Resistance 3 Multiplayer Revealed, Beta Later This Year

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Greetings from the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge here at the fabulous W Hotel, across the street from the Game Developers Conference in downtown San Francisco. As this post goes live, we are revealing our all-new multiplayer for Resistance 3. We’ve said all along we wanted Resistance 3’s MP mode to bring the best of both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2’s MP and co-op modes, and you’re about to see just how we’ve managed to do that.

Resistance 3: Fort Lamy Action Arena Battle

Resistance 3 will feature 16-player Human vs. Chimera deathmatch and objective-based modes set in locations across the globe. That may seem somewhat jarring after the 40 and 60-player mayhem in RFOM and R2. Rest assured though, our biggest motivation in determining our new player count was the fun times that we and the community had on maps like RFOM’s Busyard and Rooftops, as well as the Bayou House and San Francisco maps in Resistance 2.

Resistance 3 will offer a very deep and customizable progression system. Players can create their own progression paths through multiplayer, spending their hard-earned points to customize loadouts that fit their unique playstyle. We learned a lot from Resistance 2 co-op in terms of giving players the ability to create specific roles in a team and level up different abilities – which you will see with the various active tactical and support abilities, as well as the new personal and combat attributes.

Resistance 3: Fort Lamy Action Doppelganger

Resistance 3: Fort Lamy Prison Messhall Resistance 3: Action Cell Battle

For instance – each player can choose and level different support abilities – such as a Bubble Shield, Ammo Beacon (give ammo to teammates) or Radar Beacon (enhance your team’s radar). There are also tactical abilities you can use against your enemies, such as the Doppelganger (projects an image of you nearby to distract enemies) or Dash (an explosive burst of speed to evade enemy attacks).

Furthermore, each player can select and level a personal attribute and a combat attribute. These range from the ability to have leapers bust out from your corpse, to start with more weapons in your arsenal, to reloading or firing at a faster rate. You will be able to truly customize your character loadout to fit your own unique playstyle in Resistance 3.

We’ve been working on this new direction for close to two years now, polishing and refining our maps. We’re having a ton of fun playing Resistance 3 in the office every day. We will be bringing a multiplayer beta to PSN later this year, so stay tuned to our newsletters (Check today’s for the first news on Insomniac’s Community Day on March 29th!), Full Moon Show podcast, Twitter feed and Facebook page for all the latest updates!

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  • Oh. Hell. Yes! #Winning

  • finally i want to be in the beta please :)

  • Man i really want to play Resistance 3 already!

  • Oh cool. I’m highly anticipated for R3 and its MP.

  • Can’t wait until this game comes out #TeamBON

  • I’ll be honest, i was disappointed with R2’s multiplayer after a while, but i know you guys at Insominac wont let us down, the feedbacks been there for two years now, and im positivie Resistance 3 will be a great Single player and Multiplayer Experience,
    Great Job on all the hard work, keep it up! Septemeber’ll be here sooner than you think!

  • Awesome! can’t wait for this beta :) Insomniac games never stops giving the community what they ask for! Resistance 3 will be amazing!

  • Customizable Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA perks? Winning.

  • Looking good.

  • Please tell there will be a lot of support in the multiplayer and there will be a LOT of levels! and in each level to win cool stuff like in R2! that got me hooked! when I finally got that clank back pack…ahhh the memories :) please answer!

  • Phenomenal news!

    Can’t wait to play this at Community Day!

  • The game is looking better and better each time they announce new features. Thanks Insomniac for the hard work for this title for us to enjoy.

  • Question, will our characters still be customizable?

  • Will the weapons spawn points make a return to Resistance 3 in multiplayer?

  • As long as there are customizable games like in RFOM, I’ll be happy.

  • oh my goodness, hell yea

  • looks Good.

  • Amazing.

    Beta with Socom 4 please :D

  • Hope I get the beta :D

  • Thanks for the reply James, appreciated!

  • I’m glad you guys cut down on the limit. It was cool to see 40-60 players and even 256 with MAG, but I agree with you and your staff — online gaming feels more intimate and exciting in smaller sized games.

    Thanks Insomniac!!! Looking forward to this one!

  • R:FoM was one of my all time favorites, then you sold out with R2… then you sold out to go multi platform.

    So in short, I have no respect for you guys any more, and have lost all faith in the Resistance series so long as its still in your hands.

    • Well – we hope you will give the beta a try. We’ve poured three years of our lives into R3, and we think you will be really excited by it!

  • So, you’re basically adding Halo Reach abilities to your game? Doppelganger and Dash seem VERY familiar…

    Well, whatever. They helped me enjoy Halo MP much more. Just don’t add in anything like the broken armor lock ability into R3.

    • These and many more, you essentially have to pick your weapon, two activated abilities (one to help you be tactical… one to support your team) as well as two personal traits that will give you different abilities in battle.

  • Can’t wait for this game.


  • All Resistance 3 news should be tagged henceforth with #ChimeraBlood

  • This looks promising, will we be getting a trailer or any footage soon? I really wanna see this in action, looks awesome!

  • @James – very cool. I like that. Thanks for the explanation.

    Still moderately peeved there was no support for the R2 co-op mode… but if you’ve used some “lessons learned” from it into R3 MP, then it’s all good.

  • Will there be a barebone playlist for Resistance 3 multiplayer? You know, for the FROM fans that don’t want any of these “perks”?

  • the customization options sound cool. so will Plus members get in first or is the beta going to be something like a pre-order incentive or packing in another game?

  • Any news on Splitscreen? I have friends that enjoy getting together at my house, and well… games always forget our kind. There’s still social people out there!

  • Have great expectations for this one. Been my favorite series. Just wanted to say the RESISTANCE series was the reason I bought the PS3…to be sincere…I’ve bought Resistance 2 Collectors Edition before I’ve bought a PS3.

  • Why only 16 players?

    • Those games were more about military might vs. military might. This game is much more about survival and the skirmishes between those survivors.

      Plus we really wanted to see what we could do while blowing out the smaller maps that were so loved in RFOM and R2

  • About Move support. I understand it’s still undecided, but are you getting closer or farther to/from a “yes”?

    Optimistic or pessimistic, basically?

    • So sneaky the way you asked it.

      The official word is we don’t have anything to announce about Move Support at this time.

  • Question, will this new multiplayer mode feature splitscreen multiplayer, like say me and and a friend (or 3 other friends) on the same couch, and the same screen and play against the world with Split screen PSN logins?

  • I’ll miss the large numbers that kept the game fun and unique, but a nice balanced experience sounds great! Now about that beta… ;)

  • I really loved the R2 multiplayer, so much fun. Though I gotta admit that I mostly played TDM & FFA as the objective games were a bit to hectic and confusing. Hopefully R3 muliplayer will still retain similarities from R2.

  • A mix of the best from R1 and R2 could lead to something Insanely Epic!


  • @35 I agree, I’m going to miss Maps like Manchester in RFOM with 40 player online chaos. Best online experience I’ve had since Tribes back in the Late 90s on the PC.

  • really wish u guys would have just went with the whole no abilities and full weapon will like RFOM multiplayer but im still excited to try it later this year. day one buy not matter what.One question will the weapon wheel be in multilayer? If not will be be able to have more then one primary weapon?

  • The PS Blog really could use a comment and Like feature similar to Facebook. This Blog could really take off with something like that.

  • ^^^Not “Comment”, I meant “Reply”

  • You guys are awesome, the reply to blkant. shows u guys r gonna have open beta,which I cant wait for, well correct me if im wrong

  • TEXT CHAT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F@#$ yeah.

  • Just bring back co-op for the main story and I’ll be happy. That whole co-op side mission stuff in R2, just wasn’t very good.

  • ****Will there be Vehicles in the Online Multiplayer??****

  • Hurray! I’m excited.

    See you online. :D

  • Does the game have splitscreen? offline, online and combo?

  • I cant wait for some resistence 3. Im dying to see hiw this ends, if it does at all!

  • Is the beta going to be private or public? if it is private how do I get accepted ?!

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