ModNation Monday: It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World!

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Over Two Million Creations!: check
“Greatest Hits” Price $29.99: check
Available On PSN For Same Price: check
Free Trial For PSN+ Members: check
The Nation Doing All The Hard Work Making Over 2,000,000 UNBELEIVEABLE Creations: check
More Great Stuff To Come: check
Our Sincere Gratitude: check-ity check check!

If you didn’t have the chance to see our Two Millions Creations video please click here.


Really though, we built the game, YOU made it what it is. Our thanks to you from Level 1 Rookies to Level 30 Elites, we luvs you all!

I Love Making MNR Tracks And I Really Want To Win A New HDTV!

If that thought has passed through your mind even once, you’re in luck, check this out…

Progressive Insurance recently sponsored a free parts pack download and you can use these parts to enter the “Progressive ModNation Gran Prix” contest for a chance to win a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV or PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle. Here’s how to enter

So don’t forget to check the PlayStation Store for this FREE DLC which includes…
Office Building, House, Billboard, Semi Truck, Jump Through Hoop, Inflatable Overpass, Ramps, Balloons, Hot Air Balloons, Blimps, Ad Board and boxes

ModNation Racers PS3:  Flo

Upcoming DLC
This is one “Papercut” you are going to be glad to get. He’ll be available on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, March 15th. Buy the Papercut mod for $.99, the kart for $.99 or both for only $1.75 (bandages not included).



Let The “Palooza” Begin
Last week we mentioned we’d be bringing you some fun new stuff to do in the ModNation community and here are a few just to start…

  • Wednesday, March 9th – ModNation Votes. A fun monthly poll about all things MNR. Rock the Vote!
  • Thursday, March 10th – ModNation Fun Races. No pressure here. Just some of the community players coming together for some casual racing. It’s a lot of fun! I know, I have been racing with them the past few weeks. Great group! (sign up here)
  • Monday, March 14th – ModNation Fun Races. Different racing venue, same fun! (sign up here)

Remember to always check this ModNation Monday blog as well as our rockin’ ModNation Facebook page. Our Facebook fan page will have info on upcoming events, host MNR videos and pictures, as well as links to the ModNation at large.


Forgive Us, We Are Greedy Like That
2,000,000? Awesome!, but we want more!. We practically drool over the new ones like a kid on Christmas morning. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site and who knows, you might see your hard work on the PlayStation ModNation Monday blog or in-game on the Hot Lap section of the Modspot.


This week’s track submissions were collectively the best I have had the pleasure of playing so far. IMHO this was an All-Star caliber week.

Solaria by prob_alex



prob_alex says: “HEY all… this imo is my most beautiful track I have created.. as it’s a complete fantasy allowing me to create anything I liked… so… I created large floating islands for all of you to race upon.. hope you enjoy this 1”

PatrickJames777 says: “Another masterpiece Alex!! I really enjoy the creativity and style you put into your tracks. Also thanks for another great tutorial…(Keep them coming…) Finally, The Battle of Port Duisburg (last week’s winner), where you race on the big ship was also epic!! Really enjoyed the intricacies and variance of the paths. Keep up the great work!!”

hound247 says: “Really like the design on this one. It also flows really well which always helps. One of my favourite downloaded tracks actually”

Mark drools (again): prob_alex has created back to back “Tracks of the Week”. Last week many including myself deemed his Battle of Port Duisburg track “epic” and it is. NOW what do I say?… this track is “epic’er”?, “epic-est”?, “post-epic”?. Thanks prob_alex, now I have to go out and buy a new thesaurus!

Let me illustrate my review of this track.

Me (approx. 6pm PST): Wifey, kids I’m home!
Fam: yea! How was work?
Me: Wait until you see the track I played today!
(end scene)

Honorable Mention: Shrines of the Jamaicans by BlackSamich


I had a really hard time not voting this a “Track of the Week”. BlackSamich obviously had a distinct vision in his mind with this design. I was still intrigued by the atmosphere he created with each proceeding lap. Nice job! Great track!

Tracks of the Week
Monday: Solaria by prob_alex
Tuesday: Shrines of the Jamaicans by BlackSamich
Wednesday: Diabolo’s Wild West by dane9261
Thursday: Big Timbre Rush by Tecnoboy1
Friday: Suburban Sprawl by atheistsw
Saturday: Arctic Meltdown by hellstorm0157 (chosen by )
Sunday: Caverns Run by PH1LThy31 (chosen by

Mod Name: Royston
Creator: villain29


villain29 says: “This is Royston, Supermods nemesis and he plans Modnation domination!”

Mark says: “villain29, I liked this mod so much that it inspired an upcoming ModNation-palooza event.” (Hint… start working on his “Superhero” story).

Kart Name: Level 30
Creator: eloy960

30 1 30

eloy960: The ideal kart to use once you finally reach Level 30 !!!

Mark says: That’s one van I looking forward to jumping in!

Well Nation, that’s all for now. Good luck in the Progressive contest!

Be kind, rewind!

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22 Author Replies

  • Could you guys add customizable control schemes to this game?

  • Wow, that makes me laugh BIG time. Not only did hellstorm0157 get 20 million undeserved XP points for the utterly dreadful bane of MNR that was “Tiki Tik Mountain”, but now someone has decided we need to be subjected to another one of his creations by way of the “community hotlap”, long after the actual player has abandoned the game!

    Not sure these “community hotlaps” are really the best idea tbh, I don’t know who is actually responsible for these, as the modnationhq doesn’t even seem to go to a website!

  • If the trophies didn’t encourage create xp, I think I would give up on these contests.

  • It sucks that the Progressive contest is only for American residents, I believen non american residents play more this game than them… so not fair… but anyway…

    I’m impacient for upcoming DLC, papercut is here, only el snake-o left for December announcements and then that marvelous dragon kart!! :P

  • What does the blue ribbon next to your name at the end of a race mean?

    What determines the winner of a tie at the end of an XP series?

  • This is one of those games that you can just RUB in Xbox users faces and say, “I bet you guys would kill for this Exclusive!”…

  • @5
    blue ribbon means that you had a personal best lap time for that track during a race (does not count towards time trial bests for that track)

  • Im so playing this again. its been awhile with gt5 and black ops taking up all my time

  • What does the blue ribbon next to your name at the end of a race mean?

    What determines the winner of a points tie at the end of an XP series?

  • What does the blue ribbon next to your name at the end of a race mean?

    What determines the winner of a tie at the end of an XP series?

    It’s a little sad the game has been out almost a year and we still don’t have an answer to the two biggest mysteries in MNR.

  • Thats awesome :D

    @6, you can do that with all PS3 exclusives :)

  • Mark Wilson,

    We, the active members of the ModNation community would like to know what exactly the blue ribbon beside your PSN name at the end of a race means. It has been a mystery for us since the game was released. Would you be able to look into that for us?

    Also, many of us want to know what the official rule is for the tie-breaker in XP series races.

    When is the snow DLC arriving? Please be soon.

    Can we expect more big DLC such as the far east and snow theme after the snow theme is released?

    Thanks for supporting the community, it’s really great to see a game get so much support this far from its initial release.



    • Hi,

      @7. Yes, personal best time
      Good question on ties. I’ll have to ask.
      Snow…soon as there is a date, I’ll let you know!

      I’m stoked to help support this game and community!


  • What does the blue ribbon next to your name at the end of a race mean?

    What determines the winner of a tie at the end of an XP series?

  • am i the only one that didnt like this game.

  • So, now that the blog is being done by someone who actively talks to the dev team, maybe you can answer a question that a lot of xp racers have – what does it mean when you have that little blue ribbon next to your lap time after a race? you would think it’s best lap ever, but that doesn’t seem to be the case … is it best lap in the past month? week? enlighten us – we don’t know if we’re supposed to be happy about the ribbon or not, lol.

  • haha, the psn chain letter is working

  • “Greatest Hits” Price $29.99: check
    Available On PSN For Same Price: pretty lame

  • @timmy
    you have to delve into it. it’s easy to come one, not know anyone, and get stuck in some crap room racing bs tracks. however, once you make some friends (make sure you have a mic), you get away from all that and get into rooms where the host is only playing quality tracks. that’s the casual community. there’s a whole other side of the game, the xp racing – this is where the competiion is, everyone has the tracks memorized – its racing xp that made me realize the depth of the strategy. bunch of good guys/gals to meet on both ends. Truly the best kart racer ever.

    • @shyguyNC

      I am a little bias but yes, there are MANY ways to like the game. If career is too hard there is still a ton of quality racing to do online which will help you do better in career.

  • Mr. Wilson,

    Would you kindly then answer how often those times get reset? I’ve been playing MNR since launch and I, and many others, get blue ribbons nightly. I know for a fact those aren’t my personal best lap times…

  • You should get blue ribbons on any track you score your personal best. So if you race a new track you should get a blue ribbon the first time as it is your “personal best” on that track. If you race that same track again and better that time you should see another blue ribbon. If you were to NOT beat your time, you should not receive a blue ribbon. Does this make sense? I will triple check for you.

    (call me) Mark


  • What does the blue ribbon next to your name at the end of a race mean?

    What determines the winner of a points tie at the end of an XP series?

    And also, @2 I agree, the “community hotlaps” have been no good at all, Saturday’s was terrible, Sunday’s got glitched, and both of those tracks were made way back in the first few weeks of the game. I mean those people don’t even play anymore as atheist pointed out. Most of these websites where these tracks are being picked are dead.

    How about having some active community members voting for these community hot laps? Perhaps tracks that either missed the cut or some old classic favorites can be on hot lap those days.

    And @4 this game is just as popular in US and Canada, but I do think Europe should get their own track contest.

  • If that personal best time is true about the blue ribbon, then it does not work correctly. The blue ribbon always appears, even if it was NOT my best lap time, so something is wrong there.

  • @maverick–07–

    not only Europe… Latin America as well, everyfriend I made in MnR is from Europe or Latin America, and a few americans… that’s why I wrote post #4

  • MNR has 2 million creations.

    Charlie Sheen has 2 million followers on Twitter.


  • Coming from someone who has raced almost 8000 XP Races: It is completely impossible that I beat my best lap times almost every Xp race when I have raced those tracks hundreds of times already!! There must be a better answer.

    Thanks for looking into it, Mark.

  • hi Mark Wilson
    I am a Japanese MNR fan.
    I wonder if I could ask you for such a pushy request here but I wish I could race on single offline races with racers whom I have 1on1 matches with on story mode;I mean Drillbit, Iceman,etc…
    I and my friend are looking forward to some patch coming in the future.


  • different regions have diferent rules and regulations for contests and sweepstakes , it would not be prudent to run a contest with a half dozen or so eligebility requirements , it’s not because they particularly like /dislike a region .

  • Cardboard Sackboy kart: check
    Another cardboard kart: so getting as soon as it’s released.

    Now if only there were a cardboard parts and props DLC pack to go with them. hint-hint

    Glad to see this game getting so much love lately. I bought it just a day or two after it came out and still love it.

  • Help, I entered a Horse show and my horse won a blue ribbon. I don’t know what that means? Did I get first? Second? Third? I want to know my results before I pack up FreeRunner back into her trailer and it’s a long ride home. : (

  • I liked the demo way back but didn’t get the game because you can’t[i think, well i read on the internet]use the ‘X’ button to accelerate & ‘square’ button to brake? :( [i am old-skool you see] :D I didn’t get Burnout because of that to. It can’t be that hard to do[as a update?]

    • I hope you can try it again. I know a lot of play testing went into it and this control system was the most popular. I’m also “O.G.” but a game this good I make adjustments to my routine.

      Try it again. It’s too good to miss!

  • i heard that ps4 is coming out in 2012 is that true?

  • wow Mark great job on the news. Just outta curiousity. Did you forget about our little buddy “El Snake-O” again? lol
    He’s anxious about being released.

    One other thing. During the load up screens, one of them displays a, what looks like to be, a old Model T-ish looking kart with a strange looking mod driving it. The Mod is driving the kart in the modspot. Havent’ seen that Kart yet in DLC or in the game. Any info on that? Sure would love to have more “old fassion” karts in the game like an old milk delivery kart

  • when i was at walmart, i noticed ModNation racers isnt in a RED box for the greatest hits lable, just a red sticker saying greatest hits.

  • will there be a modnation racers 2? Please say yes…

  • Please enable it so that those who bought the disc version can install it to their harddrive. I bought the game but hardly play it as there are new games coming out every week and already have 3 or 4 disc games on the go. If the game were on my HDD I’d be more tempted to have a quick race between other games.

  • Are you guys considering making a ModNation game on the NGP (call it ModNation Next Generation), because that would be awsome.

  • Video and site say name your tracks Pro_Flo_X, but the official rules say to name it Progressive_X. Which one is right, or does it matter?

  • So do we have to use all of the parts in the progressive dlc for our submission to count?

  • I hope there isn’t a modnation 2. heck just keep expanding & updating this one. Just keep stretching out that career. More bosses would be awesome. Perhaps another challenger after you defeat espresso.

  • What does the blue ribbon next to your name at the end of a race mean?

    Beat my best lap time? Yeah, No Mark. It ain’t workin’ right… Does it reset daily? Hourly? Per Race? Throw us a bone here…

    What determines the winner of a tie at the end of an XP series?

  • Yeah, I thought it was pretty weak that the contest was only for Americans as well…

    Whats the deal Sony you can’t shell out the extra bucks shipping outside the country ? Sony PS3 announced a profit of 564 million for its third quarter ending December 31 2010…

    Where’s the love ?

    On another note, I’m actually looking forward to reading these Modnation Monday blogs now. Thx Mark and good job dude

    • Because Progressive is running the contest and a US company they wanted to keep it in the US. I’d be bummed too but I guess I’d understand. :(

      Thanks for the shout. I’m giving it my best!

  • The rules on the competition are very poor… it doesnt really bother me as i cant enter but.. does it all have to be in the creators name.. Original creater previous remixer current remixer? or does just the submitter need to be from america?

    it also gives 2 different ‘beggining names’ pro_flo_ and progressive_ whicj one do you use?

    can you submit more than 1 track? if so how many?

  • LOVE Solaria. LOVE IT.

    Also, I really like the Level 30 van. I’m only level 28.5 at the moment, but man, I can’t wait to download that green vehicle with pride, lol!

    Speaking of which, here ye, here ye! If you are a fan of Uncharted, the upcoming Uncharted 3, Diddy Kong Racing, and/or Donkey Kong Country (in particular, Funky Kong), PLEASE check out my mods and karts. Everything is custom-made from scratch; I paid special attention to every part selection, every color choice, the editing and placement of all stickers… Each creation, no matter how simple or complex looking, took at least two hours to finish. So again, please take a look. I’d appreciate any support. Thank you. :D

  • Also a fan of both Solaria AND the level 30 van, but I’m only level 29.1.Speaking of which, i’m sure that will rise.Cor Blimey Modnation?3 Hotlaps In 4 Weeks?Kan you tell me what secret “Mojo” was in the tracks I entered, so i can use it in every track of mine…

  • Has there been anymore reports of problems with update 1.08?.
    I’m just making sure since I have a fan in the U.S.A that got this game and he said he never had any issues with his copy so would that mean that I would be alright also?.
    Also Mark , did you suggest those ideas that I told you about last week?.

    • You should be good to go.
      Yep. I’m not sure what/if we’ll get an answer on those but we will try!

  • The contest is USA only because Progressive is an American company. This is the US blog. I’m not sure I see where the problem is.

  • Hi Mark! ey I have a big question in the game! Hope you can read this.

    Can you ask the guys of UFG or whoever is in charge of this matter?: So far you cannot save your creations file (user creations content) in the XML menu in a USB for backup, that file is not in the “Saved data utility” section of the XML menu, it’s in the “Game data utility”, and that file is not available for copy / saving it!. If we can’t back up that file, if something happens to my PS3, all my creations will be deleted and have to create them again!! my 100 mods, 100 karts and 25 tracks will be gone and that sounds terrible!!

    Can you comment about this matter with the team, please?? that “user creations content” file of 152MB (in my case) it’s pretty important to be backed up!


    • I have an answer. Probably not the one you are hoping for, but an answer which by the way I am going to follow myself at home.

      The only way to “save” all your creations is to do a PS3 hard drive back up.

      Sorry there’s no better answer. :(

  • @46 – It’s mainly down to the fact that SCEE (the useless European arm of Sony) has done NOTHING to help promote this game since the start and even abandoned their own forums a few months into the games lifespan, so this is really the FIRST time a decent competition has surfaced and it seems blatantly unfair that it’s only open to the US residents when the whole world plays MNR and we don’t get anything alternative instead.

  • to mark if you clicked on the first link to the contest it has a large paragraph explaining rules and regs… there is then an option below saying view official rules.

    the 2 pages have different beginning names to call your tracks..

    found it?

    • GREAT catch!

      I passed that info on.

    • Official response…

      “Pro_Flo_” is the preferred nomenclature, but we will also search for and evaluate any tracks named “Progressive_.”

      Corrections to contest website coming asap.

      I say bonus XP for prob_alex!

  • thanks for checking up on that “model T” looking kart. It may not be a model T but it looks like a old classic car.

    So Mark, any info on “El Snake-O”?

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