Official Statement Regarding PS3 Circumvention Devices and Pirated Software

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Today, Sony Computer Entertainment released the following statement:

Notice: Unauthorized circumvention devices for the PlayStation 3 system have been recently released by hackers. These devices permit the use of unauthorized or pirated software. Use of such devices or software violates the terms of the “System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System” and the “Terms of Services and User Agreement” for the PlayStation Network/Qriocity and its Community Code of Conduct provisions. Violation of the System Software Licence Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System invalidates the consumer guarantee for that system. In addition, copying or playing pirated software is a violation of International Copyright Laws. Consumers using circumvention devices or running unauthorized or pirated software will have access to the PlayStation Network and access to Qriocity services through PlayStation 3 system terminated permanently.

To avoid this, consumers must immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems.

What this means to you

Circumvention devices and game piracy damage our industry and can potentially injure the online experience for you, our loyal PlayStation customers, via hacks and cheats.

Many PlayStation.Blog readers have asked how we intend to deal with these incidents that they have been reading about in the gaming press, and this is our initial response.

By identifying PlayStation 3 systems that breach our guidelines and terminating their ability to connect to PlayStation Network, we are protecting our business and preserving the honest gameplay experiences that you expect and deserve.

Rest assured, this message does not apply to the overwhelming majority of our users who enjoy the world of entertainment PlayStation 3 has to offer without breaching the guidelines detailed above, and we urge you to continue doing so without fear.

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  • Even members that help create the GOW series were let go because of cutbacks. If you’re broke there are plenty of ways to play good stuff for cheap. Blockbuster has a $20 game pass, Gamefly also has deals. Hell for Xmas I picked up 3 titles I had never gotten a chance to play from Gamestop for less than the price of one. I even got MGS4 for $10. Now while these options aren’t exactly great for the gaming industry either, it beats plain out right stealing and cheating. Now look at Killzone 3. It’s already leaked and probably being [DELETED] and altered as we speak. Then when I finally get mine on release day, I get to get online with some cheating [DELETED] and get owned. Yeah, start banning these [DELETED] ASAP!

  • As least Sony is being fair.

    “To avoid this, consumers must immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems.”

    They’re even giving people a chance to come to their senses and get their systems re-virginized before letting the hammer down. Mikey Soft n the boys didn’t give that option.

  • Where is my OtherOS SONY?. Bring it back and i will leave you alone.

  • i agree those of u cheating online need to stop, those of u pirating also need to stop it will hurt all of us i dont use my other ps3 online at all i like custom firmware hackers continue to give customers what sony refuses to give useful updates such as emulators,new movie player web browser that doesnt freeze, and otherOS and on and on sony has yet to release a update thats not a security patch thats why i have 2 ps3s playonline with one use the other for custom firmware

  • people dont seem to understand using emulators is piracy. do you own all the snes games? or all the genesis games? emulators and roms are piracy. and for the other os get a pc and people wantin a movie player get ps3 media server like everybody who dosent have cfw does

  • Nice work Sony, i support you 110% on this. Now its just a case of bring that ban hammer down “hard” And don’t just ban the one system, ban the IP as well. If these hackers decide to buy another system, ban that as well.

  • banning based on ip is iffy at best some isp’s share blocks of ip address some cable isps do. its a good idea just hard to do

  • There is a guy that goes by jee_force who is on MW2 right now who is still cheating. Sony is going to take another month before they even do anything besides release a weak ass statement.

  • In defense of myself and my friends that have hacked our ps3’s. Yes we play back-ups but we would never cheat online cause it defeats the purpose the challenge mind you of actually playing online. True we get back-ups of games we dont necessarily own. BUT if we play a game and really like it. We go out and buy a copy of it. Now I’m not speaking for every Person that has hacked a ps3 but I am referring to a good 20 people +. The fact is Sony’s claims are about as well founded as A house made of straw. I mean even the Nintendo Wii has been hacked and nintendo doesnt even care because they don’t mind it so long as nobody ruins the experience for others, and if you look at that.. NOBODY bothers trying to mess with nintendo Because of how they go about things.

  • Cheaters can DIAF.

  • Hack check yourself before you hack wreck yourself.

  • And the sad part is Everyone here is crying about piracy in one way or another.. I highly doubt that none of you have ever downloaded a song or a movie or hell a PC emulator. So look back on your own lives before trying to nail us to a wall

  • piracy is still piracy just sony is trying to do something about it and people get bent out of shape its sonys right to go after hackers and pirates. some companies dont cause they dont have the resources to do has the money to do something about it thats all. piracy is still piracy yeah everybody downloads songs and movies but becuase sony is doing something about it people freak out so if your have a hacked console and it gets banned and your account banned its nobodys fault but your own.

  • Sony when are you going to give me the UMD drive you promise for the PSP Go; you failed to add a UMD drive to you new PSP player also? What should I do with the UMD game library I own?

    What about my PS3 dual boot feature you took away? Should a sue you for downgrading the product you misrepresented?

    Now I understand why my son decided to by an XBox for Christmas; I am brand loyal, but you sure know how to make loyal customers walk away.

  • Is this warning only referring to hacks, cheaters, and pirated games? or does it include music files downloaded through torrents then x-ferred to PS2 system?

  • Man, Sony, you just can’t catch a break, can you?

  • Cause i got some screen that me agree to user agreement and other ppl I know didn’t… and I don’t hack or cheat at games at all

  • sadly something drastic is going to happen and everybody will end up losing. the hackers need to be stopped cause they are the ones ruining gaming for everybody. developers are going to stop making games and consoles will stop being produced hackers need to grow up and pay for what they want. instead of thinking they have the right to do what they want. forget suing them send them to jail see how righteous they feel when they get rapped in prison

  • Good job Sony

  • Give me back my linux options!!!
    and i will stop running CFW on my machine!!! i have purchased…..
    i own several SONY products but keep it up SONY and remove my rights and i will hack/share/deploy and help my friends to deploy/share etc………………………………………..

  • #668

    Zombiewraz is right better yet we should legalize murder on people using cfw and ANYONE using something that someone else invented for the wrong purpose. Legalize murder please.

  • @ #617

    I can not believe that i didn’t see your comment earlier… Now my reply:

    You are ridiculous…really? They are going to spy on me with my PS Eye? HAHA…wow they are gonna watch you as you play your move?!?!?! I’m sure that Sony is going to take the time to watch you play when you’re supposedly not violating any parts of the Eula…wow man really? That has probably the dumbest thing I have seen all day.”

    How old are you, really? You’ve never heard of the Sony BMG rootkit situation? Ignorance is bliss. You’ve never wondered why your controllers never charge while the console was off but the pseye ALWAYS had power to it? Think outside of your small box.

  • and to zombiewarz: you just don’t get it. You can NOT stop piracy this way. It is STUPID business-wise to do. To battle piracy, you get the backups off of the net and make it harder to have those files hosted by suing the companies that host them. Worrying about the little fish (people who buy & own legit games but use a different way to play them, legit. No cheating.) is wasting time & resources.

    Banning people from psn will not stop piracy because all they will do is buy another system or use the same one to continue pirating. Where is the success in that for Sony? It definitely won’t stop cheaters because they’ll find any way , in any environment, to cheat. Ethical hackers will still hack without being malicious. USE THE PSN TO FLEECE THE PIRATES, USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

  • Yes! Please get rid of this stupid hackers! I’m fed up with their crap so please GET TO TAKING CARE OF CLEANING THIS HACKING CRAP UP AND FAST!!!!!

  • @Blazeking

    yeah but what happens when they stop making games and consoles? what will there be to hack? and once a console gets banned and the person buys another one sony does win cause they get tham much more money from the hackers its redundant and proves that the hackers are idiots cause they will buy another console. everybody will still end up losing. but the hackers keep doing what you do and buy another console when one gets banned cause all your doing is giving sony more money to work with.

  • yeah that whole using the eye to spy is ubsurd paranoid much? they have medication to help thay

  • if sony did use them to spy all they are gonna see alot of people sitting doing nothing. and if your worried about them seeing you do something dont do it in front of the camera

  • and by that logic them is microsoft spying on everybody who bought a konect?

  • Sony is being a dictator.

  • You guys don’t realize how much stuff you wouldnt have if it wasnt for hackers.. Do you know that Many of the high end compnanies have their own Hackers working for them to design some of the stuff they sell. If it wasnt for hackers Networks wouldn’t be as easy to configure and secure if it wasn’t for hackers The internet wouldnt be as high end as it is now and you likely wouldnt even have your precious Psn to begin with. I’m not afraid to say it I myself am a hacker no I don’t hack to harm I hack to bring out the full potential of each thing I don’t steal And I run but a set of morals. As for CFW we wanted back what was taken from us we hold full rights to do what we wish with Our Ps3’s Hacking our own systems is not illegal nor will it be. Should we take Sony to court for the fact that your PSN purchases ARE VISIBLE to anyone that can connect to their OPEN transmit servers. If I really wanted to be a bad person I can go connect to PSN and obtain a Long list of credit card numbers from their servers because all your personal information is being transmitted via an unsecure connection. Which in fact violates their Own user agreement, as Well as the laws of the U.s. and European governments.

  • Reydolf how do you get off saying to legalize the murder of hackers. Meanwhile The world is full of people stealing cars raping women and various other things and you want to murder People for installing software on their game system.

  • Will this affect people that have had their games hacked/screwed?

    My brother got all of is weapons unlocked in Modern Warfare 2 and didn’t ask for it… Now he’s got a banner floating in his screen pointing him to some youtube channel while in the loby.

    To you techs, might look like he hacked is own game! Will he be banned too? Does he have to erase all the efforts his put into his game for you not to ban him definitely from the network?

    If you do ban him, were will he be able to make his plea and get back is access?

  • /

  • seriously? if you read the user agreement you cant modify the software on a ps3 its illegal to modify the source code and firmware. try and justify it all you want you own the console you dont own the software so when you modify it your breaking the law yeah some hackers help but its still illegal to modify the software maybe you should actually read the user agreement before you say its your right to do what you want to your ps3. dont whine when your system is rendered useless because of modified firmware

  • “and by that logic them is microsoft spying on everybody who bought a konect?”

    It’s already been confirmed that the camera can do that by hackers; ethical hackers who like to do DIY projects.

    And to anyone who wants to say piracy hurt the PSP, it was part but it wasn’t the whole reason. The games started to suck after a while and there was no innovation; only crippled ps2 ports. People didn’t even bother to pirate those games after a while as well because they sucked that bad. It’s stupid to blame low game sales just on piracy and not the quality of the game.

    “yeah but what happens when they stop making games and consoles”

    Why would they stop making games and consoles? They would just move on to PS4 and worry about that console’s security. If you’re talking about PSN being no more and not being able to reedeem the codes: guess what? If psn goes, all of your DLC and store items can be taken away. Read the TOS.

  • “and once a console gets banned and the person buys another one sony does win cause they get tham much more money from the hackers its redundant and proves that the hackers are idiots cause they will buy another console.”

    And here’s why it’s dumb business-wise: Your whole motive is to stop piracy. How is that being done by forcing the pirate to buy another system ($300) when all they will do is keep it offline and continue to pirate games in which the value of the total of games will probably exceed the value of the console. That’s losing money and not a smart strategy that shareholders will appreciate. Not to mention what if hackers learn how to unban the consoles; then what? It’s smarter to milk the pirates with PSN.

    You ban people who cheat in games whether they hack or not (which should have been done a long time ago), harass people, or who are just complete tools online.

    You don’t know how many times since 08 i’ve used the complaint form only to see the same tools still online. The only reason cheaters are getting so much attention now is CFW and it’s just plain wrong. 3 years later… give me a break.

    And the “hackers are idiots” comment.. look below for my reply to that.

  • @ #681 ohnoyoudidnt1

    “You guys don’t realize how much stuff you wouldnt have if it wasnt for hackers..”

    You couldn’t be anymore right than you are. Most of the ideas sony “came up with” for the PS3 were around in the homebrew scene with the ps2. I could go on and on about those features. Without those hackers, PS3 wouldn’t be what it is now because sony would not have known people wanted those hacked ps2 features for the next iteration of the system.

    GAP first, RLS second. – Blazeking

  • bring on monthly fee for psn!

  • So, let me get this straight. If I use an operating system that allows me to run Linux(as I bought the system with)which Sony removed I will be banned? Way to treat your once most loyal customers. You must be Sony’s version of Goebbels, please do explain why you are attempting to take away our rights as consumers. I hope Sony realizes they are going to be the biggest target for hackers and thereby ruined the experience for everyone. You punished the collective for the misdeeds of the few and for that I wish you complete and utter failure.

  • Touche’ reydolf I didnt read it with that type of view in mind.
    Blazeking Glad to see their are people here with a sense of intellect.
    Zombiewraz You really do have a one track mind You don’t see the big picture, Just as they said when jailbreaking the iPod/ iPhone, We as the consumers have the right to modify our own devices to our will, we have purchased our equipment and we Hold the ability to do what we like with it So long as it doesn’t infringe on another persons rights OR security. If you want to fight with anyone for breaking the law fight with Sony cause if you put your credit card on you psn account ANYONE can get it because they Do NOT encrypt their transmissions just like they are not supposed to transmit the data out of europe as per their contract meanwhile it is being transfered between USA and Japan.

  • New data has been brought to my knowledge. They have presented a new user agreement and if you read it they state and I’ll quote it for you, “You agree that you will not use any unauthorized hardware, including peripherals not sold or licensed by a Sony company such as, by way of example only, non-licensed game enhancement devices, controllers, adaptors and power supply devices (collectively, “Non-Licensed Peripherals”) or software to access or use Sony Online Services or any content or service provided on or through Sony Online Services. … and you hereby give SCEA your express consent to monitor and record your activities and communications. SCEA reserves the right to remove any content and communication from Sony Online Services at SCEA’s sole discretion without notice.” This means your not allowed to se a logitech headset controller or even a standard flash drive on your ps3 or you risk being banned. And yet YOU want to say that sony is being “fair and Just”

  • if your worried about credit cards dont use them moron they have psn cards your stupidity makes me laugh. so when your system is rendered useless dont cry and whine about it like a little girl youve been warned and if you chose to not listen thats your own stupidity

  • Why do you constantly repeat yourself like some kind of pre-programmed robot. I’m not worried about Stupid CC’s on the psn I know how to secure my stuff and I wasn’t referring to myself on that subject. I was referring not to the CC’s themselves but to the fact that Sony itself is operating illegally, and transmitting confidential information over unsecure Unencrypted lines. You being an imbecile are defending the one’s actually Breaking the law. So why don’t you be the good little dog you are and go hump Sony’s leg. P.s. Our systems could never be rendered useless for every break WE have the FiX.

  • sony you suck a big one..hard

  • whats the big deal? ive had a ps one, ps2, and ps3, and never bought a game in my life, they aint worth the money, if you dont want the console hacking, then make it more secure,dont you see, no matter what you do now its too late sony and the fan boys have FAILED keep your crap online id rather have a terabite or too of free games rather than pay £40+ a go for crap like black ops which is clearly 1 game split into 3 to rob your cash sony are greedy and need to wake up the pirates have WON WON WON

  • @Kmeaw-rules That isnt the message I’ve been trying to get across. The majority don’t hack to pirate the games we hack to free ourselves. And to give us the access we were promised when they originally released the system. before they decided to begin removing everything one by one.

  • Finally can I be proud to be legit and buy originals? =p

  • Congratulations, Sony. Great move.
    Thank you for your support.
    Regards from regular owners.

  • I don’t do it, but WHY Sony?

  • Good, I can see where my money is being put into. It’s not sarcasm either. I don’t care if Sony is controlling my console, as long as I can play without people who hack the games. My entertainment, which should be enjoyable, right?

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