Access Millions of Music Tracks on PlayStation Network with Music Unlimited – Available Today

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We’re excited to introduce a new way to experience music on your PlayStation and other Sony connected devices with today’s launch of cloud-based, streaming digital music service Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity. With Music Unlimited, you’ll have access to more than six million music tracks from major recording labels, leading independent labels and major publishers around the world. Discover the latest hits or classic favorites and sync your existing music library with the cloud for an endless custom music experience via personalized music channels and playlists.

Check out the video walkthrough to see how it works:

With Music Unlimited’s Basic service, you can enjoy commercial-free, uninterrupted music across a variety of channels and genres and provide instant feedback on each song to ensure that the service is learning your music preferences and providing the proper recommendations based on your personal tastes. With the Premium service, you can access additional premium music channels, search the entire music database, play songs on demand and create custom playlists.

In addition to PlayStation 3, you may also enjoy Music Unlimited on your network-enabled BRAVIA TV, Blu-Ray Disc player, Sony VAIO or other PC and coming soon to Sony’s other mobile devices, including PSP. Music Unlimited will be available later this afternoon Pacific Standard Time (PST) for 30-day free trial of the Premium service, with monthly subscriptions of Premium at $9.99 or Basic at $3.99. For more information about Music Unlimited, check out the press release.

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  • I’m sick of seeing Lady Gaga everywhere.

  • I’ll sign up if i have access to old school rock n roll and heavy metal! \m/

  • Any idea on when this would be on the PSP? I need my Lady Gaga on the go!

  • judging by the video, they’ll have all sorts of genres covered. Looks like a pretty cool service, I’ll check it out. I do wish there was a free version that just played the music that was on your computer, though (I guess that’s what UPnP is for).

  • Lol get over it, you’ll never stop seeing Gaga.

  • YEAHHH dubstep playing in the background!!

  • what would be nice is if PS plus got the basic service for free and had a discount for the premium still a cool service.

  • Hey Eric whats the name of the song you got playing in the background of this video?

  • Seems like the perfect service to give a small discount for PS+ members!

  • let me guess.. US and Canada only??

  • Yea all these charges are redic. It’s a really cool feature, but for that I’ll stick to my FREE I-Tunes player.

  • Isn’t the music market saturated with streaming services?

  • @heatseeker its the new britney song. lol

  • Pandora FTW!!!

  • this is relevant to my in-turr-est~

  • When are you going to update psp and ps3 web browser? Facebook doesn’t even work on ps3… A native YouTube app With HD support would be nice on all platforms

  • Why should I pay for music on my hard drive just so i could use the sync service no thanks its not worth my hard earned money . Sony you must think we got money to give you all the time .

  • I was starting to wonder when this would go live in the U.S. As I recall, this is using the Ultraviolet backend, so it should be available on an even wider variety of devices… looking forward to an Android client, personally. If anything else needs a decent music service, it’s Android phones.

  • it’s a really nice looking app. looking forward to the 30 day trial, when i get home.

    i would love to see this on Android phones. being able to access my home library, through the cloud on my phone, would be kind of amazing.

    in fact, that would be a deal-maker right there.

  • Nice Sevice. I’ll give a try.

    Could this service be used as custom soundtracks???

  • If I understand correctly this service is cloud only right? But we won’t have a way to download the music to our computer? So it’s unlimited music for my ps3 and PSP (if I have wireless), but if I’m not online, nothing works, right? I suppose that if it’s the case, we’ll need to wait until they release Qriosity to smart phones as well (as an app?), so we’ll at least be able to listen to music at other places than home. Is an app going to happen soon?

    Another question of importance. Can we use Qriocity to play songs in PS3/PSP games? Like we can with musics we currently have in our library in some videogames (like NHL).

  • Does the service include Tool?

  • VERY nice application……but too expensive I think.

    Like someone else mentioned above it would be great for PS+ subscribers to have at least the basic service. I bet that a lot more PSN users would to sign up for PS+ if that was the case.

    But great feature… Keep adding cool apps to the PS3

  • Sounds good but the thing that would make me buy this is if I can play these songs as custom soundtracks for games. Across all games!

  • So you buy the music once and can listen on any device? Does the music get saved to hard drive? If the ps3 is offline for whatever reason, can I still listen to purchased music?

  • the only problem is… Pandora is free…. this isn’t

  • Come on give ps plus a bundle deal or premium cheaper and basic for free

  • So not in Canada? What a shame…..

  • #25:

    Unlike iTunes, you don’t actually purchase songs. You’re purchase the right to listen to the entire collection of music. As many songs as you’d like. As many times as you’d like.

    As long as you pay the subscription fee.

  • ..and NO…it’s not available in Canada.

  • Oh yeah I’ll also buy it at standard price if premium can have a channel outside of the app so we can use it as a custom soundtrack somehow

  • Nothing released in today’s music, beside MUSE and a few other Groups, is worth paying for…. I can’t see myself paying for this.

  • I’m with comment #7. Is there anything in the works allowing PS+ to get basic for free with a discount towards premium? Also, will this work with games i.e. universal custom soundtracks? That would be an extremely high selling point.

    I think you guys are doing some groundbreaking work, but it feels like these improvements are just making circles in the Media sector and completely ignoring requests from PS.Blog#ahare and Network improvements altogether.

  • Holy CRAP they showed the Failure “Fantastic Planet” album at 2:48! I used to have that album back in like 1997. That album was AMAZING!

  • here we go again, adding features nobody asked for.
    you guys must think everybody has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited funds.
    can you please get rid of the PlayStation blog share section?
    it’s going nowhere!!

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make this an optional download. Don’t make it like that silly “netflix” icon on the xmb please don’t. I don’t use netflix and i know i NEVER will. Although my friend loves netflix, point is some people will use it and some people won’t.
    The cloud music sounds good but also not for me, i tend to use my 12gb usb stick and play it from there. But my friend will love this hence he was talking about it last week so, i know he will buy something like this :)

    Note: i do like that fact that sony is giving us more options, more options is always good to have.

  • i can’t see the value in a service like this especially since there’s over a 100 million plus iPod owners i don’t know about you guys but i listen to my music when i’m at work or on the train if i do listen to music on my PlayStation 3 it would be for game that allows you to play music stored on my HDD (i.e GT5 and WipeOut HD)

  • If I can upload my entire personal collection i’m sold!

  • Looks pretty cool. Definitely going to try out the 30-day trial. I am curious to see what kind of selection is available.

    If the selection is there and the basic isn’t too basic, then I might bite for $4.

    Lupe Fiasco – Lasers – March 8th!

  • Apparently most of you did not watch the video. Basic is free and gives you syncing. Premium is just for extra channels and for adding unlimited music to your library.

    Basic = radio plus sync
    Premium = extra channels, unlimited music to library, and direct search

    I for one am glad Sony is giving us a great Zune pass alternative. Now they just need to confirm it on Android phones and I’ll be set.

  • Nice service,

    Only 1 Question for now tho.. Will it be available in Canada too?

  • Oh, didn’t realize Basic also charged.. yeah Basic should be free to PS Plus. I would be wanting Premium though anyways.

  • I’ve been waiting for Qriocity for a long time now. I will definitely be using this. As others have said, $9.99 isn’t too expensive for the premium service but $3.99 for the basic service should definitely be part of PlayStation Plus. I really think that you could entice people to sign up with it.

  • @ Omen_20

    “with monthly subscriptions of Premium at $9.99 or Basic at $3.99.”

    Basic is not free.

  • this is very nice and ive been waiting for this, i will be getting this because the cloud based feature speaks for its-self and when i get my NEW NGP it’ll be there too!!

    PS# kickin’ [DELETED] lil by lil snow ball is rolling down the moutain.. anyone not onboard Move…. Get Out the Way!!

  • Will an app be available for Android in the future/soon?

  • I think it will be too expensive you will be spending about $50-$120 a year just to stream some music on your PS3. I already have most of my favorite music already on my PS3 and if there is something I want to hear I can just search the internet/youtube to hear it FOR FREE!

    Make the basic free for PS+($5-$6 for upgrade) then we have a deal

  • Will the uploading library program work on both Mac and PC, or are we stuck with the usual .exe only program from Sony?

    Is there a way to see what music is available on this service? I checked the website to no avail.

  • Anyone who’s thinking of getting this should check out Pandora. It works on more platforms, basic is free, and premium is under $40 a year. I could only be interested in this if it played in game.

  • This better be available in Canada. Not even so much for me, but we always get left out of things and it’s bull-ish .

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