inFAMOUS 2 Countdown Begins: Release Date, Pre-Orders & HERO Edition Announced!

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inFAMOUS 2 Countdown Begins: Release Date, Pre-Orders & HERO Edition Announced!

Last Friday, an inFAMOUS 2 post broke down the power of choice in inFAMOUS 2 and spawned some very energetic comments on not just the Karma system, but another topic as well –

“Release date please!”- TomHoang

“Please give us a release date already! Geez!”- DeviantBoi


Well to Tom, Deviant, Mila, and the rest of you amazing fans, we are happy to announce that inFAMOUS 2 will be launching in North America exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on June 7th, 2011!

In about 4 months, players will finally begin the next chapter in Cole’s adventures. (Packfront Alert!)


On top of this, we’d love to confirm that on that same day we are also launching the inFAMOUS 2 HERO Edition (aka the Best Kept Secret EVER) for $99.99 (msrp).

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Short of actual electrical super powers, the HERO Edition delivers everything an inFamous fan could want including a highly detailed 8.5” Cole MacGrath statue, a sportable sling pack modeled after Cole’s own in-game gear, the inFAMOUS #1 mini comic from DC Comics, the official inFAMOUS 2 HERO Edition Soundtrack and a super voucher code for a collection of in-game content.

Starting today participating retailers kick off official pre-order programs letting you score one of the following bonus items listed below.



Cole’s nasty new weapon definitely delivers the pain, but when you pre-order at you can get a gold (in-game) version to dish it out in style.


KESSLER_Concept art

Experience inFAMOUS 2 as Cole’s super-powered nemesis from the first inFAMOUS story if you pre-order from Best Buy.


Lightning Hook

GameStop fans can unlock this special power with their pre-order, an electro-kinetic tether that lets you snare and pull enemies and objects towards Cole.


Electrocution Grenade

Visit Walmart and pre-order to get powerful grenade that ties enemies down with arcing electricity before going BOOM.


Blending the funk and jazz of New Orleans’ own Galactic, with the rock sounds of Bryan “Brain” Mantia (Primus & Guns and Roses), we’ve created a soundtrack that is pure inFAMOUS 2. Music lovers can download this special soundtrack if they pre-order from participating retailers.

Hope this is exciting news for everyone. Look out for more great updates to come, both on or right here on the PS blogosphere!

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  • i would only get the hero edition for one reason and one reason only…cause the backpack has a sly cooper symbol on it…

  • I don’t know if this will work but I have to try…

    Please tells us the release date — FOR SLY4 –!!!! So I could mark it on my calender and save money from now!!!!


    Btw, day-one buy from me.

  • Awesome news!

    But can we please get the Euro Box art, It’s so much better than the NA one.

  • Awesome! I’ve pre-ordered and set aside the cash for this!

    Instant day-one purchase!

  • Dagnabbit . . . You know I used to NEVER get collector-edition type things because I figured I didn’t need it. But first LBP2, and Now I2?! Y’all just want to take all my money, don’t you? Lol. But I really hope Amazon sells the Hero Edition because that’s my prime place to buy my games!

  • Already have it pre-ordered on Amazon!

  • I thought gold doesn’t conduct electricity.

  • I haven’t logged into PS Blog in a while, but had to for this.


    This might be my first CE I buy, but I wish you guys would start adding posters to CE’s of games.
    Do we get all of the preorder bonuses if we get the CE?

    I like the cover art-very bold.

    Please keep the comic book cutscenes and feel to the game!
    Please give this a solid advertisement campaign! I want to see Kevin Butler shooting out electricity :)

  • Sly 4 hasn’t been officially announced yet, so they can’t give a date for an unannounced game. ;)

  • My only concern is you are holding out on some mighty cool/powerful weapons to only a few people and not to everyone that buys the game? That seems really unfair/not cool.

  • AWESOME! Great one-two punch PlayStation.Blog with the Kevin Butler Killzone 3/Sharpshooter ad and now this! InFAMOUS 2 Hero edition officially preordered ;)

  • since this is a hero edition,is there a inFAMOUS dark edition

  • I was so looking forward to this, but the bag it just doesn’t have that wow feeling to it. Like what features and specs are there about the bag, by the looks of it, you can’t really do much with it. The figure looks great, but theres nothing else attractive in the collectors set.

    Its like the Crysis 2 Nano edition, the backpack looks nice but you can’t really do anything with it.

  • i seriously think we need the europe version its so much better

  • I am so stoked for this game.

    That said, please bring an end to retailer specific pre-order bonuses

  • So where is the part that says all DLC will be available for free to PS+ members on release day for 1 month?

  • I don’t know if it is wise to release it when everyone is gearing for E3. Will it get coverage by media? Will it get over shadowed by some E3 announcements? A bit risky IMO

  • I will definitely be preordering the hero edition when I go home next week. This gives a good couple of months to save up for it.

    Totally psyched for Infamous 2

  • THEY SHOULD HAVE A INFAMOUS EDITION!!! Also Does anyone reconize the Sly Cooper Symbol on the bag?

  • Look at the cover under RP (Rating Pending) It says ‘online interactions not rated by ESRB’ Does this mean this game will have multiplayer option?

  • Hero Edition bought. Thanks to amazon’s $20 gift card bonus for pre-ordering Killzone 3 and swagbucks amazon gift cards, this SE will be mine.

    I just hope the guys at Sony aren’t rushing SuckerPunch to finish this. Could’ve sworn it wouldn’t be ready until Fall, but who really wants to release games in the fall when you have to contend with the Madden of the FPS genre, Call of Duty?

  • Awesome news. Just preordered the Hero Edition. Also why i the UK Blog so much cooler looking than this? You can even see who are Plus members.

  • Looks great and sounds fun but will it have at-least co-op gameplay? If not, then online co-op/competitive mode?

  • Cannot Bloody wait to fight the Beast!!!

  • Who approves the US covers for PS3 games? Please use the EU one for the US, we at least deserve good coverart for a change.

  • Oh, Sucker Punch, you always have us covered for a game to play in the summer :P I’m looking forward to this. I’ll be preordering soon to get my lightning hook!

  • on my bday :D i didnt know ya had a clue when was my bday thanks for the bday present :D

  • soon as its avail on amazon im going to pre order it :) kick ass!!!!

  • Will this include an Uncharted 3 beta? like inFamous did UC2?

  • Gamerfitnation loves infamous 2 Cant wait!

  • Well I know what Ill be playing this summer.

  • @ Sneeches
    It is on Amazon right now.

  • Sold! I’m pre-ording this! Can’t wait to play this!

  • Can’t wait!!!!!!! Gunna pre-order from Best Buy and get that sweet Kessler skin!!!!! Thank you Sony for keeping the games rolling out all year long. You da bosses.

  • Damn. Looks like I’m going to have to revisit Infamous 1 to remind myself about the storyline.



  • Wow… EU box art looks 1000X better. Can the US people stop dropping the ball pls?

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    June 7th can’t come soon enough. I’m gonna pre-order that mug from best buy today (kessler skin looks awesome).
    I’m slowly putting money down on pre-ordering all the exclusives (plus a few third party) for the rest of the year. 20 bucks here and there really helps the wallet not feel the pinch as much as if i were to just dish out $60 for every purchase. I’ve been able to to pay off Killzone3, Socom4, Resistance 3 over the past couple of months. inFamous 2 is next! Just gimme the release dates and I’ll start paying NOW!!! lol

  • anything from an amazon pre order. I seriously want the soundtrack. You guys should have made the collectors edition for $20 like the LBP one :(. Especially for what it actually has. Thanks for the thought though. Hellz yea for the release date :D

  • Game looks good, still am puzzled why they thought it was a good idea to bother changing cole, he looked fine in infamous 1, seriously stupid decision there.

  • Wasn’t expecting this until the end of the year. I am pleasently surprised.

  • @84, yeah, there is seriously something wrong with Sony in America, its sales are plummeting, probably have to do with sony’s lackidasical approach to marketing. Minimal advertising/marketing.

  • During the summer down season too. Please release more game in the summer. Far too many game compete for the little money us consumers have in February, and November.

  • Awww I knew this year was going to kill me..and it’s just getting started! You guys have my money, day one.

  • AWESOME! would be cool to have a “Villain” version, is that in the cards at all?

  • OMG!!! Shut up and take my money!

  • That box art is probably the worst choice you could have made. Congrats on adding another reason why game developers should never design box art. Leave that to artists. Hire one.

  • Oh, and the EU boxart is better imho. Nevertheless the US boxart is good and I am still buying it! =)

  • I absolutely loved the first one, and will buy the sequel day one.

    I just hope that’s a lot longer. For a sandbox game, the first one was pretty short. I could finish the campaign plus all side missions and taking over all districts in about 12 hours.

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