Beyond Good & Evil HD Coming May 2011, More Goodies for Early Buyers

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Beyond Good & Evil HD Coming May 2011, More Goodies for Early Buyers

Good news PlayStation fans! Beyond Good & Evil HD is coming to the PlayStation Network in May 2011. Fans of the 2003 cult classic will be able to relive the adventures of Jade as she uncovers a planet-wide alien conspiracy that is taking over Hillys. At its time, Beyond Good & Evil was considered one of the top adventure games on the PlayStation 2, and soon you’ll be able to play it in HD on your PS3.

With the HD release of the game, you can expect to see the same type of care Michel Ancel and his team has when they designed the original game. Dive deep into the beautiful world of Hillys as Jade encounters different species of animals and enemies. Along with the visuals, we have also updated the audio allowing you to experience the 2004 AIAS nominee for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition and Oustanding Achievement in Sound Design. All this combines into the best version of Beyond Good & Evil yet.

Beyond Good & Evil HD for PS3 (PSN)Beyond Good & Evil HD for PS3 (PSN)

Along with releasing an HD version of one of our beloved classics, we are giving away a special present to PlayStation Network members who pick up the game within the first two weeks. Gamers who purchase Beyond Good & Evil HD within two weeks from launch will receive two free avatars. Decorate your PlayStation Network card with a Jade or Pey’j avatar to show your friends that you’re the biggest BG&E fan.

Look for more info on the re-release of Beyond Good & Evil on the PlayStation Network as we get closer to May. To join the community of BG&E fans, visit our Facebook page.

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  • Is the HD port going to be as sloppy as Prince of Persia’s HD ports? If you don’t admit to that horrible port and say that this one will be better, I still refuse to buy another Ubisoft game.

  • Why do developers treat the PS3 “poorly” you all ask? Um, gee. I don’t know. Maybe because its in a distant 3rd place in terms of hardware and software sales? I’m guessing none of you owned a Gamecube as your primary console. It wasn’t just Sony that got spoiled and arrogant, the fanbots did as well. Deal with it. I do agree that timed exclusives *are* stupid, however I don’t see any of you whining ones that are timed in the PS3s favor.

    As for the game itself $10 is a great price for a HD remake of a last generation game. Having never played the original but always hearing good things about it I am interested. Will there be a demo? And as for trophies, will it have a full set (ie: platinum trophy) like other HD remakes or not?

  • So… since we brazilians don’t have a playstation store yet (though it’s officially “on its way”), is there any chance I’ll be able to grab those avatars?

  • What’s the big deal if it’s a timed exclusive on 360? This game didn’t exactly set sales records when it was originally released so Ubisoft might as well take the free money/promotion from MS if they can. If you really like this game, things like that will help it get a sequel.

    It’s still coming to PSN, so it’s not like PS3 owners will be excluded from getting it. At least this time, they are giving you a little something extra for the wait.

  • @51

    Distant 3rd? The 360 and PS3 are less than 4 million apart in WW hardware sales. This is not a PS2 (145 million) vs. Xbox and Gamecube (25 million each) situation these 3rd party companies are not in a situation where they can leave out 50 million potential customers when the hardware is perfectly capable.

    And what timed exclusives on the PS3 are you referring too exactly? Sony rarely, if ever, asks for timed exclusive material possibly because they know how worthless it is in the long run. Sony would rather give you more value as an incentive to buy their version like they did with the “Copernicus Conspiracy” missions and “Dead Space Extraction” whereas Microsoft would rather make it seem like because they have DLC (which you have to pay for regardless) first that means their version is more appealing…do some research before you comment on anything.

  • Hopefully you have worked out the bugs that were on the 360 version and then I will buy.

  • Screw free avatars. That doesn’t give me any incentive to wait for this game over the 360 version. But that’s beside my point.

    I was playing the PS2 version of the game, and I was reminded at how bass ackwards the camera controls are. Why weren’t there seperate horizontal and vertical settings? I noticed how good the water looked in that game ’cause everytime I wanted to look up, the camera kept showing me the water. If you count the reflection coming off the water, I guess that counts as looking up. Anyways. Then I changed the camera to reverse and everytime I wanted to look left, I kept looking right. I ran into so many walls because of that. It also took me too damn long to adjust to it.

    So my question is: Will the game be a complete port of the game with graphical improvements? Or will some extra settings like, better camera control’s, be added to the game?

    I haven’t looked into the 360 version to know what’s been done to the game. But if you haven’t, given that the PS3 version isn’t coming ’til May, maybe you can work on that. PLEASE DO SO IF YOU HAVEN’T. PLEEEEEEEASE!

  • I’m curious too if this game will have a platinum trophy. I haven’t bought it on Xbox yet because I figured it would, but that fact that ps3’s not getting it til May, maybe i’ll just get it on xbox and not worry about the trophies.

    Also, fixing the vertical and horizontal camera inversion would be an amazing and necessary improvement. Thanks

  • Don’t blame UBi guys, it’s Microsoft’s BS policies as usual.

    They pay these developers a ton of cash to keep games off the PS3, like it’s gonna put a dent in the “console war” or something.

  • Exclusive content is avatars? Lame…

  • I already own Beyond Good and Evil (amongst other PS2 games) with a backwards compatibility PS3. When will you be releasing an HD patch for BGE?

  • how much??

  • @LilWayneSuckz
    The worldwide card? This whole timed exclusive shenanigan is a largely US thing. While it does occur in EU it isn’t nearly as much as here. Even less so in JP. The hardware gap is larger than 4 million in the US, but even so 4 million is an insurmountable gap. There’s no way it will catch up nor pull ahead. Ergo the word distant applies. I also said software which you must not have any qualms with.

    As for PS3 timed exclusives? UT3, Scott Pilgrim, Castle Crashers Pink Knight, MK9 demo and so on. While not as numerous as 360 TE’s, they do exist on our side of the wall in the form of retail, psn, dlc, and demos. Sadly no format is safe from the scourge of TE’s. Unfortunately they seem to bring home the bacon. Otherwise this rubbish and divisive practice would’ve ended some time ago. :|

    Not a fan of inverted controls? They’re the only way I play third-person games, when the option is available that is. Like many PS2 ports we’ve seen if it wasn’t in the original game it won’t be in the HD port. Its hard to fault them for sticking to the source material and classic game experience. But it is stupid that in this day and age developers don’t give people the option to fully customize controls.

  • What do you mean by updating the audio? I hope to God you mean 5.1 sound! Also, why are we getting this game so much later than a certain other console? Just be straight up with us and tell us you were paid by MS. Other than that cant wait any longer and thanx for the heads up!

  • @MegaMixer

    Are you implying that only US sales matter? the gap in the united states is at most 6 million for the 360 and PS3 but that can be lessened with intense advertising and possibly a price cut. The only reason why the 360 is selling more is because they’re selling gimped versions to people at a cheaper price. The PS3 on average annually sells more than the 360 so don’t make it seem like the gap in hardware sales is so vast that developers are ignoring it because that is not the case at all.

    And those so called timed exclusives are hardly going to upset any 360 or PC owner, Microsoft is notoriously known for doing timed exclusives this generation and it would be okay if the things they were going after didn’t interfere with the gameplay experiences of multiplatform games but instead they do. Take Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas for instance, the DLC furthered the story but PS3 owners had to wait 9 months in order to play them. For “Dead Rising 2” a multiplatform game on the PS3, PC and 360 both the PS3 and PC owners have yet to be able to play “Case Zero” and “Case West,” two downloadable games that were a prologue and an epilogue to the main game.

  • Ok tahst nice and all but since were talking about May relases now Id liek to see a white knight chronicles 2 annoucement for US (blame playstation EU for making the announcemment first otherwise Id just be patiently awaiting its 2012 Us relase or forgetting about it completely under the assumption that it was never gonna see teh light of day outside Japan…. but since EU had to go and get me excited about it Im dying for some US confirmation (even if its BAD confirmation, either ones fine with me either way Id know something so i can stop thinking/worrying about it lol)

  • Never played Beyond Good And Evil, but I’ve only ever heard fantastic things about it. Add to that the fact it takes its name from the crazy old German existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche and I guess it’s pretty much a must-purchase!

  • @megamixer

    I’m a fan of inverting the Y axis only. What this game does wrong is that it inverts both X and Y axis at the same time.

    The normal setting is if you tilt forward on the right stick, the camera looks up. Pressing back = down, left = left and righ = right.

    If you reverse: back = up, forward = down. But then, it does the mistake of reversing left and right as well. So tilting left, the camera looks to the right and tilting ot the right, it looks left.

    It takes a while to adjust, but it takes away from enjoying a very good game.

  • looks pretty

  • lol, May? Shouldn’t have accepted that timed exclusive offer, Ubi. We don’t like that.

  • 2 months is too long. I’d like to grab it on ps3, like hard corps, but, like hard corps, I’ll get it on the 360 now.

    Sony, you dont know that early exclusives realy hurt you eh? Now it seems that the 360 have early release dates for tons of downloadables games now, its not funny…

  • It would be a great value-add if the PSN version includes higher quality audio than 360 version. I don’t mind “sloppy seconds” if it takes noticeable advantage of the PS3 hardware.

  • I heard that the PS3 version of BG&E HD would be in 3D. Is there any truth to this rumor?

  • The only way I will play this is if PS+ members get it for free. I’m not buying timed exclusive leftovers. In fact, I stopped buying Ubisoft’s products ever since the Conviction [DELETED].

  • Thanks to this being a late port because Ubi took the moneyhats from MS, I will wait for it to go on a 50% off sales sometime in the future.

  • @LilWayneSuckz
    I guess we can agree to disagree. Publishers certainly think or know what they’re doing is beneficial to themselves. Many people own multiple consoles (I have PS3 & Wii myself) and so there’s a large amount of crossover there. Even people in this blog post have commented they have or will just get the 360 version instead of waiting. They’re certainly not “pissing off” 50 million people I know that much.

    I understand. I do prefer fully (X and Y) inversed controls but it isn’t for everybody. I’ve played games where the controls were one and the other or each “normal” so I know your pain of getting used to funky controls. Here’s hoping they’re taking notice and are working to address this issue.

    Can we all just wait until May before overreacting? This extra time in the oven could mean they are working on fixing glitches and/or controls. The delay sucks but it could be to our benefit.

  • Don’t really feel like waiting 2 months for this unless PS Plus member get a $7.00 price tag.

  • I already got this on my 360 since I didn’t want to wait to play it, I hope there is a discount for PS+ members, as I don’t feel like buying it twice just to get some avatars

  • A tiny bit annoyed that the 360 got it first, but I will definitely be picking this game up. Have the PS2 version and love it. Love it so much, I don’t mind double dipping.

  • eh, i bought this game for ps2 hearing all the great things about it and found it was all a lie. this game is okay at best. nothing memorable, every mechanic used has been used better in other games and the couple unique things about the game are nothing special. the story wasn’t even that good. but i guess for ten bucks in HD for people who never played it, its a good deal.

  • Never finished it on PS2, so this’ll be a good way to finish!
    Everyone’s gotta have the Paije [I think that’s the pig’s name] avatar…

  • I loved it the first time. I’m very much looking forward to playing through it again. This is a great addition to the PS3 lineup. Thanks for bringing it to us!

  • I would have picked this up if you released it simultaneously across the ps3 and 360. Now I’ll choose to pass, take your avatars and shove em ubisoft.

  • how about a Dynamic Theme as a freebie instead? ^^

  • is it true this doesn’t have a platinum trophy? No platinum trophy = no fun, can’t argue with math

  • Bought it for XBLA and I’ll buy it here too. This game deserves all the sales it can get. Buy it! It might also give them a push to finish BG&E2.

  • i bought this on XBL a month ago. Very good game. Very good value for the price. Pick this one up if you can.

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