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Outside of our gameplay features, one of the most asked questions we get about SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs these days is, “what kind of trophies can we earn?” Well, ask no more! Listed below are all of the visible trophies you can earn along with the number of hidden trophies you can earn per category.

Enjoy the directory, and don’t forget to check back with us again later this week for even more SOCOM 4 information.


  • Elite Ops – Complete a Story Campaign mission on Elite Difficulty
  • N00b – Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game
  • Good Game – Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game of every gametype
  • Combined Assault – Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Co-op
  • Extra Credit – Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Single-player
  • Government Spending – Call in a total of 10 airstrikes during your career
  • Death From Above – Eliminate 5 enemies with a single airstrike
  • Repo Man – Destroy a total of 50 vehicles during your career
  • Unseen Strike – Stealth kill a total of 10 enemies in a single mission
  • Grenadier – Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with explosives during your career
  • Crowd Control – Eliminate 3 enemies with a single explosive
  • Century Slayer – Eliminate a total of 100 enemies during your career
  • Melon Hunter – Eliminate a total of 100 enemies with a headshot during your career
  • Hat Trick – Eliminate 3 enemies in a row with headshots
  • Vorpal – Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with melee attacks during your career
  • Combat Medic – Execute a total of 25 teammate revives during your career
  • Armed to the Teeth – Unlock all weapons for use in Campaign Mode
  • I Call Her Vera – Master a weapon in any mode
  • Oracle – Collect an Intel item in a Story Campaign mission
  • Hidden Trophies (15)


  • Covert Ops – As Forty-Five, successfully maintain stealth in a Story Campaign mission
  • Over Achiever – Complete a Custom Campaign mission on every map in either Single-player or Co-op
  • Millennial Slayer – Eliminate a total of 1000 enemies during your career
  • Expert Tactician – Complete a Story Campaign mission using only your teammates to eliminate enemies
  • Information Warfare – Collect all Intel in the Story Campaign
  • Hidden Trophy (1)


  • Best of the Best – Complete the Story Campaign on Elite Difficulty
  • Above and Beyond – Complete a total of 100 objectives during your career
  • Shiny! – Master a weapon of each class in any mode
  • The Elite 45th – As Forty-Five, stealth kill a total of 45 enemies in the Story Campaign


  • All is Said, All is Done – Obtain all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies in SOCOM 4

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5 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait

  • Gotta catch’em all, wait wrong game.

  • Nice – I was just reading this on the EU PS Blog and Zipper’s Socom page. *Twitter Updates*

    I’m not too much of a trophy hunter, but when I hear the *ding* and see the message, it is pretty cool =p

    This is kind of off topic but I keep wondering though. Why is it that Socom 4 is entitled Socom: Special Forces for EU?

  • will my killzone 3 beta come first or my PS Plus+ bring it to me first? Thanks!

  • That cover would look much better with a hideous set of dogtags to the right and the words “Resistance Beta inside”

  • Didn’t care about this game at all at first. However, all of the co-op offers that I’ve seen have sparked some interest. Sucks non-ps+ members have to wait so long to give it a try.

  • Looks hella sick. Hopefully its not a was like confrontation…

  • These seem kinda easy.. sure the elite difficulty will be the only challenging one. Please Zipper DO NOT nerf the trophies like you did MAG!!! It made my MAG plat not mean as much to me :(

  • seems to be easy.. with one exception.. “Best of the Best” depends of the real difficulty of the game..

  • Cool

  • Those seem easy. Depends how hard elite is cause in KZ3 elite is a joke. Can’t wait for this game.

  • Alright gotta do some trophy hunting.

  • is that ben affleck?

  • Ghost-of-SpartaX

    the trophies are all right still……

  • Ghost-of-SpartaX

    @12 i so agree

  • Its nice to see the Firefly reference :)

  • peaceout1 ya wanna play add me then hoggefamily1

  • So how will people be picked for the private beta? Hopefully its some way to get the long time fans in that have been waiting for the true next-gen Socom.

  • I’m still playing FTB3 on my PSP. I like the matches without explosives and n00btubes. Just all out rifles and subMGs. Hopefully this lives up better than that AND Socom: Confrontation. I didn’t like that it was online only. I like to practice using the single player campaign.

    Off topic: It would be more convenient for us to sign in with our PS3 and comment. A playstation site not compatible with playstation? Hmm… don’t make sense.

  • So Looking 4ward to this..:)..Was watchin’ the youtube Footage and looks awesome..!!
    Jus’ completed Killzone 3 with tha’ move/sharpshooter combo and must say..It was an excellent experience!!..
    Deffo Using it with Socom 4..:).

  • Sounds interesting…
    I have never played SOCOM before but this one has me pretty curious.
    Kinda looking forward to realism, stealth and tactical missions and of course, the move bundle!!!

  • Does any one knows how the multiplayer aspect of these games compares to Battlefield?
    I REALLY like that one.

  • Tired of hearing about it weve been waiting too too long now hurry up with the beta already……

  • hooooo coooolllll

  • Good looking list. I like the fact that most of them are offline.

  • I Platinum confrontation. it was real hard but i did it and i hope i can do the same with this game. oh yeah and i miss the first socom. it was great hope this one is just as great if not better!

  • Eaaaassyyyyy

  • “I Call Her Vera – Master a weapon in any mode”

    wooo, Firefly! nice job guys!

  • I can not wait for this game. Finally SOCOM RETURNS. Slant Six can’t do it like Zipper. Oh my thank you soooooo much for the glance into the to do list. This game is gonna be in my console for like 6 months before I take it out. Hope my new system is ylod proof cause I ain’t gonna be tryin to stop playing.

  • Co op elite mode day 1 hard to hardcore…

  • And still no EU release date !!!

  • I hope Zipper does it right! Slant six stick to PsP that’s what your good at!! I really hope S4 is worth the socom vets have waited almost 4 long years for the Real Socom Gameplay!!!

  • i know this is completely off topic but Jeff i have just received an email from best buy saying that the Ico / Shadow of the Colossus Collection will be available to pick up tomorrow , didnt you guys delay it ? or is it really coming out tomorrow ?

  • Good Trophy set. was wondering if any of these trophies are only achievable through online or if there all interchangeable?
    Like the Hat trick or Crowd Control trophies are they online or campaign only?

  • i am chuck norris and i approved this game

  • Its good to see that most trophies are campaign related. Online trophies for some reason annoy me. Particularly when they force your to get to expert type levels to achieve them. Confrontation trophies were crazy.

  • Thanks for the update, Nostradunhamus!

  • I was excited about this game cause I absolutely love socom they are the best games ever until I read this stupid trophy list. how are you gonna be able to rez someone in socom? That’s ruins the game if you get shot to death you can’t come back to life?!? If they wanted to make a Mag 2 they should have and not ruined socom. Why would they make this game like that? None even likes mag try to get on and play you will have to play with the 10 remaining people who actually think that dumb game is still fun. I’m very disapointed zipper way to ruin the best franchise of all time real nice

  • First off, let me say, this looks like a must-buy! :) I hope you keep supporting the game just like you did with MAG.

    Speaking of MAG though, where are you guys?! Where did you disappear? I thought you were the guys who said “We’ll keep supporting the game until there’s no one left playing the game”. I really miss MAG, but the lack of new content kept me off playing it for weeks now.

    I have 200+ hours into MAG and don’t want to give up and sell the game after all this. I really love you guys, but now, you’re concentrating more on SOCOM 4 than on your previous game, which makes me sad since you said you have separate teams for both games. I hope you have plans to keep us coming back for more MAG, and i hope you reply to this message with whether or not you’re having more plans for MAG.

    • We just updated MAG with a patch a few weeks ago and we have a very small patch currently in the works for the near-future.

  • Great list Zipper. I was the 8th person in the world to Plat MAG, I’m gonna be in the top 10 again with this.

  • So Many Epic Games & No Money 4 Any This Year Smh

    I Didn’t Get Dead Space & Dragon Age 2 Yet, & I Still Cant Afford Killzone 3, Or Infamous *Sighs* Now Here’s Socom Another Epic Game…

  • Nice, enjoying the Firefly shout outs.

    • Jayne rocks. “Ten percent of nuthin’ is… let me do the math here… nuthin’ into nuthin’… carry the nuthin’…”

  • sweet Socom 4 has trpoies this one is gonna be hard to plat exusely the gold and sliver ones lol

  • Socom 4 and Portal 2 here I come! They both release same day, can’t wait to get my hands on them.


  • Some nice box art right there. This is gonna be a tough choice Portal 2 or Socom.

  • @ #12:

    but in KZ2 it wasn’t

  • Probably easy platinum! :) Should get this…

  • Looks like a reasonable difficulty in obtaining the Confrontation had some ridiculous trophies.

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