PlayStation Network Launches 2011 MLB.TV with New Features for Opening Day

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PlayStation Network Launches 2011 MLB.TV with New Features for Opening Day

The Major League Baseball pre-season is coming down the home stretch, and with Opening Day of the 2011 season just two days away, we’re excited to announce 2011 MLB.TV for PS3 is now available on PlayStation Network.

For the 2011 MLB season, the MLB.TV team is introducing significant advancements, including an improved user interface, more integration and more sophisticated tools for live streaming. Check it out as our own Jeff Rubenstein walks you through the highlights:

Some of the new 2011 upgrades include:

  • Highest Quality HD Streaming – Speed detection technology gives users ultra-HQ video access (NexDef 4.5 mbps) depending on available bandwidth.
  • Enhanced Audio – In-game alternate audio selection allows users to overlay the home or away team’s broadcasters over the live video or use the “Park” option to include the ballpark’s natural sounds.
  • Quick-Access Stats – View player cards with full career stats, league leaders, and in-game stats including AB, R, H, RBI, K, BB, SO, LOB, AVG, HR, SB.
  • Event Navigation – Select in-game event types, such as home runs, hits or stolen bases, to show on a progression timeline and jump directly to the at bat where they happened.
  • Improved User Interface – User-friendly design makes it even easier to browse.

In addition to the upgrades you’ll still enjoy all of the great features introduced in 2010:

  • Home and Away Feeds – Choose to watch either the home or away broadcast feed with a subscription to MLB.TV Premium.
  • Live Broadcast DVR Functionality – Use the live video overlay to pause and rewind live games or fast-forward to return to live game action.
  • Season Archive – Watch games and relive great moments from earlier in the season.
  • Scrollable Linescore – Go directly to any half-inning to watch only that portion of the game.
  • MLB Scoreboard – Scrollable league-wide scoreboard for each day’s games in three modes: Pre-game with scheduled starting pitchers; Live with up-to-the-minute game status; and Post-game with final pitching decisions and archived feed selection.
  • Favorite Team Selection – Pick a favorite team or teams to be featured first on the daily scoreboard.
  • Calendar Schedule – Scroll through the entire 2011 Major League Baseball schedule in calendar format or the user-designated favorite team’s schedule.

PlayStation Network users can download the application now from the “Media” category on PSN in the PlayStation Store, and launch it from the Video section of the XMB. If you aren’t already a MLB.TV subscriber, you can go to to sign up for either of the two annual packages: currently, MLB.TV is $99.95 and MLB.TV Premium is $119.95.

Be sure to check it out, baseball fans!
MLB tv 2.0

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  • I’m not sure what’s better — the new app or Jeff being a Phillies fan.

  • @TheMissingLink I found last year’s PS3 app to be just as solid as the website, Boxee app, and the iOS app.

  • Boo Phillies, Go Mets.

    @Missing Link, this app was pure sweetness for me last year. No problems whatsoever. It was lovely to have this in conjunction with what I have on my laptop, but for me the performances were perfectly on par with each other.

    Might have anything to do with your internet connection speed? I don’t know.


  • Red Sox vs Phillies World Series Jeff it’s going to happen!

  • Why wouldn’t you guys give the first week as a free preview like all the major cable and sat. companies do ?

    After last year’s father’s day weekend free preview debacle I’m sure some people aren’t too keen on this app .

    I mean I have used it and love it but you can’t expect people to just assume this is a good app .

    Also can we get some MLB avatars for PSN please? I’d pay a buck each for them if that’s what it takes .

  • The fact that I can’t get my hometown team’s games is the ultimate deal breaker for me. I would love to give MLB my $120, but I can’t.

  • It only does baseball!

  • i enjoyed last years ‘script, and i even thought i was hearing lot of the “Park” sound then which i had showed my boy who also loves Baseball and it was great, my streams were fine, but im sure its be even more crispy with this updated version… … i wish we were able to use the 4 Screen Feature, that would’ve been the Ultimite but im still good as it is!

    I wish Plus Members got a Discount!

  • OK Jeff its on buddy, We didn’t get you Cliff Lee because of his Grudge against NY Fans but you are NoT winning The World Series! Let Go Yankees!! :)

  • Event filtering seems like a must have feature for all sports networks that stream through the tv…

  • @MissingLink Just wanted to follow-up. I used a wireless connection on a fat PS3 only G wireless and I did not have issues with Netflix, but the MLB app would have quality issues, because the stream is very high quality I think it looks better than the Cable HD streams. When I ran an ethernet cable the picture was amazing. If you use wireless on a fat PS3 that would be my concern, but it does say they have added speed detection so that may help.

  • TheMissingLink: I had last year and it was fantastic, so I was very disappointed when the NHL GameCenter app was so horrible. Streams would drop out and get garbled, or not appear in the interface at all when they were present in the web version of GameCenter. I believe it’s the same developer behind the and GameCenter apps, so it’s probably a problem on the side of things, but it was still very disappointing.

    I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of the app last year, and with these improvements, hopefully it’ll be even better.

  • Question for the Sony guys: In the web interface, you can usually select Home TV, Away TV, Home Radio, and Away Radio along with just the ballpark sounds. I see from the video that you added the natural sound option, but are radio broadcasts available as audio feeds, too?

  • Hey Jeff.
    Does the 30 day trial period, from MLB The Show, start on opening day or from the day i put the access code into the PSN? It worked great for me on fathers day, last year.

    GO TWINS!!

  • I really love this app as well as the new feature to watch with just the stadium sounds. My dad and have been enjoying this for a while now. On a side note, I really wish you would do this for the NFL as well. Awesome job.

  • MLB TV is pretty cool but how about an app to watch NFL games which of course will required NFL Gameday and How about the NBA that seems a little easier to do than football

  • Oh man, this is fantastic. As long as the streaming is smooth (always a valid concern with MLB.TV), this will be the best thing ever.

  • Cross game chat :(

  • When we getting the NFL App
    love the new update

  • We need an NBA App like this for the PS3! Come on PS3, and Sony STEP YOUR GAME UP!

  • @DZORMAGEN Agree NBA too lol STEP YOUR GAME UP! that gamesonsmash podcast name

  • Once again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring an NBA app like this next year!

  • Sony let Microsoft get ESPN for the xbox live people, and while I enjoy and NHL game center, what about other sports? NBA or NFL should be naturals as well as MSL. If we can’t have ESPN then at least give us a variety of sports programming to choose from.

  • nfl fans get your vote on at the share blog!

    It has been up since last year

  • The only way the Phillies will ever win another world series is if the Yankees aren’t in it.
    Go Yankees!!!!!!!!

  • I had last year and already got it for this year. I found the ps3 interface and app performance to be way better than the one on the computer. My friends that come over to watch the games said the same thing. With the improvements it’ll probably be the same way this year.

    I was so disappointed that I had to watch the spring training games on the computer.

  • Oh, and the phillies are too old to even make it out of spring training healthy. Do you really think they will last all season?

    go braves.

  • Wow!! That’s really cool!! I’m not a big baseball fan, but it seems like you get a lot for $100. I’m in…

  • I think I’ll pay for the NBA and the NFL APP not so much as MLB, Go Dodger’s

  • Get to the blog share to vote for nfl and nba apps!!! This mlb app is awesome, just wish it wasn’t so expensive and that it wouldn’t black out games. But I guess that is how it is.

  • I’d be willing to pay for if I my local team wasn’t blacked out.

  • The quality of this app last year was tremendous….my already renewed so i was dying for this to start up again…streaming from my PS3 is my preferred method to get my MLB fix when I’m not gaming.

    Looking forward to getting this on my PS3 when i get home.

  • i just watched the Yankees Live via th App w/o Blackou… i was happy but it seems to slightly want to stutter but because its a 50mbps connection its not really able to stick but im sure it’ll have a minor patch.. I LOVE THE NO BLACKOUT, i wonder if that was because it was actually Live from Florida?

    Since my posts are screened this wouldnt matter by the time its OK’d!

  • Awesome!. I have the app from last year and I’m gonna update it as soon as I can. GO PHILLIES!

  • My brother loves MLB.TV, and uses it in a few Ps3s in the house…i’m sure he’ll be loving these upgrades to the application

  • Thank you making my day SCEA/PlayStation. I love this. Great features added.

    BUT screw the Phillies…Utley’s out and Mets are going to play spoilers this year. Not well but spoilers :)

  • can u watch games live?

  • Still not available for current subscribers of in the UK though?

  • MLB.TV is awesome… love the updates…

    Sadly, BLACKOUTS are not … and I know it is not Sony’s fault, but the networks, etc.

    But it keeps me from purchasing it… unless I set up behind a proxy that is.

  • Blackouts aside, last year was simply awesome. new features look great. was hoping for multigame viewing like on the PC but this is definitely an upgrade.

    To Mets Fans, please refrain from starting arguments. I mean, it’s the mets, I don’t like kicking a man when he’s down.

  • @herringtoni – you can download the free MLB.TV app from the US PSN store and use your MLB.TV account with it no problem in the UK.

  • Good to see this app is back. Looking forward to using it and watching both the Red Sox and Phillies lose! :)

    Go Yanks! :D

  • Awesome! I do wish there was some deal where you could purchase a subscription directly through the PS Store without having to go to the MLB.TV website.. :( Oh well, that’s a sweet app! Go Tribe! :)

  • Jeff,

    You are a good man. Love the shirt.

    Best Regards


  • Nice to see Jeff is a fellow Phillies fan. Go Phillies!

  • I don’t like the blackouts for home teams but I understand it I guess. I was able to watch my Tigers for awhile last year till they stopped that. I canceled. I’ll look at it this year as I have the 30 day free through MLB The Show 2011 purchase.
    It’s good for those who like to watch anyone play baseball or have two or three teams they like.

    What I’ll do after the 30 days remains to be seen… or not seen.

    Phillies OK in the Series if one doesn’t mind being on the short end of the stick to the Tigers. :) I prefer the Tigers-Cubbies WS match up myself.

  • Looking forward to the 2011 Season on Playstation Network. Great Video and all. I hope Sony will straghten out their NHL app. I paid for that one online. It’s hit or miss with NHL. When I wanna watch an NHL Game it will reboot my PS3 which isn’t right at all. I hope Sony will clean this up soon. NHL Playoffs aren’t too far off. Sorry to anyone if I changed the subject. Just adding input. As far as baseball goes it’s going to be very very wide open. Phillies hype is all I hear these days and I’m a Braves fan living NJ (Phillies territory). Won’t be shocked if an Underdog team wins it all.


  • lot of dreamers . . . Not phils, nor cubs, or tigers or mets will win the classic this year. Cardinals will win, go place your Vegas bets people. . .

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