Update on PSN Password Reset Process

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Update on PSN Password Reset Process

We temporarily took down the PSN and Qriocity password reset page. Contrary to some reports, there was no hack involved. In the process of resetting of passwords there was a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed.

Consumers who haven’t reset their passwords for PSN are still encouraged to do so directly on their PS3. Otherwise, they can continue to do so via the website as soon as we bring that site back up.

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  • sniff sniff sniff sniff………..sniff…………….i find it extremely hilarious how the majority of you are crying that if the store doesn’t come back soon that you’ll leave for the 360………….all of you said the same darn thing when the network was down……….a bunch of freakin’ cry baby’s!!!!!!! sony, please just give them a bottle…….it’s their feeding time……..Lord help us all

  • Thanks for getting the network back up. You really don’t need to give out anything for free. Anybody looking for something free in return for loss of a FREE service is just a spoiled whiny brat. I’d rather you bail on taking the time to put a welcome back package together for the babies and get the store online so I can give you more of my hard earned money! Thank you SONY!

  • to me, this package is to attract gamers back into service or to avoid user’s account cancellation. 3rd party companies are already losing millions during the PSN outage and keep bugging Sony to resume the service to its full potential asap. im new to PS3, so im glad that some studios agreed to share their games for free. kudos to them.
    it was huge lesson to those who should be worrying about their data safety. sad that sony had to pay the price.

  • It’s eather today or May 31. I think it may be May 31 since the month free thing would be a lot more organized & everything, since it would be a complete month. But at least give us an update.

  • come on ppl were is the playstation store -_- sigh fix it i want the black ops new map pack when it coms out :P

  • @955 Lynch, you sound like Sir Harold Camping!! I hope you are not senile!

  • when is the PS store gonna be available :(

  • time:UPDATE

  • Ant nobody going to 360,just a bunch of winners

  • i though that playstation store was suppost to be up today?do something psn keeps logging me off from my account is annoying

  • Ban all Sony products!

  • It is so annoying to hear all these people whine about how they Sony is cheating them out of this or that because the network was down or the store is down. You do realize YOU ARE NOT LOSING ANYTHING YOU PAID FOR!! Yes if you have the new games you may not be able to play online. Didn’t you know that you weren’t going to play it when you bought it? Play the single player version for now and quit-yer-[DELETED]! If you think its that bad then go ahead and go to XBox! That’s one less dipstick I have to listen to!!!

  • @948,949

    Refer back to #939

  • Legend_Legion: Lol :)

  • Oh! No! the store is down!! :P come on

    be happy for once

  • First off im 17 and i work with servers and network security on a constant basis. My current server is a ubuntu 11.04 nginx based web server with an optional xfce GUI after login, with security from not only the network side but down to the coding of the applications that run on it. HOW the [DELETED] could a company filled with train “professionals” [DELETED] up this bad. [DELETED] sony you should have just hired Geohot or given me a [DELETED] job and teach your professionals how network security should be handled. Anyways awesome way to handle the restoration process. Defiantly a positive in that area of business. Keep up the positive momentum, (notice i didn’t say “keep up the good work”), and get everything back on track. As a side-note I due recommend putting up better games to choose from for the Welcome home package. It seems like your just throwing bad games at us in hopes that we will gain more respect for the company. I digress, keep up the positive momentum and hopefully this serves as a good wake up call. Fire a few people and give me a [DELETED] job!

  • I was charged on the 18th (the day I reset my password) $5. I haven’t bought anything that wasn’t already charged and obviously CAN’T because the playstation store is down.


  • I’m with you tsm124 . Sony your losing customers by the min.


  • anyone knows whats going on with PSN password resets? :\

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