ModNation Monday: To ModNation With Love

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The Black Eyed Peas couldn’t seem to spell it correctly, but we can (L-O-V-E) and we have plenty of that for the ModNation this week. Double XP, FREE DLC, and love for the PSP (somebody write a song, that rhymes!) and more!

“I’ll Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine”
How’s this for a “sweetheart” deal? I’ve done some wheelin‘n’dealin’ to get you some much desired Double XP so get ready to crank it up this week. Double XP “Week of Love” runs from February 15th – 21st.

Now here’s what I need from you… MORE Tracks! MORE Karts! MORE Mods! I’m very impressed with all the creations I have seen so far but I have an insatiable appetite for more! Since I’m asking you to spend your time building tracks the least I can do is return the favor. I will seriously look at EVERY track submitted as well as thoroughly test drive each track considered for Hot Lap status. In fact I’d consider it an honor. It is art!

Deal? You can submit your creations HERE 24/7.

FREE DLC (One Week Only): Lovebug Mod and Swan Kart

ModNation Racers - Lovebug SwanKart

Until now, no one actually knew what the Lovebug looked like. The investigative team at UFG have put together an “artist rendering” based on eyewitness accounts from both young and old who have been bitten by this beautiful(?) creature. The Swan kart on the other hand may be fiction. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, these are our gift to you.

Free DLC love for one week only!


Your next kart will need some very “Progressive” design. You’ll be fine, just “Go With The Flo” early in March.


Tracks of the Week

Monday: The Summit Plummet by Sherris
Tuesday: Isla Luxoria by atheistsw
Wednesday: The Twist of Old Town by beatdough
Thursday: Tanuki Town by dane9261
Friday: City of Deneb by Cygnus2780


The Summit Plummet by Sherris

ModNation Racers - Summit1

ModNation Racers - Summit2 ModNation Racers - Summit3

Sherris says: “I wanted to create a track with a nice open feel to it before it threw you into a very narrow Tunnel/mine shaft. I love off-roading and challenging alternate routes that feel satisfying when you pull them off.”

Mark: “I think Wookiepedia better describes racing your track-

Podracing was a popular sport in the less-developed regions of the galaxy. It has been called ‘the ultimate test of skill and daring on Tatooine,’ and was certainly one of the most dangerous sports ever invented, killing many racers.

That was exactly my experience! It took me a long time to finish towards the top on the amazing off-road track.”


Mod Name: Combat Drone (type 2)
Creator: Shelbot3001 – “This mod is designed to be an aquatic drone with the appearance that it is hovering above your kart.”

ModNation Racers - Drone1 ModNation Racers - Drone2

Kart Name: Thorny Rose
Creator: CroTim – “It was meant to be beautiful, yet rugged, so all the stickers of roses have thorns. I accomplished the look as if the rose vines were coming out from under the hood and from the front wheels.”

ModNation Racers - Thorn_2


Mark: Yeah you know me!

PSP owners, do you own ModNation Racers for the PSP? Every week we will highlight a FANTASTIC PSP track, mod and kart for the community’s admiration. I know I have been blown away at what I’ve seen so far. Let’s keep going! (Any impressive stats on how many tracks, karts, and mods we have online?)

If you are new to track creation on the PSP, here are links to some great tutorials from MNR PSP Producer Vernon Mollette:

PSP “Spotlight” Creations:

Track: Sink Hole
Mod: The Freak by JT_JT_JT
Kart: Tokio Drift by Bomber_Man721

I hope you like some of the new features we are adding to the ModNation Monday blog. Stay tuned in, more to come!

Have fun out there!


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20 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait to download that mod/kart today. Soon as I get off work, I’m racing. But really though, can you give us a hint on which is the next theme that’s coming out?

  • I can’t find Love Bug or the Swan kart in the PSN store. I checked new releases and Modnation game add-ons

  • Also, what happens to content submitted for “of the week status” if it’s not selected for the week. Are they reconsidered for the next week? is there some sort of list that they may or may not make?

    • this is a quote from an earlier reply…

      You can submit as many as you would like. I hope with some renewed enthusiasm the quantity of tracks submitted will increase a little. This would be a good problem to have. But, as a rule we only look at the current weeks submissions. This could mean some of your tracks would make the cut on the week and then not considered the next week. Does this make sense? I would do one a week if I was you.

  • @52 .. you’ll have to wait for the store update tonight from Sony. And yeah, I hope UFG can sort out the update problems some are having – no problems here, but I know a few of the XP leaderboard folk and they’re hurting not being able to get in on double xp week. WVUFan77 in particular comes to mind …

  • @45

    Don’t forget about “Papercut” mod/kart DLC, also meant to be released this month.

  • Ok “El Snake-O” was a snake looking wrestler like the purple boss dude in career mode. There was a picture of him in the Dec blog about things to look forward to this year. He looked like he had a backpack on with a snake button on his shirt. His car was green with what looked like a folding chair & a wrestling ring in the back (which is awesome for wrestling fans) I saved the pic from google. Can’t wait to DL him

  • Talking about DLC…

    what happend to this lovebug DLC?.. it’s supossed to be right now on the store for free this week.. and it’s not there!

    Mark, what happened with this?

  • What about the Double XP?

  • It’s updated now. I was playing about a hour ago & the DBL XP wasn’t kicking in…should it now since the psn updated?

  • @59

    Should be on now. Have a XP race then go back to the modspot, you should be given you extra XP when you check you stats. You don’t get the double XP at the end of the race/series.

  • You kidding? We should consider it a miracle that the Black Eyed Peas can manage to dress themselves in the morning.

  • I would really like to know what comment you have about this Lovebug mod’s inappropriate facial feature. :\

  • The bug is fine. People are just taking it to a perverted level when it wasn’t created for that purpose. It’s ignorant really.
    I’m still not noticing the Double XP but oh well. I have the bug/swan kart & that’s all that matters :)

    Can’t wait for next week’s news about upcoming DLC

  • did the number of users increase dramatically this week? I haven’t had connection problems until now :( no double XP for me

  • Double XP is on! You get the extra XP when you go back to the modspot. Not at the end of a race.

  • Just downloaded the FREE dlc, awesome stuff! I really love how we got quite a bit, a new kart body, new seat, new engine, new steering wheel, new wheels! Plus the bug mod parts! Way to go! Thanks!

  • Granite new games like MvC3 & MK are out or coming out. When playing other games, I get new ideas of stuff for MNR. lol MNR is a game that is truely 1 of a kind. I love this game & hope 5 years from now there’s still more DLC

  • Hopefully you guys will add in more SUV/truck/wagon/van/sport cars/etc. type karts

    idk if possible but spinner rims?

    How about a hearse for a kart?

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