Dead Nation Introduces Voice Chat Integration, New Development Diary

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Dead Nation for PS3 Panorama

Hi everyone! Housemarque is extremely pleased to report that Dead Nation received the Editor’s Choice award by Gaming Nexus, Just Push Start, Playstation Lifestyle, ZTGD, and Gamingbolt!

Not only that, but the game was also chosen as PSN game of the year 2010 by PS Nation, Gamingbolt, and PlayStation Lifestyle! We’re most honored for these awards, we wish to thank everyone who voted, this means a lot!

Now, we’re excited to report that our upcoming patch is only days away (coming Monday, March 7th) and will provide players with not only online co-op Voice Chat, but also Checkpoint saves, the ability to copy saves, and some even further surprises for all the Dead Nation players out there!

And finally, for those interested in seeing behind-the-scenes of the game’s development, we made a small development diary last year that shows just how the whole zombie pandemic really got started…

We want to thank all the Dead Nation players out there and let them know that they’re appreciated! Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you, the apocalypse has only begun!

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  • thanks for this dead nation FTW!

  • All I am waiting for is 3D addon! This game would be soo cool on my 3D set if things flew out of the screen like seen in Killzone 3. The flatness of it being in 2D makes the experience harder to play (for myself), and it just looks flat as paper.

    Please add 3D support like SSDHD!

  • I will also add I am pleased with being able to copy my save file to a memory stick pro duo. This makes me feel better in case my system dies one day. I want to keep my save files on my mem stick! :) Good job and thanks!

    The checkpoints save feature is not needed, but that’s cool anyways.

    The co-op voice chat was needed on day one. It killed the experience for me and my friend when we couldn’t talk to each other to help each other out. It’s too bad he is sucked into the DC Universe now. This type of deal needs to be day 1 priority. I can never get him to play this game again at this point.

  • Finalmente, espero q acabe os lags tb

  • Nice patch!Dead Nation is a pretty sweet psn title. Some DLC would be awesome.

  • Has anyone gotten the patch yet?

  • I beat the game talking on the phone to my friend the whole time, maybe I’ll beat it again when this drops lol

  • DamagedJustice69

    Fantastic news!! Any help is a good thing especially when trying to solo this guy on Morbid… On that note, anyone looking to run through it on that difficulty hit me up.

    Note to Metalheads:
    BIG 4 in just over a month!!!

  • I am so glad Dead Nation won. This game has to be one of my favorites on PSN. Congradulations to Dead Nation & all who were involved making the game. It is an amazing game. Looking forward for some DLC. Have a Great week.

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