DC Universe Online Digital Download Coming Soon to PSN

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DC Universe Online Digital Download Coming Soon to PSN

DC Universe Online beta for PS3

Hey Everyone! It has been nearly two months since the launch of DC Universe Online and if you haven’t already purchased the game then shame on you – we have already added a new Catwoman episode and a second Batcave Raid! For those of you who just can’t make it to the store, we have the answer, shop from your couch…DC Universe Online is coming to the PlayStation Store! The digital download of DCUO will make accessing the game nearly effortless as you can simply slip on your sweatpants, melt into your couch and immediately access the vast world that is DC Universe Online. Download the Universe… right from your couch!

DC Universe Online will be available for download at the Playstation Store for $59.99 USD. The game includes 30-days of free gameplay, with a monthly game play fee of $14.99 thereafter. We also have bundled packs that give you more game play for less, a six-month subscription package is available for $77.99 USD with a 12-month subscription selling for $134.99 USD.

Don’t run to the PlayStation Store just yet, but keep an eye out for the official announcement and release date coming soon! In the meantime, let us know: Are you a hero or villain inside DCUO? Sound off in the comments!

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  • I just can’t play one game(any game) enough to justify a monthly fee. Plus, all the arguments about no printing/production/shipping fees should make the game cheaper for download. I guess, in other words, none of the pricing on this package is appealing for me.

  • First off 2 hours for 17 Gb of info really isnt that bad … also if your using a wireless connection then shame on you, why the hell would you even try to download or play online with that connection pay the $20 and buy an ethernet cable to reduce your transfer rates and decrease your download time. Second there are also ways to decrease the amount you pay monthly for the game too, and you dont pay for a month you dont play you dont have to be constantly subcribed just pay when u wanna play. You could just rule out the whole download issue if you would just get off your couch and go buy the game disc. So all the previously mentioned complaints could be avoided if you people werent so damn lazy. ALL of you could also try to do something about this as opposed to just sitting on your lazy asses and complaining about it. Call the support and feedback numbers located in every game and console box and send you unintellengent complaints through the proper channels and maybe something will change but as long as you keep doing what your doing nothing will change. From now on research things before you complain about it, and keep yourself from sounding like such lazy, spoiled, mentally inhibited, “individuals”.

  • Not worth a monthly fee…the pigs are becoming hogs…and you know what that means…

  • I’d consider it, but there are a bunch of games coming out that I’m going to get in the next couple of months, it costs the same as the game disc does, & I remember how long it took me to download the beta

  • You know. This is probably what will make me get the game. I’ve been wanting it, but can’t bring myself to buy a copy. I have a tendency to overspend at PSN, so this is pretty much a given. Kudos.

  • @omega_alpha-619

    millions of people pay subscriptions to play MMO’s and not just on PS3 but also on PC, they even did and still do on ps2. This is nothing new its been going on for decades

    fundamentally you’ve validated that people that pay to play games they already own, are idiots.

  • Thanks for this. Would have been beta if this would have been offered post beta, so we could upgrade the version we had installed on our PS3, but hopefully this will allow for some Playstation Plus premiums.

    Hint, hint.

  • What about early adopters who wanted this from the get go? I would have much rather had this as a digital download than a disc, but there was no indication it was ever happening, and now I’m stuck on physical media unless I want to pay ANOTHER sixty bucks?

  • the game might be nice but it only has a level cap of level 30 and or something like that plus its kinda expensive lol for a low level cap and not that much content. I think I’ll wait a year for it to go way down.

  • I’d rather have physical media so if I have to buy a new hdd I can just re install.

  • To be Honest, I play World of Warcraft and its 30$ for 60 days, so paying 15$ a month isn’t really that “bad”.
    So I’m saving money just paying for DC universe, since Im quiting World of warcraft.

  • No. Shame on you. I haven’t purchased it because you aren’t offering the lifetime membership for the ps3 version. It’s not fair that you offer it for the pc, but no the ps3.

  • the price its high for a “digital release”, the monthly fee kills everything, and the download size its huge, maybe they should give an option to download it on the pc and then move it to the ps3.

  • Great news, i might consider downloading this title.

  • My broken disk drive and hijacked SOE account thank you. I mean thank you. …that is if I don’t need to use an SoE account….


  • does it have monthly fees??HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  • @117

    Protip: Use your eyes.

  • I BOUGHT IT AND IT TOOK ME 2 1/2 DAYS OFF AND ON TO COMPLETE THE DOWNLOAD, DUE TO THE HORRIBLE DSL CONNECTION WE HAVE OVER HERE, BUT SINCE THE BETA I HAVE TO SAY THE GAME IS MUCH MORE REFINED THEN BEFORE, IT FEELS GREAT AND I DID SWITCH MY PERSONA FROM GOOD TO EVIL. I JUST FIGURED SINCE I WAS GOOD IN THE BETA AND HAD A DECENT FEEL FOR THE MECHANICS OF THE GAME, EVIL WAS THE WAY TO GO! Ill likely get the year subscription once my free month trial is done. it is incredibly awesome and for us to have the DC Universe like this EXCLUSIVELY TO OUR SYSTEM is remarkable, thanks devs thanks sony! i haven’t played a MMO that i liked since Phantasy Star Online, so this is perfect for me : )

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