PlayStation Home to Add Suite of New Developer Tools and Tech with Version 1.5

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Today, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, we lifted the veil on PlayStation Home’s version 1.5, which will be coming to your PS3s in early spring. The update will introduce a suite of new technology with tools that will enhance your experience with real-time multiplayer, improved physics, as well as more realistic graphics and animations. PlayStation Home v1.5 was developed with one singular goal in mind: high-quality games. Developers will utilize the improved network mechanics to bolster the multiplayer experience with the fastest action available. With the revamped physics engine, developers will carry more control over physics elements, graphics, rendering and animations, which will translate to more realistic and more intricate game experiences.

This update is significantly different from what you, the PlayStation Home community, have come to expect from past core client updates. While versions 1.3 and 1.4 brought user-facing features like Voice Chat, Cross Game Invites, Navigation Improvements, In-Store Previews, New Item Types (such as Active Items and Companions), Optimized Load Times and Universal Game Launching, PlayStation Home v1.5 is packed with tools and features that will enable developers to expand the types of games possible on the platform – from first-person shooters with real-time, peer-to-peer multiplayer to kart racers and more. These new developer tools also allow for richer graphics and an overall improvement to frame-rate, which is something on top of everyone’s wish list.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding – which is why we want to take this opportunity to show you how PlayStation Home v1.5 will impact your in-world experience. Behold SodiumTwo, the follow up to Lockwood Publishing’s massively successful tank combat game, Sodium One. The game, which is scheduled for release in conjunction with the 1.5 update, takes advantage of v1.5 and features heavily customizable jets squaring off in fast action multiplayer races at supersonic speeds. Check it out!

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  • Now, if there was just some way to upgrade the immature school-yard mentality of 99% of the people using Home…

  • I’ve been playing this new ‘Wipeout’ type game for a month or so now, maybe longer, as part of the Beta I was invited to, it is as some have already said very ‘Wipeouty’ lol, the graphics were smooth & the times I have played it the game played bug free, load times were generous too, having said all that & as good as it was t have been part fo the Beta it is not an area I will be rushing to once its released to the masses.

    Unfortunately PS Home has become much like the PS Forums, a place I no-longer want to go to or interact with very much, Home has (in my opinion) stopped offering what it is I want, & the PS Forums, well, where do you want me to start!

    Lets see if this post gets errr, posted!

  • Sorry to post again so soon, but I wanted to add a comment about 49 above, ‘Here Here’, well said.

  • Will this update allow voice chat while playing the multiplayer games? It’s a shame I can’t speak with my friends while playing Novus Prime.

  • i wonder if they will leave all the old prizes and just add new ones like they did with the midway space

  • @51 get outta here man

  • trophy room or GTFO.

  • i want to watch full movies, crackle movies, and my own misic in my private space, keep up good work though.

  • Glass Walls,
    Hey man, how are you? Dude, this is frikken AWESOME! YAY on bettering the frame rate.

    When I 1st saw this articles title, wanna know my very 1st thought? “OMG, I CAN MAKE MY OWN SPACE! And I don’t mean a Club house, I’m talking about BUILDING a “Home”, Walls, Roof etc..hmmm maybe 1 day, aye?

    1. With the games coming out & I KNOW we got no idea wtf is coming, BUT, WILL the graphics of those games, be like what we have on the PS3 already?


  • Keep up the good work.

    But i really just want all my damn trophies to be worth something. At least some kind of display in home. And I really want my home avatar to be seen without home. Like in my player card or something.

  • trophy room plz

  • I did go in Home to get my Killzone points, Then I went the Sodium space and it was choppy and laggy, so I left.

    Then I checked out that Conspiracy game and played the first mission, I guess that was somewhat ok.

    I then went to the Midway area, walked around, wasn’t going to buy any tickets, then I left.

    I don’t think I will be going back Home anytime soon unless there was something worthwhile that was tied to a PS3 game I enjoy.

    I can’t believe a run button and playing personal music from you HD while exploring Home is not available yet. Not saying that would bring me back, but it would make the experience WAY better.

    Maybe a virtual life in Home is just not for me. Cool for those who enjoy it though.

  • 4-5 comments about ‘no one cares about Home,’ yet the other 40-50 excited about it… so, to those 4-5 people, obviously, plenty more care about Home than don’t.. so go back to playing your 360s and let the rest of us enjoy our PS3 in peace… Home has a lot to offer and it’s only adding more and more stuff for anyone and everyone interested…

  • Great to see this awesome progress for HOME!! Will be getting more time in HOME to catch up before 1.5! :D

  • More compatible match making would be nice.

  • it’ll be nice if playstation home was like more realife like emotions video game relationships u kno like sims or something but still like ps home

  • lol and fighting

  • I’ve been on home now for over ayear. and the imprvements and careing I’ve seen from Sony and developers has been wounderful. I have afeeling we’ll see more of that this next year,and i’ve told that to everyone i’ve met on home. Itry to tell the past of home to others and when i do, they are amazed at how far you and the people on home have come. So congrats sony and developers and their partners on the fine work you are doing and look forward to all that you willbe bring to our future. And oh yes, i do agre trophies would gratly affect the use of the future of gameing on home. ( For you Tropie hunters,lol)

  • Glass,

    This new Ver. 1.5 helps the developmental community, great, but is:

    1. Is Jack Buser adding anything to HOME Version 1.5 from Sony? Like allowing us to play OUR Music & Video content stored on our PS3 into our HOME Spaces etc.?

    2. WILL adding 1.5, have any difference in our Spaces and/or all of the current Spaces in HOME? Like game improvements?

    3. The Item limit is 50, 2 years ago, I was told be Locust_Star, that they were raising the item limit to 100…Well, we’re still at 50 2 yrs later……

    3a. Will that have any effect on how many items we can place in our Spaces?

    4. PLEASE DO NOT ADD OR ALLOW PHYSCIAL CONTACT BETWEEN 2 AVATARS IN HOME! (Then u will have A-Holes running around punching, hitting knocing into everyone & 99% of us DONT WANT THAT

  • I am hoping that one of these Home updates will add the feature to view my trophies in a trophy room.

  • Sodium2 reminds of Wipeout without the shooting but it’s nice to see that Playstation Home is improving and making itself a game besides of a social network.

  • This is awesome and all but when can we expect things like Netflix parties and Pandora in your personal spaces? This is something that would really shoot Home really high up there. ( I have a feeling that we won’t have the trophy room until PS4 since it is the most conveint time to convince all developers to implement that to their games’ trophies.) Anyway, keep doing your thing in Home!

  • You guys did it! Many people have been wondering about Home, and if it’s fun or not, and this will totally bring back some people, and bring in new people!

    I was going to make a youtube video just a few days ago about how Home needed an updated almost exactly like this! Well about more games, new animations, and real time multiplayer!


    This is awesome!

  • Can’t wait to hear more.

  • I really enjoyed the game integration with KZ3, brought me back into home for a bit. Seeing more of these would make it more of a reason to keep coming back.

  • @50, I agree :( PS Home was really cool when it started, lots of intelligent and enthusiastic gamers. Now it’s mostly filled with people who gather around girl avatars and try to impress.

    It would be nice if Home used trophy/game similarities to put us into a shard that has similar players (and/or Friends/Friends of Friends) in it.

    I used to be able to easily find people who had played some of the more artistic, deep games. Now it’s all Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty pplz :(

  • AWESOMESAUCE, way to go guys!!! 8D

  • I don’t mean to be the “negative nancy” lol but how about you bring some of those features you mentioned…

    “versions 1.3 and 1.4 brought…features like Voice Chat, Cross Game Invites, Navigation Improvements”

    …to the regular PSN, seriously I’m BEGGING now. I’ve complained long enough so now I’m on my knees asking you PLEASE give us the features you know we want!

  • Where’s our 3D trophy room?

  • You guys need to weed out the useless items in home. Make it more organized. I feel like the stores and items are like the US government, unorganized as humanly possible.

  • Impressive…very, very impressive. Spring is so close!
    Hmm…would v1.5 mean that I may finally see a home space that I can adjust the weather and time-of-day to my pleasing?
    I’ve been hoping so long for a very stormy/rainy forest-like home space. That would make me want to visit that home all the time just to relax in the beautiful sights and sounds of heavy rainfall and a lighting of my choosing.

    With this upgrade, it great that you’re focusing on gaming. I just hope that functionality gets equal treatment. I’m sure there are tons of ideas around that would add some core features to Home. Phil Harrison’s Hall of Fame might just be around the corner.

  • home is garbage?? when is the final product coming out again??

  • home is garbage ,when is the final product coming out again??

  • Well the only thig I really want is to be able to listen to my music when I play the games. I mean that would be awesome, all of my people on my clan agree, WE WANNA LISTEN TO MUSIC WHEN WE PLAY. It gives us higher scores!

  • Woot, another Home Core update! So looking forward to this!

  • ah … sodium … the game i should have purchased rather than conspiracy . i’m still kicking myself around for that … MEGA buyers remorse . i’v had to grief my villagers more frequently just to vent …LOL .

  • oh … i forgot something … You know what would be great ? For spaces associated to games eg : MAGIC : the gathering . an area only open to those who have ACTUALLY purchased the game . I often use that space to challenge others but yeesh … i have waffle through a bunch of people who’s typical response is ” magic ? what’s magic ??? ” I do realize it’s a developer issue . but if the issue could be brought up to them that’s fine . it would just be nice to be able to easily identify ACTUAL players of games in spaces associated to them .

  • Dam thought they would announce cross game chat its the one thing Ps3 is missing

  • Trophies+Home=Instant player influx…Think about it Sony:)

  • Can’t wait for PS Home update and Sodium 2, I hope it will fix the video issues I had. Let us know when it’s ready ok?

  • was in the game,graphics were very cool,racers are gunna like this 1.real fast…lol

  • @76 plaz

    I have to agree with those ideas. Plus, it would be more of a background algorithm that wouldn’t be very intrusive. I feel that would seriously up the value of Home for those that don’t look to go in just for the cheap games and special events.


    i been in playstation HOME since 2008 (not much i think) i enjoy it more than the games for the console, is very good to see all the improvements was made since then, thanks to all the people that make this possible, to all the developers and all the people who spend money in virtual things, because all we know without money it can´t be possible, is going good and i hope it goes better

  • so I’m wondering if that car in the mansion garage that’s being unlocked when the keys are found by the space owners will have any abilities due to the update? I’ve read a few articles describing Sodium 2: Project Velocity which state “Home integration will allow Sodium 2 players to walk over to their garage, hop in a customized car, and accelerate directly into a live race with other players seamlessly”, might this be a possibility?

  • Any upgrade to PlayStation Home is always a good one. It can only get better and as an active member of the PlayStation Home community, I sure would like to see a whopper! (Not BK’s whopper)

  • awesome

  • Please, please add Trophy support for Home games. This will make them much more relevant and bring in more people to try/buy them.

    It shouldn’t be too difficult from an organizational point, treat all games as DLC and keep them under a ‘PlayStation Home’ trophy set. I do ask, please don’t add trophies for home in general (no ‘Login to PlayStation Home’ trophy), it won’t enhance the experience any.

  • Hello Everyone. I want to point something out to all of you. For those of you who believe that Sodium 2 is a “Wipeout ripoff” I would like to let you guys know that Wipeout isn’t the first of it’s kind. There were many games just like Wipeout before Wipeout ever made its first appearance. Check out this link and see for yourselves.

    Happy gaming everyone

    Aubry Blate out
    “Girl Power”

  • Bring the Hall of Fame 3D Trophy room as promised in the past by Phil Harrison. I always wondered what Phil is up to now. I love to show off my Platinum Trophies I earned.

    ►► Love to see HOME add the ability to make our own personal spaces like it would be in the game called Sims. Could still make money off of Personal spaces to have different type of Theme spaces with different backgrounds and have a Dynamic Weather in the personal space to be the weather of choice or have the option to set the weather as is around the players personal location.

    ►► What ever happened to the Basketball Personal space game room to shoot hoops with friends or with local PlayStation Home Community Members.

    ►► Love to see more interactions in Home.

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