MLB 11 The Show “Yankee Killer” Trailer Turns Up The Heat

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Sports Fans –

The time has arrived. Football season is in the rear view window and in less than a week, pitchers and catchers will be headed to Spring Training. So, to whet your appetite in the meantime, we’ve got another great MLB 11 The Show trailer for you entitled “Yankee Killer.” Down by one run, MLB 11 cover athlete Joe Mauer looks to clear the bases and put the Minnesota Twins into the lead. But he’ll have to overcome an 0-2 to count to Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia. Can the Twins captain come through in the clutch? You have to watch to find out…

MLB 11 The Show continues to showcase the real-life intensity and drama of Major League Baseball. Check back soon for more MLB 11 The Show announcements and stay tuned for Chapter 3… “Torture.” Don’t forget: Reserve and Purchase MLB 11 The Show and receive FREE 30 days MLB.TV on your PS3!

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Other companies should just stop making MLB games. Nothing beats The Show.

  • Awesome Video! Can’t wait to get this on both my PS3 and PSP.

  • My Dodgers stumbles last year, hopefully to hit full stride this year!

  • Great work with these trailers. They actually make baseball seem exciting like it was back when I played.

  • Love it. Can’t wait.

    The only issue I saw was that Scott Ullger (#45) is no longer the 3rd base coach for the Twins, it’s Steve Liddle (#9). If it was still Ullger, you would have had to edit the trailer to show Casilla being thrown out at the plate by 25 feet…

    Take it from a Twins fan, that’s a fact.

  • Who knew baseball could be so epic? These guys at San Diego studios obviously. Looks great guys! Cant wait to get it and try out all the new modes including the Move functions!

  • Just one question…does this years Show have the Riverboat on the Batter’s Eye in Great American Ballpark….it has been there for atleast 3 years now and has not been added to the Show yet…

  • Go Giants!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said.

  • Too bad the umps couldn’t have made that call correctly in the playoffs. LOL!

  • where is kevin butler?

  • We all know Cervelli would’ve got him out.
    Go Yankees!!
    (BTW) why is Joe Mauer the cover athlete again this year let some other players get a chance on the cover.

  • Hmm. I guess the concept you guys are going with, with MLB 11 The Show is to Rehash. Same game, same graphics, same broken online, same cover athlete. Good job. You guys are the reason people pirate. I bet you charging $60? and want people to pay for the same game again right? Add this to the pirate list!

  • I’m a Yankee fan… but you should have made that a game winning bases clearing double…. I was hoping to see if you guys changed up the game winning hit celebrations or not.

  • Are there specific retailers we have to pre=order from to get the 30 day MLB TV trail or can you pre-order from anywhere?

  • Yankee killer? The Twins? Lolol #NYY

  • What M-Easy said. I would like to know too!!!

  • @M-Easy

    I may be wrong but I think it’s exclusive to GameStop.

    The game looks great. I wouldn’t want to compete against you guys, Poor 2K11.

  • Might import it to Europe. Looks ace! Why not try to sell it here in Europe?!

  • I don’t think you guys have to worry. Just make an NFL game, we will defend you against licensing issues with EA!! Lol what a beautiful trailer and the game will always be sick. my money’s on the show

  • Thanks for the vid… I hate the #*!@ing Yankees.

    Question: after MLB 11 comes out, will you be keeping the PSP version of MLB 10 on the PSN Store?

  • lol great video, but it should of been of been boston vs the yankees to make the video more epic.

  • @Dante989 Can’t really be a game winning hit when they are playing in Yankee Stadium….

    I woulda liked to see a new cover athlete too. I’m no Ranger fan but Josh Hamilton won an MVP and would have looked nice on the cover. That guy is an awesome story.

  • Cameron Diaz is the real Yankee killer, just ask Joe Buck.

  • The new analog controls are going to make this game simply amazing. The whole reason why I bought a PS3 in the first place is because of The Show.

  • Joe Mauer?… Twins?… Yankee killers?… The team that got sweep twice by the Yankees in the post season.

    @12 I hate the words fanboy and troll but you define the words quite well. If you don’t like The Show you can always buy 2k11 Baseball, a game that’s two years behind The Show in every way.

  • these are awesome trailers

  • @12, taking out your frustration because you have a 360m and are stuck with a second rate game in 2k baseball? LMAO, The show is the best sports series for a reason, learn some baseball.

  • FYI, no sports game offers the plethora of content and deep gameplay, if any sports game is worth 60, its the show.

  • please tell me you all have updated the franchise mode

    move a team
    create a stadium
    set prices for everything
    stadium advertisements
    blockbuster trades shouldn’t be that easy to make there needs to be smarter AI when making trade

    NHL has the best franchise mode and NBA 2k11 is next i hope mlb the show has made some improvements to franchise mode

  • The show has the best franchise, NHL doesnt have the depth, the show has the full MLB rules and transactions, NHL only has restricted free agents, thats it LMAO. Trades are also too easy in NHL. A recent article on Operation sports showed that The Show’s franchise mode was as deep as many text based PC baseball management games.

  • The only sports game I buy all year is almost here…cant wait!

  • Love it…..Can’t wait. Especially can’t wait to use the Move controllers as well.

  • I’ve heard the Move controllers only work for the Home Run Derby. Which is why I will pass on this title, and wait for one where you can use the Move controller to:

    1. Wind up and throw a pitch (and be called for a balk if your wind up is illegal)

    2. Bat, allow check swings to be very accurate. With the calibration process including taking multiple swings (ie: Swing the Move controller at a high pitch, a high and away pitch, and so on). Also in the calibration process having to hold the “bat” straight infront of you, so the game understands where a check swing would have to stop. You understand where I am going with this… I want full bat swing motion recognition.

    3. That’s it. I don’t mind if there is no fielding because in the defensive game the player would be controlling the pitcher. I understand that many gamers would want full field control, but this is simply my opinion. Make it an option to toggle if you’d like to control the whole defense, or just the pitcher, but I feel that that aspect of the game play would not be a necessity (I’d be tired enough trying to bat for each of my team’s hitters, while throwing every pitch).

  • I hope someone who has something to do with the MLB The Show series gets to read this message, and understand that I am not alone in these views.

    Thank you and good luck with sales this year and in years to come.

  • i know the game will be great… but f*** this trailer. ;]

  • Are they gonna release a demo???? I hope so….

  • @ 33, Move would ruin the show, its a sim, not an arcade title. move is not accurate or precise enough to simulate proper battle/pitcher duels. I hope you never get to play the show due to your own ignorance. If you want arcade baseball with gimmick controls buy a wii. The show is a true baseball sim.

  • Can’t wait for this!! Getting it for PS3 and PSP.

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