PSP Now Available for $129.99; New Additions to Greatest Hits and Favorites Collections

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PSP Now Available for $129.99; New Additions to Greatest Hits and Favorites Collections

PSP - God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Since launching in 2005, the PSP platform has had a profound impact on the way we play games while on-the-go, pushing the boundaries for cross-media entertainment and setting the benchmark for quality for portable games – not to mention selling 23 million* units to date in North America and more than 67 million worldwide. Today we’re very excited to announce that the PSP-3000 system will be available for a new low price of $129.99 (MSRP) starting February 27, 2011, offering its greatest value to date. In addition, going forward PSP Entertainment Packs will be available for $159.99 (MSRP); bringing you everything you need to experience the PSP system and an even better value.

To get the word out on PSP’s awesome new pricing, we’ll be launching a new TV and digital marketing campaign. Be sure to keep an eye on some of your favorite networks including FOX, MTV and ESPN for the new TV spot. Here’s your first look:

We at PlayStation have always been committed to delivering value and offering you the unparalleled gaming experiences. That said, we’re also adding a slew of new blockbuster titles to PSP’s “Greatest Hits” and “Favorites” collections. New additions to the $19.99 PSP Greatest Hits library include Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY , LittleBigPlanet PSP, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER and Toy Story 3: The Video Game, while Daxter, Tomb Raider Anniversary and more are now priced at $9.99 as part of the PSP Favorites library. See below for a full list of new PSP Greatest and Favorites titles.

New PSP “Greatest Hits” Titles ($19.99)

New PSP “Favorites” Titles ($9.99)

As you all know, the PSP platform enables you to take highest quality games and the industry’s biggest gaming franchises with you in your pocket. Looking forward to delivering more in 2011!

*Cumulative sell-in number for North American market as of end of December, 2010

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  • two thumd up 4 psp crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New PSP “Favorites” Titles ($9.99)
    •Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Capcom)
    •Killzone: Liberation
    •SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fire Team Bravo
    •Tomb Raider Anniversary (Square Enix, Inc.)

    Ok this is phatetic….
    – Crisis core haven’t gotten into the PSN, been hoping it would for ages….
    – Monster Hunter Freedom Unite just now I check strill 19.99 on the PSN
    – Tomb Raider Anniversary is still 12.99 on PSN

    I check just now using Media Go…
    Come on Sony, just because us PSP GO user have no choice other than the PSN then you think you can sharge higher than the UMD version ???
    what about the expense for UMD disk production, the PSN (digital) version should be cheaper.

  • Marcus, where art thou Marcus?

  • Keep your low tech old UMDs PSPGo release actually lowered NDS sales.

  • Owned my PSP since launch day in Japan, been a great 5 years, NGP, come to me, I want my Playstation 3 Portable already :D

  • I’ve seen DisidiaFF in stores for $10 and I bought Tactics Ogre last week for $40 and it’s now $30? Now i remember why i didn’t buy any PSP games in the past 2 years…

  • This would be a great time for Crisis Core to find its way to the PS Store…

  • Just cancelled my Nintendo 3DS order and getting a PSP instead

  • Will Monster Hunter Freedom Unite be updated to $10 on PSN as well? I’ve already got a physical copy but a digital one would be more convenient.

  • you know, if the PSP launched at this price back in 2005, it would of dominated.

  • How is Daxter now 10 dollars it already was I thought?

    Also when will Jeanne d’ Arc become a PSP favorite? I so want to buy that game but I could pay less at the store & I want to be able to play it on the NGP when that comes out. So please think about lowering the price.

    Plus is there a reason why WipEout Pulse, LocoRoco & Patapon cost more then their sequels? Plus both Pursuit Force games are the same price.

  • How is Ratchet and Clank Size Matters just now dropping to 20 dollars as a greatest hit? the game is older than Crisis Core and it’s 10 dollars more. SHAME!

    Anyway bring crisis core to the PS Store. I think a qualifier for Favorites status should be a UMD and Digital Download.

    Also thank you for doing away with the annoying kid.

  • Gragh, have had CRISIS CORE and DISSIDIA since their launches (and same will be true of duodecim). Now, though, maybe some of my friends could get into those games, so I won’t feel so alooone.

  • I love my PSP but i’m really getting sick of Square Enix deliberately holding most of their best games from PSN. Please sony, next time they say they wanna make a new game for PSP, add a “No digital, No deal” clause to the contract.

  • while this is nice for new people who may want a psp (k series) or people who may have been cautious about the game, What about Psp Go users?

    its pretty pathetic when a company doesnt even take their own system seriously. i mean some of the games listed arent even on the Psn for us Psp Go users.

    This is one of the reason im probably not going to buy a NGP. your lack of support for the psp in general mixed in with zero support for the psn/pspgo is just ridiculous. why are some (great) games still unavailable for us?

    Next time you make a umd-less system support it, or dont release it. now im stuck with a psp go i never use because most of the games i want are still not available….and you wonder why people hacked the psp.

  • I wish you guys would also drop down the price of the psp go to make it easier for me to buy since I’m still having a hard time in getting a job

  • I’m buying a go. because i want my games to be playable on the NGP when it comes out. all i need to play is street fighter alpha 3 max & Darkstalkers Chronicles they are both only 10 bucks on PSN.

    But could you guys help me by answering a question for me. If i buy PSP games on my PS3 slim will the download remain there on my PS3 after i put it on my psp. I am scared that i might delete the games or something and Sony will not let me re download it agian. I bought some samurai jack episodes back in 2008 and i could not re download after i was deleted. thanks

  • And i do not have a PSP yet, trying to determine if i should Get a GO or a 3000.

  • @ 67 Alexander-tron – Yes, the DL will remain on the PS3 but you can redownload the games…it’s the videos you have to back up. Something to do with the DRM…

    @ 64 DarkRecoil – I couldn’t agree more!! I wish people would realize that Sony has nothing to do with the decisions of the game companies who decide not to make their games available digitally.

  • And next the ps2 slim price drop to 50 bucks this summer. I will keep my fingers crossed

  • I really like my PSP-1000 & I’ll be sticking with it until the NGP releases.

    However, I am disappointed by Sony’s lack of support for several PSP features:
    1) Internet Browser – no updates for Adobe Flash Player
    2) Internet Radio – lack of updates & new stations.

    Hopefully, Sony will properly support & do a better job of updating the NGP’s features.

  • when is the ngp coming and are the graphics better

  • You’ve convinced Square Enix to put Crisis Core on PSN as well, right? Right??

  • how about a PSN release for Crisis Core?

  • @48 (I believe):

    The demographic for the “Marcus” ads was there. I teach at a school with about 2000 “Marcuses” demographically. I’ve never seen so many PSP’s in one school. However, the problem is that most of those kids already had PSP’s. They demographic was there, but the timing was entirely off.

  • $129.99 is a steal? :sigh:

  • Gamers on a budget will be smart enough to wait for the NGP, but clueless casual players will see this and grab it! They probobaly wont even know that that PSP has a successor coming out this year, the NGP.

    So I’m sure this is aimed at the people who don’t know about the NGP, or at people who have more money than others and can afford this and a NGP.

    I will just be waiting for the NGP! Hope this boosts sales though :)

  • Any one know if this is going to apply to the psp go?

  • @78 Obviously it doesnt apply to the psp go since the post clearly states this is for the “PSP-3000 System”. XD

  • *smacks you in the forhead instead of himself*
    Its pretty damn obvious I meant will this be extended to the oh it was just a test portable they released for near houndred more then the established portable *and it was that much more for exactly no reason at all*
    *quite sad to see Sony has pretty much abandoned the Psp go in every single way*

    But hey People can ask questions can’t they? Oh they can’t they get snide little remarks in return? how dare some how ask a question then.

  • Oh! There should be a 3D platformer on the release of the NGP :D

  • This doesn’t reflect at retail until Sunday by the way…
    Will the titles shown here become the same price for their psn download as well? Killzone Liberation is still $15.99 on psn.

  • Woah, Monster Hunter for 9.99 as well? I really hope these prices are reflected in the PSN store. I’d love to get MH and Daxter.

  • wow. Marcus Rivers’ voice is getting deep!

  • awesome deal!!

    though I’m stocking up for the NGP =D

  • At this point I feel like skipping the original PSP and just wait for the PSP2 (AKA NGP).

    I’ll buy PSP2 once it hits $199.

    Right now I’m so busy gaming on PS3/PC that I don’t have time for any other platforms at the moment.


  • This doesn’t apply to Canada or what?

  • When are these prices coming to the PSN???
    Unite PSP Go Owners and wont take NO as an answer from these guys @Sony, they already had enough fun with us. Not only we have the most expensive piece of PSP Hardware but the useless one as well!

    Let’s raise our voices for some justice to be made!!!

  • With the NGP coming up..
    129 is too much.

  • whats up with canada?? psp still at 169……

  • Store prices won’t update until the store publishes on Tuesday. Bad decision by Sony. Sony should update whenever needed, not once a week.

    I’m glad you stopped the Marcus commercials. The kid was awful.

  • I got Metal Gear SOlid for 30.00, now it’s 20.00! OMG, not fair!

  • When is this going to happen? Will this be available for PSP GO owners (i.e., I hope these prices will be for PSN too)? I have plenty of money to spend…I just need the SCEA to give me some incentive!

    New PSP “Favorites” Titles ($9.99)

    * CRISIS CORE-FINAL FANTASY VII (Square Enix, Inc. )
    * Daxter
    * Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Capcom)
    * Killzone: Liberation
    * SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fire Team Bravo
    * Tomb Raider Anniversary (Square Enix, Inc.)

  • Yeah, Sony dudes, you got to lower the online download price of these games for us PSP Go users. Throw us a bone here will ya!

  • Are these price changes because the PSP is over? I hope not because I just got my PSP for Christmas.

  • Had my PSP since launch. Thank God for the UMD being region free. Played lots of games that never came to the U.S. My hope is that I can download the Japanese game on the new PSP2/NGP. Also I hope Sny will have ALL their PSP titles available for download at launch of the NGP.

  • A psp that low! anyone who buys one is a real gamer.

  • they need to put it for 99$ damit

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