Crytek Talks Crysis 2 PS3; Multiplayer Demo Now Available

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Crytek Talks Crysis 2 PS3; Multiplayer Demo Now Available

Console gamers didn’t get the chance to experience the first Crysis, a shooter known for making PC gamers feel self-conscious about the power of their graphics cards. PlayStation 3 owners won’t be left out of the follow-up, as Crysis 2 arrives on PS3 next week.

Recently I spoke with Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo about those trademark Crytek visuals, and about the new multiplayer demo, which just hit PSN last night.

PlayStation Blog: We know Crytek can produce on the PC. How do you utilize the PS3 to live up to the high PC standard?

Nathan Camarillo: It’s the core of CryEngine 3 that’s able to scale appropriately and we can adjust per platform exactly what we wanna get out of it. We want the exact same gameplay experience, the same fun, the same intensity, all the same visual information that you need to understand and play the game appropriately. It’s just a lot of under the hood magic.


PSB: One recent IGN article said Crysis 2 didn’t look very good on PS3. CVG/PSM disagreed. What’s your response?

NC: I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all.

PSB: Talk about 3D implementation Crysis 2 on the PS3.

NC: In Cry Engine 3 we have a really tricky implementation of 3D – we’re able to generate the 2nd image with little to no impact. We don’t lose visual quality, we don’t lose resolution. You get the same experience as you get in the 2D game, except it’s in 3D, which is better. It’s more immersive, it feels better.


The 2nd part of our implementation is: we don’t throw things out of the screen at you. We start at the TV screen and then push in. This avoids eyestrain and eye fatigue, because we want you to play this for hours and hours. If you’re playing single player it’s easily 10-12 hours for a good gamer to get through the game.

PSB: What should PS3 gamers be looking out for in the demo?

NC: In most games you’re mentally programmed to stick on the ground. If you wanna go one level higher, go find a ladder, go find some stairs. It takes until people see someone jump in front of them that they realize they can jump there. You gotta break the habit of being ground-constrained like in other games.

If it’s one story high, you can jump there. If it’s a story and half, you can jump and pull yourself up. So it really changes the speed and pace of multiplayer. I can’t wait for PlayStation 3 owners to get their taste of crazy, insane nanosuit multiplayer action.


That wait is now over – the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo is now available on the PlayStation Store, featuring two game modes on two maps. Try it out and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Sounds like an awesome experience????might look into the demo tonight

  • sadly yesterday I was trying to get into the demo and no one was playing or servers were down… I hope today it works..

  • ◦Framerates drops lower than 30 on many occassions.
    ◦The server’s are unstable and laggy
    ◦HUD bobbles a lot.
    ◦The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor.
    ◦Some sequences causes temporary freezing issues.
    ◦Hit detection has issues and do not register sometimes
    ◦Broken Melee system
    ◦Matchmaking issues, troublesome to find games.

    find that on a website about the crysis 2 demo on ps3 and my reply im having the matchmaking issues also when i go to custom my weapon i get disconnected from party or lobby i know its a demo so i understand just want this fix for the final game also i get a moderate nat while on all the other games i get open nat except for crysis 2 i did see a few framerate drops not to many tho im going to rent the game 1st to make sure before i buy it so if it is better and doesnt have some of the problems ill buy it :-P but good game so far except for the few problems i named and yes i know its a demo so i aint going to judge it all the way

  • The demo is very fun and action packed but resolution and pop in is annoying.

    I hope the final product doesn’t look like it does now.. cause i’ll be extremely disappointed.

  • They say the 360 and PS3 versions look the same and they do, they both look like crap. I was severely disappointed with the demo.

    Also, people experiencing connection issues; on the 360 demo, you couldn’t play it if you’re connected over Wi-Fi. The same thing might be happening with the PS3 version.

  • Okay, let me start off, they said they made the visuals par with the 360 version. And to tell you the truth, it is very dissappointing, the visuals look very washed out and they said they used all the PS3’s potential which is to me a lie. I also experienced some frame rate issues. I hope this can be fixed, but the release is very close and it seems very unlikely they wouuld even go back and fix these issues.

  • Yes, I also agree with most of the above posts. The PS3 version of Crysis 2 runs like garbage. You can clearly see the frames drop below 30 ruining the immersion. The game doesn’t look even look as good as Resistance 2.

  • there is actually a noticeable difference between the 360 and ps3 versions. The ps3 version is washed out and blurry in comparison, and the framerate stutters often. I wish devs would be more transparent about this stuff, at least own up to the fact that there ARE some discrepancies.

  • Maybe Killzone 3 mp visuals ruined it for me…….I was expecting a lot better from Crytek and their super duper game engine.
    I will pass on this one

  • Find it very disrespectful for crytek to come onto official playstation blog and lie.
    I can handle the lower resolution compared to 360.
    I can handle the popins on the ps3 version
    I can handle the control latency and hit detection.
    I can handle the screen tearing
    Now in this age on U2 and KZ3 we should have to but that what u get when devs over hype and under preforme with there product.
    But the Horrible Frame rate is just embarrassing for Crytek as a developer. Dont believe for one second PS3 users are Naive enough just to take a developers word on how a game preforms. Hopefully bye the time the game is fully released these issue wont be in the retail version. I believe Crytek owes then fans a explanation or some clarification

  • I went in expecting a lot from this game but I’ll go get Killzone 3 sorry. You guys messed up this one I hope final game looks better then DEMO did.

  • It’s a joke???!!!!

  • “NC: I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all.”

    Hope that’s true for the retail, because sticking the 2 demos side by side….it’s a challenge NOT to find differences.

  • Crysis is really not meant to be on any consoles whatsoever. It’s better to have teams dedicated to build experiences for one platform. Gears of War/HALO for Xbox 360, Killzone/Uncharted for PS3, and Crysis for PC. Crysis as a game itself isn’t even really that impressive. I give it kudos for the cool techniques people have used the suit for but other than that, its another generic shooter, and we all know we don’t need more of those.

  • now either the servers were down or nobody was playing. Crytek should have release a demo of the campaign instead of a multiplayer demo. Also with people showing PROOF that the 360 version looks and plays better, and crytek says 360 and ps3 looks and plays the same…somebody is not telling the truth. Im sticking with sonys killzone 3.

  • I am glad I am not alone in seeing how subpar the visuals and gameplay are.
    And, to this day, I cannot believe how badly Black Ops was ported to the PS3. It is truly disgusting.

  • All that pre-release talk about platform parity and maxing the consoles… what a bunch of rubbish. And then to come here and keep spewing the same lies simply adds insult to injury.

    You want gamers to buy your game, then give them a quality product instead of PR [DELETED], I was really looking forward to Crysis 2 and seeing the Cryengine on consoles. All I can say is I’m left disappointed.

  • Just play this on the PC. PC Games are meant for the PC. Stick with Killzone 3 everybody. I agree with the comments here that say Nathan is lying. If he was Pinocchio…

  • Crytek messed up on this one. Its obvious there is a good engine under all that washed out low frame rate garbage. But there is so much garbage it is almost impossible to see.

  • The people have spoken! This game sucks on both consoles, especially the PS3. Not to mention the actually gameplay sucks just as well. Go back to PC gaming, we dont want this garbage.

  • Put them side by side, find a difference? Okay. I did that, and the PS3 version in the demo doesn’t look as good as the 360 version does. After all the hype you guys did for this game, after all the comments about how well your engine performed on PS3, I don’t see it. I guess I appreciate that you guys put in the time to make a PS3 version of this game, but I don’t appreciate being lied to for about two years or so about the capability of your engine, about how well the game runs on PS3 and everything else. I think you’re trying to sell your engine to more companies and try to sell some copies of Crysis 2 based on nothing but your own positive remarks about the console’s version of it. More power to you, but this demo does nothing to help either of your causes. I think you need to issue an explanation about why the demo isn’t up to par with the 360 version of the game, or stop straight-up lying about the performance of it.

  • So, Jeff, instead of telling us about an EXCLUSIVE franchise that many NA fans have been waiting for (WKC 2/ WKC PSP), you continue to inform us about sub-par multiplats. Over a week now, and no info on a domestic release for an exclusive franchise. Fail.

    Note to Crytek as well. All this talk about “tech” and “pushing the SPUs” and the game is a blurry, sub-HD mess. Most PS3 owners have access to such a variety of exclusive titles, spanning many genres, that they scoff at the idea of shilling out $60 for a game that isn’t even made very well. Hrm… inFamous 2 or Crysis (generic marine vs. alien FPS #100000000)? I’m not a FPS fan, but if I saw two FPSes on sale side by side – Crysis 2 and KZ3, let’s say – I’d pick Killzone 3 in a heartbeat. Many other PS3 owners would do the same.

    Back to my point, I guess I’ll just import the European version of WKC 2, I guess. Seems SCEA has an aversion to money.

  • Played the demo on both consoles and guess what.. it looks bad on BOTH with a slightly worse things here and there on the PS3 demo.

  • Those of you who are considering buying this game for the PS3- DON’T
    It is a mess. It is vastly inferior version than its 360 counterpart.

    Can someone in Crytek confirm or deny that the recently released PS3 multiplayer is good indication of what the retail release will be like?

    I am really not happy with the lies that Crytek have been spreading as of late and someone needs to answer for it or at the very least prove that the retail version is superior to the demo that was recently put up on the store.

    Thank you.

  • Not vastly inferior compared to 360. Quit spreading FUD.

  • Thank goodness for Killzone and PS3 1st party. So much technical know how and they can’t push PS3. At one time they even said PS3 performance was better than 360 when this game was going through its early stages of production. You have a Processor with very powerful sub processors call spu’s and I’m every sure they are not being utilized as they should. Or hey maybe the engine being so PC friendly is not taking advantage of PS3’s extra power? So much BS from these devs. Build the game to the systems strengths. If you can get more out of one do it. Stop scaling to match the lower spec version. This game is complete trash. Back to Killzone

  • Cant get online at all, YOUR DEMO SUCKS!!! I’ve every configuration I can think of, I am very internet and tech savy. thankfully socom beta soon.

  • Crytek said their the only one with a game engine that performs every step in real time & that nobody else’s game engines is performing every step in real time or running on PS3’s hardware as good as their game engine is on PS3 & they were targeting the developers game engines that run exclusively on PS3’s hardware.Crytek really talked out their back sides & put their own foot in their own mouth on this one after all the hype & smack talk towards the hard work from exclusive developers like naughty dog,guerrilla games,santa monica ,sucker punch ect…who’s engines are differently better then this sub par excuse of a game that really looked under polish & used poorest technique choices.Seriously Temporal anti aliasing,edge anti aliasing & high dynamic range rendering is the best you could use on PS3 ever heard of morphological anti aliasing & interactive ray casting & ray tracing their done on PS3 & clearly better technique choices on PS3 then techniques i mentioned above also no move support talk about lazy developers who failed to capitalize on the PS3’s strengths & eat their own words in the end lmfao!

  • Having put time in with both versions, the PS3 version is definitely not on par with the 360 version. Maybe this is a very old build and it’s not a fair comparison (hopefully) but I feel this a very good representation of what to expect with the final product. On top of that, there is a mandatory 4 GB install. What!? It doesn’t look anywhere as good or play as good as Killzone and has a 4 GB install? Very disappointing Crytek. I’ll be sticking with Killzone.

  • I think it’s funny how Crytek used to say that the PS3 version ran and looked great, but yet they refuse to show it the public.

    Now I guess we know why. Oh, and good luck on that 360 exclusive you recently announced, Crytek.

  • LIES!

  • I guess im just been playing to much killzone or its seem like little kids made this game tottallt suck ill stick to killzone BUDDY OL PAL

  • Well with only 1 playable round last night I was overall pretty Impressed with the AI, the mechanics, and definitely the game play aspects and the Controls! Some of the Pop-ins, frame rate drops and such were just a bit of a bummer but will hopefully be alot better on the console end before it releases, so needless to say I would much rather experience this to the fullest extent on the PC PERIOD, its not the DEV’s fault they made a game that would explode your system, and the fact that they ported it to our console proves to be a bit of a feat so Cheers! I Just am pretty skeptical overall and with out the fullest visual presentation on either console atm and if at all, I probably won’t pre-order this for PS3 which is the only Console I own atm and sadly I do not own a PC, it really is disappointing though that the full experience can’t really be fealt with either console! If 3 other really badass games weren’t right around the Corner I probably would end up getting Crysis 2 right off the bat, if things look to be alot better down the road I will most definitely pick it up though, but I’ll still always wish I had a Higher end PC for this Game!

  • I was very excited for this game, but just now cancelled my pre-order. It’s a shame, but I will not reward a game with my $$ for being inferior on my platform of choice. In this day and age, parity should not be a problem, especially for a company technically renowned as yours. If by some chance the final game releases and lives at the very least achieves parity, I will be happy to buy it.

  • Killzone 2 and 3 has graphics way better. Dont need this one.

  • Worst PS3 port ever.

  • I’ll try it when I get home.

    Good news! My expectations are very low.

  • Only problem I seen it not being able to slide all the time, other then that it runs a heck of alot better then the 360 one. I know this because I was in the beta and demo on the 360.

    Had no online problems with the PS3 one, 360 one drop almost all the time, I think some peoples comments on here are just lies.

  • @ Deathgazer

    Ahh I forgot about that 360 exclusive. Now we know whom they serve. Keeping the PS3 version from ever showing. Keep it up Crytek. You think PS3 customers don’t matter. Just like republicans didn’t believe in the young vote.

  • Forget this useless multi-plat shooter. I’m more than happy with KZ3!

    I’m with Christian399! Where is the WKC2 & WKC: Origins info from SCEA? Also, since Grace Chen NEVER responds to legitimate questions concerning the store update, why can’t the US store get the Demon’s Souls Dynamic Theme already? Seriously, SCEA. Wake up. Customers shouldn’t have to beg for something as simple as a theme to show up in the store. Is my $2.99 not good enough for you, or something?

  • sony quit allowing games on the ps3 that has bad framrates like home front now crysis 2 sony turn it down if they have framerate drops this bad just like blk ops

  • @VectorRaven

    Just to let you know, the 360 one was cr@p. Its had problems loading the game, in lag in the menu and you never really got to play a full game.

    Oh plus there was a huge glitch someone found in it.

  • i can’t even conncet to the Server and th matchmakeing takes to long to find a match so i can’t even play this demo im very upset i was looking forward to this game too EA Server sucks(trust me i know)reason why i dont by EA titles no more for ps3

  • Demo was average really + it looked average to. KillZone 2 [+ 3] looks better + it’s not all about looks, but a lot of PS3 only games have the looks & the gameplay;) I can’t believe i wasted over 2 years reading about how ‘Crysis 2’ would blow every game away on those other sites. . .Hmm it hasn’t[& i knew it] :D

    Oh + it’s ‘NOT’ using the full power of the PS3[none of these multi-format games do, can’t someone have the balls to make the PS3 version look better? Or are you lot[game makers]scared of Micro$oft] :D [Sorry rant over, back to KZ3] :P

  • “NC: I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all.”

    ok here,

    seriously, stop the lying, im not buying it for PS3.

    i hate it when companies give false promises.

    I knew that the game was going to look like trash on the PS3 when most of the footage been shown prior to launch was 360 footage.

  • After reading everything I saw here, I figure I would try the demo out myself. After just finishing playing two matches in both maps, I can’t help but to agree with what everyone else is saying about this demo. Graphics are OK. WAYYYY Better on PC but its not always about the graphics. However, the game just feels off. Multiplayer matches take a while to start up, hit detection seems a way off. There’s no way I should blindfire and make a kill when I’m not even trying lol. I dunno, it just felt off and that probably has to do with the game being hyped up a bit. Anyway, from an average gamer that plays FPS games casually, I probably won’t be picking this up with my hard-earned cash. I rather buy KZ3.

  • its sad to see that its 1st party software leading the way on making graphically ground breaking games on PS3, while 3rd party devs, just dont care and dont put effort into making sure that quality is there.

  • So where’s this graphical ceiling Crytek, in a bungalow?

    Shoddy framerates, I’m talking <20fps, sub-hd, QAA, and textures from the Quake 3 era.

    Good luck selling your engine after this. :lol

  • ◦Framerates drops lower than 30 on many occassions.
    ◦The server’s are unstable and laggy
    ◦HUD bobbles a lot.
    ◦The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor.
    ◦Some sequences causes temporary freezing issues.
    ◦Hit detection has issues and do not register sometimes
    ◦Broken Melee system
    ◦Matchmaking issues, troublesome to find games.
    ◦Network Connection Lost

  • Like everyone else above, I too am greatly disappointed. Absolutely lackluster visuals compared to the 360 version. Grainy graphics, poor depth of field, and inconsistent frame rate all lead to what I assess might not even warrant a rental of this game – only for the single player. Even now, they come on the official PS Blog and LIE. You know what Nathan Camarillo, I challenge you to find a comparison video or screen shot of the PS3 and 360 side-by-side and find the similarities. I already know what you’ll find: just about nothing since the PS3 version is far inferior.

    And to think you guys are pompous enough to apply your little “Achieved with Cryengine 3” slogan to all Crysis 2 related videos. You have achieved nothing, at least on PS3.

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