Plants vs Zombies hits PSN Today With All The Trimmings

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Hi again! It’s me, Jeff from PopCap. You might remember me from such blog posts as the one I wrote on January 28th in this very space, announcing that Plants Vs Zombies was coming to the PlayStation Network! If you missed that announcement, don’t worry, since I just said it again in that last sentence. So now you’re totally caught up with everyone else and don’t have to feel all left out and ornery! Yay!

So now that we’re all caught up, I have even better news for you today: Plants Vs. Zombies is available NOW (read: soon!) on PSN for a measly $14.99. In a short time, you can close this window this second and start pummeling those infernal, annoying, and dentally-challenged zombies with your loyal, brave army of peashooters and cabbage-pults and gloom shrooms right from the comfort of your very own PlayStation!

Plants vs Zombies for PS3 (PSN)

I know you want details, rather than more of my dribble, so here’s what I can tell you. Plants Vs Zombies has:

  • 50 Adventure levels. The complete, original game.
  • Five modes. Adventure, Puzzle, Mini-Games, Survival, and everyone’s favorite, the bliss-inducing Zen Garden.
  • Co-op and Versus Play. Team up with a friend or challenge them by each choosing a side—plants or zombies.
  • 21 mini-games. Fight the fun-dead in minigames like Zombatany, Wall-nut Bowling and Heavy Weapon.
  • Interactive leaderboard. Upgrade to bigger & better houses as you progress and stroll through the leaderboard neighborhood to see your friends’ digs.
  • 12 Trophies. Earn awesome ornaments to decorate your lawn.

Plants vs Zombies for PS3 (PSN)Plants vs Zombies for PS3 (PSN)

And that’s really all I know. I’ll be happy to stick around to answer questions. Just try to keep it relatively civil because my therapist says I need to avoid hostile situations ever since I punched that stupid old lady next to me on the plane because she wouldn’t give me the armrest.

Oh yeah, and enjoy the game!

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  • “But, hey, if it were up to me, everything would be free everywhere, and we’d all dance around naked listening to the Grateful Dead.”

    …LMAO now that’s funny!

  • haha, that was pretty funny :-)

  • Once it has Move support it will have my support. I love this game and really want to pick it up on the PS3. I’m also wondering if it will have Zombatar creations. I would love to make my own PSN avatar through the games own Zombie-Avatar creation system. I would definitely purchase then, regardless of Move support or not.

  • I’m very happy to see this finally make it’s way to the PSN. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. $14.99 does seem like a little much. Hopefully it will go on sale sooner then later and all the people on the fence will buy it.

    Any chance of Plants vs Zombie avatars?

  • Did the SUBWAY codes go Active today with today’s Store Update.

    The Subway Codes haven’t worked and some of them are susposed to be good now and there not Active yet.

    So did they Activate with today’s UPDATE?

    Let us know.


    By: DCS

  • I already have all achievements on the X360 version, so I don’t think I’ll buy it again, but if you make it available for PSP, I’ll buy it as soon as possible!

  • +1 for Move Support.

    I was kinda hoping that is why it took so long to be released on PSN but at least it finally got here.

    I am a huge PvZ fan and would definitly pick this up if Move was incorporated. If not maybe around my NGP goes on sale… would love to play a touch senstive version on the (PSP)go. Get cracking :)

    Thanks for a awesome title release. If anyone hasn’t played this yet, its a must.

  • When is it coming to Android?

  • is a fun game but 15$ yeah no, maybe 10$…

  • when the NGP launches later this year will this title be touch sensitive?

  • You funny. 15$. You fail.

    • Well, I can’t keep replying to every comment about the price. I mean, I could, I guess, but we wouldn’t really get anywhere. Plus I read recently that the Internet is running out of space. So we should be mindful of that.

      I will say that a movie and popcorn now costs more than $15, though. And PvZ lasts WAY longer and is better for your hand-eye coordination, besides. And prepares you for the zombie apocalypse.

      Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

  • I first played this game on the iPad. Then on the PC but it wasn’t as smooth as it was on the iPad. To me, this game plays best on the iPad, with selecting which squares to plant & so on. I’ve played it on the 360 and it seems a bit of a hassle selecting the squares (right, right, right, down, down….). Now if they added Move support for it on PSN that will be quite interesting.

    • I am letting the folks at PopCap know about the request for Move support, which seems to be huge on this blog at least.

      PopCap *does* try to please as many people as possible. Kind of like my college girlfriend.

  • Erm… I’m completely torn. I love PVZ, but… It is an older game and I’m not sure I want to drop $15 on it. Had it been a mini (With a better price) or even include a PSP version where I could transfer progress, maybe I could have seen myself buy it. (I would give Trophies a +, but the steam GOTY also has achievements.)

    As is, it’s cheaper on Steam right now and I would imagine feels better too. I think I’m going to pass on this one.

  • Look… 15$ isnt much, compared to how much work as put into this.. making the same game on another console and adding multiplayer/co-op, is a lot of work.. they are not forcing anyone to buy it, but oh ppl will buy it because the game is great, and since u get new experience with this version its doomed to sell..

    looking forward to seeing it on the psn europe… and my question is when? this week or next?

  • +1 for Move support… just so you know that it’s in demand.

    Is it hard to implement? I just wonder why games that seem perfect for it don’t have the feature. Oh well, I already have the iOS version and it works great. Now that I know the game is fun, although a tad on the simple side of things, I’m interested in the extras of this version but will have to wait for a price drop.

    • It is hard to implement, yes. Same goes for Kinect. It basically is an entire development cycle all on its own. First you have to figure out the basic functionality (how it’s going to work with your game), and THEN you have to make that functionality actually be fun. And when it’s new tech like Move, and something you’ve not yet had any experience with, it just takes time to get it right.

      Would PvZ be better, game-wise, with Move? I think I could see it, with the controller being used to point at things on the screen. Would it be better than a regular controller? Honestly, I don’t know. But I can see why you guys–especially if you’ve already invested in it–would want it.

  • @ Jeff Green, ignore the haters.. the game is completely worth $15. My wife has it on the DS and I’ll be getting it on the PS3. Thank you for bringing this game to PSN, I’ve been hoping yall would!

    P.S. Another request for Move Support!

  • I dont know.. 15$ for that game? really? and nothing new to it?

  • I really, really want to buy this on the PS3. I just bought (like a week before it was announced) the disc version for the 360. Plus I already had it on the PC and iPod Touch. At $10, I would have jumped in on this too. But at $15, it makes it a hard sell for a 4th purchase.

    For anyone who hasn’t played it, it’s an amazing game. Well worth the price. Just not for someone who owns multiple copies already.

  • So in other words you have nothing.

    These games are $5-10 max especially when you can pick up physical copies of greatest hits titles starting at $19.99.

    The trend to start pricing these things at $14.99 simply means I don’t buy on release and wait until they’re at least half off. With games like Trash Panic @ $4.99, this is around $10 over priced.

    • I’m sorry you feel that Plants Vs Zombies is overpriced. For what it’s worth, it’s less than the PC version was when that first came out! (Actually, it’s still $19.99 on our website.)

      You can also get a cheaper version on the iOS–where games are always going to be cheaper anyway.

  • Are you going to add any avatars to the store?

  • Thanks, cant wait for the european release, so might get it from my us account but.. if its sometime near i’ll definitely wait for eu release.

    about the move control part.. i know the process of developing for a new control scheme takes lots of time, but if u guys are working with Sony Online Entertainment shouldnt they help speed up things?

    again Move support will add a new experience to the game so i totally understand why ppl are demanding it.

  • hi jeff, since you are from popcap.let me tell you that i apreciate the update that you guys did with bejweled the best got even better with the ability of the player to listen to his own soundtracks.thank you!

  • I can see why people would think 15$ is a bit much for this type of game. What people saying that 15$ is worth it maybe you dont have it on other systems. like i said before i have it on Pc and ipod. PC i bought for 5-10$ (cant really remember) and it roughly the same as this game. the ipod version is/was 2.99 and that had everything except Zen Garden which is bad in my opinion because thats pretty fun.

    So i guess people will look at it as: why pay 15$ for this on the ps3 when i can get it for PC or ipod cheaper?

    In no do i think people will say this is a bad game because its pretty fun if you like Tower Defense games. and i have put a lot of time in both the Pc and ipod version. Just to me playing/buying the same game over again just doesnt seem worth it if its priced like that.

    Now maybe if i could also transfer PvsZ to my psp, or if the co-op/versus is online also then i could see this being well worth 15$.

  • My girlfriend literally *squealed* with happiness when she saw the trailer for this last week. She’s obsessed with the PC version and called me from work about 2 hours ago to remind me that it’s out on PS3 today!

  • I dont see a problem with $15 just as long as that’s where this stuff stops. I imagine pretty soon we’ll end up with $20 standard games the way things are going.

    And lol at the college girlfriend comment. I don’t usually check the blog so dont know if youre usually here to answer questions and such, but you should definitely stick around. Good responses from what I read =)

    • Actually, I kinda think it’s gonna go the opposite way, personally. I think the prices will go DOWN, at least for some types of games. Because with the iOS people have just started to expect lower prices, especially for more casual games. Just my own opinion, though :)

      I’ll stick around as long as I don’t get burned in effigy.

  • I’ll likely get the game anyway but sign me up for Move support!

  • Jeff Green; you sir, are hilarious.

    Never leave the PS Blog.

  • Not sure if I want to buy this game again for $15 since I already own the superior PC version. I hope all future Pop Cap games get simultaneous releases or else we know you don’t love us equally ;)

    That being said I think the big shots at Pop Cap need to give Jeff Green a huge pay raise because he’s doing an outstanding job. Jeff, you rule.

  • If the PSN would update already I could start spending some $$$$ on this! =)
    Day 0, can’t wait much longer …

  • Is there online co-op? If so, is there voice chat? I asked earlier (comment #10) but you may have skipped it because of the preceding $14.99 sentence.

    • Co-op is local only. Not sure about voice chat, but I guess since it’s local only that probably answers the question. :) But I’ll check anyway. Added to The List!

  • Seems perfect for Move, i will still buy it though… Just compare the game ‘Flight control’ with Move support and not, its like day and night!

  • hey jeff im buying it but does it have the popcorn mode and its nice to see the zen garden make a comeback from the ipad version keep it up popcap and oh yeah it wouldnt hurt to put all your games on psn and at the same time then 360 and if u relase something on the 360 let us know that somewhere down the line its coming to psn the one i prefer .

    • I think in the future you’ll see PopCap adopting more of a “simultaneous launch” strategy–I mean, as much as it’s possible. This is just my offhand observation, not an official announce. :) The thing is that PopCap does NOT believe in just “porting” to different platforms. We want to make them all feel “right” on each one. So that’s why sometimes there’s a delay from one to another. But we know it’d be better for everyone if more people got to play the games on more platforms from Day 1….

  • Is it that hard to confirm or deny CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS?

    Good luck with future titles. (Add Move support)

  • This is probably the best $15 anyone could spend on a PSN title. Too bad I already spent $25 during the half off sale last week… Next pay day, Plants Vs Zombies will be mine!

    … And I will still play it on THAT OTHER CONSOLE when I go to my brother’s house! Because I want the achievements, too!

  • PvZ is an amazing game. I won’t be buying it because I’ve owned the Steam version for a few years already. I will say this though. It is well worth the $15 you will be spending on it… In fact I can guarantee you will get more then $15 worth of fun playing it.

    Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Add me to the Move support requesters…

  • I had my wife grow a huge garden full of plants to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

    Now I will be able to properly train them as long as the PSN store updates before the Zombies get here.


  • Plants vs Zombies is awesome, but there’s not enough new in here for me to pay another $14.99 – sorry.

    I’ll take another look when it goes on sale at some point.

  • Hey Jeff, maybe you could slap some sense into the PSN team. This whole inconsistent store update crap is getting ridiculous. I can only imagine what these people did when they had a 15 page paper to write in college (Mind you, it’s been known that this paper had a set due date since the beginning of the semester).

    ::2 Months Pass::

    Student (AKA Future employee who handles PS Store updates): Oh crap, my paper is due in an hour! Why didn’t I work on this earlier instead of procrastinating!

    Perhaps Sony should hire some of those people who handle the OTHER CONSOLE, you know? the ones who actually got their homework done on time.

    • Man, the number of times I procrastinated on my term papers until the LAST DAY in college still gives me nightmares.

      So you’re probably asking the wrong guy. :D

  • Oh, and as an aside – how about PvZ Chess? :D

    Online versus capable, of course.

  • Jeff/ great name by the way

    As to your comment on VofEscaflowne’s comment about move support “And when it’s new tech like Move, and something you’ve not yet had any experience with, it just takes time to get it right.”

    Could you please come back and blog/talk about first PopCap game that will incorporate and support the Move. I am sure you will get a lot of good feed back and that will help you guys get it right faster.

    There are alot of Move hungry PopCap fans out there that would gladly spend 15$ on some awesome unique game that is cutting edge.

    Can’t wait for the PS+ PopCap Sale!!!!

  • Ok, thanks for the info. Im sad it doesn’t have online, but I might get it. Sadly I thing I only have $14 and some odd cents. DANG YOU IRREGULAR TAX AMMOUNTS! Why do the make things $XX.99 if tax will make it like $XX.32 or something?

  • If PopCap adds Move support, please do not make it like auditorium’s Move control scheme. In auditorium, instead of pointing and clicking, you have to physically move your hand all around similar to tumble.

    It should be a point and click manner. (I thought this was obvious, until I played the “Move” version of Auditorium)

    Thank you and good luck with sales.

  • Sorry for the double post but Move support would definitely make me buy this game again.

  • I do wish Pop Cap would include mouse and keyboard and/or Move support. the PS3 does offer that as alternate control options. Already own on 2 platforms this will make 3.

  • “But, hey, if it were up to me, everything would be free everywhere, and we’d all dance around naked listening to the Grateful Dead.”

    LMAO… nice to see you again, Jeff. Never tried this one before but if there’s a demo, I’ll definitely try it out.

    Oh yeah, and Bookworm Deluxe please!

  • @89
    Thats not right. Since we get updates on Tuesday, we already get everything earlier than everyone else. The ammount of content is irregular. So if if they start at X time every tuesday, but one day there is X ammount of content that is posted at 5 00. Then the next tuesday the is 3X ammount of content, wouldn’t it take longer?

  • The only real strategy game i ever got into was Comet Crash and that was just awesome.

  • +1 for move support, it would be similar to having a mouse.

  • Jeff Green  |  February 8th, 2011 at 3:36 pm
    I am letting the folks at PopCap know about the request for Move support, which seems to be huge on this blog at least. PopCap *does* try to please as many people as possible. Kind of like my college girlfriend.

    Please… enlighten us about this “college girlfriend”.

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