inFAMOUS 2: New KARMA Trailer and GameTrailers TV Invades Sucker Punch

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inFAMOUS 2: New KARMA Trailer and GameTrailers TV Invades Sucker Punch

Greetings Blogosphere and Happy Friday to all!

First we want to thank you for all the positive comments and vibes we got off our June 7th launch date announcement last week.

Today we kick off the weekend with GTTV‘s visit to Sucker Punch and a new trailer where Cole is caught between two women. (That guy has it rough, doesn’t he?)

New KARMA Trailer
So we’ve been talking a lot about the game’s new Karma system the last few weeks. The Western interpretation of Karma (according to my good friend Wikipedia) states that performing positive actions results in a good condition and negative actions results in bad effect and situations. In inFAMOUS 2, Cole will have new powers and will come across many crossroads. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide the path you want him to walk. Look out for Cole’s good and evil outfits, a sneak peek of a new faction he has to face, and a small taste of Cole’s new ICE POWERS!

GTTV visits Sucker Punch


Our friends at GameTrailers TV gave Sucker Punch a visit to find out more about Cole’s new adventure, especially the choices he has to make, the sides he will take, and how your decisions will dramatically affect the story and the way you play the game. Peep never before seen missions and see how Cole, Kuo and Nix use their powers together.

As always, thanks for the support and be sure to stay tuned here and on for more updates!

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  • got the Hero edition pre-ordered & I can’t wait to see how the save from Infamous 1 is incorporated.

    the only thing I don’t see is how the Karma system is any different than what was in the first one other than which sidekick you pick, it still looks like the only difference between good & evil is whether you kill everyone & blow everything up or do your best to save everyone & everything

  • I cannot wait for Infamous 2 to come out. Infamous was great, and I can’t wait to see what Sucker Punch has in store for Cole. Also, phenomenal trailer. What’s the song title and who is it by? I’d love to go and buy the album its on.

  • Does anyone else think that the new Cole looks kind of like an eviler Neil Patrick Harris?

  • This game looks seriously sick. But I do have some concerns:

    1. I really hope the focus throughout this series stays on Electricity with just a hint of other elements. That is Cole’s true power and he can’t just switch to being a multi-power-wielding super being now.

    2. I’m glad that they reverted Cole’s first “new” design for the most part, but I still can not get over his new voice. I’m sorry, but the voice acting really isn’t good at all. Like I just can’t listen to it and take it seriously. It sounds like he’s trying too hard or that it’s fake. I understand that they are using motion capture technology now and so they had to make a switch in actors, but Cole is a gritty character and that’s all there is to it…embrace your original decisions Sucker Punch.

  • @#50omega_alpha-619, If a blog moves comments around then it does matter. I don’t care if I am 1st at all but if they were doing it in order to put the most positive comments on top then it says a lot about how the blog is run. I asked here to see if anyone has experienced this. I can find out from the Blog team anyway so I did not expect an answer from them here.

  • Haha that remind me how my mom always talk to me about Karma and that kind of stuff ^^’

  • Will there be Killzone 3 single player dlc? :D

  • Ice and Napalm. You sold me….again

  • @TapDatApp Yah I wish they had kept the original voice, but as far as new powers go the storyline does permit him to be a multi-power super hero/villian. He fuses with the super powered woman he teams up with. So no problem there.. but im sure the electric powers are still gonna be at center stage.

  • @ Fathusan Ah.. I misunderstood, my bad. Sorry ^^

  • I definately will be purchasing the hero edition.

  • HOLY…!
    I need inFAMOUS 2 NOW. That looks freaking awesome, June 7th cannot come any sooner…

    New Cole voice is actually quite good, the idea with Kuo and Nix being “side-kicks” is awesome and NAPALM AND ICE…! *faints

  • omg that was just epic

  • Hurry up June 7th…

  • I remember when I used to think that Cole’s voice was the only problem with Infamous 2. Of course, this was before I heard Zeke’s new voice and the new sound that annoyingly goes off everytime you kill an enemy/get karma points.

  • Damn!! Yes!!!

  • I miss the bad karmas red,black, and white look with all the veins! Cuz he looked SOOO evil!

  • I still think Cole sounds like Russell from the CBS show Survivor in the new Karma trailer.
    I think Linkin Park’s song New Divide would be perfect for the Karma trailer. Anyone else agree?

  • Cant wait to get the hero edition!

  • anyway you can change the box art for north america to the europe one?

  • does anyone know if the soundtrack will again be composed by Amon Tobin?

  • can’t wait for this game will we find out how he got that scar on his face he didn’t have that in the first game

  • Oh, ok so why does the black woman have to be the evil one?…..

  • And by the way, please dont cast Neil Patrick Harris as Cole if theres gonna be a movie… Get somebody like Scott Adkins and shave his head.

  • I haven’t play inFamous 1 yet! but this one looks awesome! Does it have multiplayer mode?

  • Does it have multiplayer mode? Really? No. And I pray it never does. Not all games should have multiplayer modes.

  • I really hope this isn’t a hint that Infamous 2 will have multiplayer, because not every game needs multiplayer.

  • @KGH, no Sam Worthington should be Cole

  • OMG! Ever since I played he first I wondered if the second one was ever going to come. When I heard it was, I almost fainted. Im so gonig to get the Hero Edition for sure now.

  • This Trailer is electricfying inFamous 2 is Gonna Kick ASS!!!! Sucker Punch Rocks

  • This looks like awesome. Best super hero video game series ever. I can’t wait.

  • Please give us a demo soon.

  • Any chance you could ask them to make a trailer with the RJD2 song “Iced Lightning?” When I first saw the trailer for Infamous 2 with Cole with ice powers at the end, and the 2 made of ice, I thought it would be pretty cool if they created a trailer with that song.

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