inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition: The Unboxing

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inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition: The Unboxing

It’s been a bit since we gave the skinny on the inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition and now we’ve finally got a copy in the office and can do a proper unboxing of this sweet collection of inFAMOUS 2 goodness. So, to quote Brad Pitt in Seven…..”WHAT’S IN THE BOX!?!

inFAMOUS 2: Hero Edition

Let us begin….if you see this on your local store shelf or favorite retailer website and you are a fan of inFAMOUS…..grab it! (Oh, and pay for it of course….we don’t want you TASED for shoplifting.)

inFAMOUS 2: Hero Edition

Inside you will find a plethora of inFAMOUS 2 goodness all wrapped in plastic to preserve “da freshness.”

inFAMOUS 2: Hero EditioninFAMOUS 2: Hero Edition

What will be hard to resist opening up is the Cole MacGrath statue. This highly detailed statue, designed by Sucker Punch and sculpted by Dave Cortes of Inu Art, stands at 8.5 inches and comes with a New Marais roof top stand that’s perfect for display. Dave Cortes is a toy industry veteran and is known for some of the coolest action figures out today from McFarlane, Neca, Mezco and more!

inFAMOUS 2: Hero EditioninFAMOUS 2: Hero Edition

Right after the figure we tore open the full size replica of Cole’s sling pack. Built for everyday use (and the occasional cosplay party) the pack is big enough and padded to fit your laptop, clothes, or hold your Amp (if you have one). Complete with it’s signature Sly patch, feel free to take it along the next time you feel the need to parkour around your neighborhood.

inFAMOUS 2: Hero Edition

Also included is the first issue of the inFamous DC comic book with variant cover. This is a must-read for any inFAMOUS fans who wondered what occurred after the events of the original game. You’ll learn the backstory of familiar characters like Moya and Sasha and get a better understanding of the events that set Cole’s new adventure in motion.

It goes without saying that you get your electrifying copy of inFAMOUS 2 in all its Blu-ray glory with access to tons of user-generated content (UGC), but what makes this copy special is the Super Voucher that comes with it! Check out the break down of the content:

Two New Powers
New ways to be shocking!

Two Sweet Skins
When you want to change up your look:

inFAMOUS 2: Kessler SkininFAMOUS 2: Reaper Skin

Four Amp Variants
Bling it up or be “Sly.” The choice is yours:

  • Gold Amp
  • Sly’s Cane
  • Caveman Club
  • Samurai Sword

Gold Amp

Not only do you get access to special skins, sick new powers, and Amp variants, you get to download the special inFAMOUS 2 Red soundtrack featuring special tracks not available anywhere else!

inFAMOUS 2: Hero Edition

It’s like Christmas in June! Be sure to secure your copy of the Hero Edition today. These were made in limited quantities, so it is the total “must have” collector’s item for any serious inFAMOUS fan!

To get a deep dive on how the figure was made, plus an inside look on the DC comic series and the game soundtrack, keep an eye on this week!

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  • Omegamanthethird

    WILL be getting this.

  • Is this package the same in all regions? I’m from Australia and pre-ordered at my local EB Games but they haven’t got anything on the amp variants which I’m really interested in. A reply would be much appreciated :)

  • Looks great, but I’m fed up with collector’s editions to be honest. Just look at the Killzone 3 Helghast edition, it’s already down to $70.

    I already have the regular edition pre-ordered from Amazon.

  • The DOLL looks like a supified Jason Statham. Who do they think we are, a bunch of little kids?

  • Awesome but….he looks so….sad. I was expecting angry or a playful smirk but his eyes say, “I’ve lost everything I love”. Anyway, this is a pretty coold set – glad I pre-ordered months ago.

  • It’s not a doll by the way – don’t want folks thinking that – it’s a statue.

  • @Chris23984 Turn to Microsoft? Well im with Sony and Microsoft but believe me, when it comes to purchasing through your console, Sony has Microsoft beat and microsofts accessories are expensive as hell. Plus i have been renewing my gold membership only cause i have Halo Reach and more of my friends on 360, if not for that i would be on PS3 all day. So go ahead, but when your broke before the weekend just remember you bought it upon yourself.

    Now pleasforgive me people, for saying microsoft related things on a sony website

  • Wow this isn’t a bad deal, Gears 3 comes with about the same stuff but cost alot more.

    Thanks Sony and and Sucker Punch, this is going to be awesome.

  • Can you make the redesigned cole from last summer available for download? I liked the old new cole better. I’ve had enough Jason Statham look-alikes as game protagonists.

  • tehehehe i;m getting all of this :D
    i’m so excited to get my hero edition i can’t wait ^w^

  • I got a beta code for this game!!! I had to cancel my order on amazon for this game because credit card info might have been stolen. probably will get it later down the line.

  • well looks like Ill have to call work and tell them I wont be able to come in because when this game comes out its its the only thing im going to play for the rest of the month. Im yanking all my Lan lines and shuting my phone off because ill be joining the dark side with my reaper outfit and killing every thing that gets in my way. It’s the only time that I will actually will try to get the platinum trophy. I usually just beat a game once but when it comes to infamous I will play and play and play until i cant fell my hands anymore. Now that you can make your own challenges and play others challenges that users created. words do not even describe how excited i am for this game to come out.

  • KillerTuxAzteka

    OMG I love you again SONY :3

    For all those dumb guys who just want the ps store for the free games because they all just have 1 or 2 games and they cant get more games… WAIT FOR IT!! we ALL wait for almost a month, and was frustrating, but, i survive all those time whit NO PSN and NO STORE, I think, we all can survive whit no store for a few more days, come on guys, go out of your home, hang out whit your friends, take out the dog :) and please! dont put [DELETED] on sony they are ALL doing a great job bringing us a good service

  • Wow, I was going to get just the game, but I might get the Hero edition instead.

  • update us on the Playstation Blog E3 Meet up

  • i just got off da fone wit sony n now they sayin dat everything b up by da end of da month so no da store wont b up 2day they lied friday wen i call n sayed dat it was goin 2 b up 2day

  • Would you sell the Cole’s Sling Pack separately? Or the Skins for Cole eventualy in the PS Store??

    I like the Bundle but the Cole’s Sling Pack its the only thing that i really really really want (besides the electrifying game of course) :D

  • great stuff

  • That reaper skin looks SICK!

  • The bag is a lot bigger than I was expecting. Can’t wait to get it!

    @Everyone wondering about the PS Store. It doesn’t look like it will be going up today, but maybe next week. Gamasutra just posted something about this.

  • Let me guess, UK are getting shafted as we won’t have the “Four Amp Variants” and the fact we can only order online from one place.

  • Going to say the exact same thing I’ve been saying to people drooling over the Gears 3 Epic Edition: Yawn, a bunch of mass produced junk that will take up space. In 6 months, the Cole statue will be gathering dust and I guarantee the full size sling pack is constructed terribly and will start ripping at the seams after a few months of moderate usage.

    Collectors editions of video games are the biggest ripoff ever invented. They’re completely mass produced and hundreds of thousands are available at launch which means there’s no extra “value” to them. In a year, they won’t be worth anything, and you will be able to find remaining stock at big box retailers like Best Buy for a fraction of their original retail cost.

    Too many companies are packing in too many extra goodies. The real meat of the package is the game, not the garbage stuff that’s going to be collecting dust.

    • You are welcome to your opinion, but there are a lot of fans who dig these kind of items, that’s why they exist. To please the uber-fan! If you aren’t into these items, it’s all good. Just enjoy the game!

  • jumm i still havent seen the sling bag from the front but i hope it looks like cole’s lol cant wait for this you should deliver it next week :D instead of the planned week lol

  • Guys, please don’t rely on sony to market your game, you need a gameplay trailer to show off the awesomeness of Infamous to the general public!

    Got my Hero Edition pre-ordered! I thought $100 bucks for the original package to be a steal, AND YOU GUYS ADDED MORE! So amazing!

  • If anything, I’d like to get that edition just for the knapsack!

  • The hero edition will be the first collector’s edition for me. It actually includes useful stuff. For future reference, this is the kind of collector edition stuff that needs to be released with other games. Kudos to Sony for being the number one producer of exclusive content. By the way, played the beta and to anyone still on the fence about this game, take the plunge you will be extremely glad you did.

  • great use of ‘what’s in the box’

  • I usually buy the special edition of any game I’m psyched for, but I think I’m going to pass on this one. The backpack, comic and soundtrack are ok, but extra skins and a plastic Cole statue are not worth it. I’ve been burned too many times by cheap plastic trinkets that look cool in pictures, but fall short in reality (I’m looking at you God of War 3).

  • Please make video showing off the reaper skin and the 3 amp variants that havn’t been addressed yet. I would appreciate it if i could be more impatient and hyped up for Infamous 2 to release.

    NOTE: The reaper skin and Caveman club look absouloutely phenomenal and I will back Sucker Puch all the way.

  • HAH!!!
    me wants :D

  • I love the sly cooper face on the bag.


  • looks sick too bad im broke lol

  • i bag looks awesome lot bigger than i thought it be let me guess did everything come in the bag

  • lmfao @ C23984.. Xbox has 2 great exclusives.. PS3 has ALOT MORE..IMO im all about the games..having the network HACKED isnt SONYs FAULT..and to have it repaired properly so there wont be any glitches or malfunctions, takes some time. Ive bin a Sony fan since i owned my first walkman in 98 and till this very day with my ps3. i owned a Xbox for a while but realized its not all what its cracked up to be. but thats just MY OPINION. Aaaaaaaanywho…INFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition..already pre ordered. just one little thing about the Cole MacGrath statue, im SHOCKED – pun intended- that theres no sign of electric voltage on him.I figured it would look alot cooler if he had red on the right and blue on the left..of his body or a blast grenade in his had..or something that shows his powers..but whatever i guess i can live with it..keep up the good work SONY and Sucker Punch Devs..

    Now to wait patiently for the news on when the PSN store is going to be back up :/

  • come on guys i already payed mine off cant you just ohhh idk give it to me already lol

  • Does ANYONE else here see that this is a complete rip off or is it just me?

  • can i just get the sling pack?

  • if only his voice wasn’t full of fail. his look is at least a tiny bit better. tiny…

  • What happened to the Original Infamous Cole Skin that was being offered with the hero edition?

  • looks yummy

  • I really just want the game and the bag.

    If I could get the bag separately that would be amazing, but I doubt it.

  • i would only get this for the skins and the g gold amp

  • its very nice, but too pricey for me

    $80 is the right spot

  • Cool

  • Wish I could afford this, but I’ve already made my choice and decided to buy a new Samsung LED Smart TV.
    Which is costing me around $1,600…. so guess I’ll just have to settle for the game by itself

  • another thing why does Cole look so worried in the statue? Makes him look kinda wimpy :/ i guess i can fix it myself with a little permanent fine point marker >:p

  • @CHRIS23984 Sony stated that PS store would not be back until the 31st at the earliest before they started PSN back up I would call that pretty straightforward. Another sign that the store will be up next week is the fact that Atari has announced that Daggerdale will be available on the PSN store next Tuesday, remember it was Atari that announced this not SONY.

  • Sounds great but too bad no exclusive Home content, dynamic theme or even a simply premium avatar.

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