as well with my playstaion plus jawnski. They’re trying to get it up by the end of the month. :)

  • I LOVE playstation art :)

  • wow really impresive. Cronos is my favorite though, he looks so real and extremely big compared to kratos :P

  • PhantomOfPanton

    Please make a ratchet and clank art book! As well as a Little Big Planet art book!

    You allready have one for God of War and Uncharted, (and one for infamous 2 coming)
    I just want a LBP and Ratchet and Clank one really badly :D

    Could you make the art books available on the PS store?

    Also a Sly one XD

  • me likey!

  • no waaaay dude. wayyyyy.

  • Killzone and God Of War 3’s are the best ones! I’ll also have to say the other two are great though too. It would be nice to be able to fight a mob of people in the Uncharted 3’s scene…imagine picking up a chair and breaking it over someone’s head!

  • I tried clicking the 1st pic (Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception) but it requires a Flickr account whereas the other pics/links don’t require one. Please fix!

    I’m excited to see some Sony art make it especially the Uncharted and God of War pieces. Would love to purchase and hang these up in my game room (with autographs if possible :) )!!

  • sid shuman, do you know when there will be more psp ngp updates?

  • please reply!

  • So Sony, my friend was actually complaining yesterday about how the only really good XBOX exclusive to him is Halo, and that he’s actually considering buying a PS3 one day because of all of the great exclusive games like Resistance, inFAMOUS, Killzone, and God of War. Keep making/buying exclusives for your system, and it looks like you’ll start having more converts from the 360. Good job on the art for God of War though, by the way. Very realistic!

  • hey people at sony i wish you could put in stuff like smallville props and costumes and houses and justice league stuff to buy and can you guys make it on the tvs we have in are homes that we can watch actuel movies with are friends and maybe some cool cartoons on the tv in the playstation home its boring to watch ads all the time

  • my god quit complaining.. some people are just born to never be happy.. it will be up when its up.. !!! ps3 has remarkable artwork.. keep it up sony!!!!!!!!

  • Izanagi-no-Okami

    Here Sid is giving a yell out to the artists that honored, and what is in the comments? Mostly just complaining about the PSN store. That kind of sad….

  • i have a dlc that expires by may 31st

  • @1 Sony says,”We’d love to take your money, honestly nothing would make us happier, but at the moment we can’t, not if we care about our reputation. And we really do care about it our reputation.”

    Yeah I’m with comment 1, there’s a few games and DLC I want to purchase, but it’s fine, I can wait. Like they say “Better safe then sorry” so if Sony needs time to patch up sercurity for our benefit then I’m all for it.

    As for the actual post, I’m glad for Sony Santa Monica. That battle with Cronos is nothing short of amazing! It’s one of the most epic and memorable moments in Gow of War history! I remember continually having to close my mouth again and again from over-exposure to pure awesomeness!!

  • These images are great

  • The link is broken on Twitter to this webpage though id point that out.

    And Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences should of been a clickable link instead of Interactive Arts & Sciences

    Must be bust today and skipping over the mistakes ;)

  • I bet all you little crybabies and whiners do this to your parents too…pretty sad..maybe we should smack your parents instead of you for allowing the selfish,immature balling you all are doing…just saying

  • I bet Uncharted 3 will win. Uncharted 2 has the best graphics I’ve seen in a game, so I think Uncharted 3 will be better. Friend Sarge435 if you think the graphics in Uncharted 2 were great!

  • Btw what would you do if you where in their shoes i would be freking out

  • oops. ment to put @32 srry

  • Wth where are the comments dissapering to. that i do want to know. sony plz answer

  • Breathtaking.

  • Dlc’s i cant complain their. but their probably gona extend them when the store comes up cuz some i know expier today.

  • so post’s are being deleted now thats great.

  • Some times i like the conversations but thats a little mutch, who agrees?

  • Really a big fan of that bar setting for Uncharted 3. Awesome!

  • simply stunning!
    congrats to all the winners, you guys really know how to do your craft!

  • Congrats! Amazing artwork by the way.

  • wow that killzone 3 art is breath taking. someone actaully drew that. WOw..

  • Wow. Incredible artistic talent. Going to be a tough contest to judge.

    As for everyone ruining the comments section with your continued whining, keep crying kiddies, it’s really helping speed things along. Lol.

  • Awesome stuff, new backgrounds :D

  • Nice artwork, but I’m a little bummed some Infamous 2 art wasn’t chosen as the European box art for that game looks awsome! I wish the North American one looked better but aw well the game will rock anyway!

  • lets see if my art teacher could draw that.LOL

  • One of the best Arts ever

  • KZ3 i hope it win’s its one of the best games of this year so far and the art is the best ive seen in a game, in a long time i VOTE KZ3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • only on playstation

  • Fantastic art work I <3 it =D

  • Thats crap my local news just said that sony store will not be open for 6 – 8 weeks. Nice job Sony

  • kill zone 3 story is the best ever but mutiplayer sucks.

  • i like pie

  • lol i went to the into the pixelweb site and xbox only got 2 of their exclusives on the list niether of the games are even good it had kinectnimals lolol and somthing else. once again sony proves to be the top dog in the console war

  • hey OVERDOSE665 really the best youve seen in a long time caus im pretty sure a long time ago video game art wasnt all that great at all hell halo looks better than video games from long ago lol jk i love you

  • Theis i agree are amazing, but can we see the runnerups?

  • WOW! Very impressive… I wish I had 1/10th of that sort of talent…
    Oh, and why is the U3 art private??

  • That first Uncharted 3 production painting reminds me of Nighthawks by Edmund Hopper.


  • Those are all great scenes. I wonder what the other non-playstation exclusives are.

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