Killzone 3: MAWLR Graveyard and Meet the Medic

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Here’s a look at a previously unrevealed Killzone 3 multiplayer map, MP7 MAWLR Graveyard. The MAWLR Graveyard is located on one of the few remaining active scrap yards near Pyrrhus, known as the Sukmere Pit. An intricate conveyor system runs throughout this vital processing facility, transferring detritus from the southernmost pit to the train station and crusher in the north. Many a careless worker has died trying to cross the yard when the crusher is active, and a lot of players will likely suffer the same fate… Or, when they’re in control of the crusher, use its power against their opponents.

As you can tell from the video, the Field Medic is a powerful asset to his team. His primary ability is to revive fallen teammates, but in addition to keeping them on the battlefield, he can also grant them additional health and ammo after revival. A fully upgraded Field Medic can call on the aid of a Medi-Droid that will hover near the Field Medic and provide cover while he revives other players. He can even attain the ability to stand up after getting fatally wounded – a perfect opportunity to surprise the enemy after they’ve left you for dead. This can also be seen in this video.

MP7 MAWLR Graveyard is playable in Warzone (24 players) and Operations (16 players) game modes. Aside from the deadly crushers, players will also find mortar beacons in the spawn areas.

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  • I left a comment on the forums but could GG add an option to turn off the CoD style score popups please? Seems every game is copying CoD now and losing their own identity.

  • i seriously love the sound effects in the game, so satisfying…
    also love the interaction with levels…

  • I wish this map was on open beta!

  • WOW!!!! is all i can say!

  • any chance on bringing the original to ps3? that would be awesome.

  • im tryin 2 play kill zone 3 on line an it wnt work an it makeing me mad i hope sony fixes this problem b4 the game comes out feb 22 an it keeps giveing me a error code 8001 why does it keep doing that

  • Looks awesome!!

  • anyone else having trouble playing the open beta, it keeps giving me a network error and ive tried on two ps3’s ?????

  • Can’t wait to get this game.

  • Very nice, can’t wait to try it out!

  • I don’t care that you changed to abilities for some classes but I do care that it’s using a similar system to CoD for perks and skills and that bs. Please change it back to normal. I want to level up to unlock a certain class, then use that ability certain number of times to unlock the other ones. Now any yahoo can get the skills. If there are unbalanced everyone will go for that skill. You will either need to update a lot or change it back so getting the unbalanced skill is harder.

    What is this with the armor and extra ammo, this isn’t CoD this is Killzone 3 and we need to be a Killzone game not some poor excuse for a shooter like CoD.

  • Guess I play the game all wrong. I noticed on all the videos nobody every really uses the zoomed in view to shoot the video just shoots from the hip 99% of the time. So i need to just start shooting from the hip doesnt seem like the gun jumps as much either.

  • ive been playin the beta pretty awesome just they should put 1 more map on there

  • finally had time to watch this… omg i wish i had money to preorder kz3!!!

  • nice job on the update now it is very fun getting errors


  • Hey guys just a quick question I have the chance of getting the US version of the Helghast Edition, but will the disc be compatible with the EU servers (I live in Spain).

    Please let me know as everywhere is sold out..



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