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Outside of our gameplay features, one of the most asked questions we get about SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs these days is, “what kind of trophies can we earn?” Well, ask no more! Listed below are all of the visible trophies you can earn along with the number of hidden trophies you can earn per category.

Enjoy the directory, and don’t forget to check back with us again later this week for even more SOCOM 4 information.


  • Elite Ops – Complete a Story Campaign mission on Elite Difficulty
  • N00b – Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game
  • Good Game – Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game of every gametype
  • Combined Assault – Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Co-op
  • Extra Credit – Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Single-player
  • Government Spending – Call in a total of 10 airstrikes during your career
  • Death From Above – Eliminate 5 enemies with a single airstrike
  • Repo Man – Destroy a total of 50 vehicles during your career
  • Unseen Strike – Stealth kill a total of 10 enemies in a single mission
  • Grenadier – Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with explosives during your career
  • Crowd Control – Eliminate 3 enemies with a single explosive
  • Century Slayer – Eliminate a total of 100 enemies during your career
  • Melon Hunter – Eliminate a total of 100 enemies with a headshot during your career
  • Hat Trick – Eliminate 3 enemies in a row with headshots
  • Vorpal – Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with melee attacks during your career
  • Combat Medic – Execute a total of 25 teammate revives during your career
  • Armed to the Teeth – Unlock all weapons for use in Campaign Mode
  • I Call Her Vera – Master a weapon in any mode
  • Oracle – Collect an Intel item in a Story Campaign mission
  • Hidden Trophies (15)


  • Covert Ops – As Forty-Five, successfully maintain stealth in a Story Campaign mission
  • Over Achiever – Complete a Custom Campaign mission on every map in either Single-player or Co-op
  • Millennial Slayer – Eliminate a total of 1000 enemies during your career
  • Expert Tactician – Complete a Story Campaign mission using only your teammates to eliminate enemies
  • Information Warfare – Collect all Intel in the Story Campaign
  • Hidden Trophy (1)


  • Best of the Best – Complete the Story Campaign on Elite Difficulty
  • Above and Beyond – Complete a total of 100 objectives during your career
  • Shiny! – Master a weapon of each class in any mode
  • The Elite 45th – As Forty-Five, stealth kill a total of 45 enemies in the Story Campaign


  • All is Said, All is Done – Obtain all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies in SOCOM 4

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5 Author Replies

  • man thats a major switch from the impossible trophies from confrontation, these are so easy and theres like no online trophies?

    • We have online trophies — completing an MP match, Co-op, etc. Definitely weighed towards the single-player, though

  • oh, yes :)

  • A trophy named N00b? LOL!! Thats awesome!! Im getting this one!! YES!!!

  • Why isn’t 45 on the cover?!!

  • @12 not everyone is as good as you in video games, some people do find it hard
    i hate the cover but then agian the only thing i think missing is instead of the weapons there holding, they should have AK-47s, also i need to know if they will even have AK-47s, if they don’t have AKs then im not gonna buy the game, also i loved socom confertation, i just might buy that one instead since i already know they have AKs

  • Im happy to see the trophies arent hair pulling bad. I cant wait for the beta.

  • I think I’m gonna get this game. Wait when does it come out?

  • Yes, manageable trophies this time around, can’t wait!!

  • @57 hopefully, we still don’t know the ones that are unknown, also the only game i came close to getting all the trophys was BFBC2 i was at 91% (before the add ons cames out) then i realized there was a trophy i need that i couldn’t get, so i got mad an haven’t tried to get the ones i could, the tropy i couldn’t get was the one were you knife 5 friends, first i would have to be lucky enoungh it get on a game were any of my friends were on the other team

  • I know Confrontations trophies were killer, but these look too easy. Curious to see the AI in action though, IGN made it sound very good so the challenge could be up to par. Cant wait, and dont forget about me with the private beta invites ok!

  • how will we know if we get chosen for the private beta? will you be choosing from the psn blogs? Thanks for your time!

  • Seems to be very interesting and accessible Platinum trophy.

  • I just hate trophies that make you have to play Co-op with someone else. For I’m one that doesn’t have a lot of friends on the PSN.

  • I like how some recent games have been treating trophies for online modes by not forcing you to play them for unreasonable amounts of time, they simply encourage you to try out the online modes then you can play it as much as you like. Kinda like how you could get all the KZ3 online trophies by playing each of the game modes, trying out each of the classes, then trying out the jet packs and exo-suits, all of which can pretty easily be done in a single night but you still get a taste of what the multiplayer offers.

    Overall this seems like a pretty fair list, I’m pretty excited for the beta

  • Looks like we have our work cut out for us boys!

  • oh ok not for me

  • im so lookin forward to playing the campain and im keepin my fingers crossed thats its longer than HOMEFONT cos £40 quid was alot of 6 chapters but this game has got more about it, the trophie list look fat , cart wait to play it ,BRING IT ON

  • Looks of it..pretty easy.[url=][img][/img][/url]

  • Looks of it..pretty easy.

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