Resistance 3 Will Support 3D, PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Thanks to Community Demand

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Resistance 3 Will Support 3D, PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Thanks to Community Demand

Resistance 3PlayStation Move: Sharp Shooter

Greetings from the fabulous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, where we’re in the middle of Insomniac’s 3rd Annual Community Day. We’ve been letting fans get some of their first hands-on gameplay with Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. We’ve also been showing cool demos and producing Q&As to bring you in the form of Full Moon Show podcasts in the coming weeks.

That said, today we are finally able reveal, due to overwhelming community demand, that Resistance 3 will support Stereoscopic 3DTV. Furthermore, those of you who are enjoying the precision of the PlayStation Move motion controller with your copies of Killzone 3 and the SOCOM 4 Beta will be delighted to know that Resistance 3 will also support PlayStation Move and the sharp shooter. After Killzone 3 launched, we heard a massive amount of positive feedback, and were inundated with requests to support both PlayStation Move and sharp shooter. So we’re glad to be able to finally confirm the news!

Resistance 3: Stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move sharp shooter

As you can see, our founder Ted Price and Resistance 3 Creative Director Marcus Smith are so pumped that they found 3D glasses and grabbed sharp shooters to pose for a photo (though we had to remind them that they need the cool high-tech stereoscopic 3D glasses to actually play, not those old “red-blue” ones).

Resistance 3 hits your PS3 and 3D TV on September 6th, so have your sharp shooter ready! In the meantime, if you want to hear about all the latest happenings at our community day, follow us on Twitter (search for hashtag #InsomniacGames for some live contests!) to see or like us on Facebook. We’ll be posting audio and video from today’s community event in the weeks to come, so keep checking in for all the latest.

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  • This really doesn’t affect me :(
    I have already decided I don’t have enough money for the PS move.
    But… this did get me to consider purchasing a move controller and sharpshooter (for a moment), I hope that shows my love for Insomniac and Resistance. Its very difficult to get me to change my mind once it is made up.

  • This game is gonna be SPECTAWESOME!!!

    Glad to see this game going all out:

    Splitscreen Campaign
    Splitscreen Online Multiplayer
    Online co-op Campaign
    Move & Sharpshooter Support
    3D Support

    Keep the greatness coming guys!!

  • Awesome! I was thinking about buying the Playstation Move and this news has sealed the deal for me. Getting the SOCOM Move Bundle as soon as possible!

    However I had some questions for James or anyone else that can assist me about the Playstation Move support for R3 and some other questions (if they could be answered that would be great!).

    1. For local (couch) split-screen co-op will I be able to use the Playstation Move controller (Sharpshooter) while a friend of mine uses a dual-shock controller?

    2. Could both a friend and I be able to use Playstation Move Sharpshooters for split screen co-op?

    3. I am not sure if this has been answered but will the game support 2-4 local split-screen multi-player (like in R1)? I was rather disappointed that R2 did not have local split-screen multi-player as I like playing with all my friends in the comfort of my home.

    Thank you ahead of time and I can’t wait for R3!

  • You know, I wish companies didn’t put stuff like sharp shooter compatible on titles. Of course it works, its a piece of plastic…. a cool piece of plastic, but none the less something that technically works with all move titles.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss Thank You Insomniac you made my day.

  • Make sure you get the options right, IG. Look at the calibration options KZ3 offers, they’re pretty much perfect.

  • Great. Now Sony please tell me if Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3 will or will not have move support! For some reason I doubt Uc3 will have it.

  • nice, hope it’s going to have online coop

  • Please tell me they won’t make the game easy as a result. Killzone 3’s Elite mode was no where near as difficult as Killzone 2. I felt I was cheated out of a challenge for my platinum trophy via single player. I blame the Move and 3D for this unfortunately.

  • Love the posing pic, “Chimera beware”. Haha.

  • I seam to play awful playing SOCOM 4 with the move controller, it doesn’t feel natural. Any tips?

  • The dead zone better be on 0 with psmove if not it will suck and 3D is awesome once u have tried it but its a shame because almost nobody has a 3D TV

  • I can’t wait, this game is going to be awesome :) Thank you Insomniac.

  • GREAT!!!! Thanks Insomniac for supporting MOVE!!……buying on day one XD

  • 3D ROCKS in Killzone 3 I have no doubts Resistance 3 will be EPIC with 3D support.
    As always Insomniac is top notch!

  • NICEEE :D might buy this one now…

  • another game in 3d, ugh… when will this horrible 3d fad die already

  • still amped for R3. still not interested in the waggle stick or the third dimension

  • This is great news, KZ3 with the sharpshooter is a blast! I was hoping this would happen!

  • Excellent. You just opened up your game to a much bigger audience. I applaud you for it.

    Now if some idiots would just get it through their incredibly thick skulls that they DON’T NEED to play in 3D or with Move, they could maybe find something more legitimate to whine about. Then we could all get along.

    (Though if we’re going to be completely honest, they’re just whining because they can’t afford a new television and are just jealous of those who are fortunate enough to be able to.)

  • These guys are my favorite developers in the buisness. They’re great.

  • this is great news(move support)! i was on the fence on getting this game until now.


  • As I’ve always said…Bless the chips.

  • Before, this game was a pass. Now with MOVE support, Ill definitely give the demo/beta a try. I love KZ3 with the MOVE. I hope Naughty Dog will pay attention and add it in for UC3.

  • @2: ‘Nuff said kids.
    Now I REALLY gotta get a Sharpshooter. And a Navigation controller…

  • I’m so glad knowing all the great games coming out that will support Move. Resistance 3 + Move OMG that will be God like.

  • Great news, guys. Keep up the good work!

  • R3 Move support?!?!!! I stopped playing Black Ops and moved on to KZ3 because the Move support is so addicting. I’ll be picking up R3 as well.

  • Awesome!!! Thank you Insomniac for being such fantastic developers. Thank you Sony Computer Entertainment for having such amazing devs work exclusively on the best console ever. The PS3 baby! Killzone 3 and the Socom 4 beta work great with the Move. I can’t wait to try it out it R3. Resistance 3 comes out on my birthday so I know I’m getting it day 1. I love you guys.

  • Well I guess I might need to get a move for this game, for I hear good things about the sharp shooter. Don’t care about 3D but thanks! Now about that Resistance 3 beta… :)

  • Oh and by the way, could you possibly do a move/sharpshooter bundle? I didn’t really care much for Killzone 3 and Socom is okay but I won’t buy it but anyway so I haven’t gotten a Move yet, but if there is a Resistance 3 special edition Move Bundle I will be a very happy Resistance fan!

  • I knew Insomniac would add both 3D and Move feature for this game. But multiplayer is a concern for me, dumbing down 60 online to 14 was it? I think Insomniac should take multiplayer another look.

  • oh hell yeah!

    thank you sooo much Insomniac

    you always deliver the good stuff!

  • randy orten

  • I don’t know about this……. till they update Resistance: fall of man’s trophy I won’t get Resistance 3

  • Thanks for the 3D. The more the better.



  • @82 8 v 8 is really good. i thought it wasn’t gonna work either but there is just as much chaos in 8 v 8 as there was in 30 v 30. trust me i was in the same boat as you with them cropping it down, but it feels so much faster paced, your really not missing out on the extras, plus there’s way more variety in mp this time around then in the first 2.

  • Yes! this is amazing news thumbs up insomniac and sony

  • I am call BS on the reason for the implementation tbh. This seems more like Sony is pushing this rather than the community. The majority of the community doesn’t have a 3D setup and it just seems like a waste of time and resource.
    As much as I love IG, I think you guys need to stop following and start leading again. Look at Ratchet and Clank with the crazy combination of character personalities, settings, and weapons. There is no other games like it on the market. Look at Resistance Fall of Man with the unique online compare to Resistance 2 and Resistance 3. You guys are following Call of Duty with the stupid perks, weapons select, etc instead of leading. As of a died hard fan of the original Resistance, its sadden me to see how the franchise is catering to Call of Duty crowd instead of the fans of the original.

  • Love this news. The Move is so accurate and it is implemented so well in the sharpshooter. I would like to see sharpshooter support for MAG. I tried it right after I got Killzone and when you pump to reload the gun fires. I would also like to see it used in Uncharted 3. I’m glad Sony is using their new motion controller for gamers of all styles. Where’s a good FPS for the Kinect? They don’t have 1, while the PS3 has 3 already out and supported and there are more to come. Thank you Sony.

  • hey insomniac how about a disruptor remake or sequel?

  • As if I wasn’t already amped for R3, this gets me more pumped

  • Hm now I really need to ge the move. So much incredible games for it Killzone 3, MAG, Heavy Rain, LBP2, and now Resistance 3. And I want to get a 3DTV now Sony lol.

  • I’m expecting a long and awesome campaign from this. Move and 3D support are nice additions but hopefully that didn’t compromise the development of game much.

  • Ted looks like such a badass holding that, Sharpshooter. Lol.

  • The move is absolutely incredible people!!
    It is a must have for anyone that is a fan of gaming, even worth buying a ps3 for.
    The response is fast, accurate and perfect for the real gamers out there.
    Combined with 3d the move gets even better… I play the game tumble with the move in 3d and it’s effffin amazing!!! Mind u I look funny with the wand and the glasses on but it really is like reaching into the game to manipulate the digital world. Besides my GF loves it too she’s actually pretty sexy with all that gear on LOL
    But for real… The move is incredible, I can’t wait for more innovations from the developers using this masterpiece device.

    KZ 3 in 3d with the move is the funnest gaming experience ever!! Right up there with gt5 in 3d with the logitech steering wheel. Thank you sony :))))

  • AWSOME….. im gonna go get the socom 4 move bundle so i can be ready for resistance 3

  • I personally can not wait for this, Resistance was the first game I purchased after hunting for a PS3 shortly after it was released. I have been a fan ever since. I just recently posted a review of the game on – PS3 has the best exclusives!

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