MotorStorm Apocalypse: Multiplayer Q&A

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MotorStorm Apocalypse: Multiplayer Q&A

With online multiplayer back in full swing, legions of MotorStorm Apocalypse owners are already enjoying this chaotic racer’s enhanced 16-player races. But not so long ago, we solicited your MotorStorm Apocalypse questions via Twitter and posed them to Evolution Studios Art Director Simon O’Brien to get the full story.

MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3

Jeff learned more about the artificial intelligence improvements, why a certain degree of “rubber-banding” is necessary for competitive races, how epic events mid-race can upset your carefully laid plans, and how MotorStorm Apocalypse takes its multiplayer cues from online shooters in the form of deeply customizable vehicles and races. O’Brien also details how players earn XP in the form of “Chips” that unlock new emblems, vehicle parts, and other customization options that affect your racing style — whether it’s sneaky and strategic or fiercely aggressive.

Have you tried MotorStorm Apocalypse online? What’s your favorite track and game mode so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Who Cares about ur q&a’s when ur product isn’t working correctly. That’s like putting a turbo on a Honda civic that is leaking oil and isn’t workin right! It’s pointless! If you spent more time on fixing the problems, then you are about talkintg about these game, it would be fixed already. I can find out Better info on a game on other sites. Let’s get it together! Oh and who ever hacked you is still winning. Their over all goal was to make gamers and developers unhappy. I can only imagine game company’s rage as your product is causing them money loss.

    Hackers- “winning”
    Sony- “losing”

  • @90 totally agree !!!!!

  • why does sid does not answer my question


  • @87 Thanks for tell me im going to go later and get it i hate racing games but im looking for something differant to play and why not something that i never play. Anyone have LBP2??? And is it good?

  • CAN we pleace got SOME information on NGP im dying to here MOER about it PLEASE and thanks

  • march 24th is when the store is gunna be up yes? Also, this game looks pretty nice.

  • @98 how thin is your patience. You think by telling them to give you a F*****G date that they will .

  • @106 MARCH?… LOL

  • I cant stand looking at these Blogs anymore its just dumb over and over whens the Store going to be up im done. Anyway does anyone have LBP2 i want to buy it i played the demo but hows it looking now???

  • That was a neat interview. I have the game and is tons of fun but got stuck in story mode. Its freaking tough as all hell. Iam saving up for a 3D tv so iam not in to much of a hurry.

    I noticed alot of ps store comments. I feel the same and want it badly also. I wanted it more than the online game play stuff. I can careless about the free stuff. I have codes to redeem for all sorts of things and stuff to buy in the store. It would be good to know when about to even look for the store. Checking the blog every 6 hours for the past month has and is getting old.

  • quiet boy, im not talking to you.

  • I want Honest Hearts too. Don’t care about the free games and I already pay for Plus. Just want to be able to buy the expansions for games I already own, not buy new games I have no desire to play. That’s why they won’t turn on the store. They want you to get bored and purchase their $60 game instead of the $10-$15 expansion. It’s a conspiracy.

  • I AGREE WITH @107

  • DORK KAIN IS A CRY BABY!!!!! WAH WAH WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enuff about the games already!!!!! when is the PSN store going to be back online!!! I am tired of waiting..

  • Has anyone played this in 3D yet??????

  • quiet b***h

  • I ment may….geez it’s been out so long my mind is screwin up on me >.<

  • ever since someboy whine and complained about no reviews for games.. PSN has done nuthing but take avangtage of that comment… I dont care about the stupid reviews… When is PS gonna gat ALLL there *stuff* together and when will ps store be back.. I’m tired of the delays

  • @AUG209 dude dont try and start a fight on here bro its dumb


  • I think it’s great that you guys keep thanking the most impatient people for being patient!! I want the store up just as much as anybody but it’s ridiculous that people think you wouldn’t try to get it up as soon as possible.

    More on topic, this game looks great and as soon as I play the demo I will probably go out and buy it…looks much better than the last one and that one was pretty cool.

  • The game is AWESOME online!

    The chaos is great and the way the game give player points to unlock things and level up in ranks for a lot of things made in races even if we don’t finish on the podium is an EXCELLENT IDEA for a racer with that much racers in the same race! : )

    I just hope that a PATCH will improve the matchmaking wich works well most of the time but still have some hiccups from time to time. Aslo the patch should allow us to set the audio volume of custom soundtrack via the “audio options” in the game, minor flaw but real one.

    Can’t wait to try the DLC tracks already! : )

  • ive been mad since the 17th boy. learn to type.


  • @Ka1n just dont answer him let him talk all he wants be the bigger person bro we should not be fighting over dumb s$#t. Just let him keep talking

  • Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk.

  • Not trying to be anything and im a man i know that im older then you so just stop kid and typing in big letters doesnt make you sound tuff kid. I hope you have a great day!! : )

  • @Bubaroo Agree look at what you are typing before you send it


  • OVERDOSE665 – Little Big Planet 2 is a lot better than the first…there’s a lot more to do in this one, plus the character you created in the first one can be used for the sequal! Definitly worth the money!!!!! Add me if you get it – JLPfreak

  • I’ve been fine.. and paitent with sony.. up till today.. I never once complained i just waited like a loyal pup.. but today I just kinda snapped.. this is ridiculas.. im tired of waitning now period.. say what u want to to me but also take a look in the mirror before u do.. before u act like “dude calm down.. be calm” realize that ur also on this site commenting to me.. so how much is life is that.. the self rightous ones need to chill before i do… give me my darn store already

  • Can we get a MOD in here???? Isnt there a rule on kids under 14 posting things like this???

  • Strong words there AUG209…don’t be a jerk though…this isn’t facebook or twitter

  • ok ill add you later i got to get off here my kids want to play Mortal Kombat 9 lol there 5 and 6 and they can school me in it haha

  • Agree 132. However, the news said that the hackers are planning a third attack for this site and more on sony again. I think it’s the X-box lovers. LOL!!!!

  • Have fun OVERDOSE

  • MAN THIS GAME LOOKS REALLY COOL but still i want to when psn store will be back up so i can get all the new add ons

  • @OVERDOSE665
    Although I agree with you that people should quit whining, alot of people are waiting for dlc for games like LA Noire that they were promised when they bought the game…so they DO owe us something when it’s advertised on the box, not just online gaming as you said….also many of us have games in our download list that we can’t access while the store is down…so they DO have to get it back up and they DO owe us something…but I’m sure they’re doing all they can.

  • I forgot to put “know” in my comment

  • I understand being upset with the company, because I am. It’s more boredom now than anything that brings me to the blog. That and I wait with dedication as I am told nothing concrete. Those out there telling everyone to chill needs to realize that the people that wanted online gaming back got it, the people paying for stuff were compensated, and they are even offereing free stuff. I however am not an “on-line” gamer and prefer to buy expansions for games like Fallout. What have I recieved? What have WE recieve?


  • Agree with 140. We just bought a second system, but are unable to download any of the bought games. Plus, I synched my trophies for YOU DON”T KNOW JACK and it has trophies for the Jack Pack 3, which should be in the store by now, but isn’t. We don’t have cable either, so we look forward to downloading the episodes of The Office and Family Guy, and don’t feel like paying the money through the HULUPLUS, and don’t like watching them on the internet.

  • Buy a pc and torrent ur dlc for free. I dont see myself spending a dime for addons that used to be always free. Paying for dlc is for suckers.

  • @145
    The dlc I’m talking about is free…some companies are mighty generous sometimes…others like activision, not so much…which is why i never buy black ops map packs but buy every kz map pack that comes out.

  • @Nergil I agree i have 15 codes to put in when the store gets back up its just that they dont have to put up the Store they could just put up the code redeem thing with no store and that way you can get or DLC’s But there will be no Store. Really they can take down onlinegameing if they want its free and they could start to charge to play games. I do agree with you somewhat but its still the fact that they dont have to put it back up. I got $200 in game cards and like i said i have like 15 thing to redeem we just all have to wait. And its just dumb that people keep posting the samething over and over again.

  • I don’t get you people like PorkNBeans. These blog posts about any game, motorstorm, infamous, resistance, uncharted, anything, NONE of these blog posts have ANYTHING to do with the store. The people who make the blog posts like Sid and Rey have nothing to do with the team working on getting the store back up. Just because they’re not making an update every 5 minutes telling you Sony’s working on it or giving you a date doesn’t mean Sony isn’t working on it. Sony is losing a helluva lot more money than all of us combined, and because of that they want to get the store up more than we do.

    Again, the people who run the blog aren’t the team fixing the store. If you are that desperate to get a date of when it will be up, or need to have an update on it for some reason just call up Sony. But various gaming news sites have said that Sony told them it will be up 5/24/11, which is tomorrow.

    Saying Sony doesn’t care about us because they’re making posts about games like they always have been instead of an update every day which they don’t have to do is just dumb. You think you’re suffering? Some people say Sony has lost millions of dollars because of the outage. Shut up

  • why is it that sid here gets to be constantly condesending and we (PAYING CUSTOMERS) just have to take it…i hardly think you need to keep saying “thanks for being patient” when you know you have no right to say anything reguarding patience, sony has burned through any good will or patience that its earned. Then you have this punk talking crap cause were angry. GO SCREW YOURSELF SID


    Yeah I just want what I already paid for…it’s all good though, I have plenty to keep me busy including real life. Anyway, I just wish people would post things in their place…I feel bad for the guys that put effort into these posts/games just to get hit with irrelevant questions.

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