Kazuo Hirai: PlayStation Network Restoration Announcement

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Kazuo Hirai: PlayStation Network Restoration Announcement

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  • Mr. Hirai’s office looks pretty sweet.

  • Psychoticcherry

    Awesome to have PSN back. Had time to catch up on single player games though.

    P.S. Cross game chat? why would you want to talk to someone that’s not playing the game that you are playing? Get a phone!

  • I’m tired of hearing everyone at Sony ‘apologize for the inconvenience’ they’ve caused. This is not a sincere apology and is akin to Sony kicking you in the nuts and saying, “Sorry your balls hurt.” While it may not be entirely Sony’s fault that this attack happened, they were still negligent with our data from a security standpoint.

    Unfortunately, everyone at Sony appears to be too egotistical to deliver a heartfelt apology to its customers.

  • THANKS SONY ! Playstation is a lot better than Xbox.

  • TheKeybladeLord


    It isn’t Sony’s fault. How? Did they tell the criminals to do this to them? No. Sure, there security wasn’t as great at the time. But they didn’t see this coming, and it could happen to ANYONE besides Sony.

    Cyber-attacks have happened to a lot of different companies and no one has blamed them for the end-result and the same should be said for Sony. Whats done is a done and is now a thing of the past.

    All I gotta say is go online and play a few games.

  • To the individual(s) who cause this massive interruption:
    You all are headed to the jungle for a long, long time! You can run all you want, but you definitely can not hide!!!

    Thank you Sony for all your hard work and support during this pause and to all PSN Users “Welcome Back”

  • Only have two words Mr. Kazuo Hirai…THANK YOU!!!!

  • You got that right…and best of all, online is still free.

  • finally ty ty ty, bought a ps3 right when the network went down. been dying to play Portal 2 co-op! awesome and again ty!

  • i’m with you sony!!!thank you!


  • Glad to be back!!! Now I can watch Netflix & Hulu again. Thank You Sony!!

  • YAY!!!! :)

  • thanks sony we hope you get everything up soon. ps thanks for the updates

  • This makes me soo happy, and ive never seen less than 100,000 people on Black Ops. But you owe us :) I would love to try PS+ and maybe get Escalation for free (whiteboy7thst)


    everyone was telling me after the network went down it wouldnt be back up for a long time. they told me i should sell my ps3 and get an xbox. but i stood strong and i patiently waited for the network to come back up. as soon as i saw it was up i was ecstatic. i will continue to play on PSN and use sony products….FOREVER!

  • I have been waiting almost four weeks to tell all of you people to:


  • Thank’s Sony :) All U Moron’s Who Switched To X-Box …. Ur Idiot’s With No Patience !!!! Black Op’s 30 !!! :) !!!

  • EvolutionCherry

    Thanks a lot and I hope you guys catch the creeps who were responsible for this hack.

  • Keep up the god work Sony!

  • Sony I never lost faith in your ability to make things right again, THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!!!

  • SummeRaineStorm

    Thanx sony.. took awhile but certian measures had to be taken. BORDOM HAS OFFICALLY GONE.

  • SummeRaineStorm

    NOW I WONDER WHATS GONNA BE IN OUR WELCOME PACKAGE free map packs would be nice.

  • This guy is like Walt Disney but for games :D

  • Thank You Very Much Sony!!!!!!

  • I’m having a problem getting my brother signed in. He didn’t download anything and we can’t get into the email account to change his password. Is it possible that there could be an option to change it on the site? I’ve seen dozens of other players with the same problem and had to make a different account.

  • CrookedCross666

    sony ….you guys rock and i’m honored to be a LOYAL customer and gamer. i’ve been playing ps since it came out years ago! keep up the goodwork. XBOX sucks!

    p.s. free first party games for welcome back dl would be sweet!

  • Sony has been a part if my family since ps1 came out so its a bit of a let down to see this happen but sce does a great job letting us know what’s up so thank-you Sony you will see me for about ten hours today thanks again here I come cod

  • Not a single negative comment, really. We I have to say Xbox and I’m not looking back.

  • No one is going to be pissed its back what more can loyal ps user want

  • thanks Kazuo, you’re doing a good job, keep it up.

  • Yahoo PSN is back

  • Thanks for keeping us PSN in the know… I’m sorry that Sony was attacked too… I wish I could have done something to help in the recovery. I’ve been a Sony person since I was teen… Glad you are back :-)

  • that message came out of no where when i was playing Brink online at 1:30 Georgia Time

  • I’m so happy

  • Good Job. Keep up the good work…

  • thank you sony now its time to kill some noobs in black ops

  • Man it feels so good to be back! It feels like the first time i got my ps3 and ventured online lol. Thank you sony,

  • Gracias Kazuo!

  • Ever Since I updated my PS3 to 3.61, it wont play games anymore. Y?

  • Thanks Sony I will always know u can be trusted

  • I want to take the time to say thank you to you Kazuo Hirai & Sony. The video here in this Blog Posting was done nicely and with great thought towards us and about the issue. You all did a great job on it. I congratulate you all at Sony for all your hard work in dealing with this unprecedented situation. The Attack left the world looking at all you to see how you all would handle the situation and I think you all have done a great job so far. Obviously not everyone does but that is there opinion and does not bother me. All I can give is my opinion and for this being such an unprecedented attack and the largest of its kind, you all at Sony set the bar in handling it. Hopefully it will not happen again to you and to any other system; but if it does the people it happens to will have to look at you all at Sony to see how to handle it and how to improve on handling it.

    Thank you again Kazuo Hirai and Sony. You all deserve it for all the hard work. :)

    Now its time to Play. Game ON. :)

  • @ 63, Grats on somehow summing up the incredible amounts of courage and determination it took not to sell your system and all of your games during 4 whole weeks of waiting.

    I don’t understand how some of you guys act like you were so smart for waiting. Of course it was coming back, we all KNEW it was coming back. Folks just had to be patient. I couldn’t play Portal 2 with my buddy or activate my Steam copy this whole time but I just did other things… and waited.

    @74 Why are all you guys talking about xbox360? I have both and I think they’re both great systems. Ps3 has the edge with bluray and native wireless networking but at least I can play a fighting game with costumes on 360 and expect to have the other player SEE them.

    Honestly you guys. Just get all the systems and build a sweet gaming PC and then you’ll never miss any great games and you’ll stop thinking in terms of “us” vs “them” and just be free to enjoy all gaming!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Sony!

  • When is the ps store going to be back up?

  • Head down with respect Mr. Hirai… tremendous job sir. great management – with you Sony will be way beyond and better then ever Life is challenge in every way everyday nice job today better tomorrow….

  • @ 89 Great point! I have multiple systems so I never had a “break” in gameplay.

  • it’s about time i waited since 420 to enjoy my ps3 thanx guys i’mstill loyal just had my faithin in sony seriouslly shaken i thought you guys forgot what loyalty means but i’m glad SONY STILL CARES. unlike xbox
    and microsoft

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