MotorStorm Apocalypse: Multiplayer Q&A

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MotorStorm Apocalypse: Multiplayer Q&A

With online multiplayer back in full swing, legions of MotorStorm Apocalypse owners are already enjoying this chaotic racer’s enhanced 16-player races. But not so long ago, we solicited your MotorStorm Apocalypse questions via Twitter and posed them to Evolution Studios Art Director Simon O’Brien to get the full story.

MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3

Jeff learned more about the artificial intelligence improvements, why a certain degree of “rubber-banding” is necessary for competitive races, how epic events mid-race can upset your carefully laid plans, and how MotorStorm Apocalypse takes its multiplayer cues from online shooters in the form of deeply customizable vehicles and races. O’Brien also details how players earn XP in the form of “Chips” that unlock new emblems, vehicle parts, and other customization options that affect your racing style — whether it’s sneaky and strategic or fiercely aggressive.

Have you tried MotorStorm Apocalypse online? What’s your favorite track and game mode so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  • ya, theres always crap like that going around. just report it.

  • J-ToWne421 what u on about…ever post the blog does i see u say, i lost my map packs etc Sony doesnt care about us blah blah blah…whatever maybe ever post u go on about in caps and curse and go on about maps packs and sony lost everthing..maybe they dont care after all (maybe its u they dont care about)

  • ya, i dont think anyone knows what hes talking about

  • whatever…not are problem lol

    Back to ps3!!

  • Answering the question from the post, my fav mode is just the basic race mode and my fav track has got to be the Skyline tracks.

    now my question is that when the PS store is back online when will we receive the free dlc?

  • since these are all off-topic as hell anyway. is la noire any good? seems like a mix of gta4, true crime, mafia 2, and heavy rain.

  • @all caps lunatic ranting for “his money back”

    Can I get a refund for an item I purchased from the PlayStation®Store?

    All PlayStation®Store sales are final (no refunds) per the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and User Agreement.

  • Check this out.

    1) Sell all ur PS3 crap. 2) Buy a decent computer. 3) Torrent all the games and DLC for free without paying anything to SONY. 4) Laugh while rolling on the floor at the console people not being able to play online, get their maps, addons, etc 5) Win!

    That’s what I do.

    You people have heard of computers, haven’t your? I bought one game for my roomate’s PS3 that is a console exclusive, Battlefield 1943. For everything else, there is piratebay.

  • care to donate?

  • residentoverkill

    or btjunkie

  • @207 That’s also why everything is so expensive. Buy the game, buy the dlc, support the company. It isn’t that hard to work to get the money. Try it. I bet you also defend the ignorant hackers that started all of this in the first place. Get off the PS3 blog and go to a Pirate one. Everyone here, regardless if upset by the store or not, are still buying the products and supporting the company. You are stealing from us.

  • And bragging about bootlegging doesn’t make you cool or a rebel. Unless of course you are 13.

  • Two things are getting pretty ridiculous. 1. Waiting for everything to go back to normal. 2. Hearing one person after another complain about the store being back up. This blog is meant for people to ENJOY hearing and talking about new game updates people…not senseless complaining. There is a place where you can cry and moan all you want and its called forums. Oh look there is even a thread for people to talk about the ps store :O! Everyone knows that evvveeeeryone is fed up with waiting. Give it a break and just be patient or complain somewhere else please.

  • I skeet at your retort. Yarrrr!

  • i have to say playstation, you guys are doing a pretty bad job making the customers happy…no clear id plus for the US customers still, over 77 million accounts hacked, a server that was not updated nor NO firewalls to protect the network from any threats at the start and still no store. What a joke!

  • Lord_Ka1n … i did alot of research, la noire isnt like GTA except that its open world. you can shoot people walking down the streets. HUGEE map though. but nothing to do in it besides missions and side missions, from what i have read. more like heavy rain the GTA style.

  • i meant you CANTTTT shoot people walking down the street.

  • come on i need the store so i can redeem the codes of home front and unlock the full online because im stuck at rank 5 and it sucks PLEASE SONY HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • kool, soon as i refreshed the page we got an update on are questions answerd, time to read.

  • NEVERMINDD, was for a game. yawnnnn,

  • @ 198
    i dont know what press confrence you are talking about but the one given on the 30th of last month kaz hirai said everything would be restored within a month, you come here with your questions to which the answers have been given 3 weeks ago and even when the answer is repeated for you personally your still stamping your feet because you dont like the answer. im done trying to teach you, that aint my job.

    @ 200
    ive seen the spam $50 things, they are common place, and best ignored, imo.

  • 1 more day or 1 more week??? we’ll find out soon…

  • Sony is more than clear,people want information about Playstation Store (ETA)…just read the comments and see if it is true!

  • Well unlike some whiners I’ll actually answer the questions asked.

    The online is fun, and I’m not someone that typically plays online but I can enjoy myself with this. Only gripe I have is that it can sometimes be hard to understand the order of players in the lobby. It looks like its the order we entered the game but seems like it should be more of a ranking/skill order for more competent betting.

    Favorite Game Mode is the standard race mode. I have yet to try Elimination online so Race kind of wins by default. Favorite track is ‘End of the Line’ in the Mainline map. Favorite vehicle is the Mini or Racing Truck (or at least those are the ones I’m most competent with).

  • the store is never coming back. lol calm down people. go outside and enjoy life. it will be back soon. i hope.

  • residentoverkill

    LOL @224 yeah go outside and play!

  • i recently got a psp go and when the playtion store comes back, hopefully, i want to get motorstorm so bad but is MotorStorm Apocalypse even coming out on psp? if not it needs to all you guys focus on is playstation 3, dont for get about the psp players we wants some new games too : ‘(

  • @226 If all they do is focus on the PS3 then what do you call Arctic Edge? That was designed as a PSP game. Got released on the PS2 as well but its mostly recognized as a PSP title.


  • Getting this game on Wed :)

  • The Skyline Levels are some of my favorite but I think Boardwalk Waves of Mutilation is my overall fav track. Online is awesome!!

  • @34 i totally agree

  • I was expecting more of this game, it really sucks, sorry i´m a fan and i love great games but this is not one, motorstorm was the best of these games pacific rift FAIL apocalypse FAIL they just get worst every time.

  • to go with the original post

    yes i have played multiplayer and the level 40 trophy was the last needed for platinum and its a blast still after i have fully “beaten” the game.

    My favorite region is mainline and the course for it End of the Line
    most hated it Mall Rats until i found the epic shortcut and why the course has that name :P

  • @230 Yes that is another fantastic course, i also love that region Boardwalk…

  • I have this game but I can’t redeem my preorder DLC… thanks Sony. BTW the code expires in 2013 so… hurry up.

  • also try going online, the community is already dead! lol dang.

  • @Sid Shuman, i kno this isnt about MSA but do u kno if the black ops 2nd map pack release date will be changed from june 2nd? there wasent a release date posted for ps3 only pc. can u plz help because my bday is june 2nd and tht would be a great present if it still came out on june 2nd. but plz if u kno if the date is changed because of the psn outage can u plz inform me?

  • five dollar charge for whineing !!!!!!!

  • it will come out of your psn account !!!!!!

  • This is why u got hacked in the first place Sony u should really show ur customers more appreciation !!
    Can’t u see everyone is turning on eachother lol I think ur gonna have to add some more stuff to that welcome back pack since u are taking forever !!!

  • I’m pretty sure that the store will be up by the end of this month. I hope it is, I got Battlefield Bad Company 2: Ultimate Edition the day the Network went offline, so I beat the single player in a day. Then, when the network was back up I played 10 hours straight. Now, I want to get Battlefield: 1943 and Onslaught Mode that came with the ultimate edition but the redeeming codes part is offline.

  • I have only a few problems with the online of Motorstorm:Apocalypse is, will the developers please patch the how easy it is to be spunout?It does’nt matter if your vehicle is a monster truck or a big rig just a bump from the side or from behind and then you’ll spinout to it’s very irrating and makes racing not as competative. The other 3 motorstorm games didn’t have this problem it happens offline as well.Freezing in the lobby online I lost all my chips from rank 31 to 32 and had to reaquire the chips again. Motorstorm:Apocalypse is amazing and alot of fun the team at Evolution made a great addition to the series, thank you for your time.

  • blah blah blah, You people just won’t be happy with anything. “Oh no the PSN is down I cant play my games online!” That’s all I heard. PSN comes back online and the blog starts talking about games again, and all we get is “AHH I want the store up!” Use your brain logically for a moment and maybe you would realize that Sony wants it up just a much as you. THEY are loosing more money every minute its offline, but you know what they don’t another outage and want to make sure that the welcome back package is ready to do and giving 77 Million accounts PS+. These things take time! On other note, Sony keep the awesome news about games coming, no one can touch you this year and I can feel E3 is going to be epic!

  • Apacolypse is absolutely insane when played in 3d. I actually started sweating it was so intense. A must have for any 3dtv owner! Thanks Sony keep up the good work. But nip this hacking crap in the bud please.

  • this game looks really good thinking about getting it hmm.. To many good games are coming out though so its hard

  • I like this game O_o

  • this game online is sick!… not easy at all and not for the weak hearted. best I ever did was place 2nd. Rank 8 out of like 60+. What I dont understand is that there are players at rank 50+ and yet the PSN was down from like April 20th to only a few days ago. How did those players rank up online when the network was down for almost a month and the game released in the middle of the PSN being down!?

  • Dear morons that complain about people who want the PSN store up.

    Some of us pay for Playstation+, some of us had some games & add-ons that we were going to download when the service went down. Not only that some of us PSN+ subscribers missed out on a month of demos so think before you type because some of us are missing out on something WE’RE PAYING TO HAVE!

    Yadda yadda yes we’re being compensated for the downtime of the network & rightfully so but we’re not being compensated for the downtime of the PSN+ store which is THE ONLY PERK OF PSN+. In other words us PSN+ subscribers are paying & not receiving what we paid for. Many of us are not complaining that the store is down we’re mostly complaining about the lack of updates from their PR, yes some are complaining the store is down but the majority like I said just want some information on the progress being made & if there were any setbacks & an ETA.

    To the dingbat who said they said by the end of the month, they also said the PSN service would only be down a few days then gave no updates on it for a week when it was down a full week.

    If some of you don’t like to see CONCERNED CUSTOMERS then ignore our comments or point your browser somewhere else brown noser.

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