Update On PlayStation Network/Qriocity Services

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Update On PlayStation Network/Qriocity Services

An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.

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  • big big Q_Q

    o well… Dead Space 2, Bioshock 2 and Guild Wars til then.

  • ok we already know that, when you think itll be up, it’s the weekend and i want to play some Portal 2 coop, screw those damn hackers

  • even offline games dont feel complete if you’re not signed on.

  • I’m not mad at Sony. Big corporations are perfect targets for shut-ins who hate the “system”. They need to terrorize big companies in the name of the people in order to feel as though they have worth and can make a difference. But the consumers are the one’s being inconvienenced and victimized. It’s just like people who sue Wal-Mart because they “fell” on store property and then want a bazillion dollars. Faceless terrorists who don’t have the stones to show their faces.

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Doesn’t really matter why it happened… knowing why doesn’t bring back online play.

  • Damnit. This is pretty much the worst timing ever.

  • Seriously, these hackers need to grow up. They claim to be doing this “for the consumer/little guy” or w/e,but frankly, it’s all BS and they’re only deluding themselves. Basically, they’re nothing but overglorified trolls and need to be dealt with accordingly. Not only that, but I’m reasonably sure that SNEA can prosicute these guys, which I seriously hope they do just that. Just to add salt to the wound, I hope Sony syes them into oblivion as well.

  • its 11 am here. i just wanted to check for an update, and i got one.

  • You guys are way too quick to judge. Has there been any proof that Anonymous is behind this? No. Just shut up and wait for the official response from Sony and go do something else like spend time with family. It’s the holiday weekend for crying out loud.

  • This reminds me… Qricty better not auto re-sub while this is down. I intended on canceling it.

  • Thank you for the frank disclosure, Sony.

  • i have a question that i want answered… If PSN is truely down then how are we logged into the blog, which uses PSN services?

  • I feel bad for Sony. They are getting flack everywhere and it’s not even their fault; they are being hacked. These hackers should be caught and face jail time.

  • Get it together Sony! Have this fixed by tomorrow!

  • @madman32395


  • find out who did this and lay the hammer down.

  • and what about SONY removing “install other OS” Option with no repercussions? What about that, do you like getting a$$$ fK’d? Educate yourself before you post.

  • Well this is a big bummer still, so can we believe it will be back up sometime over the weekend or will it just be down until Monday? I wonder truly how much money is lost every hour the network is down, and since my Final Fight Double Impact requires me to login to play I can’t which no biggie have uncharted 2 :).

    Must have been a big intrusion to cause this much trouble access the board that we are on day two of no PSN and coming onto night three for some, It is sad someone or some persons did this to us and now we have to sit and wait.

    Lucky I hope the PSN will be back this weekend sometime, side note is will the PS+ be credited two or three more days of service since this happen or will we get exclusive dynamic theme for our troubles either way I feel bad for all that have socom 4 and Mortal Kombat.

    I have faith it will come back quickly but am bummed out big time non the less

  • madman32395: this website runs on different servers than PSN and Qriocity.

  • I’m not pissed at Sony. I’m pissed at the 35 year olds who live in their mom’s basement and think that doing things like this is somehow proving a point, when all it is is cyber terrorism. Anonymous acknowledge it could be a splinter group responsible. I hope whoever it is has the FBI on their tail. There is no way this should ever go unpunished.

  • xXCoLtKiLLeR: Can you honestly say that you used OtherOS before it was removed? How many people did? I saw no online community for OtherOS before Sony removed it. It’s an excuse to hate on Sony, barely anyone used OtherOS so very, very few people were “blank blank blank”.

  • External intrusion? AGAIN?! I’m actually a little glad that Sony turned off PSN because this stuff is starting to get really out of hand. Sorry for the foul language but, SCREW OFF HACKERS! THE ONLY POINT YOUR’E MAKING IS THAT YOUR’E A BUNCH OF PUSSIES! IF YOU WANT TO HELP US GAMERS THAN STOP EFFING UP THE SERVICE SO SONY CAN ACTUALLY GET SOME NEW STUFF OUT INSTEAD OF HAVING TO DEAL WITH YOU POOP-BAGS!!! I’m with Sony/Playstation on this all the way.

  • @55 – C’mon, are you serious? It’s just a little obvious that Anon is behind this. Hell, it’s so obvious that a blind man can see it. Sony DID say that they were hacked (exact wording was “external intrusion”, but it’sthe same thing). And who’s the only group to openly declare “war” on Sony? Oh yeah, it was Anon! In fact, although they didn’t directly takecredit for this attack, they did allude to the fact that they were behind it on Facebook. It doesn’t take someone w/ Einstein’s I to put 2 & 2 together. It’s not exactly calculus, y’know.

  • playstation network is undergoing maintenance why because they have to update their network

  • Not sure what to think about the reason given. Sony was first saying that it was just emergency maintenance, but it was them turning off the servers of their own volition? If that’s true, seems like a pretty huge overreaction to whatever was happening, although this says nothing about the severity of the attack. Wonder when/if they’ll decide to share the whole story, and if anonymous or whoever will end up saying anything.

    Also, chances are this won’t negatively impact Sony in the long-term, no one even really remembers about Feb 29, 2010 anymore.

  • official now… Was anon…


  • This is a shame, I was having a ton of fun with SOCOM 4 online. Oh well, I’m happy with Portal 2 for the time being, but hopefully this all gets sorted out soon. Thanks for the update!

  • It only does Single Player

  • @ColtKiller

    If people wanted Other OS so badly, they shouldn’t have updated. It was a choice. PSN or Other OS. Now because of those few that wanted Other OS and couldn’t leave well enough alone, we’re all screwed.

  • See? It *WAS* Anon! But anyhoo, although I’m by no means a tech wiz or anything, I’m reasonably sure that SNEa can find out who these guys are & (with any luck) take them to court. If & when that day comes, I will throw my support behind Sony, 100% of the way. I really hope these guysget everything that they got coming to them.

  • Thanks for the update. Hope you guys can resolve everything quickly. I can go a couple days without PSN; hey, here’s a great opportunity to actually leave the house for once!

  • Please go after these losers 6 ways to [DELETED] sunday!!!

  • Thanks alot hacker’s, ive got a cooler full of beer and no noobs to shoot. I wanna cut you into pieces and wear you skin as a funny looking hat!

  • LOL a choice.. I donno how well you know law my friend, but that IS illegal.

    You buy a four wheel drive car. Every month you take it in for maintenance, and then one month you get your vehicle back and its a two wheel drive car. Hows is this any different? Why i have 2 ps3’s myself for my other OS, but not everyone can afford more than 1.

    I bought my PS3 with it being marketed as “ability to install Other OS”. Right now stf^ cause your arguement is Trash. No valid point on your end.

  • Anonymous aren’t to blame for this one, at least not this time. People really need to do some research before bashing anything and everything to make themselves feel better because they can’t play Black Ops for a few days.

  • I know it’s a pain for Sony, but it’s very frustrating for those of us who paid for Plus memberships and Free Realms memberships that we can’t use! Are we going to get a REFUND for the days we haven’t been able to log in? It’s been two days for us – and that’s two days I’ve paid for! So Sony, I hope you get it back up and running and then MAKE IT RIGHT for those of us who have paid money for these services!!!!!!! Heck, even for the people who aren’t on paid plans, they should still get a credit in their account or a free mini.

  • @Colt

    Makes more sense then your arguement friend. You probably should have bought your PS3 to play games or watch movies like I did.

  • @78 – Did it ever occur to you that no one forced to to update your PS3? You mean to tell us that some SNEA goons with every assault weapon known to man burst into your place, put a gun to your head, & threatened your life if you didn’t download the FW that removed OtherOS? No, I don’t think so. They DID say in advance that that that certain FW would remove OtherOS, & if you wanted to keep OtherOS, don’t update. The tradeoff being that you couldn’t log into PSN. PSN is a privately ran network, & they CAN insituit any rules they want on said private network.

  • @movie profile. Anon did not do this if they did they would acknowledge it cuz one it would give them more Light on there so called “cause”. They didnt granted it might have been another group that is with Anon but Anon has also said they were not going to attack PSN anymore. go to there site there IRC says plain and clear on there opsony channel they did not do it. Think about it if you wanted to get a message across and you actully did it and wanted it to be known about what your fighting for would you say ahhh no i didnt do it? No you would take responsibility which in the last two DDOS attacks they have. In no way am i for them i hate hackers but at the same time i dont think its right to point the finger at the wrong how they say it “hive”.

    Playstation is getting it fixed guys. XBL in 2007 was down for 11 days we have barely been without PSN for two days yet. Play your games spend time with your familys(if you have one) or enjoy the outdoors(or the city). Theres life out side of PSN also why fret you get PSN for free we have no reason to cry and moan we dont pay for it and if you pay for PSN+ your paying for free games some of the time so dont try to say ur paying for PSN your paying for perks for PSN.\

  • Thank you Patrick for the update. I really appreciate it. Just keep us updated. Thanks Keep up the good work. I entrust that everything will run smoothly once everything is operational. i will say take as much time has you guys need becuase ALL OF US want this BIG problem fix and if possible fix for good.

  • i want PSN ONLINE back i ma Huge fans of SONY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • “external intrusion” is a term that facially makes no sense.

  • In Sony we trust! Send you positive energy to them for a quick resolve and all the negative to whomever the opposer is!


  • LoL @ you fool. When i agrred to the TOS and EULA it did not state anywhere that we can remove any component/app at anytime and make the user choice between online play or OTHER OS.

    Thats like saying ” Were gonna release an update, it will disable your blu ray player and internet browser, but you can play on PSN if you update”….Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

    I bought my ps3 with that catchy little ad saying It does internet, it does games ETC.

    Im not supporting people hacking , but i do support truth and the truth is Sony used there power and wealth to try and control/manipulate electronic rights in benefit of there own well being, NOT the user.

  • ha you sound like a Sony rep bro.

    I bought it because that catchy little jingle “it only does EVERYTHING”… Nuff said or you gonna keep d ring Sony cause you wanna play video games on a Friday night SOOOO BADDDD?

  • Thank you for the status Patrick. Personally, I do not care if it takes a week. As a customer I enjoy your services and know which party bears the blame, no matter how many pinheads attempt to lay the responsibility on company security. These are the same moronic individuals that would blame an automobile manufacturer because their car would not protect people from a 100 foot vertical drop. At some point a company has done enough to insure the consumer safety and the persons running others off of the road need to be held accountable…regardless of how anonymous they attempt to remain.

    Be as thorough as need be and gather all of the information necessary to punish the truly guilty to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Well, asplinter group within Anon is still part of Anon nonetheless, & as I mentioned before, they did hint (indirectly) @ being involved on Facebook. Denying involvement does serve a misguided purpose: IF (and when) SNEA does decide to pursue the hackers in court (& they likely will), why would any group or individual hand someone a proverbial “smoking gun” that could be used against them in court? That would be like leaving a bloody murder weapon, one’s bloody finger prints, and driver’s license at amurder scene with a full, written confession. Sure, it’s a little extreme example, but the analogy does get the point across.

  • Take your time and get it right SONY. I do not want ”Intruders” looking through my personal information, or using my Credit card. Us PS3 fans are not going anywhere. P.S. I saw that big bright shiny thing in the sky today. I had to buy something called Sunglasses.

  • Wow!! “External Intrusion” Damn!! I was joking about cyberterrorism earlier… I just feel better now that I know what’s going on. We all have to be patient!!

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