Play On – PSN Restoration Begins Now

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Play On – PSN Restoration Begins Now

Thank you for your patience and encouragement over the last few weeks. As covered in the post from earlier today, you can now update the firmware on your PS3 and change your password. Kazuo Hirai just announced that we have begun the phased restoration by region of some of the services, starting with online multiplayer functionality.

Please note that these services will take a bit of time to be turned on and rolled out to the whole country. The process has begun and some states are being turned on now, so please be patient as we reach your city and state. We’ll be updating the map below as service comes online in individual states. It will take several hours to restore PSN throughout the entire country, so please keep checking back for the latest updates. In the meantime, now’s a great time to get your PS3’s firmware updated, which is required to get online.


Map updated 12:03m Pacific

Notice: If your state is illuminated but your service has not yet been restored, please be patient – it can take a little while for the servers to populate fully.

Until we get the comments functioning correctly, we’re putting all comments on hold. I’m sure Jitender would appreciate not having people put words in his mouth ^_^

In the meantime, we’ll keep updating the map, and those of you already back online – enjoy some games!

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  • When’s the store up ‘n’ ready

  • I just wanted to say Thank You Sony and that you guys still rock in my opioion. Also to all the sad puppies that went and got rid of there PS3 for a xbox or wii I dont feel sadness or pitty for you because if you were a true sony consumer a little outage would not influence your decision to get rid of a great gaming console. But yes congrats Sony yall did a wonderful job and we appreciate all that your doing to help and support us gamers who use your network for online competetive and fun gaming.

  • Thanks for getting us back up and online Sony!

  • Thank you….

  • Now lets Party Sony lol

  • Awesome

  • ADD TY1109 !

  • i agree lets party i’m gathering a group for a KZ3 24hr session lol got lots of red bulls by my side too

  • It only does their job. ;)

  • Yeah, when will the store be up?

  • Thanks for your hard work guys, keep the good work N’ our info secure,… !!!!

  • I would personally like to state that this is a great day. How i have missed MAG! Thank you to all of the Sony employees who put in long hours to make this all happen and make the PSN a much safer environment for everyone. i hope those responsible are found and given a fair trail in a court of law. and i hope to see the PS Store back up and running, so i get the latest and the best that only Sony can bring us.
    Yours Truly

  • awesome welcome back PSN

  • SONY FTW!!! WE LOVE YOU! I can game again and start my trophy collection again!!! Woo( *`ω´)

  • black_plague123

    ok i was able to change the password on this account but when i tried on my second account it said a server error has occured. why?

  • Thank you Sony. And comment # 2 I totally agree, they must be felling pretty stupid.

  • Thank you Sony!!! :-)

  • Feels good to be back at it with Mortal Kombat… Sony, good luck at overcoming the rest of the obstacles and thanks for bringing the network back!!

  • Thanx Guys, feels good to be back!

  • COmments fixed. Online on, Just need the store, and some stuff I will be good. Need to get my downloadable content from Mass Effect 2

  • Thank you SONY. This was a hard time for all of us, but you guys are amazing, thanks for your hard work .

  • EsceletoBambero

    Finaly sony got us back on. Now to go kills some weenies on black ops!!!

  • CallOfDutyGod045

    thanks for putting psn back up. but when is the playstation store gonna be up

  • black_plague123 was the second account made on that ps3 system? You should be able to do it via e-mail from the PSN website.

  • anybody know how long it will take for the e-mail for the password change to arrive will take?

  • Thanks Sony I know you was about to bounce back. Yay go Sony!!!

  • Yeah I’m stoked, but definitely I’m eager for the store to come back online. :D


  • I know I should be happy with what we got but any news on the store? I want to mainly redeem codes. Just got Yakuza 4 (Cant stop playing it.) and want to redeem the pack. Also I want to redeem My L.A. Noir ones when it comes Tuesday.

  • Hooray! I’m just glad PSN is back. Let’s keep it that way! :D

  • Finally some cod. When will this store be back up. I want the new map pack!!!

  • kickin butts and takin names with them astros!!!!!!!!………… H-TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Sony! It’s Killzone time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank You Sony!!!!!

  • XxBLaCK_P0IS0NxX

    My youtube channel is nower3008 if you guys wanna check it out! Proud PS3 gamer! :D

  • Even though the store may be back on the 31st, I am glad they got the multiplayer back because thats what I mostly cared about.

  • Yes i have been waiting for so long

  • who is going to get battlefield bad company 3 when it comes out


  • Hope they give us another update for when the store is up, Nice to get my trophies sinc’d back up though.

  • With the PSN was down I bought a few Single player games and now I got 3 games that came with add-on pack codes. The games are great but I would like to redeem before I beat them. lol

  • Commenter #2,
    Really guy?… For ONE… Sony lost everyones personal information which might not mean much to those who don’t have an identity worth stealing but to some of us that’s a serious concern and threat. Sony deserves NO thanks and will get none from me. They built a weak network, KNOWINGLY neglected it’s security and then they went and ticked off a talented hacker group by completely violating the privacy of american citizens by grabbing the IP addresses and information from anyone who went to George Holtz’s website, Blog or even viewed his Youtube videos IN THE PAST 2 YEARS.. Big corporations like sony think their untouchable.. well.. YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED SONY.

  • TheGoofyRussian

    when will PSN Store be up? Its down cuz they are working on giving us all our free stuff

  • FOR 2… How many times did they tell us “just a couple days.. it’ll be back this weekend, oh wait.. we need a couple more… now we need a couple more… hey guys, we’re testing it, just a couple more days… Screw it… it’ll be back when it’s back”… I mean C’mon… with all the Experts you supposably had hired they couldn’t creat an accurate time table for when it should be expected back up? You were off by 3 whole weeks from your ORIGINAL “it’ll be back up this weekend”.. It’s not about the time it took… I understand that it takes awhile to rebuild your networks, but really all you were doing was giving your consumers the run around so that they wouldn’t know the PSN would be offline for nearly a month because that would create a situation where you’d lose a lot of business to Microsoft. So you don’t get my appreciation there either..

  • AND 3.. I’m sick of this “your not a loyal sony consumer” cry baby crap.. SONY IS A CORPORATION!!.. they aren’t some mom and pops store around the corner… their a FOREIGN CORPORATION.. we don’t owe them CRAP for loyalty.. All anyone wants to do is cry about being an Xbox Fanboy or a PS3 Fanboy… who really cares? If you want to switch to Xbox because sony obviously has very low moral standards then GO FOR IT.. if you don’t then that’s your business too.. but PLEASE stop with the crying whenever someone says they switched over.. noone hasta be loyal to Sony and noone hasta be loyal to Microsoft.. their freakin companies.. GROW UP PEOPLE

    Myself.. I went and purchased a 360 not even a week after the outage… I didn’t sell my PS3 obviously… But I probably won’t be buying many titles for it in the near future..


  • Damn HawnKeez calm down just change your CC# and pin not a big deal, and it’s a game console, get a life.

  • I just wanna say Thank u Sony….iv been sick Over the weeks because ov no online play…I’m so happy that it’s back up….now I’m just waiting on the store.

  • ;) I was up all night watching the map, I was like “Please start with east coast, PLEASE START WITH EAST COAST!” and then New York, and MA, and Maine lit up, and then all of a sudden Cali lit up -_-” I was like, watch FL be last :l
    But at 2:00am I was playing Mortal Kombat 9 ;D
    Everyone add me on psn ;D !

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