Clarifying a Few PSN Points

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Clarifying a Few PSN Points

I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a point and answer one of the most frequently asked questions today.

There’s a difference in timing between when we identified there was an intrusion and when we learned of consumers’ data being compromised. We learned there was an intrusion April 19th and subsequently shut the services down. We then brought in outside experts to help us learn how the intrusion occurred and to conduct an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident. It was necessary to conduct several days of forensic analysis, and it took our experts until yesterday to understand the scope of the breach. We then shared that information with our consumers and announced it publicly this afternoon.

For those who were looking there’s also an FAQ with some more frequently asked questions

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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  • an intrusion would warrant a possible data compromise. could have warn us of this possibility whether it occur or not.

  • Well,I see.

  • It’s not the PSN downtime, it’s your lack of update that left us in the dark.

    I already bought an Xbox 360 (GT: Saturated Leaf) after spending a lot on a service that ignores us.

    Hope you resolve this. I’m sure it’s a PR night mare now.

  • sorry for asking this, What about our trophies?

  • I still think this should have been stated as a possibility from the start. What else would someone have to gain from hacking the PSN? :\

  • Awesome. I look forward to selling my PS3 on Friday and picking up a 3DS.
    At least with a 3DS I can play Street Fighter IV online.

  • Five days to come to the conclusion that CC data might have been compromised seems about 4 days too long. If there was enough of a perceived breach to shut the entire PSN service down on the 19th I can’t imagine that CC data breach wasn’t also considered on the 19th.

    Don’t the recently enacted Red Flags regulations require companies to inform users of a POTENTIAL exposure of personal information/CC data within 24 hours?

    By the way i am encouraged that the ‘veil of silence’ has at least partially been lifted and we are hearing some actual useful information coming from Sony

  • + yazter “I already bought an Xbox 360”

    if you bought a 360 why are you here writing and not playing with your new 360? DON’T BE A JERK


  • Thanks guys, I know you’re working hard. I appreciate the daily updates and clarifications.

  • Sony, Find Mathieulh. It’s His fault. Another egohot moron.

  • they’re just back peddling now since the Senator of Connecticut issued Jack Trenton a letter.

  • thank u 4 informing us of this & hopefully u can get PSN up as quickly as possible, I miss my friends on PSN, really sux bein out of contact with em, most of em anyways

  • Sony, take your time with this. I know a lot of people on here are getting upset but I’d rather know the network is secure. I have other ways of getting my game on, so yea just take your time. So long as the PSN is up by the time Resistance 3 releases I’ll be good :).

  • You found out yesterday. And you didn’t go hey we better warn our customers ASAP. Moreover, if you had the slightest insight that our personal information was compromised we should of been told IMMEDIATELY. WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!!!

  • @4, seriously? trophies?

    I know you guys at Sony are working hard on resolving this issue, but please try to be more open to us the customers on issues like this. Good luck and thanks.

  • Even if they did tell us that our CC# and stuff was comprimised the day they shut PSN down….what would you or could you have done about it anyway? Better late than never right? Even still…now that you do know about the info being comprimised, what have you done about it since than?…..i bet you i know what you guys did…not a dag on thing !!!!

  • @ #9 nYcFrEeWiLL82, no doubt they are losing money from this as today was suppose to be a PS Store update & I can bet alot of consumers are disappointed but Sony does need to take the time to try & prevent this from happening again & hopefully it won’t

  • Keep up the good work. We understand you want the PSN up probably more than us. I just recieved the SONY Email explaining everything to date. Thanks. Should we expect more updates soon?

  • Sony making excuses about the theft of PII? Sony making excuses about the theft of PII.

  • I would of done the same thing I’m doing now (changing my info) and not give the [DELETED] a 10 day head start!

  • hello, please read #11 post.

  • Oh sony you’re so wonderful!!! I love you!!! *hugs*

  • Well hopefully it’s back up this weekend…if not the Triple Cash + Grenade Launchers only UC2 weekend will have to be postponed…AGAIN.


  • keep up on what are you donig there sony
    cant wait to comeback to psn

  • Maybe we could all take this opportunity to look at our own lives and realize how spoiled we really are. The things we take for granted everyday may never be there tomorrow.

  • Thanks for clarifying this. I was assuming as much but its glad to hear this after reading a lot of posts from people saying you were knowingly withholding information. I still think your updates should be MUCH MORE FREQUENT, given this is the era of instant information through FB, twitter, and all the like.

    I hate to say, but the PR surrounding this is terrible thanks to the updates being so infrequent and uninformative. Hopefully thanks to the millions of PSN users they won’t be using my information.

  • Hang in there, Sony. I just hope everyone’s personal and CC information is safe. Especially my mother’s and mine.

  • @Da_BuLL_Ty-Eazy

    I would be doing the same thing that I’m doing know. Changing my personal and credit info at various sites and getting some new CC. But instead the hackers have a 10 day head start!!!

  • As long as our purchase history is in tact, that’s all I care about. I’ve taken the precautions when it comes to protecting my accounts and email.

    Gmail users, it would be a good idea to enable 2-step verification via your Gmail account options if your PSN account and bank account were tied to the same address. Taking all of these simple steps and full advantage of these security options can help you rest a little easier.

  • I’m sure some IT guy who noticed that someone was somewhere they shouldn’t have been, would have waved a red flag. Especially considering (although I don’t know if it’s true for sure) the absolute lack of security around our information, there should have immediately been warnings going off. This seems like a likely conversation:

    IT Guy: “So we noticed an intrusion last night. Shut down the network to be safe, but there is a possibility (small) that every user’s account information was accessed.
    PR Guy: Well, lets just wait a few days and make sure.
    IT Guy: Yeah but… you know… it’s a possibility, people should know.
    PR Guy: Yeah no. I’m not making my job any more difficult.

    *I’m probably not being fair. At this point I don’t particularly trust what Sony has to say. I could be completely wrong.

  • People,

    Stop being so ignorant. Your Credit Card information is fine. One hacker won’t be able to go to the location of 75 million psn user’s houses. Sony has done their best to keep up updated, they were working on fixing the Network (WHICH IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IN THIS MATTER, THE GAMING!) and while doing an investigation found that data may have been compromised. Human beings are dumb and inconsiderate creatures when they have no idea how to think Logically. USE YOUR BRAINS FOR ONCE!

  • @14 Oh Come-on, what’s a few hours difference??? Stop being so dramatic – what’s done is done, keep an eye on your online banking, change your password when PSN returns, and enjoy your games again. I wish everyone would stop acting as if this is some kind of conspiracy where Sony is holding information from us. What happened sucks, but it’s not the end of the world.

  • @26 better to be safe than sorry. :u

  • As I’ve said before, my CC info is stored, I haven’t seen any outside activity in any fashion, and I’m not really all that worried.

    But it is great to see an update to clarify. Nothing like letting misinformation run rampant and more frequent updates will (should) do that.

    And for some reason, I think Sony should be listening to SOOPERGOOMAN187. Just a gut feeling, but have no clue about who he is talking about, let alone who SOOPERGOOMAN187 is. heh

  • get an Xbox 360.. better safe than Sony.

  • I understand that people make mistakes but you could’ve warned us earlier. Even if you did though a lot of people would still complain. Good luck and make it better than it once was. Add Cross-Game Chat. That will shut everyone up!!

  • @28

    Until you’ve had your identity and credit messed with and go through the hassle of trying to fix it. Don’t tell me I’m being dramatic. It takes countless hours, days, months, and years to get it set right again if ever.

  • We are all victims of this breech. We all got mugged. It just so happened we all handed our wallets over to you for safekeeping. You have to tell us what you are going to do to make things right and you have to tell us soon. I think that your actions so far have been commendable even though it appears that your communications have not. Taking down the network was the right thing to do. Thank you. As hard as you are working now to rebuild your network the effort to rebuild the trust that has been taken from you by this individual will be tenfold.

    It sucks. It’s not fair. You didn’t ask to be hacked. The person that took this information did it to hurt you because you’ve wounded some hacker’s sense of entitlement. I hope that the individual(s) responsible will stop short of publishing or profiting from the information that they have taken. If the goal was to hurt you then it’s mission accomplished.

    I don’t envy you, Sony. But, if you figure out how to make this right we can continue the business of having fun.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Edit: read…more frequent updates should eliminate that (the misinformation that is)

    Sidebar: and can’t believe I’m saying this….Go Chicago….Rather see Red Wings play Nashville just so the games would finally be in the same time zone. Have no idea what a PIA it is to always have your team come on at 10-10:30pm during midweek games. :/ Not to mention, save travel wear on the team. :)

  • @4

    lol, nobody cares about your trophies.

  • *Sigh*

    These comments would still be filled with complaints about Sony’s poor communication even if they told us on day one. I mean, c’mon, did anybody here honestly think that our information was safe as soon as we learned the network was hacked? Even then, would anybody here have done something different? If you’re that concerned about your info, you would’ve done something the moment they announced the situation. I understand that Sony could have told us that there was a possibility that our info was at risk, but didn’t everybody here already know that?

    Sorry, I usually don’t get involved in these arguments, but there’s been an overwhelming amount of complaining/fighting here. They’re doing the best that they can do people. They know that this is a HUGE blow to their company and I can promise you that they’re doing what they think is in the best interest for their costumers. We’re all in the same boat here, don’t take this stuff so personally.

  • just get it back up as soon as possible, want to play online

  • @post #11

  • Doesn’t any kind of breach warrant the possibility of personal info being compromised? Even if this wasn’t confirmed you obviously must have had a hunch that this kind of thing could happen, otherwise you wouldn’t have looked into it. An essential aspect of crisis PR is making sure all bases are covered. I’m not saying go into a panic any time there is a breach, but at the very *least* let your ‘valued customers’ know that personal info being compromised is a possibility *from the start* so we could at least have a shot at taking care of ourselves. Not a week later when the damage has already been done. Seriously people, anything we do now is pretty much futile.

    Sorry guy, but I don’t buy it.

  • @32 eh wot? I was saying better to be safe than sorry in the sense to take this seriously and not be like OH DONT WORRY ABOUT POSSIBLE LEAKED CREDIT CARD INFO. i canceled my debit card today when i learned about this. :\

  • @4, I care about your trophies, since no one else does. :)

    and we all very well know if the system came up and the trophy list was jacked….people would be hot. Not saying its a legitimate reason for entering ‘internet rage’ mode, because, afterall, there is no trophy for that.

  • People are still complaining after most question were explained…wow.

  • I made a comment that needs moderated so my # are off I guess I should of said @27.

  • I think alot are getting there dates mixed up the intrusion happen’d the 18th and sony shut down the servers the 19th.

    the 16th and 17th date are not relevant,

    @supergoo man who is this guy your talking about. whats his psn Id…

    @25 the hackers don’t have 10 day head start stop making false claims . If they use any cc# this week or next they will be caught. If they have anyone cc info and use it , they will be caught becuase sony has notified all major cc outlets and let them know. Also they told us to check to your cc accounts so it can be safe and alerted that a person out there may have it . Please do your part and check your credit information to catch this person or these guys.

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