SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition and Covert Missions Revealed

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SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition and Covert Missions Revealed

If you caught GameTrailers TV last night then congratulations! You had an exclusive first look at two previously-unannounced goodies from SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs – both of which we’re going into detail about right now.

SOCOM 4: 45 Stealth

SOCOM 4: 45 StealthSOCOM 4: 45 Stealth

The first new element ties directly into gameplay and it’s one that we’re really thrilled about. In select missions during the solo campaign, players take control of female South Korean 707th covert operations expert “45.” Acting as the team’s primary form of reconnaissance, 45 slinks into various locales under the cover of night to capture valuable intel and sabotage enemy operations. Armed with silenced weapons and a handy stealth meter that lets players know how visible they are to hostile forces, 45 is a sneaky badass that adds a lot to the already-intense SOCOM 4 experience. We really think you’re going to enjoy playing her missions and we’re glad to finally let that secret out of the bag.

SOCOM 4: Full Deployment Edition for PS3

Part two of our double announcement is just as exciting! In addition to the standard version of SOCOM 4 that you’ll find in stores across America on April 19, there will also be a special limited run SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Full Deployment Edition. Priced at $149.99, the SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition is packed with all kinds of awesome. What kind of awesome are we talking about? Check it:

  • SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs video game on Blu-ray disc
  • PlayStation Move Motion Controller
  • PlayStation Move Navigation Controller
  • PlayStation Move sharp shooter
  • PlayStation Eye Camera

At the heart of this limited edition bundle is the PlayStation Move sharp shooter, giving you pinpoint precision and a streamlined and authentic design. On top of all that, you also get easily accessible buttons, responsive digital trigger, realistic pump-action, a firing mode selector, adjustable shoulder stock and convenient access to the navigation controller. Sold separately, the contents of the SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition are valued at nearly $220, making its $149.99 price tag a savings of more than 30%!

Regardless of which version of SOCOM 4 you purchase, you can still pre-order it at participating retailers to receive two unique slug-powered shotguns (one each for both the Spec Ops and Insurgent teams). Of course, folks who pre-order SOCOM 4 at GameStop get the shotgun plus the exclusive Suppression map, “Abandoned,” inspired by the classic map of the same name from SOCOM 1 and II.

The SOCOM 4 information train isn’t done yet! We’ll be back again next week with a ton of new details including the dates in which our multiplayer beta kicks off and a few other pleasant surprises to boot.

See you then!

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  • Great so you are fragmenting the community day 1? Why must developers continue to do this? Throw in exclusive costumes, weapons, emblems, etc. fine. Why maps though? So that the day I buy my game there are games that either people can’t join or won’t be played as much b/c not everyone with the game has it? Aside from $$$$$$ for the developer it sucks.

  • So I have a question, on the Sharpshooter there is a pump action, with that pump action on killzone 3 it acts as a reload button, I wondered if there is going to be a better implementation of that in socom, perhaps with a shotgun where you would pull the trigger to fire then pump for the next round, and with a grenade launcher reload, even in the use of an under barrel shotty. Will that be done? I think that would take the realism of socom to the next level. Sorry for all those commas, I have terrible grammar. Thanks for reading my comment.

  • way to kill a franchise zipper, you sold out to the brainless modern day shooter. congratz

  • I really want this bundle. Money is always tight for me, but this is such a good deal. Hopefully I can get it. Thanks Zipper, Sony.

  • Should have added the new headset in it as well

  • well that sucks, i want that map but i can’t stand gamestop. sigh..

  • That’s a great deal!!!

    Why haven’t you released a HARDCORE PS3 bundle that includes: Official Wireless Keypad, Official Bluetooth headset, PS Move + Navigation Controller and PS Eye and a copy of MAG.

  • Why didn’t they do this for Killzone 3 too!!!

  • I think the Sharpshooter should be bundled with a Nav controller by default. Maybe with a Move too and just sell it for $100. We only need one PS Eye…

  • not very fair to those in the uk i want to order it from the usa but if i do will the socom 4 disc work on my ps3 in the uk on uk account ?

  • So I’m using the sharp shooter for killzone 3, love it, loved using the move in my hands with killzone 3 but the sharp shooter is way better.

    One thing is missing.. any chance we can get a shoulder strap for the sharp shooter? would love to let the sharp shooter and my arms just sort of rest off my shoulders. also the sliding attachment in the back needs to extend longer, my arms can cramp up from having to tuck my arms in from the shortness of its length.

    outside of that this was a great purchase.

  • Just beat killzone 3 with the PS3 Sharp Shooter can’t wait for Socom4 !

  • So when you say release across “America” do you mean U.S.A. or the real America which is North, America Central America and South America. Because So far I don’t see this deal in Canada stores neither on Canadian websites such as or Anyone rep can answer me?

  • You know what I would like.
    Duck Hunt. PS Move + DuckHunt = win!

    Cant wait to get my hands on this.

  • alinalexandroaie

    Hi jeremy,when the full deployment edition will be relesed?

  • when the SOCOM beta coming out lokking forward to it

  • is the move package deal include canada too?

  • preorder the full deployment bundle from Gamestop by 3/15/11 and use promo code PRE10 to get 10% off…save $9 in the end cause you have to pay $6 for S/H, then add tax for a total payment of $151.90

  • does the spawn system in socom 4 works similarly as in mag where u have only 2 spawn areas to chose from, or you will be able to chose to spawn on your squad as in bad company2?

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