Q&A #2 for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Services

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Q&A #2 for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Services

Yesterday, we addressed a number of your questions relating to the malicious intrusion into our network. You can find that FAQ here. As we get closer to restoration of service, here are more answers to your questions, many of which are more gaming related:

Q: Will our download history/friends list/settings be affected by the PSN downtime?
A: No, they will not.

Q: Will trophies that were earned in single-player offline games during the outage be intact when the service resumes?
A: These trophies are intact and will be re-synched when the network is once again operational.

Q: Will my PS+ cloud saves be retrievable?
A: Yes, once PSN is restored.

Q: What if we have a subscription to PS3 MMOs DC Universe Online or Free Realms? Will we get compensation for that?
A: From Sony Online Entertainment: “We apologize for any inconvenience players may have experienced as a result of the recent service interruption. As a global leader in online gaming, SOE is committed to delivering stable and entertaining games for players of all ages. To thank players for their patience, we will be hosting special events across our game portfolio. We are also working on a “make good” plan for players of the PS3 versions of DC Universe Online and Free Realms. Details will be available soon on the individual game websites and forums.”

Q: Will there be a goodwill gesture for the time we haven’t been able to utilize PSN/Qriocity?
A: We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online.

Thank you for your continued feedback.

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    Worth it.

  • This, and the past few days, are the level of communication I wanted.

    Thank you for finally keeping us updated. :)

    I appreciate your hard work and thanks for understanding our frustration (and I understand yours, too!)

  • Thanks!


  • Loved the “extraordinary” part BTW

  • Thanks for another update!

  • Thank you for keeping us updated! :)

  • Nice. Appreciated.

  • Glad they have a “make good” plan in the works.

  • 7 days ago, you told us “1 or 2 days” to have PSN back online. Can you please give us a more realistic estimate of when we may expect PSN functionality to resume?

  • Thank You! Keep it up.

  • you could instantly redeem yourselves if you added cross game voice chat.

  • Please continue to keep us updated daily. Time to fire up PSN again, soon. Portal 2 Co-Op needed badly. Maybe for the weekend??? Thanks.

  • @9
    May 3 is the new estimate

  • Keep up the good work Sony, never give up. You have a loyal fanbase that is following you.

  • Thanks for the update! Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see a more specific timeline on when we’ll be back online?

  • I cant wait to know what kind of appreciation we goint to have from Sony…

  • Cross game chat?

  • Konichiwa :P Thank you for update

  • “We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience”

    That’s what she said!

    LOL, just kidding. But really, again, thanks!

  • I want a cheeseburger and a sorry note. Haha. Thanks for the update guys and gals.

  • It better not be a free game nobody cares about.

  • they may give crappy games lol THANKS SONY!!!

  • More good news. Thanks Patrick.

  • well, at least they are trying to get back to normal. I am not mad nor angry…just waiting is all. playing games and getting trophies that I haven’t gotten yet. I am not gonna leave PlayStation nor cancel anything…been a PlayStation fan in the beginning and will be no matter what. you have my vote Sony.

  • thx : D

  • Why is everyone crying about cross game chat? id rather they add something more useful. If you really want to talk to someone call them so you can tell them you love them… smh

  • thank you for answering more questions, but still many more need to be answered in a timely manner.

  • Great update!! Thank You!!

  • Nfl Draft is over :( and its still not working. Nice Jon phony

  • These FAQs are much appreciated. Better late than never!

  • “Extraordinary patience”? Where has Sony been? All I saw was a bunch of cry babies for the most part acting a foul, and like total mind numbing nulls. I think Sony has been the patient party to be honest. Dealing with the breach of security and then the attack from the fans, users, and other party affialiates and even the trade commission.

    This whole debacle is just an utter mess. Hopefully we can put this behind us, and finally move on.

  • Thank You for the Updates, very good indeed. Don’t believe what the Press and the Slackers, Hackers, Senators, and Xbox Fan boys say, you are doing what it takes and most customers will be very understanding.

  • Good, more updates~ thanks Sony.

    I know it is hard to build up the trust once it is damaged, but keep up the good work.
    Hopefully I will be able to play online again SOON!

    btw, what is that CECH-3001A ver. PS3?? –> http://boards.ign.com/ps3_lobby/b8269/201931582/p1/
    Will we be able to hear about it soon?

  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo time to kill noobs on kz3 and time for some plats

  • @31
    Even though there was swearing everywhere, people aren’t completely dissatisfied with the system and the services altogether. Remember: 77+ million accounts, yet the bad comments in the blog didn’t reach the thousands.

  • thanks for the update. I do have a question regarding movies… i noticed that some movies/episodes on the psn disappear after a while… is there a way y’all can just have it on the network again once it’s back online? & maintain it on the system(for example i had bought the episodes of Read Or Die, Final Fantasy VII Advent CHildren, Dead Space Downfall). My ps3 stopped working so when I got my new system I wanted to buy it again and it wasn’t available anymore… also can more movies come with the bonus content as well like Inception & Harry Potter

  • now this updates go a long way into promoting the good will from the PS fans. I love my PS3, and have missed the PSN, but as soon as it is up it will be all good and better (more secure).

  • Thank You for the info =^)

  • Thanks for keeping us in the loop Sony. Looking forward to next Tuesday. Keep it up with these detailed updates.

  • How about more features? How about bigger PSN profiles?

  • What about the Playstation Rewards system?

  • Patrick, it may be premature to ask this, seeing as PSN isn’t back up, but what are the plans for store updates when it comes back? I was looking forward to buying the latest Zen Pinball table, which was to be released on April 26. Will we see a double-store update, or will everything be offset by a week or two?

  • “guitoorbenchi said: Glad they have a “make good” plan in the works.”

    Yeah,. pretty nice to know that. Still, since it’s a free service, I suppose it won’t be that impressive. Having some free dynamic themes wouldn’t do much for me. I wonder what they can do.

    QUESTION: I understand that security is the priority right now but is a team still working on the next firmware/function updates? It would be pretty nice to have new features soon, we didn’t have any firmware/feature updates in ages… I mean, ages… Security is important, but never forget to improve also the service as a hole, and the playstation experience.

  • Still want to know if deleting my credit card info off the PSN months ago did me any good. Cause according to MSNBC there is word that Sony’s database is now being sold in an online bazaar, and those selling it claim to have 2.2 million credit card numbers from the breach.

  • @39 Vinland_Krauser

    lol no, man, just no. That program needs to sit in the over for a while longer. Don’t even put it in the back of your head.

  • While you’re updating the system, and as part of the goodwill, could we have the ability to change our usernames? Even just as a one time thing, this would be awesome.

  • Q: Will there be a goodwill gesture for the time we haven’t been able to utilize PSN/Qriocity?
    A: We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online.

    although PSN is free which i love it is Sweet!! I’m down for a free game, even if its a $5 ps-one game of our choice, maybe crash ctr or spyro or something! :D

    Again i feel we are all benefiting from this in the long run, think of how stable the servers will be after the relocation and allowing them to cool-down for such a long time, after many years of working vigorously!…


    Once again your hard work is noticed and appreciated! :D

  • @41
    They may be working into lots of functions as well. Since there is no online management to do in the meantime, they have all the time available to solve these matters.

  • @43
    Was there something wrong with it?
    I am not a Plus subscriber so I never got to try the beta, but it got my attention.

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