Access Millions of Music Tracks on PlayStation Network with Music Unlimited – Available Today

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We’re excited to introduce a new way to experience music on your PlayStation and other Sony connected devices with today’s launch of cloud-based, streaming digital music service Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity. With Music Unlimited, you’ll have access to more than six million music tracks from major recording labels, leading independent labels and major publishers around the world. Discover the latest hits or classic favorites and sync your existing music library with the cloud for an endless custom music experience via personalized music channels and playlists.

Check out the video walkthrough to see how it works:

With Music Unlimited’s Basic service, you can enjoy commercial-free, uninterrupted music across a variety of channels and genres and provide instant feedback on each song to ensure that the service is learning your music preferences and providing the proper recommendations based on your personal tastes. With the Premium service, you can access additional premium music channels, search the entire music database, play songs on demand and create custom playlists.

In addition to PlayStation 3, you may also enjoy Music Unlimited on your network-enabled BRAVIA TV, Blu-Ray Disc player, Sony VAIO or other PC and coming soon to Sony’s other mobile devices, including PSP. Music Unlimited will be available later this afternoon Pacific Standard Time (PST) for 30-day free trial of the Premium service, with monthly subscriptions of Premium at $9.99 or Basic at $3.99. For more information about Music Unlimited, check out the press release.

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  • Basic should be free, to compete with Pandora. Unfortunately, this is going to have a hard time competing with Pandora as Pandora runs on more devices (specially my Samsung TV and Blu-Ray player).

    This looks nice, but needs a better incentive.

  • Please tell me this is in Canada and if not please say it will be here soon!?

  • Canadians, if you check the Qriocity website, Music Unlimited is coming soon. Doesn’t mention anywhere in this article whether this includes Canada, but fingers crossed.

  • to much plus id rather just download my music for free and just play it through my laptop.

  • As long as there’s music offering from Hollywood Records and Columbia Records, I’m sold. if not, I’ll keep waiting…

  • @ 10 No, probably just US.

  • meh too expensive for a new service that is limited to the devices its on seriously Sony you need to do better market research with people from all walks of life MUCH cheaper to subscribe to Slacker radio and get it on ANY PC and your phone etc…

  • @1 Diddo, but go Arcade Fire ey

  • So with the computer side and what not coming soon, I am to assume that we will not have an app on the Android Market for this either? I love my PS3 and saving for the NGP but I am not sold on the Xperia Phone, so an app for this on the Android Market to use it would be awesome for those that don’t want or can’t get the Sony phone.

  • as long as i can listen to madvillain….i’ll give it a try

  • does it work outside the US ?

  • Interesting… I’ll check out the free 30 day trial and see if I’m sold.

  • Would be interested, but once again, no Canada…
    But I’m surprised to see that Australia got something for once.

  • SONY we need more then this on PSN! focus on these

    1)voice messaging
    2)chatrooms (using mics)
    3) ability to change your PSN ID without losing trophies and downloads.

    Not only that SONY will make soo much if they add these features on PSN, but it will make it a better network as well.

  • Interesting, but I don’t know. Personally I only listen to music to and from work in the car, where even with my PSP I wouldn’t get to use this (no Wi-Fi). An Android application wouldn’t help either since I don’t use a smart phone (Can’t believe people pay so much for that data plan…)

    Good to see more features and choices though.

  • Does subscription to this service also allow use on the other devices mentioned? I see it says, “In addition to…”, but I’d like to know if subscription to one service will play on my PS3, laptop, and PSP.

  • #61

    Don’t bother poor Sony. They’re busy making a FIFTH photo browser for the PS3. They don’t have time to develop stuff people might actually use.

  • Sounds like it has potential but the basic service at LEAST should most definitely be free for PS+ members. I mean come on….

  • Basic should be free with advertising on the screen. No commercials, just advertising that is seen on the screen while you are searching for music or playing music.

  • give ps+ owners a .50 off :)

  • Just because this isn’t for most of you don’t assume you represent everyone, I personally would love to give this service a try.

  • Can I transfer music to my iPod once is in my library or is it only a streaming service?

  • Is there going to be love for Japanese music?

  • Good idea, especially being able to sync your current library to the service; but the BASIC service should be available for FREE to PSN Plus subscribers.

  • This is AWESOME! Thank you Eric. I might have to switch my Netflix 9.99 to this new service. What an amazing way to hear new music AND get all my favorites in one place (besides my iPod!).

    Also will be REAL nice while playing GT5 and streaming our own playlists!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Thanks again! Gonna take full advantage of 30 day trial. :) (I assume we won’t be able to save any music during the trial? Or all be erased once the 30 days is over?

  • Oh HAAAAAyells yeah.

    I like where this is going.

    I’m all over this. And since it’s going to the PSP, does that mean the device per say doesn’t have to have an alway-on connection to the cloud?

  • No Canada, we cant give you ‘everything’. “It Just Doesn’t Do Everything” in Canada. It seems like all the other countries get to avail of such services but alas we dont exist so….

  • Awesome.


  • Looks good but i’ve already begun building my library with iTunes. Not to mention with the addition of iTunes Pass I can get parts of an upcoming album almost a month before it releases, like Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers ^_^

    Oh, and it’s all DRM free \O/

  • What is the point of Playstation Share? The site has been out for well over a year maybe 2 years and not a SINGLE thing has been added on what we want…matter of fact no features that are game related hasnt been added since probably 2009 when trophies came out. SAD

  • this and movie rentals.. make it part of the PlaystationPlus plan and i’ll sign up immediately… otherwise, i’ll pass…. i don’t care about the free games(minis and PSOne classics particularly)….

  • I really don’t know what you guys are doing. There are far better things that you can bring to the PS3. How about the ability to install all games to the hard drive? How about the the option to queue downloads from the PlayStation website. And when are trophies going to sync automatically. I wish you guys would stop waisting yours and our times with these useless things and get to work on the stuff I mentioned above. Thanks.

  • It’s about time thank you Sony

  • @82 I agree and stuff I also stuff I mention as well.

  • You should also think about letting us use something like this in PS Home.

  • I’m definitely a music person moreso than movies but how can a music service be more expensive than movies (netflix)?
    I can stream all my stuff from my computer now, I dont have a sony tv or computer, but I guess I might check out the trial just to see if this can make up for the inferiority of the XMB

  • @84
    “ability to change your PSN ID without losing trophies and downloads.”


    Also. Whats is the point of that ps blog share? If you weren’t going to give us the things we ask for then don’t bother.

  • Any plans for iOS support? I currently use Pandora/Slacker/iPod apps to stream music to all my AirPlay connected speakers in the house. If I can’t do that with this service it’s a definite no go.

  • Please tell me playstation Plus Member get in for free??

  • Thanks Eric! I’m glad we finally got something to add for music now on the PSN. I’m also waiting for music video service like

  • i tried to download this but my ps store just show stuff without pictures, wierd right?

  • Does this function with the ingame custom soundtrack feature?

  • Great idea. I think this is a great service to have and if it could link up with different games for custom soundtracks that would even be better. Still I don’t know if I’d be one to pay a subscription fee for something like this. I don’t think I’d utilize it much. I like my PS3 as a multimedia station but I don’t often use it enough as a music system. That’s just me though.

  • 99% of mainstream music today is garbage, that is all.

  • @82, yeah PSN is a great free service, but it sorely needs some updates, Sony seems to be so far behind in the online/social features compared to the xbox.

  • About time we got some music service on the PS3… too bad I already subscribed to Pandora Radio for the next year.

  • Is this service only available for the US? Does this mean that if i my PS3 is located in Jamaica with a non-US IP it wont work?

  • U.S. only?

  • When will there be playlist support for regular mp3s I ripped to my ps3 hard drive. I want to create playlists on the fly and edit them if I need to

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