SEGA Genesis Collection Coming Exclusively to PlayStation Plus Subscribers for FREE!

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Hi everyone –

Gaming has come a long way since it became popular with the release of the Atari 2600. As the industry continued to build steam over the years that followed, we saw some iconic classics emerge. One publisher, SEGA, has definitely had its fair share of games that brought mass appeal in the early stages of gaming.

SEGA Genesis

Whether it was our favorite blue hedgehog or playing couch co-op as two centurions tried to free Zeus’ daughter, SEGA created some of the most defining titles in video game history. Now, the SEGA Genesis Collection is coming to PlayStation Store. Starting March 29, SEGA will be rolling out the SEGA Genesis Collection, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Altered Beast, and more. All six of these titles will be playable on the PlayStation 3 and will include trophies. As a special gift and exclusive offer for our PlayStation Plus subscribers, the upcoming games (an almost $30 value) will be available two weeks early and free for one month each to download. To kick off the event, Sonic the Hedgehog will be available a full four weeks early on March 1 to PlayStation Plus subscribers!

View the full list of titles below (including release dates) and enjoy jumping into some gaming nostalgia.

PlayStation Plus Releases (free)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – Available March 1 – April 5
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Available April 5 – May 3
  • Streets of Rage 2 – Available May 3 – May 31
  • Golden Axe 2 – Available May 31 – July 5
  • Comix Zone – Available July 5 – August 2
  • Altered Beast – Available August 2 – August 30

Regular PlayStation Store Release ($4.99 each)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – March 29
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – April 19
  • Streets of Rage 2 – May 17
  • Golden Axe 2 – June 14
  • Comix Zone – July 19
  • Altered Beast – August 16

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  • Cool :P I have been crying out for years for more old-skool games on PSN! :D

  • Thats very nice for PS Plus subscribers. I already played them all, my favorite was Sonic pinball i think

  • Golden Axe and Comix Zone!!

  • Sweet! I already have the Collection on disc but more trophies to go for…however, here’s hoping to online co-op for Streets of Rage 2!!!

  • Very nice.

    I would assume (to unofficially answer some of the questions here):

    1) The “one month” is the offer period, not the ownership period. Like everything else on Plus these offers will expire in one month but IF you grab them in that month you have them forever (“forever” being equal to your subscription status).

    2) I doubt Sony has a heck of a lot of say in the pricing here. My guess is that they “free for plus” deal involves lessening or waiving the PSN admin fees (or outright payment from Sony to Sega) but that Sega still sets the per game pricing.

    3) Hoping for a full PSN trophy set for each game (which would pretty much demand a new trophy set) but will probably either get no trophies at all or just an abbreviated set from the original disc.

  • Seriously Streets of Rage 2 is just as fun and playable as it ever was. Thanks for this!

  • fricken amazing :D

  • Sony, haven’t you learned? You must make every single title you ever created for free in order to make everyone happy. As a matter of fact, that may not cut it. How a bout this? Along with making all your products free you should just pay your customers to own them. Maybe that will shut down those who find ways to try and diminish the great offerings of Playstation Plus. No matter what you do there will always be some who try to down PS+. It’s sad really.

    For those who are not interested in PS+ how about you just don’t buy it. For those who don’t get what they want each and every week, come on, be realistic. Sony has to roll out content every month and will have to do so for years. They are not going to put everything out at the same time. It simple logic. I can understand making requests and providing constructive criticism because that will keep Sony on their toes but complaining for free stuff is ridiculous. Although it is at times entertaining.

  • PS+ since day one. It has definitely paid for itself.

    Now, for some suggestions. How about some movies with the subscription. The video store gives some free movies every now and then. Maybe even some crazy super exclusive surprise screenings of movies that are currently in theaters. I guarantee that will attract customers. Also, Qriocity with Music Unlimited. Give me sounds Sony. I know you have them. And last but not least…… CLOUD SAVES! Please!

  • This is AWESOME!


    Where’s SHINING FORCE!? :( *frownie* SAD FACE

  • To many free games, I think I’m gonna need that cloud service soon.

  • Gotta Love Sony!!!


    H3LL YEAH!!


    Plus keeps getting better and better!!

    I will for sure 100% re-subscribe when the time has come.

  • Wait wait… did someone really just ask if these would all have their own platinum trophies?!



    Kiwidust, they’re already confirmed as having trophies. That might just mean trophies from the original game, but then that would only be one trophy per game… I’d bet at least $5 that they’re getting a few more than that.

    Just not platinums.

    To the dude who says you CAN ONLY count the games you would have bought anyway if you weren’t a PS+ member in order to determine the savings/value of PS+ membership (he’s on the previous page so I can’t refer to him directly): NO! One of the great benefits/values of a service like PS+ is being able to try out a greater variety of games that you might not have been able to try otherwise (same principle behind demos). If you’re given the chance to try a game for free (essentially demoing it) and love it enough that you choose to buy it (for $0, hah) then that’s an added value and real savings, even if you would never have known that you would have bought the game otherwise.

  • Can we please get some AMIGA games on PSN? Sony, you own Psygnosis and most of the good Amiga catalog as a result, like Shadow of the Beast, Blood Money, etc. Now that we have Neo Geo and Sega galore, how about some Amiga games!?

  • I’d like to see Mortal Kombat 3 in there :)

  • Another win for us PLUS members!

    If I wasn’t getting these games for free, I’d buy Sonic 1 and 2 and Streets of Rage 2. Seems a little over priced because I could get the disk for $20 and a lot more games.

  • How cool! Thanks so much Sony. I am new to PS3 ( Got fed up with Xbox ) I signed up for the 3 month PS+ and I am not sorry I did. I can see I will be getting the yearly package of PS+

  • Awesome! PS+ just keeps getting better and better.

  • KongWen,

    Not to mention that from just Sam and Max and now these Sega free games you would have paid for your subscription. While some of the free PS+ games that have been offered were games that I all ready owned or ones that I might not of normally purchased, I’m still way ahead in in my purchase of PS+. Stacking and Sam and Max are two games that I would have never purchased that I ended up really liking. Some people just like to complain and feel slighted because someone choose to purchase something and are reaping the benefits while they are receiving nothing but full price merchandise.

  • I signed up for PS+ last Monday. Might be the best gaming decision I’ve ever made.

  • PLEASE get Revenge of Shinobi!!! That is the only game missing from the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection that I really want to have on PS3! Thank you Sega and PS+

  • For Non-PS Plus subscribers there’s absolutely no incentive to buy these releases. Buy the disc based collection and save a ton of cash and get everything that isn’t offered in these individual releases.

  • Sweeet! I missed out on playing these since I had game gear and not genesis, so this is going to make me happy.

  • Streets of Rage 2, and suddenly my PS+ just became worth it.

  • I’d probably be hyped, except all of these and more are on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, which was released over two years ago for $30 and can probably be found for under $20 now. And @72, it’s not happening, it’s never happening. You’re never going to see the game again. Thus is the combined wrath of DC and Marvel, apparently.


    ALISIA DRAGOON, LANDSTALKER, LIGHT CRUSADER, CASTLEVANIA BLOODLINES. Now would be good. Before would be better, but before is over.

  • this is good right here, now how about some more features for the ps3 thru plus :) keep up the good job sony!

  • PS+ costs me about $52, and so far it has paid for about $200 of free stuff, like Stacking, which was an awesome game :),and CTR, my favorite PSOne game. yeah totally worth it everyone, thanks Sony

  • Nice! I’ll be a PS+ member for a long time to come, it just keeps getting better and better.

  • WOW!! thats just awesome!! I do have 1 question though. when you say it is free for 1 month, does that mean that we are able to download it free during a 1 month period or does that mean we only have access to the game for 1 month, and after that month we wont be able to play it anymore? Thanks in advance for the clarification

  • cool but i hope these aren’t the only free game for the next 6 months.

  • Awesome stuff. Loving my PS Plus subscription more and more.

  • wow, very nice. I had been thinking about nabbing a used copy of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection somewhere, but no need now. The year started slow, but February and March have me not regretting my ps+ purchase at all – thanks for making it worth it Sony! Love showing my brother all the ps+ content I get pushed for less than what it costs him to play his 360 online at all.

  • Will the games have online co-op play?

  • This is an amazing deal for PS+ subscribers, but I’m pretty sure you can get the retail version of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for 20 bucks or so in stores which would have all those games and then some.

  • I keep on saying it, Best 50 bucks EVER!!!!!

  • Oh my effing goodness! We get all of those for free? (PS+ Member)
    This is simply fantastic. I would absolutely love some Sonic, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe trophies. And of course I’ll play the other ones!

    Thank you Sega (and Sony, too, if you guys swung this deal). :)

  • I already have the actual collection on disc, but if these have separate trophies I will definitely check it out!

  • I am constantly and consistently shocked by how many people have no clue how this business works.

    @76 Handbrain – Castlevania is a Konami game, not a Sega game. It won’t be released by Sega on any kind of Sega compilation without Konami also being involved. If it does show up on PSN eventually, it won’t be as part of this collection/event/digital retail unit.

    That said, it would be nice to start seeing other Genesis games from other developers/publishers on PSN. Maybe we could scoop the Virtual Console’s library from that other company. :)

  • Oh, and @ those others complaining because you can buy the disc for “$20”. I’m pretty sure this is for those who just want Sonic, or Sonic 2, or any single game.

    If you look at it like that, then what would have cost them $20+ for a PS3 disc version of Sonic 2 now only costs him $5 and you get the added convenience of launching it without a disc. That sounds like a good way to save money to me.

  • Free and trophies?
    Go Sony!

  • Well I just got Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection because it came bundled with LittleBigPlanet at Sam’s for 30 bucks. I’m on the inside looking out :)

  • @#8: Easy… you get 6 games for $30, whereas you can get the disc version of Sonic’s Genesis Collection for less than that, so it’s a complete ripoff unless you have Plus.

  • this is awesome i’m glad that i am a playstation plus subscriber

  • This is awesome. I’ve never played the Sonic series so with this offering, it’s going to happen now.

  • classic games with trophies!?
    sounds like a good deal to me

  • That’s cool and all for plus subscribers, but 5$ a game for a very old game is a bit too much.

  • For you people thinking that it’ll be free for a month, that’s probably the dates that you’ll be allowed to grab it for free.

    I’m not even a PLUS subscriber and I picked up on that….

  • so + i get it for free or free for just a month?

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