Latest Update for PSN/Qriocity Services

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We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, and we are working around the clock to bring them both back online. Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.

We thank you for your patience to date and ask for a little more while we move towards completion of this project. We will continue to give you updates as they become available.

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  • yea, your dignity

  • get a life man

  • HOW ABOUT AN ESTIMATE AS TO WHEN WE CAN EXPECT PSN WILL BE FIXED? And worry about Qriocity later, it’s a HUGE letdown in the first place.. you should have went with Rhapsody.. I don’t really care how long it takes to fix PSN.. I’m just sick and tired of Sony’s disreguard for their customers. They never tell us what the problem is or if it will ever be fixed. (Remember PS rewards beta?) It would be nice if you could tell us how many more DAYS it’s going to take..

    I mean, Is an ETA really too much to ask??

  • ” . I’m just sick and tired of Sony’s disreguard for their customer ”

    guess that means they should have left the network on to get to your account since you were bound to be an ungrateful yob anyway … they cant tell you anything that had too much uncertaoy

  • I have a feeling our tuesday update will totally blow for us psp go and ps3 users lol mostly pspgo

  • @530 I have both so it should be equally blowing

  • Nothing like a revamped PSN (Both functionality and visually) can make me happy.
    Man I don’t know why but for the first time in my whole life I’m really excited to see they’ve shut the PSN off.
    Be sure they’ll be back online with a HUGE SURPRISE. and please guys don’t request money or anything like that coz it’s IMPOSSIBLE (They’ve lost millions of dollars these days so you’re expecting them to pay you another millions of dollars? that makes me laugh) by the way even if it wasn’t impopssible we all know that we can earn money (it may take time but it’s not impossible to earn for example 50 dollars) but we never can I repeat NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO change functionality and visuals of PSN without Sony. so make a tough decision and Vote for it. make Sony do this. Yeah if that’s what I’m waiting for, no problem man.

  • I just think this is a crock of [DELETED]. I mean Sony is a huge company & they’re having this much trouble. lol I guess they’re trying to act like the hackers did nothing but looks like they caused a little more damage. See it only takes a small group of [DELETED] to ruin fun for the rest of us. Send hackers to an island & the nuke the [DELETED]’s.

  • I agree with a previous comment that although the network outage is very frustrating its forgivable if it means better security and increased privacy over our personal information like credit card information I.p. address etc. It’s sad that hard working loyal customers have to pay the price for another group of peoples ignorance but in the end they will get what they deserve and I hope they broadcast it over the network when they do. would be nice if Sony could be a narrow down the time frame of when the network will be accessible again.

  • I agree athat since they are “re-building” the network along with added security a new look and feel would be a welcomed change as well. Hoping to see something new at least when the network does eventually come back on

  • yeah, take your time… just make sure it stays FREE!!! :D

  • @ Fuzzyclutter 529

    “guess that means they should have left the network on to get to your account since you were bound to be an ungrateful yob anyway … they cant tell you anything that had too much uncertaoy”

    You should have read my entire post before you went into a trolling frenzy. Does anybody speak troll? What is this guy trying to say? Seriously..

  • the hackers were very sneaky with move but were about to strick back

  • this stinks :P

  • PSN is back UP (In UK)!!!!!

  • I don’t care how long it takes, just fix the problem. However, an ETA would be decent…..

    Something like, “we hope to have the network running in under ten days.”

  • NIGHTMARES I SAY!!!! Multiplayer was working and all I did was kept dying and respawning! THE HORROR!!

    oh yeah, I’m awake now. YE HAST BEEN WARNED! :)

    Kid, on last day of vacation, currently has PS3 control with Castle Crashers (frankly, so I can stop hear him pester me about playing it). Perhaps co-op but I’m still waking up. Black Ops on Veteran last night… problem until one area (getting to 4th or 5th checkpoint during the ‘executive order’ mission….ugh, what a PIA…(*&*&# narrow hallways).. I shall: Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome!

    Soooo, what shall our topic of today be since we’ve got to keep ourselves entertained as Sony doesn’t give us anything new to nibble on.

  • There will be no compensation (free money, free game…) for the PSN downtime. Section 15 of the PSN User Agreements which you all agreed to (if you have a PSN account) states that “SCEA assumes no liability for any inability to purchase, access, download or use any content, data or service”.

    Little Big Planet 2’s Facebook page posted that

  • If all we get out of this is back online then aswome. If they do add in a few suprises, than aswome. Patience is a virtue even more in this case than others. We will get PSN back. It’s only a matter of time. And as far as I am concerned, if you cannot bear to have a true life, then buy a 360 and pay money to play online and re buy all the games you had (excluding the exclusives of course). What this shut down proves is that not many people know what to do whith themselves when the services are turned off. For those who can stand not being online, go to the beach, sit outside and enjo the sunchine, read that book you have on your shelf, do some home matenience. And to those who cannot stand it, just go buy an fing XBOX (no hardships to XBOX personally) and stop posting rediculous comments.


  • Another update would be good.

  • Say whaaaaaaaaaaat? I thought the servers would be back on today!

    Oh well, I still have my PS1 classics to play…need to get past the first disc of FF7 :D

  • this was brought up on another website, but those of us who have credit cards on file, are they secure…?? should we be concerned about these supposed hackers making off with our information…?? i know most of these hackers say they arent out to hurt the gamers, but still, there is a cause for concern in that regard… granted, my bank will understand, certainly, to negate any charges that are unlawfully put against my account, but i dont want to go thru all the trouble of cancelling and getting new cards..
    anyhow, i hope that the matter is taken care of… I, for one, am not angry about the downtime.. I just want things done right… I hope that Sony will resolve this matter properly…

    and also, please get some devs to work on Destruction Derby 3… this is my greatest gaming wish…..

  • I can just see my friends who only own Xbox’s rubbing this in my face today……….

  • so @Zero …. tell them to go buy another Gold membership so they can play their games online. :D

  • @K1773r37f
    I typically check the European blog to see if they have any changes/improvements.

  • We’re trying to get an update and ETA of when #PSN will be back online, but we’re afraid there is no new info. Will tweet when there is

    From twitter

  • @564 Why even play like that? I guess you get kicks from trying to get people excited for no reason. I think that is sad that people are already upset and you want to cause confusion by posting untruths, but to each his own.

  • @564 My apologies. You are right the light has changed to on. I hope that is good news for all of us. I thought you were doing what that other dude was doing . Sorry man. I hope that means something good., My luck someone sat on the switch by mistake.

  • Sorry for the triple post but if you refresh the page you will see the light signifying the psn status is actually off. Darn, I had gotten my hopes up for a second there. Why does this feel like a cyber version of the show Lost. lol

  • @579 they do switch it on/off reboot process crash test test for architect infrastructure of the network stability I assume perhaps this is what we do at our place and my primary job if network crashes is to watch out for the team

  • So, the “Latest Update” is now about 48 hours old? I know it’s only 7AM in Cali but for those of us on the East coast it’s 10AM Monday morning.
    And before anybody gets their panties in a bunch – I’m asking for info, not demanding restitution.

    And where’s Rey?

  • @582
    “I’m asking for info, not demanding restitution. ”
    You mean resolution?

  • I think he means restitution, as in he’s not saying ‘GIVE ME FREE GAME’. He probably would really like a resolution as well, as would all of us. I still had fun playing PS3 all weekend, got some single player progress done on my giant backlog. Finally started Bioshock, creepy game!

  • I personally don’t mind the wait, but I know that a lot of people do.

    I hope that Sony learn that it’s good to give periodic updates, even if it’s just a “network restoration work is going well, thanks again”.

    It would calm down a few impatient customers

  • where is entire PS blog team we are miss you guys bring some sunny smiling post or something

  • near 10:30am EST on Monday morning….and no update for days. Initially told 1-2 days.

    Working around the clock and 1 person in your whole department can’t type up 3 sentences in under a minute to post to upgrades millions of people?

    Nice. I want a job in corporate communications since you don’t actually appear to have to communicate much of anything. Any openings? My minor is in communications, seriously. :) I’m sure I could do just as good of a job (expect much better) and I’ll do it for much cheaper than Patrick. Feel free to drop me a line, I’m sure you know my email. :)

  • *edit: upgrades = update (still early, least I’m posting…unlike…well, you know.) :D

  • @586 at some point you’re right but please calm down and wait

  • @580 Thanks for the info. I wasn’t sure how that worked. I wish more tech guys were righting articles on the whole process of how this works. It would be more informative than most of the articles I am reading on N4G. Not being a real tech guy I was really wondering how the whole of the process of rebuilding a network actually works, but thanks again for shedding a little bit more light.

  • I’m getting pretty bored now, I hope we’ll be able to play online soon.

  • Monday morning and still not up! So much for a day or two. And to think I had some extra time given it was a holiday weekend but no, Sony can’t even give us an ETA.

  • A lot of you should really stop complaining. The ones losing the most money on this is Sony. Every second the PSN is down they are losing money so I am sure they are doing everything they can to get it back up.

  • No update? No PSN up? No ETA? From Sony, that’s really no surprise. Guess I’ll be going to buy Portal 2, JUST to have something to play, that I haven’t beaten, yet.

  • @573
    Tell if they’re happy paying aprrox 60$ just to play online + extra$ to buy online games,adds, and played glitched like heck call of duty games then good for them.

  • People just watch netflix while you wait instead of driving yourselves crazy wondering how long it’s be out for

  • Sony, If you weren’t so busy taking features away and redesigning the PS3 you’s have the mony for and recourses for your re-build. I guess the bad Karma Snake came up and bit you in the but didn’t it. Now all of us are suffering from it. I guess we are all equals now aren’t we? were all with out the PSN …..Hey At least I still have FF 8 :) been a while…but it is nice to play games with out having the need to connect on-line :) I guess that is the difference with us Older generations, we don’t rely on the PSN and such because we grew up with out it. the first on-line game I played was FFXI on the PS2..Now that Made more sence then this idiotic way of doing things. FFXI has its own servers, its own way fro communication. we can send and receive e-mails to PCs and PS2 Heck we even can send Picutres lol. and join in chat rooms.
    the PS3 can’t even do any of that. I liked it when on-line games first started. They had there own servers and one just created the on-line ID using the console and logged on.
    I think we aught to back that way. Then we wouldn’t need all the security junk and updates for the PS3.

    Sony get back to the basics.

  • wooow stil not up?

  • Hey are you guys aware of “Screen Free Week”? I bet in 3 days the net work will be up and running.
    Remember this is Screen free Week.

  • When does Chrono Trigger come out (PSone Classic)? I hope its $5.99 and not $9.99

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