SOCOM 4: Multiplayer Map First Looks

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SOCOM 4: Multiplayer Map First Looks

Today’s the day that players who nabbed SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Multiplayer Beta vouchers in copies of Killzone 3 or at PAX East 2011 can now redeem their early access codes! In celebration, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at two SOCOM 4 multiplayer maps that haven’t really been seen outside of Zipper Interactive yet – Von Heine Express and Cesspool!

Von Heine Express was actually one of the last MP maps we finished; the idea behind it was to create an environment that captured the spirit of our classic SOCOM II map, Fox Hunt, but was built on the themes of SOCOM 4 and made for great sniping scenarios. Set on the coast of Southeast Asia in a makeshift military base that comes complete abandoned train cars, Von Heine Express is a favorite here at Zipper and has only been seen publicly once – at PAX East 2011 where it was part of that event’s SOCOM 4 Championship Tournament. Check out the video below for a flythrough!

Another map that we’re happy to unveil is Cesspool. Cesspool was one of the earliest MP maps developed for SOCOM 4 and it came about because of how much we loved the thematic from our “Means to an End” single-player mission. Set about half-way through the game, “Means to an End” takes place in a city slum currently under siege by the insurgents lead by SOCOM 4 antagonist, General Razad. That SP mission was only an inspiration, though, and Cesspool was created entirely from scratch and is excellent for close-quarters combat-oriented players. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

While these two maps aren’t available in the beta, you’ll be able to experience Von Heine Express, Cesspool and seven other multiplayer maps for yourself when SOCOM 4 hits stores across North America on April 19. Of course, competitive multiplayer isn’t all SOCOM 4 has to offer, as it also includes our robust 14-mission cinematic solo campaign and our five-player custom-campaign cooperative missions as well.

If you haven’t tried out SOCOM 4’s multiplayer and can’t wait until April 19, be sure to download the beta, already available to PlayStation Plus and the voucher folks mentioned above, when it opens up to everyone starting
April 5!

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  • I like them

  • Those are two? They look the same…

  • Nevermind… i’m trippin didn’t see the second video till I made a comment lol

  • ok..ive played the socom beta last nite and i the game runs a looks great..only problem is..the maps are alil too big..which means theres alot of space for CAMPERS! Also i noticed the ranking in respawn..and i dont think many socom vets are going to be happy about that..i for one..dont care because the ranking up in socom didnt really reward you with anything special. As for the 15 second not impressed with. i hate to say it but Slant Six did a better job making confrontation a SOCOM game then Zipper with SOCOM 4. Also i think ive bin playing Black ops and KZ3 for alil too long but is it just me or does it only take oe bullet to kill someone. im not complaining about it..i guess im just not use to having so many bullets left in a clip after killing an enemy LOL. So to end this comment i would just like to say that SOCOM 4 is NOT THE SAME SOCOM as 1- combined assault (which is my FAVORITE SOCOM GAME) or Confrontation (which btw is alot closer to being socom 2 imo) but its not THAT BAD, besides CHANGE IS GOOD ..RIGHT?

  • Loving the beta! Got my pre-order in already, just gotta wait til the 19th now.

    There’s a few things that could be adjusted (and seemingly are getting adjusted) for the multiplayer, but for the most part, it’s great! I’ve already put 17 hours into the beta (as sad as that is lol,) and I still want to continue playing it (and that’s with only two maps available,) so obviously you guys (Zipper) did something right!

  • S2 HD please :)

  • SOCOM 2 HD Im for that too!!!

  • can’t wait..

    please add grenade toss arch, add left and right shoulder switching and bring in the camera more.


    Already pre ordered my copy

  • I want the camera to be more to the right from your player. I can never get used to the player beeing in the center of the screen. Please fix this!!

  • Was one of those at PAX East :)

  • Is it just me or do most of the Socom maps look like they came straight out of MAG.

  • The top one looks kinda like the raven themed map from the interdiction pack in mag… Come on now zipper… really?

  • I already have this betaand the codes from kilzone 3! because of the playstation plus!

  • why waiting for socom 4 buy Black Ops ;-)

  • Where are the Tanks, Jeeps, tow launchers, Bradley, gun turrets, and animals? Where are the chickens as I want to get that count up? are there sopecial rewards for blowing up vehicles or killin chickens? Please DunhamSmash make the 3rd person view like combined assault, 6 feet behind the player, and add in shoulder switching for pov, as its hadrd to see around corners from the right side.

    @you have no clue what you are talking about. Confrontation almost RUINED the socom games franchise, heck socom tactics or whatever that psp game was called was 150% better than confrontation by /sux.

    P.S. when is the sharp shooter gun sight coming out?(thats what the groove on top is for right) because i saw this today: and realized that the sharpshooter has a place for sights. could it be a psp go attachment that wifi streams the sights when you zoom in or out? (would be Radical)….. Could the psp be used as a tac map of some sorts as well. Keep up the great work Jeremy Dunham and crew.

  • Its supposed to read @ nYcFrEeWiLL82 and

    its hard to see around the left side of ur character not the right, (wish there was an edit button).

  • hmmmm 3rd person shooter online….. Interesting

  • Socom II HD and/or Confrontation 2. After SOCOM 4 is out, please don’t make another SOCOM, you’ll ruin it even further.

  • Oh man can’t wait to get home and download that bad boy! And EpicMcDude, what if they make Socom 5, and it’s not only great, but better than Socom 2? I know it’s hard to imagine, but it is possible lol. Crossroads forever!!!!!

  • Loving the Beta so far. Like the new changes they did. Finally they added cover and OVS some stuff i wanted in Socom. Keep up the good work

  • To: Mr. Jeremy Dunham

    First off… THANK YOU VERY MUCH for, one answering my private beta question in your previous post!

    Second… THANK YOU VERY MUCH for inviting me to the private beta, I have enjoyed it thoroughly and I really appreciate it!!!

    Third… THANK YOU VERY MUCH for creating such a great multiplayer game, although there are minor issues that I’m sure you guys will fix them. I’m an old Socomer that welcomes the changes!

    Finally… I have my copy fully prepaid at EB Games (Canada) and I can’t wait to dive into the singleplayer! However, the icing that you guys topped this awesome cake with, is the CO-OP… that is the one mode I and many of my friends are really looking forward too!

    P.S. I’m really hoping that you remember us co-op players when you are ready to release you DLC. That mode alone will ensure that many continue to play this game for a very long time!

    Peace & Guidance!

  • If anyone is interested, I’m giving away my beta code for SOCOM 4 on the socom forums under the title “killzone beta codes”

  • These maps all look like stuff taken right out of MAG…I was very disappointed by the lack of creativity in the maps i played and saw. I also hope that the menu in the game is better setup than the one in the beta. Confrontation had a very nice menu setup. I also am having troubles with the audio in the beta. There is no sound?

  • Zipper! you need to get some color grading/correction in your games every map looks like the same time of day in the same part of the world, there is no sense of change in the atmosphere.

  • niceeee

  • Guys they’re all in the bunker, grenade the [DELETED] out of the bunker guys!

  • I would be playing the beta, but for some reason, the voucher slip that came with my Killzone 3 is blank with no code. Thanks Sony. I’m not faxing my info in just for a code that will get here in 3-5 business days, looks like I’ll have to wait until the full open beta.

  • Could you guys please decrease the size of the maps…it’s too big for only 32plyrs

  • ok after waiting what seems like forever from the last socom.After 2-3hrs of downloads and stupid ass updates,I finally get to play it.EPIC FAIL!!! And I MEAN EPIC!!!
    This game is a horrid POS.
    What a waste of time,I could have been chewing on glass and running with scissors!
    Its been how long since the last socom and this is what you come up with?
    Someone sould be fired for this game!

  • Okay, I have been playing for aabout a week and I like it so far.. I went ahead and purcahsed the Move package with the Sharp Shooter, (very expensive by the way) I am disappointed with the reliability of it. I treid everything to make sure it was well caliobrated and no cigar!

    Being a veteran since Socom 1, I am used to the controls, I must say getting used to the Sharp Shooter will take some doing. It would be eaier however if the cross hairs would actually point to where I am aiming… I did calibrate and recalibrate the system in both the PS3 system set up and through Socom 4’s game mode and I was not able to get the accuracy to line up all through out the screen… It seems that the accuracy is okay around the center but is way off when you get to the periferal. I feel like I just wated a couple of hundred in this!

  • First off I played SOCOM 1 and 2 religiously, involving myself in online clan brackets and playing in various clan based tournaments as well as logging well over 4 months of actual game-play time. I recently downloaded and have been playing the beta and a few things have come to my attention that are (for most veterans of SOCOM 1 and 2 that I’ve talked) detrimental to game-play.

    The addition of a “cover” button is excellent, except when you get stuck in cover while trying to aim at someone next to you. Pressing the aim button should give you the ability to look in 360 degrees and not just over the cover you’re behind. Although the grenade toss (after some getting used to) is accurate up to a certain point, bringing back the toss arc would be beneficial in gauging the correct trajectory and destination. Also in regards to explosives and other alternative R2 devices, a single tap of the button should suffice in deploying a device (it seems to take two taps to deploy devices most times.)

  • As for sight and aiming control there should definitely be a way to switch shoulders and 3rd person camera angles (and not only while behind cover.) I ran the gambit in weapon usage in the original SOCOMS but I always was partial to the sniper rifle and had a lot of experience zooming in and out. The zoom being on the R3 button is a disaster and should be changed back to the D-pad, pressing up for zoom in and pressing down for zoom out just makes sense logistically.There is also a problem with changing your controller configurations and then being able to talk after dying in classic SOCOM mode. The default scheme is the only one that allows conversation by pressing up on the D-pad after death. It is annoying switching back and forth between settings just to be able to talk.

  • I can only assume there will be a party system in the actual game because playing room tag is not as much fun as it sounds. Personally I preferred the old lobby system that involved greening up for readiness but it seems (at least for the beta) and lobbying is delegated to clans only. That’s about it for my critique of the SOCOM 4 Beta… overall excellent job, just a few minor tweaks and things should be that much better! My user tags: SOCOM 1 and 2 ShrooM, Confrontation and Combined – The_Gunslinger

  • Wonderful comments. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Thanks guys.

  • What time does the beta go available for all on 4/5????

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