SOCOM 4 Soundtrack on iTunes and PlayStation Store Today

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SOCOM 4 Soundtrack on iTunes and PlayStation Store Today

As fans of programs like The Walking Dead and Battlestar Galactica can tell you, award-winning composer Bear McCreary knows how to evoke emotion with his music. Luckily for PlayStation fans, Bear has done it again with his original soundtrack for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, and it’s definitely our best yet!

We enjoy the SOCOM 4 soundtrack so much, in fact, that we’ve decided to release it for purchase on both iTunes and the PlayStation Store starting today for just $9.99 — a great deal that your speakers should thank you for.

Here’s a note from Bear himself:

“SOCOM 4 has been a long musical journey. I first began writing music for this game in 2008, and now, almost three years later to the day, my soundtrack is simultaneously available for download from iTunes and the PlayStation Network, and in an exciting expanded edition two-disc set from La La Land Records coming in a few weeks.

I’m a gamer myself, and had played all the previous games in the SOCOM series. So, I was familiar with the traditional military orchestral sound that accompanied them. However, I quickly realized that Sony and Zipper Interactive were ready to take the SOCOM franchise in a more cinematic direction. The characters were drawn out, and the player would face difficult ethical decisions. The entire story takes place over six days in an unspecified Southeast Asian country, opening the door for me to explore exotic local instrumentation. There was a lot for me to be excited about. I look forward to SOCOM fans, gamers and soundtrack buffs alike having the opportunity to explore this music, thanks to the digital and CD releases of this soundtrack.”

Recorded at the legendary Skywalker Ranch in beautiful Northern California, the SOCOM 4 soundtrack merges the dissimilar instruments of eastern and western orchestras to create a unique, symphonic sound unlike any other action-shooter out there — press the play button below to hear the official SOCOM 4 theme and you’ll immediately understand what we’re talking about.


We hope you enjoy the soundtrack as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. Oh, and before we go – keep your eyes on the Official SOCOM blog in the coming weeks, when we’ll have more details on an upcoming limited edition disc-based release of the soundtrack as well!

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  • Awesome Soundtrack!

  • The reviews coming out today have me worried. Not canceling my pre-order, but wow.

  • Awesome! I’m a gift fan of Bear McCreary. Love his Battlestar Galactica soundtracks.

  • The soundtrack is great. I love that it plays dynamically in multiplayer aswell, makes the game more intense, i love it

  • I’m still waiting for the God of War III soundtrack to show up on the PS Store, myself. But this is sweet too. Very nice. ^_^

  • Sick, definitely picking this one up… his work on the Battlestar and Caprica series was the stuff of pure epic… I’ll get it on PSN, but how come no Amazon?

  • Can’t you listen to the music threw the actual Game. Heck I remember I could just pop my PSone Disk in my CD player Those days are Gone. But most game’s I have you can listen to the whole Soundtrack threw the Main menu. $10 wow well Gas is $3.99 out here so I guess the price is right.

  • Oh yeah, don’t listen to some of the terrible reviews, the game is great. Beta has no lag, no arcadey perks, no cheap aim assists. I love it.

  • $9.99 is quite pricey. $5 and I’d consider… but yea

  • My ears are bleeding.

  • The sample song has an Uncharted feel to it, I like it.

  • Wooo! Bear McCreary makes some of the BEST music out there. I think having a good score in a game can make a huge difference when playing.

    BSG is prob my favorite series for soundtracks than anything else!!

    Will be picking this up.

  • I have only bought two soundtracks from PSN: Pixeljunk Eden, and Shatter. They were both very well priced and fantastically composed.

  • Why do I keep getting this message when I try to enter the blog “Maintenance

    We’re making a few quick changes and the site will be back online in just a few moments.” It has been over a week. I had to use google to get this far. Please help!

  • The game is crap but at least you guys did well with the sound track.

  • Good Job with the soundtrack Socom 4 here i come.

  • Man, I was wondering why the beta menu music sounded so good! Completely forgot that Bear was working on it.

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