inFAMOUS 2: The Quest for Power

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inFAMOUS 2: The Quest for Power

Today I’m here to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: powers! More specifically, how does Cole manage to improve on is already impressive set of electrical abilities?

For those of you who don’t know the original inFAMOUS story, Cole’s electrical powers appear when he’s caught in the blast of a mysterious device called the Ray Sphere. Cole gains more and more abilities, becomes more and more powerful, and survives the gauntlet of Empire City… but he also is given a glimpse into his future. He realizes that even at the height of his powers, he is no match for the challenge that awaits. A battle with a great Beast looms, and Cole isn’t ready to face it.

So in inFAMOUS 2, Cole travels South to New Marais to trace a path to the man behind the Ray Sphere technology, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. With buddy Zeke riding shotgun, they set off to find the key to the next step in Cole’s evolution and a new level of power– powers that will be necessary if Cole hopes to survive the upcoming battle.

When Cole and Zeke eventually track down Dr. Wolfe, he explains that over years of experimenting, he had isolated the specific type of energy responsible for all genetic mutations. Dr. Wolfe’s technology—like the Ray Sphere—was all created to concentrate and manipulate this energy. To most people a dose of this mutative energy is fatal—but for a small fraction, the energy unlocks their untapped potential. These rare individuals are called Conduits, and of course Cole is one of them.

Wolfe has also developed a device—called a Blast Core—which can store this type of energy safely for an extended period of time… Over the years, he’s built and charged six of these Blast Cores. So to continue his evolution, Cole will need to locate these all-important Blast Cores, and absorb their energy into his body. But Wolfe fears the Blast Cores will fall into the wrong hands, so he has moved them to safe locations around the city — and Cole will have to hunt them all down.

Of course our story will take some important twists and turns along the way, we’ll meet other Conduits, and as in the original inFAMOUS game, your choices about what kind of person you are. But no matter which path Cole follows, one thing remains the same: without the Blast Cores he won’t survive.

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  • HOLY SHOOT!! Sweet new moves!! O, and I noticed it is rated T, cool!!

  • Super ice bounce OMG.
    Crud, how’s the trophy list gonna be…

  • FREAKING AWESOME!! can’t wait 4 the game and beta!!!!!!

  • Just shut up and take my money! I can’t stand the teasing!

  • This game is really on my radar now and I can’t wait to pre-order. Looking like 2011’s Uncharted 2.

  • Game of the Year contender for sure. The Hero Edition is mine!

  • lostinplainsight

    damn this game is looking better and better every time i see it june can’t come fast enough.
    now the one part really that intrigued me was the “half as long” “twice as bright” bit. does that mean that for every new power cole gains he’s cutting his life shorter? guess it’s that whole “with great power comes great responsibility” thing.

  • InFamous remains one of my all time favorite PS3 games, and this sequel is looking to top it in every way. Kudos to Sukerpunch, they are really pulling out all of the stops.

    On another note, any chance we can get the soundtrack, or at least a couple of tunes. The music in the trailer is awesome!

  • This game is going to be an excellent sequel in an already fantastic franchise.
    Looking forward to it, Sucker Punch!

  • Ice powers look sweet but I’m not sure how I feel about the flaming butterfly wings…

  • Love it! Can´t wait for this. Btw anyone got a code for the UGC beta? I just want to know if the invite process started. Hope i get in!

  • can’t wait till this comes out almost have the collector edition paid off

  • The more inFamous 2 videos they release the more I can’t wait! Fortunately I’ve already won inFamous 2 Hero’s Edition in the Subway promo, so all I have to do is wait which is torturous. Looks great guys keep it up!

  • Holy Frak!

  • That doesn’t look so bad.

  • Epic

    Nuff said….



    *does a dance.

  • Who the F changes the character look, voice and persona in a sequel? Cole is generic and boring. Zeke has lost his edge. This is a watered down game.

  • Idk if Sucker Punch does their own trailers, but inFamous’ vids have always owned.

  • wow, this looks soo good i jus want to kick myself in the face.

    can we please have this as a downloadable video off of the psn store. thanks

  • Best trailer yet!!!!

  • Psssst. Ship me the game early SP. I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our secret. I’ll pay double. *wink*

  • i just paid my hero edition in full on pre order just to make sure this was real lol

  • My only problem with this game is the weapon. As if you had to make electricity more powerful with a rod. Looks like Cole joined the modern day Green Acres.

  • Hello i have a question : come this game with move controller and navigations controller or nothing only the dualshock ??? please answer

  • So let me get this straight. Uncharted 2 quality graphics, more living sort of world, better melee combat, improved karma system, online mission edit mode instead of a tacked on multiplayer, continuation of a very epic story. Did I miss somthing? CANT WAIT!

  • Half as Long twice as bright

    well if the twist at the end of the last game applies to all universes than cole should live to be over 90, because other guy who’s an old man was a boy when Cole did what he did

  • I… Cant… Feel… my legs… you guys tease so bad. Congratulations on creating a superhero to rival all others. Keep up the great work Sucker Punch because you guys are turning out to be the real heroes here. also, any info on the Beta would be helpful, Thank you.

  • My most anticipated game this year, can’t wait!

  • Pre-ordered the Hero Edition! Can’t wait to see the real life replica model of Cole’s Backpack!!!!

  • Thank you Sucker Punch. You guys are the one and only for explosive super-hero type character entertainment. – No crappy capes and gizmos.

  • This game is gonna be great and it comes out my birthday.

  • Cole still looks so damn goofy copared to the original InFamous Cole….

  • I can wait im gona preorder this game as soon as i get my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this game is twice as good as the first! its number 1 on my “video game to get list”

  • Does anyne kow what the name of the song is in this video? Please reply, its AWSOME!

  • public beta 4 crysis 2 demo release

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