TestYourself: Psychology Hits PSN Today, Will Reveal Full Psychological Portrait

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Hey everyone! Bill from Creat Studios here with a very exciting news: All you fans that are looking for a deeper understanding of yourselves look no further than TestYourself: Psychology coming soon to PSN. Test Yourself introduces audiences to a unique mental experience on the PlayStation Network and will be released as a series of packs, each devoted to specific areas of psychological activity. The first pack, Test Yourself: Psychology contains two initial blocks of tests – Nervous System and Intellect – and will be available for download on PSN on March 8th in North America $2.99 – practically free!

Test YourSelf for PS3 (PSN)

The goal of TestYourself: Psychology is to provide users with an affordable, professional assessment of various aspects of their personalities and psychological abilities. After the release of the initial pack, new blocks of tests will be available for download on a monthly basis, each focusing on different elements of psychological health. Users who complete all 12 blocks will receive a full psychological portrait and will understand the complex characteristics of their states of mind.

TestYourself: Psychology is a serious scientific product developed by a team of professional psychologists and counselors. The product’s affordable price is part of an effort to support increasing public interest towards psychology. By combining a scientific approach with the fun of the PlayStation platform, TestYourself: Psychology offers an accessible and enjoyable experience for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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  • Seems pretty interesting. Might just have to pick it up.

  • This is cool. I want to see more stuff like this.

  • Kind of crazy idea but I see the point in making something like this

  • What kind of psychological traits does a person seeking to test their psychological traits have?

  • Practically free!

    Does this have trophies?

  • $free.99, that’s my jam.

  • Wouldn’t it defeat the scientific purpose of this to have trophies or will they all be strictly participation-based?

    • Part of the purpose of Test Yourself is to present these psychological portraits in a fun way. Trophies are a way to enhance the fun people have while playing and learning.

  • Trophy Support? You only get a gold trophy if you are smart enough!

  • Trophy: Reached Insanity! Gold
    Trophy: Found out ur not smrt. Bronze
    Trophy: You have a collection of Names. Silver


    • Only the truly delusional people will be able to get the Uranium trophy…partially because it doesn’t exist.

  • Sweet will check this out but you guys need to hurry up and update the store.

  • GAH. All this teasing is killing me. I want to know the full psn update today.

  • I am perfect, I don’t need a video game to tell me that!

  • im down for this.. seems like something i need to know lol

  • Make it free for Plus so I can find out the truth about all those people saying Plus subscribers are crazy.

  • @TorgoTime: By thinking you are perfect, it makes you unperfect!!!

  • i aint be needin no game to tel me how smart i am be.

  • Any idea if this is a PS3 only thing, or is it PSP-compatible?

  • This does sound pretty good. I’ll be downloading it for sure.

    Although by Pack number 12, I’ll be out $35.88 ($40.54 including Ontario taxes)… will think about it, just a little.

    If they have a 12-series pack for $20, I’m in day-one!

  • Yaa! My own personal Shrink! =P

  • @17 it’s a PSN game so I doubt it’ll work on PSP.

  • These types of things intrigue me … looking forward to picking this up.

  • At that price, I’ll definetly give it a try.

  • No trophies, no game.

    They will put simple trophies to boost the sales.

  • I… honestly don’t know how to take this… That trailer certainly wasn’t the slightest bit informative. The text around it didn’t really help either. For all I can tell, this is like those free little IQ tests plastered left, right and 92 other directions around the internet.

    Is this a “game” in the traditional sense?

    • Test Yourself consists of several tests that, when taken all together, provide a psychological portrait for the player. It is much more involved than the pop up, spy-ware ads you mentioned. While it can be considered in a tool in this sense, Test Yourself is still very much a game. Each of the areas the player will be tested in will consist of a different game. These games can be replayed for high score and bragging rights.

  • could be interesting…

  • DamagedJustice69

    Just might be worth taking a look at…

  • @22 chances are there is trophies. all games must have trophies except for minis

  • It does sound interesting, but will the whole thing end up costing $20+??

    Will probably just wait for a bundled sale down the road.

    Can I print out my psychological portrait for my probation officer so he can stop saying I am crazy and needing counseling?

    • Haha, your results are yours alone. You are welcome to show whoever you want : ) We hope you check it out.

  • Nice, I can have my girlfriend take this and prove that she’s bat crap crazy.

  • trophy list:

    1. Nerves of Steel (Bronze) – Get your characteristic in Nervous System section.
    2. Brain Maniac (Bronze) – Get your characteristic in Intelligence section.
    3. Nice Start (Bronze) – Complete any test.
    4. Quick Learner (Bronze) – Improve any test’s result 10 times in a row throughout the day (in single player Training Mode).
    5. True Friend (Silver) – Describe yourself in social test so that your assessment matches your friend’s opinion.
    6. Self-Known (Silver) – Request at least 10 assessments from your friends in social test.
    7. Racer (Silver) – Outlast at least for 20 seconds in Brownian single player game.
    8. Solved in 300 Seconds (Silver) – Complete the Intelligence test in 300 seconds without mistakes.
    9. Psychologist (Gold) – Assess 10 friends in social test.

    Hidden Trophies
    10. Kamikaze (Bronze) – Outlast for less than 3.1 seconds in Brownian single player game.
    11. Iron Finger (Silver) – More than 500 hits in a Tapping test in one single player game.

    now the question is, will this just be for this game for trophies or will this be for all 12 packs and no new additional trophies

  • If that’s the best trailer you can come up with, I can only assume that the actual product is pretty bad too.

  • I don’t care if this has trophies or not, I’m incredibly interested. Will be buying it when the store updates.

  • How much is each DLC?

  • Whiners being negative about something they don’t really know much about, just heard about for the first time, and crying over trophies is an interesting trait.

  • After five hours testing,final diagnostic: Totally insane! lol

  • will you be doing any other testYourself besides psychology in the future?

    also how often and how much will the additional stuff come out? we talking once a week or biweekly or what?

    • There will be more packs coming out. I can not reveal the release dates, but I can say the next pack will be coming out soon : )

  • @29. lol good idea. i should have my gf tested to. while im at it should have my mother tested to because i think shes lost a few marbles.

  • Considering Creat is responsible for this, I’m very interested now and for only 2.99? That’s a very reasonable price to go with as every other developer always charges the horrible price point of 9.99-14.99.

  • I was extremely excited about this when I first learned of its existence when it was getting released for the European PSN a few weeks ago. I was hoping I could either buy it off of a European PSN ID and play it myself, or that it was coming to the United States. It seems my wishes have been fulfilled. I’m happy about the inclusion of trophies, because I enjoy psychological validations, and the very subject of psychology has always intrigued me. I plan to support this entire project throughout its lifespan, and perhaps, beyond. =)

  • This is a red herring, the tests don’t tell anything, the software is designed to actually measure the psychosis of trophy ho’s.

  • Why this update is taking too long to release? Sony service trying to destroy the hype on MK?

  • I think it is hilarious that this has trophies.


    I’ve seen tests like this before and it only allows for one phych profile. Can you run this phych profile mulitple times? Whether it be multiple family members or whether you want to redo it to answer some things differently?

  • Will future packs be released as part of a free update? Or will we have to pay for future packs?

  • “These tests *measures* your basic intellectual functions…”

    I guess they don’t *measures* our basic English functions, however ;)

  • weird lil game thingy ya got there, and Bill you thinks its bad that the store dont update till 6 or 7 ur time, well out here in Newfoundland that translates to 10:30 or 11:30 pm. thats madness right there. Reply to this otherwise because ya shoulda made the first installment free.

  • The only way I’d even consider buying is…

    (A) …by finding out how much the DLC will cost (after all, 12 pieces of DLC could make this a costly endeavor), and…
    (B) …by being reassured in a legally binding way that the results of my psychological exam will not be provided to corporate or governmental entities of any sort.

    Hopefully I’m not tipping my hand with Section B, but it is what it is. Your move, Bill.

  • At this rate we will be able to do full medical checkups online through PSN!

    It only does: Psychological Profiles


  • Interesting.


  • I’ll certainly try this. Looks interesting and crazy at the same time ahhaha.

    One question: are the other blocks free or they will cost more 2.99?

    • Each pack will be $2.99. The pack will consist of several blocks of tests. You will not have to pay $2.99 12 times haha.

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