Home Mansion Expands, New PixelJunk Content Arrives + Weekly Update

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This Thursday, March 3rd, PlayStation Home welcomes the second expansion to the Home Mansion. This week, everyone will be able to get their hands on the Second Floor with Game Room. Like the previous parts of the Mansion, it comes complete with its own gift machine, ready to hook up your friends with a handful of glittering gold items. Unique to this floor, it comes with its own pool table and dart game.

PlayStation Home: Poster monsters

PlayStation Home: Poster racers PlayStation Home: Poster racers

Landing the same week as PixelJunk Shooters 2 on PSN, PixelJunk is bringing new content to Home related to sister titles, PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Racers. Included are a variety of fun racecar suits for men and trackside attire for the ladies, and to decorate your pad Monster-style, there are more than twenty furniture items, including cute miniature trees and various miniature characters from the game. Head to the PixelJunk Home space tomorrow to check it all out.

From our own collections, this week we bring several wild outfits. Whether you’re into Mech, Battlesuits, or Desert-style camo, you’re bound to want these.

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Formal

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Formal Acsessory

Lockwood is introducing a new brand line. Figment is about being able to stride confidently into any party, room or restaurant knowing you look great. But most of all, Figment is about imagination and the ability to combine separates in ways you hadn’t considered before to produce even more incredible looks and outfits. You may find Figment in the Mall, starting tomorrow.

PlayStation Home: female jersey PlayStation Home: jersey

And last but not least, the Home Community Theater is being updated this Thursday with a couple new videos. First up is HipHopGamer’s newest video, where he enthusiastically reviews Killzone 3. If you stick around for the whole episode, you’ll be granted some blinged-out swag that represent the way only HipHopGamer could before. Next up, Gamer Indepth’s own Doc brings his latest episode where he and Sami interview Luge on her experiences at the record breaking LittleBigPlanet Guinness Book of World Records event in New York City.

See you in Home!

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  • Hypnotic_Inertia | March 2nd, 2011 at 8:10 pm
    Can you ask the Namco Bandai or D3 Publishers and home developers to bring over Dream Club and Macross: Frontier avatar costumes?

    We do have a suggestion forum and a monthly suggestion thred (http://community.us.playstation.com/community/general_home/home_suggestions and http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/3411788 respectively) if you want your ideas to see the light of day. But it is highly recommended that you contact Namco Bandai to let them know of your request. SCEA can only ask, but the community can sway giants with the number of requests. If enough people show an interest, things just may happen.

  • Look like a great update. would love to see the bowling ally pool,and the toy story 3 darts. instead of the pool, darts in the second floor

  • I wonder if you lose the items you win after a certain amount of time. Then get no response about why youre missing items.

  • How much is the Mansion and ALL of it’s floors, pools, levels etc, going to be in the end?


    Pool was $9.99… the 1st floor was $9.99…2nd floor is what? also $9.99…that’s 30 bucks alread, how much MORE is coming?

  • i have a missin reward and have seen another person post that they are missing it to. the criss angel coffin couch. it was a appearance event and a rare item. i cant see having a event and apearing for them only to find out that the items can be removed or takin away. i still have the criss angel coffin coffee table. i have asked some of my home freinds that had theres to show me if they still have theres and they still did . so i would like to get my reward back if at all possible tyvm, cya around home…..there is also a misssin neon mini sign from a psn event that has come up missin for me and many of my freinds another playstation event space can you look into that also

  • Great job everybody always lookforward to your updates i work for wal mart unloading trucks and I always brag to my customers and friends that ps3 indeed does do everything my gf even has one now cya on home tommorrow

  • @1 and various other# yes the freeze glitch, wasnt really aware of it till yesterday and a guy Xashley32X or an id similar told me to get ready to reset my ps3 then he done the coin toss and hey presto my ps3 froze these people should be perma banned and named and shamed.all because i have a female avatar and im a guy.

  • next time i see him and see his correct id i will be calling sony

  • We so need our own music/movies in apartments..

  • @43, I so agree with you..

  • While Home has gotten better content wise the character/avatars still are well off putting due to their rigid movement. characters should have more movement spacial awareness as that would give them life. That or go more the cartoon route.

  • ive been in numerous freezes but the select button saves me cuz i can go to my space from there….will square enix be developing anything more for home….i dislike ff13 so that doesnt appeal 2 me

  • @ AcidRockStar, I froze three times in a row when going to my PlayStation Home Community Clubhouse until I was finally able to get in but I had to let my navigator fully load before entering the clubhouse. My girlfriend keeps freezing at Hudson Gate as well. This is an outrage, this is madness! xD…seriously…-_-

  • I still have no access to my Animated Money Tree reward from the Pool addon for the Mansion. Who do I talk to to get this corrected?

  • DeadSpider, we have a support forum for issues such as yours: http://community.us.playstation.com/community/general_home/playstation_home

  • Says GlassWalls:
    > Says Aiken_Drum:
    > >
    > > Says GlassWalls:
    > > >
    > > > Whether you’re into Mech, Battlesuits, or
    > > > Desert-style camo, you’re bound to want these.
    > >
    > > Unless you have a female avatar, in which case
    > > you’re bound to be disappointed. Only one of the
    > > four bundles is available for females. Weak.

    > Actually, the Mech Suit Outfit, and the Anime Battle
    > Suit Bundle 1 is available for both.

    I said bundles, not outfits. Two people who wear the same outfit look identical. That’s no fun. I’m only interested in bundles.

    So, again… only one of the four *bundles* is for females. And, again… that’s weak.

  • I’m having problems with PS Home Stores i can’t buy anything it errors out and want to buy the second floor mansion this bits ~.~

  • By the way, I want to second what one person said about all of the female hats with short hair. I want my avatar to have long hair, so hats with short hair are not interesting to me. (Read: I don’t buy most of them.)

    Maybe content producers should create several variations with different hair lengths.

    I don’t suppose 1.5 has some better support for combining separate hair and hats…? That would really be the best solution. Hair slot, hat slot. (A back slot would be nice as well, so I can wear gloves *and* wings, but that’s another matter.)

  • I was frozen on beach today and I don’t see how the select button could help because even ps3 button doesnt work after freeze. The only thing you can do is push button on console and turn it off.

  • I go on Playstation Home every once in awhile. Still go there. However the prices of the manison are way too high. Please drop it $5 and I’ll get it. $14.99 is too high. Sorry.

  • Would really appreciate if you added Netflix and Music Unlimited functionality for Home Personal spaces. Sprinting/Jumping functions would be cool too.

  • Maybe the best option for us is to stay off of Home until they get rid of the freeze glitchers, unless you WANT your expensive system to break. I`m not being overdramatic, all that constant shutting down cos of freezing by those morons severely messed up my HDD, the system kept wiping all memory and saying I had 0GB left despite not having anything left on my system. And Home was so corrupted that I couldn`t even delete it, the corrupted file stayed on my system. Without any customers around to buy their increasingly expensive stuff, they`d have no choice but to look into it.

  • Yes I agree with what was said before about the freeze glitch. This happened to me twice last night.

    In one case mt-soul3694 threatened to do it. He tossed a coin twice, then went into his wardrobe and that was it. I had to manually reset my console.

    His name is Blake, he’s 16
    He goes by mt-soul3694 and also Darkassassin3694

    I hope something gets done about this!

  • Sony Must be desperate for content to keep HipHopGuesser around.

  • Hey Sony/Home team. Our PS3 has been froze out of the Gamers Lounge twice now in the last 30 minutes. The first time a warning was left on the screen by a user telling people to get out because he’ll be freezing everyones PS3s. I paid $500 for my PS3 and $150 for a refurb when the original died. The next our console bites the big one, Sony had best not charge for another replacement when they allow other users to disrupt and improperly shutdown peoples consoles which leads to severe wear and tear.

  • Today I ate rice. :D

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