Killzone 3: MAWLR Graveyard and Meet the Medic

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Here’s a look at a previously unrevealed Killzone 3 multiplayer map, MP7 MAWLR Graveyard. The MAWLR Graveyard is located on one of the few remaining active scrap yards near Pyrrhus, known as the Sukmere Pit. An intricate conveyor system runs throughout this vital processing facility, transferring detritus from the southernmost pit to the train station and crusher in the north. Many a careless worker has died trying to cross the yard when the crusher is active, and a lot of players will likely suffer the same fate… Or, when they’re in control of the crusher, use its power against their opponents.

As you can tell from the video, the Field Medic is a powerful asset to his team. His primary ability is to revive fallen teammates, but in addition to keeping them on the battlefield, he can also grant them additional health and ammo after revival. A fully upgraded Field Medic can call on the aid of a Medi-Droid that will hover near the Field Medic and provide cover while he revives other players. He can even attain the ability to stand up after getting fatally wounded – a perfect opportunity to surprise the enemy after they’ve left you for dead. This can also be seen in this video.

MP7 MAWLR Graveyard is playable in Warzone (24 players) and Operations (16 players) game modes. Aside from the deadly crushers, players will also find mortar beacons in the spawn areas.

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  • Seriously, all of these videos we have seen, I want to add WilliamWins lol.

    Great stuff, just a little over a week longer! OOOOOH cant wait!

  • Can’t wait!

  • saw this on the killzone blog and really makes me want to level up my medic tonight

  • Quit teasing us!!!!! I want the game now… it’s ready, just release it early :)

  • It seems that the range for the Medic’s revive gun got a much needed boost from the current open beta, nice!

  • Medic for life!

  • How did he revive that first guy from so far away? In the beta you have to practically be on top the guy and its quite annoying. In fact its annoying they made it a prompt only action instead of being an actual tool/weapon in KZ2.

  • The level it´s kind of… “meh”

  • Marksman and Tactician have always been my main classes of choice but I’ll give the Medic a go.

  • looking good, cant wait, a little over a week now. See you guys on the battlefields.

  • I’m dying for an answer to this question.

    Will the PS Move work in the splitscreen co-op? So for example I am using the sharpshooter and my buddy is using the standard controller.

    I’m excited for the game and I plan to get all the fixings but this question has been on my mind for a bit.

  • loving the beta so far…when it actually works. Can’t wait for the game..only another week to go.

  • Interesting map, I’d hate to be crushed by that compactor. Also nice to see the medic’s revive tool has a better range than it currently does in the open beta. That was one thing that was bothering me about the Medic in the open beta.

  • Wow, now I can see this being one of my favorite maps. I think the good part about the small amount of maps is that they can be perfected design-wise. And so far I love the shown map designs.

    Less than two weeks until release. Hope everyone has got their pre-order in.

  • @12 Not sure about the full game but I can tell you it doesn’t work in the demo I tried to use move last night on the demo while playing co-op with my wife and it didn’t work at all. I hope that they allow it in the full game cause my wife wants to play with the move when we play co-op

  • Looks Great! Just a quick question, are the attachments customizable like with the silencer on or off?

  • Is there any chance of KZ3 being put on the PSN store for those who want to buy it digitally instead of retail? I asked this question a couple of weeks ago, and got a response saying that the team wasn’t sure at the moment. Is there any update to whether or not it’ll be on the PSN store to be digitally downloaded? Thanks. :)

    • No, the game won’t be available for digital download via PSN. Killzone 3 is taking up a full dual-layer Blu-ray disc and would be much too big of a download.

  • Looks amazing :P I can’t wait to get it + i am glad you can’t turn down the death sounds in the Beta :D I find them strange really.

  • I’m ready to use my Sharpshooter! All I seem to play is the Medic class, one I enjoy the most.

  • Is it just me, or the video screen looks like a screen from Black Ops? Y’know, that stage that has the rocket?

  • I just hope you guys get the connection errors sorted out and consider adding online co op

  • you know what would be EPIC! if you guys updated the beta on the last day, and let us play this map for 1 day.
    Either way cant wait day 1 buy for me.

  • @David Bull

    No offense, but we heard the same story for MAG, LBP, inFamous, etc. So why should we believe KZ3 can not be compressed like the others have been?

  • Looks awesome. Can’t wait to play on the rest of the maps. Medic is the way to go.

    Also, will the soundtrack you get with the Helghast Edition be available separately or is that the only way you can get it?

  • Hey guys just a quick question:

    recently got my PS3 and was wondering if there’s any chance of adding Killzone 2 to the playstation store for us new guys who missed it fist time round.


  • @25 bbonds_007

    I don’t ever remember those devs saying their games took up an entire disc. Either way, they weren’t available to download until well after release. That may happen with Killzone in the future, but not now.

  • I call BS, all I do is play as a medic and you Cannot! rez someone from that far away. You have to be right on top of them.

  • I have to hurry! I need $60 by the 22nd! I have $12, so I better get to it!

  • Cool! :)

  • sick.

  • What is the point of the age thing? People who are old enough wont care, and people who aren’t wil lie.

  • @#33: It’s the transfer of liability, preventing some inattentive parent from deciding to sue the company on the basis of their own shortcomings.

  • Wow the map looks awesome.

  • Put more vehicles online! Especially one that allows you and a buddy to get in it (more than one person i.e. jeep/buggy).


  • So how many maps are available when the full game ships? I know of Kaznan Jungle,Bilgorsk Boulevard,MAWLR Graveyard,Frozen Dam,
    And the other two from the original Beta that I can’t recall right now lol. Will their be more reveals? And if so how many?

  • Field medics have the ability to revive? Lol! I thought their primary ability was to just ignore fallen teammates and walk around dead corpses.

  • @34
    Yea, i would bet on that.

  • thanks for fixing the medic. any plans to edit the bullet damage so the game isnt a twitchy clustermess?

    also are you dropping the assault rifle from the Marksman as its so unbalanced as is.

  • Looks great! I really cant wait to buy this when it hits on the 22nd! Unfortunately, I cant play anymore of the beta. I have to go in for surgery on the 16th for my hernia, and the pain is so bad I cant even enjoy the dang open beta. I hope everything feels better by the 22nd as I have REALLY been looking forward to this new Killzone experience since I beat the second Killzone game.

    Kudos Guerrilla Games for making such an awesome trilogy! I hope this will not be the last Killzone to come out.

  • Shot alot from the hip that player did, yessum he did

  • I’m loving how you can revive from such a distance. Hopefully you’ve also fixed it so that we can revive while the body (or us) is on the stairs :)

  • all i know is that it better be working on day one or i just threw away $129.99.

  • That map looks like it will be a lot of fun! More fun than Frozen Dam. :p
    Medics are good, but i would use it if I could use the regular M82, not the one with the suppresor.

  • I love getting up after some schlub thinks he has me down for good. Got my sharpshooter ordered and ready to kill kill kill!!!

  • While we’re talking about the medic, it could use a little work. The ability where you revive yourself takes a little too long and its disorientating how you don’t have control of the camera and it rotates around you. Also the medic pistol needs more distance and less time to recharge.

    In the beta, the medic is my main class, the multiplayer is a blast, I can’t wait for the game so there’s more maps :)

  • Everything about this game looks sweet except that the gun is burst fire. hopefully there will be an option to it

  • I was under the impression it would be a helghast graveyard, but this is cool nevertheless, already made my preorder from Home .can’t wait

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