inFAMOUS 2: The Quest for Power

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inFAMOUS 2: The Quest for Power

Today I’m here to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: powers! More specifically, how does Cole manage to improve on is already impressive set of electrical abilities?

For those of you who don’t know the original inFAMOUS story, Cole’s electrical powers appear when he’s caught in the blast of a mysterious device called the Ray Sphere. Cole gains more and more abilities, becomes more and more powerful, and survives the gauntlet of Empire City… but he also is given a glimpse into his future. He realizes that even at the height of his powers, he is no match for the challenge that awaits. A battle with a great Beast looms, and Cole isn’t ready to face it.

So in inFAMOUS 2, Cole travels South to New Marais to trace a path to the man behind the Ray Sphere technology, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. With buddy Zeke riding shotgun, they set off to find the key to the next step in Cole’s evolution and a new level of power– powers that will be necessary if Cole hopes to survive the upcoming battle.

When Cole and Zeke eventually track down Dr. Wolfe, he explains that over years of experimenting, he had isolated the specific type of energy responsible for all genetic mutations. Dr. Wolfe’s technology—like the Ray Sphere—was all created to concentrate and manipulate this energy. To most people a dose of this mutative energy is fatal—but for a small fraction, the energy unlocks their untapped potential. These rare individuals are called Conduits, and of course Cole is one of them.

Wolfe has also developed a device—called a Blast Core—which can store this type of energy safely for an extended period of time… Over the years, he’s built and charged six of these Blast Cores. So to continue his evolution, Cole will need to locate these all-important Blast Cores, and absorb their energy into his body. But Wolfe fears the Blast Cores will fall into the wrong hands, so he has moved them to safe locations around the city — and Cole will have to hunt them all down.

Of course our story will take some important twists and turns along the way, we’ll meet other Conduits, and as in the original inFAMOUS game, your choices about what kind of person you are. But no matter which path Cole follows, one thing remains the same: without the Blast Cores he won’t survive.

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  • I’m starting to get really excited for this game.
    Hopefully I get into the UGC beta.

  • Hotdamn I can’t wait for this game. Got my platinum trophy for the first one, looking forward to earning it for this one!

  • Awesone stuff!
    Cant’ wait!

  • I hope the game will keep a few surprise, I think we’ve heard maybe a little too much about it.

  • God Damn!!! My balls just dropped.

  • I agree with @4. We’ve heard a lot about this game, and I’m excited for it, but I want that one thing that catches us all off guard.

  • Holy brotha! inFAMOUS 2 is looking amazing! Look at those graphics… the cutscenes have definitely got a boost! Motion-cap really helped it… Cole’s new powers look sweet! Flaming pheonix? Awesome. Ice jump? Cool (pun intended). Throwing cars? Yeeees! Melting people? Holy crap. Sending spikes of ice out of the ground? Badass!

    I think this game has a good chance of getting Game of the Year. Every new article or video on it makes it seem 20x better. And that is saying something. I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a game. Bring on inFAMOUS!!!!!

  • Can I haz early

  • This looks more badass than Chuck Norris’s Clothes line.

  • Now that’s a trailer.

  • Looking really good. Looking forward to this one

  • I like new E3 cole or even old cole, bring them back back . i wont buy this game if not so

  • Can someone help me pick my jaw up off the floor ’cause it ain’t comin’ up! I can’t wait for this game!!!!!!!!

  • Bring it on SuckerPunch! It looks very promising! The fire Phoenix looking power was one of the power that caught my eyes at first. The environment looks sooooooooooooooooo much better than infamous! Can’t wait!!! Thumbs up for SuckerPunch Team!!!

  • If only you guys would release this game early and add 3D support to it. Why didn’t you? I’m sooo psyched though. Can’t wait to get in the beta :D

  • Great editing in that trailer.

  • man! if i just got this game for free from subway! >:( oh well. game has been pre-ordered. thank you. time to platinum infamous1

  • Completely AMAZING!! I cannot wait for this game anymore!! Hopefully, I make it into the UGC beta. The powers look way way cool and the graphics are defintely better. Plus, Cole is actually starting to sound like old cole again! June 7th is going to be an awesome day for PlayStation!

  • kick ass, can’t wait til june 7. This game has chuck norris crying right now.

  • Is Cole a water and fire bender now?

  • I got the platinum trophy for the first one and can’t wait for inFamous 2. I really want in on the beta! Do the beta invites go out on the 12th?

  • So I was all ready to say “Whats the big deal?” about this trailer…but its pretty darn cool. I am officially excited for Infamous 2. I loved the first one, but I just haven’t been all that excited about he sequel until now.

    Also, I have to say that Zeke is one of my least favorite videogame characters ever, but he seems a little more fleshed out/tolerable…at least from this trailer. Either way, good luck finishing the game guys, I can’t wait to play it!

  • “Half the size, twice the bright”

    Loved that quote. Damn! I can’t wait until the game is launched!! I just hope the ending is as mind-blowing as it was the one of the first

  • I like the focus on cinematics this time around. Also, the relationship between Zeke and Cole seems neat, as it’ll be fleshed out more in this game. The Ice Pillar Jump thing seems useful. Already have the Hero Edition Pre-ordered.

  • FREAKING AWESOME!!! Me and my Avatar can’t wait!!! 8)

  • It looks outstanding. I cannot believe it is coming from the same dev team, it looks to be of something of a totally different breed.

  • ohhh i can log in now.. anyway cant wait for that game its so close! and so is summer!

  • This has me just as excited as the first one! Day one buy for sure!

  • This is what I call EPIC.

  • I want this game even more now. Looking good. i also feel a cold coming on around June 7, 8, 9.

  • If the cinematic in the game are as awesome as that trailer was, i will be so effing happy!

  • hey Brian, could you have a word with Sony and get some inFamous 2 avatars up on the US PSN?

  • Simply epic! Great job suckerpunch!

  • i saw the latest on the game on ign. my most anticapted game of the year. my first ps3 game was infamous and i just loved it! (name and avatar) hoping to get in to the beta!

  • This game just keeps looking better and better, I saw all these powers on the GT TV episode that featured Infamous 2, looked great there and looks great here, can’t wait to play it!

  • This looks phenomenal I simply can not wait. I played the first game on Evil to completion and it was well worth it!

  • Freakin’ awesome!!! I can’t believe how much this game has uped the ante since the first game.

  • OMG if i dont get into the beta im going to be a sad man thats for sure, cant wait for the game looks awesome sucker punch

  • Wow PS3 is the best gaming console. Collectors edition confirmed.

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

  • That’s great, but what about 3D or Move Support ?

  • OH BOY. Glad I beat inFamous twice. This will be a day 1 purchase.

  • You know what I would love?

    The option to play as the original Cole before he got canned. You know, the one with the grown out hair, tattoos and cool pants?

    Personally, I don’t understand why this character design ever got scrubbed in the first place. It was great and showed an evolution of character, instead of just the same old familiar protagonist from before. Cole was changing as a person, and unfortunately we weren’t willing to accept that.

    Damn shame…

    If any of you developers can hear me now.. please include the original character design as a playable option! That’d be great.

  • That doesnt even look like Cole! it’s one thing to grow his hair out more but he looks YEARS younger!!!! WTF Sucker Punch? Voice you kill his voice now he doesnt even look the same? Might as well call him Cole Jr and say Cole had a child with powers…

  • How come Cole don’t have a Trish tattoo.

  • @ #4 Your right
    Thats why I have been trying to steer clear of news about this game, I was so sad when I knew about every single ability cole got in Infamous (and that was before I looked up games, I thought there was still more powers to get once I got the last one) . I watched only the trailer during the GTTV special, I have not watched the user created trailer, I purposely did not try to win a beta code, I kinda forgot last week and saw a bit of the new IGN vid but remembered and turned it off, and I will not watch or read this (i read the beginning and I am assuming spoilers).

  • Happy to see actual cinematic cutscenes this time. And I just made my own fanmade trailer yesterday! Wish I could’ve used some of this footage.

  • @44 That’s hardly a thing to complain about. They updated the Graphics engine for the new game, maybe in inFamous Cole just looked too old because of the limitations of the engine hmm?

    In any case stunning trailer. And just when I thought I couldn’t get more excited for this game.

  • Yay! Ice powers are back!

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