From EyeToy to NGP: PlayStation’s Augmented Reality Legacy

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From EyeToy to NGP: PlayStation’s Augmented Reality Legacy

Augmented reality is a concept that’s starting to get a lot of buzz so we wanted to take a minute to break down our history with the technology and provide a sneak peak at what could be next. There’s a popular misconception that augmented reality is just “kid’s stuff,” but with more than eight years of experience under our belt, we’ve found there’s a wide variety of compelling and cool AR experiences that everyone can enjoy. We spoke to some of our resident experts from Sony Computer Entertainment R&D and Product Development to get their take on augmented reality through our platforms.

Back in 2003, when smartphones, tablet PCs, and even decent webcams were far from mainstream, we launched EyeToy on PlayStation 2, which included our first foray into augmented reality. Back then it was the only way to see yourself on-screen interacting with virtual objects in real-time. We then brought that unique experience to a portable level on PSP. With games such as Invizimals or EyePet , mobility was a key element as the PSP camera turned the entire world around you into a game.

PlayStation 3 gave us a significant leap in image processing and, coupled with PlayStation Eye, enabled AR games such as The Eye of Judgment. Last year’s launch of PlayStation Move on PS3 brought titles like EyePet and Start the Party, which added ultra-precise movement recognition to the augmented reality experience, enabling you to interact with virtual objects on-screen using the PS Move motion controller.

We’re no stranger to innovation and every so often we’re able to create an experience that changes the way you think about games. At this year’s Game Developers Conference , we showed off demos of augmented reality on NGP—our Next Generation Portable device . NGP builds on our experience with augmented reality over the years with PlayStation 2/EyeToy, PSP, and PS3/PlayStation Move. With front and rear cameras that combine real-time images of you and your environment, a brilliant 5-inch multi-touch OLED screen and rear multi-touch pad, internal motion sensors, and dual analog sticks, NGP offers new ways to interact that will change the way you think about augmented reality games… and possibly even change the way you think about reality.

What do you think about augmented reality? Do you have an idea for the next killer app for augmented reality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    I Got the psp go and it hurts my wrist when i play it ! Will this new psp ?

  • a yu-gi-oh AR game would be the best if it works like eye of judgement but yu-gi-oh gamestyle

  • I am playing video games since i was 5 years old now i am 23 . i have been saw many consoles up to date. Honestly the exciment for NGP was really really big for me. Couse it will be change the game we play on consoles and it will do it wherever we go. The possibilities for augmented reality are endless but will devolopers use this feature for just use it ? hope not .

    Can`t wait for E3 the hype for show was big and hope Sony don`t make NGP name PSP2 hope make it something different couse people must know this entertainment system was whole different thing then psp

    i got visa for states hope i join NGP launch in NewYork that`s my dream if it`s happen it will be my first time in states and first time ever in video game system launch (no events like that in turkey :( )

    SONY I LOVE YOU GUYS keep up the good work and folks sorry for poor english :)

  • NGP looks cool. Of course the AR will never be fully realized. Just like the eyetoy, EOJ, and a multitude of other games. But good luck. I’d like to hear a release date, since that stupid 3DS has been out for almost a month now….

    3DS….the current games suck. The device is overpriced, and so are the games. So let us know a release date for this psp2, Sony.

  • ngp looks cool im getting this cant wait for e3

  • Please get Yugioh on board.

    Anyway the Hot Shots Golf one looked awesome, please deliver it to us! I loved this video.

  • Oh please, the NDS already outsold the PSP. What makes the NGP a worthy competition?

    Face it Sony, the DS and all of its versions has kicked your PSP’S butt for the last six years. And that is a fact, Sony fanboys, face it.

  • the paragraph for the video brought back memories when sony used to be cutting edge and not just trailing the competitors. i own a ps3 and every OEM accessory to it and i have to say that move is little more than an upgrade to Wii, where you still need a controller and the clutter of charge cables.
    kinect is the true innovation in augmented reality where all thats needed is the person. sonys pass on 3d cameras in favor of hanging on to ps3eye was a mistake.

  • I had and enjoyed the EyeToy, even though I think that more could have been done with the technology. I recently traded in my PSP (and am looking forward to the NGP), so I have not played with the only two games on the system that use its camera. I do like my PS3 Eye, and I think it’s got some cool ideas and software. I use EyeCreate to take pictures, I loved Eye of Judgement (and am mad that Sony didn’t keep developing and promoting what could have been a guaranteed moneymaker), and EyePet is adorable. I’m looking forward to what other AR experiences are on the horizon!

  • Hoping the NGP will be all its looking to be! Especially since the 3DS was a huge let down. :(

  • EPIC – SEXY – NGP ! :P

  • Imagine advertising with AR. The ability to display info about a business you own or a restaurant you like. I can forsee it being like a living Social Network, allowing you to share and display info to people that an APP could calculate that you would be similar to. Ever see the movie “Surrogates” starring Bruce Willis? Imagine, later on when Advanced Augmented Reality debuts, (the equivilent of modenr HDTV) you will be able to display yourself as an avatar that you design, premium avatars would look like real humans thru an AR viewer like glasses or cornea implants that work wireless, sending visual messages directly to your brain. Reality and Augmented Reality will merge and life as we know it will never be the same.

    My message was too long to go on…1,250, really? My first message was 3 pages long. I have more ideas, if you wanna hear more, contact me.

  • Please keep the price point for the NGP low. Compete with the 3DS and blow it out of the water. Come out of the gate bullish. That is what I’m expecting. Learn from the PS3s mistakes..

  • I hope they make NGP go because I love playing on my psp go allot more than I did I my friends psp to me the psp go is more comfortable the the normal psp

  • hope the ngp can function as a pke meter..

  • Everything is sweet but the Arabs want to understand the Arabic language, please Alabarap

  • I do not and a lot of Arabs are not good at English so please Djibo Arabic Language

  • I have no hope for this system…. everybody is already hailing it as the 3DS killer, but I see things quite differently.
    Wait a minute… 3DS killer…. Why does that sound so damn familiar? Oh… I remember….. The PSP was supposed to be the DS killer. That worked out great for you didn’t it Sony? Don’t get me wrong… I do most of my console gaming on the PS3 & hardly ever touch my Wii (so you can’t really consider me a Nintendo fanboy) but on the opposite side, I NEVER use my PSP & game on my DS (now my 3DS) quite a bit. There is a reason Nintendo is known as the king of handhelds… they won’t go down easy.
    I predict the NGP will have the exact same problem as the PSP. Lack of actual FUN games. Yes, it is graphically superior to the 3DS (although one could argue that the 3D element could make up for that), but good graphics =/= good game. This system will most likely appeal to the hardcore gamers (much like the PSP) who want to play PS3 level games on the go. There is something to be said for that I suppose, but if I want to play PS3 games, I’ll just play my PS3… If I want to play fun unique games, I’ll just play games on my DS.

  • NGP = Nintendo Got Pwned

  • @Legendia667 the mobile hit pretty hard on ds when the games cost are so diffrent, thats why the DSi came out with some of the downloadable content but not fully, what people want today is small timekilling game while waiting for bus and that kinds of things. what i also wonder is when you start your ngp what would make you play ngp instead of ps3 when you are at home. it takes quite some time to start up games with all intros and stuff and you only need to kill like 10 min max waiting so youwould never get into the games.. thats my major concern.

  • So far, AR on the 3DS has proven to be a bigger deal than I originally thought. Face Raiders is hilariously awesome, and the neat little AR easter eggs and integration in games like Nintendogs have been fantastic.

    While I’m looking forward to what Sony does with the concept on the NGP, sadly, I think the handheld is going to be out of my price range until quite some time after its release. $250 for the 3DS was a bit excessive even for a tech junkie like myself, so I couldn’t imagine paying more for a handheld like the NGP that boasts more advanced capabilities (has dreaded flashbacks to Kaz Harai’s “FIVE HUNDRED NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS” speech).

  • i really like the new implement in NGP. i believe this will definitely change everyday gaming.

  • Sony, your AR and NGP isn’t going to beat Nintendo. Just give up. Tell me this, why is it that the WII and DS has always been kicking your butt in sales? Huh? And please to all PS fanboys, no fanboyish answers. Kthxbye!

  • I think a kool concept would be taking pics like a surrounding and make puzzle with it and let others solve the puzzle. You can call it Unsolve the world.. It can be a game built in the npg. Its kinda boring concept but it is kool non the less. You could also make puzzle share or solve other gamers pic puzzles from there npg

  • That looks pretty sexy, gentlemen. I can’t wait til I can get my hands on one. :-) Need to get my Ghost of Sparta PSP 3000 first though. Eh. Maybe a Go… (not likely)

  • So excited for the NGP.

  • @ Alexander-tron: same here. I cant wait.

  • The first game I will get for the NGP, will be Uncharted. Then maybe Call of duty.

  • Amazing stuff! I can’t wait for the NGP!

  • I wasn’t really into the eyetoy, but everything else looks sweet. Can’t wait for NGP!

  • A Invizimals Port and they should release an external UMD reader that u have to buy that plugs in to the Ngp like this but much cheaper.—Black_B0000E2Y8N.html

  • @lucariokranezar you just made good point UMD that can be plug into the NGP would be cool & NGP with 3G or without is great. Hope to get my hands on the one with 3G if i am going 3g all the way or not.

  • what the life span of the oled screen?i just read that dont last long and that uv ray can damage the screens

  • Hi, I am a car fanatic and I really am looking forward to the NGP and its upcoming AR Feature. So my idea is if there is a picture of something like a car or a character and you focus the camera on it then it will give all the details about that object, like Wikipedia but you don’t have to type whatever you want to search, you just have to point the camera and then the details will appear (internet connection needed).

  • im counting on new ps3to come out so keep on working sony

  • what are some plans for the move ?

  • @ Al De Leon…How about using ar as a faster & easier way to create,import & export user generated content with games that allow this amount of user freedom & integrate this through ngp & playstation 3 through remote play?

  • Phantasy star portable NGP and Starwars battlefront NGP is what im waiting for

  • i’d make an augmented reality racing game where u can choose a place then it will be your track and it safes it so the next time if you wanna play the same track but u aren’t there u just play the saved version that would be awesome !

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