Killzone 3 Gets a Perfect 10 in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

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OK, OK, let’s step back for second. One of the things we always struggle with when awarding a 10 is this notion of “perfect.” So, let’s clear the air: There is no such thing as a perfect game. Any and all games come with their assortment of quirks and quibbles, slight shortcomings and trifling blemishes.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine

That said, Killzone 3 comes pretty gosh darn close to perfection.

We should know, because we played the heck out of it for our March cover story: a 10-page feature that includes our hard-hitting, in-depth review along with exclusive tactics straight from developer Guerrilla Games for dominating the excellent multiplayer. We even got to dig deep into the ‘Zone to uncover some of Guerrilla’s thinking behind the latest chapter in their sharp shooter.

It’s a great read, if I do say so myself, written by our very own Roger Burchill. To quote our esteemed managing editor: “Killzone 3 takes a blade, jams it into a Helghast’s eye socket, and twists it.” You’ll have to pick up the issue to find out what else Roger said, but even for those who’ve already pre-ordered the game, it’s got some great insight into why Killzone 3 is an improvement over its excellent predecessor, along with all kinds of tasty tidbits on the game that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s a great issue overall, with lots of other incredible coverage, including a massive hands-on with MotorStorm: Apocalypse; an epic feature pitting the next wave of Marvel and DC-based games against each other; our top 10 overlooked PS3 classics; massive reviews of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and (my personal fave) Tactics Ogre; and updates on everything from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to UNCHARTED 3. The issue is on newsstands Feb. 15, and should be reaching subscriber mailboxes any day now. Enjoy!

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  • IGN gave it an 8.5. I’ll trust their score, since they’re a bit more impartial.

  • I see Tactics Ogre on the bottom of the cover. I hope you have some good coverage, and not just some half page blurb where most of said space is taken up with stock pictures.

  • The game looks utterly amazing. I cannot wait to get the final version in my hands. However, a “Perfect 10”, seems a bit of a stretch. Reviewers from single platform magazines tend to be far too generous to platform exclusives.

    • Look back and you’ll find evidence to prove your point and evidence to refute your point. We have, indeed, given several first-party games 10s: God of War III; Heavy Rain; etc. But we’ve also giving other games lower scores, sometimes below metacritic.

      But really, give the review a read. My feeling about reviews is that it’s not just about the score. Long-form reviews help extend the experience, and help me better understand what might be good, bad, or ugly about a game. Great reviewers have pointed out things that have enhanced my enjoyment of a game (or movie, or book, or restaurant), or helped me understand why it is that I don’t like something. I know we live in a metacritic world, and this headline helps reinforce that notion, but reviews are more than just scores — even “perfect 10s.”

  • Killzone has been great and all but NO game should ever receive a perfect 10, because there has never been a game that had nothing they could improve on.

    • It’s a debate we’ve had at PTOM, and we’ve decided it benefits us and the reader to use the FULL review scale. Basically, what you’re proposing is a 9 point scale, because no game is “ever good enough” for a 10. Then why even have a 10?

      At PTOM, we try to use all 10 points, and we reserve 10s for the best overall experiences. Sometimes a 10 might have a few technical issues, or a few bits that drive us crazy. (Read the review for those details in KZ3.) But as an overall experience, it’s among the very best. It’s a must-buy, with a stamp of approval for all gamers.

  • At the end of the day, this is a post to promote a game review. And it’s a game that a good number of people are excited to play — myself included.

    However, I’m more impressed by Gary Steinman’s replies! Great work and good job of being open and honest without sounding like a jerk. :) Oh, and I second the props for the magazine’s cover art. Really well done.

  • Destructoid also gave Killzone 3 a perfect 10. Just playing beta numerous times tells me that its topped kz2. I have no doubt the campaign will be fun with the different set pieces and the cutscenes that look so much more dynamic than in kz2 plus the addition of Malcom McDowell & Ray Winstone to the helghast. But this game is gonna be all about the multiplayer which I hope gets a bunch of map support and new weapons through dlc.

    This game is only possible on PS3, not seeing what all the hype about on crysis 2 and other fps coming out because this is probably as good as it gets until next gen consoles.

  • I’m really enjoying Gary Steinman’s replies.

    They are clearly thought out and quite well written.

    I might just pick up the official magazine as I’ve never actually read it :) The last Future Publishing magazines that I read were Amiga Power and Amiga Format from waaaaaay back when.

    Of course, my first impression of the 10/10 score was similar to some of the other posters – except the bribery one – but I would be interested in reading the full article and playing the full game before passing judgement.

    Dear Mr Steinman: Is there any chance of getting a digital copy of the magazine uploaded to the Hong Kong PlayStation Store? I will pay a reasonable amount to read it :)

    • Aw, shucks. Too kind.

      Honestly, not likely for us to have a digital edition sold into Hong Kong. Much as I’d like to oblige.

      But… you can always follow me on Twitter: @TinyManRages. (For those curious about the name, it’s an anagram for my real name. And it also fits, because I’m not very tall, I am a man, and I tend to be angry.)

  • @Gary Steinman

    Can you speak as to how the magazine can review the online portion of the game? Do they have special reviewer servers up, or was it like the current beta test servers. I’m curious and interested how it happens.

    • All game reviews that happen before release (whether online or in print) tend to built around a series of multiplayer sessions set up with the developer and publisher. For PTOM, we’ll do as many sessions as needed to feel comfortable with our assessment. If that’s not possible, we’ll indicate it in the review text and decide how it might affect the score. For some games, multiplayer is like a “bonus,” so the affect on the score is minimal in either direction. For a game like KZ3, it’s a major part of the, um, value proposition (sorry for the marketing-speak), so Roger (our reviewer) made sure he spent hours and hours testing it with the devs.

  • Man it’s ridiculous how many people are screaming “OMG BIASED”. Killzone 3 has been getting some great reviews, I haven’t seen anything under 8.5 and have seen a 9.4 and 10 from other big sites.
    This game is going to be amazing and the beta proves that, plus I have been reading the Playstation Magazine for years and it’s great source with very fair reviews.

  • Accusing gaming journalists like these of bias is fair accusation. I am also Biased towards well made games, and I tend to give them good scores, as opposed to crappy games which I would be inclined to rate poorly. This is the problem with being biased to toward quality.

    • I am also biased toward Gucci watches, Prada shoes, and Hugo Boss suits. So, um, if anyone wants to pay me off (product is fine) to say nice things about the quality of those items…

      But kidding aside, yes, that’s a great point. We do want to celebrate great games. And we do approach games with a feeling of enthusiasm rather than ennui. That’s part of what it means to be “official.” It’s more in the voice of our magazine: that we are PlayStation gamers (who are aware of the larger gaming climate and who play other systems), and we are indeed fans of the system, but NOT fanboys. As “fans,” we’re willing to stick our necks out and say nice things when they’re warranted — but we’re also ready to speak up when we don’t like something. It’s what fans do.

      It’s a heck of a lot more enjoyable than being bitter or jaded, wouldn’t you agree?

  • I just love honest and well-thought out reviews. If a reviewer does his job properly then you can tell whether you’d like a game regardless of its score.

    A perfect ten game might not be for you, but a seven could be perfect.

    That’s why I tend to ignore scores for most of these things, as they are highly subjective. I believe it was the perfect tens for GTA IV that made be give up on scores.

  • @ Gary Steinman
    i think the most comments which are about the high ratings are no about the qualitiy of the ps magazine, it´s more about the major problems the magazines of today suffering. no innovations or a missing story doesn´t scratch on the “new mind-blowing call of duty” review.
    for a customer reviews should be a little help to get an idea about the new products.
    but what do you read as a customer in news today? here some extracts
    ..the biggest….awesome…10/10…..93%
    After a few weeks you´ve reading the user reviews on amazon or something else and very rarely the reviews are matched to the official test.

    • Well…those are quotes. All publishers will pull quotes that help sell games. Gotta read the full reviews (both print and online) to get the full story. Are you reading the full reviews? I know someone mentioned IGN earlier. I totally agree that they’re another great source of reviews, especially if you take the time to read the full review. Same with us. Roger filed a big chunk of copy explaining what he thought was innovating, what worked, and what could still use some polish. Check it out!

  • Killzone is great, but ther is a horrible lag for the X and Y axis movement.

  • PTOM gives A LOT of 10’s compared to most game review outlets. I guess part of that is that they dont give out .5 scores or anything.

  • @Gary Steinman

    Thanks for your reply. Do you do PSN digital copies in the States?

    I’m not saying that you should specifically get your magazine published on the Hong Kong store. I just think that in this digital age, it seems a little bit “last century” that physical and digital publications are both limited by regional boundaries.

    If there’s one guy in Okinawa willing to pay money from his PSN wallet to read the US, UK or UN digital version of a magazine, how come no-one sells it to him? Perhaps this would be a good time to leverage that “officialness” and get yourselves digitally published on all PS Stores

    • We’re definitely looking into all “media extensions.” Online, tablet, etc. I love print, and it still has an audience. Print also does stuff no other media can. But that said, you’re right: It’s a new media environment, and it’s up to us to be wherever readers want us. All in the works, stay tuned…

  • This is an entertaining post. I also give the poster credit for replying to all these comments about bias. I think it would serve them better to do a 1-100 review score. I know it’s not a 100. I found things in the beta that make me not give it a 10. For me, Uncharted 2 is a 10 and KZ3 isn’t quite on par with that.

  • Back on topic:

    I’m playing the Killzone Beta right now, and the Move implementation is, dare I say it, 10/10 :D

    They’ve put more thought into the Move controls than I’ve seen in any other shooting game. I hope that Socom’s controls are as good as this.

    Back off topic:

    @Mr Steinman: You shouldn’t have mentioned the anagram. I would have felt really smart if I’d noticed it by myself. I’ll try to forget that you said anything.

  • @ Gary Steinman
    Of course I read the full reviews. Im talking about, the players just get the feeling that automatically play a very high rating received. which will play because our days have reviews of 60%?
    It has the apparent that the tester have forgotten that a rating starts at 0 / 10 and not at 7 / 10.

    • Ah. Understood.

      Well, we do work hard to use the full scale, from 1 to 10. I know what you’re getting at, and I’ve felt that way at times too: that some outlets (not necessarily game-related) review within a range, ignoring the full scale. But as long as people like you help keep us all honest, we’ll be in great shape.

  • Hi. Is there a way to import an issue of the Magazine straight to my house, in Brazil?

    • Buy me a plane ticket and hotel room for a week, and I promise I’ll drop it off, and even debate with you personally about the score. For two hours, even.

      Don’t worry, I’ll cover my incidentals.

  • The beta is really great. They online multiplayer is awesome except for the spawn camping. But, thats the community, not the game. Killzone 3’s spawn system is awesome. It fits well with the game, but people need to quit spawn camping.

  • by the way thank for your recent feedback

  • @50 Mrpaulryan
    LMAO IGN in partial my …. dude they deducted points from presentation because the guy who reviewed the game didn’t like the story or the characters. It’s like he was expecting Mass Effect 2. He unfairly judged Killzone 3 at just about every opportunity. This same reviewer tends give more generous scores to X360 games when he reviews them. Did I mention he is on IGN X360’s Three Red Lights? Ya impartial… sure… go with that.

    Destructoid: 10

    PlayStation Life Style: 10

    Gamezone: 9.5

    PlayStation Universe: 9.5–a010573-p0.php

    Game Trailers: 9.4

    There are other 9.0+ scores online. IGN’s reviews have become less and less credible with time and so has their scoring system. Wtih reviewers deducting points for the dumbest of things. Yes I like a good story, but I’m not going to walk into an FPS expecting an epic…. who knows KZ3 may even surprise us.

  • I dont find the score suspicious, but appearing in the Ps Blog, that is something i dont remember happening before. weird, i will find out for myself once i get the game, but i dont see where the 10/10 is coming from

  • I don’t care about this review cause its from playstation and they always give there playstation games a “good” score

  • Reviews are opinions. Opinions vary. You don’t like the opinion that KZ3 deserves a 10, find a different opinion more to your liking.

    Day one by the way, no matter the score. Loved KZ2.

  • why cant people just come to terms with the fact that KILLZONE 3 REALLY IS A GOOD GAME. I mean, why so cynical?

  • KZ3 is an amazing game that does deserve a 10 in my book, but in defense of those who offend the decision, it is sony’s game, and sony’s magazine.

  • So no online co op (which shows total laziness), weak disjointed story and you get a perfect 10 huh? remind me never to to trust this mag again.

  • I GIVE IT AN 8 Max! controls seem good graphics are nice but maybe this game is not for me. it’s funny how i don’t like the ps3 version but i do love the psp version lol. Maybe i just been playing black ops to much? “prestige 6 lvl 38”

  • That’s crazy!

    I was just thinking that the box art should of had both the Helghast and ISA on it, since the last two box arts were just Helghast soliders. I know the art above is a magazine cover, and I like the box art for all the Killzone games.

    What’s crazy is that I pictured almost the exact same image as the picture above, except I pictured a little extra (A Helghast Marksman in the background partially cloaked aiming at the ISA solider).

    I love the cover! And I should be getting my copy in the mail any day now. -Damn snow-

  • The comments reflect the general opinion in many blogs again, many players no longer believe the magazines because of the high reviews.
    really quite sad, yet allows an insight into the test game, some waiting for the rating but rather from the player ratings.
    Now the players are wrong or there is a problem that is caused by the increasingly high ratings last? or are the games just keep getting better now?
    I think the magazine should be asking themselves once their credibility and make a statement and have no fear of rigorous, hard and low reviews.

    • I’m not sure I agree that magazines review any differently (generally speaking) from professional sites. We’ve been pretty rigorous and tough on many games, including several first-party games.

  • I see a lot of 8.5’s elsewhere, but, to be fair, I didn’t think they were very fair. If Call of Duty deserves a 9.0, Killzone 3 deserves at least a 9.5. But I’m a little biased, too — Killzone 2 is my favorite shooter on the PS3.

  • @wickedkae

  • @wickedkae
    Wow, you know a lot about this game in which is not out yet. Due tell more.

    Actually, just GTFO!

  • Awesome, awesome words about a game I couldn’t be more excited about. I’m going to be picking up this edition to get the full review, I’ve been mulling over getting a mag subscription for awhile now because I haven’t had one in a few years.. OPM might just be the one for me!

    Also I’ll be playing KZ2 online to get trained up for 3, I’m trying to get the top %1 before 3 launches as that’s my last multiplayer trophy.. I’m more than willing to help others and I’m definitely a team player, add my PSN if you want guys.

  • @ Gary Steinman
    are you still there?
    what do you think? (see my last comment)

  • Wow, this blog is truly something. I ask legitimate question, show my support, and get ignored. Yet I make a shorthanded comment and bam! – a response. Is this how it should be?

    No, Gary, I pre-ordered the Helghast edition AND I platinumed Killzone 2 AND have all the DLC + their trophies. I played the first one as well so I can see the improvement and progression as new games are released.

    However, I would believe a nine, or even a 9.5. But I’d believe a multiplatform review more because A Playstation magazine giving a PS Exlusive a 10/10 seems a bit stretched. It’s almost like they are paid to give such grades or even threatened to be fired if they don’t give it such a review (again, I’m not saying that is the case but it only seems like it). I haven’t played the singleplayer yet so I will comment on that. I’m only commenting on the circumstances surrounding this review, not the game itself.

    It’s like FrontPage magazine giving an Ann Coulter book a perfect review, or a Warner Bros. publication ‘reviewing’ one of their upcoming movies and lavishing it with accolades.

    Regardless, I preordered this game and will be getting it.

    • The FrontPage analogy is apt and relevant (though perhaps a bit uncomfortable for a political moderate like me). We are, indeed, an official magazine. While we’re 100% independent, we do, by choice, adopt a certain stance (as I mentioned in other responses): We’re enthusiasts and fans, but NOT fanboys. So yes, you can and should consider the outlet when reading a review. But again, we’ve been quite critical of other Sony exclusives, and we’ll speak our mind when warranted.

      Ah, if only everyone responded to the news media as they do to games media, we’d be a better, more informed world. I love it!

  • I won’t lie, I am skeptical about the rating you guys gave Killzone 3, seeing as this is far from an unanimous score amongst other critics. There’s actually quite a few reviews bashing the heck out of the story.

    • I had a pediatrician say to me when I took my (at the time) 2-year-old in for a checkup: We celebrate diversity in adults but expect conformity in children. That helped me really wrap my head around this absurd notion of: Why isn’t my kid exactly like every other kid. Why? Because everyone is indeed different, and everyone reaches their milestones differently, at different times.

      Same goes with criticism. Metacritic has trained us to expect a singe score that conforms. But that average comes from a diversity of scores. It’s part of the fun of reading multiple reviews. YOU get to decide who you trust and why. And you get to have a “conversation” with the reviewer, using the reviewers professional opinions and insight as a starting point.

  • A lot of review websites are saying that Killzone 2 is better than Killzone 3 and that Killzone 3 has a poor story mode with bad voice acting. I’ve also read other reviews saying the complete opposite. I’m really not sure which is true, but i’m still buying the game first day. I just hope i am not disappointed with Killzone’s 3 story.

  • …and it gets a perfect 0 for the beta. Can’t play online.

  • If you guys don’t trust that the game deserves a 10 because it’s a magazine thats about playstation, then read Jim’s article at but personally just being Killzone deserves a 10.

  • @ all
    the actual advertising is generally more important than ratings, it can be used as additive.
    mirror’s edge got good evaluations, but was glueing all due to poor advertising barely.
    iPad is technically not the optimum, but is due to the great advertising campaign to the best-selling products.
    the publisher seem to disagree. I think it was EA said that a game only by a high score metatcritic can be successful.
    assessed bring great changes but not much, no matter whether games or movies, little, if the PR does not work and the people not like the image.
    For me personally, it is important to clarify the question how credible the magazine are still present and how important these reviews are for sale.

  • Thanks PTOM for visiting us on the PS Blog. I’m gonna have to make myself play thru the campaign .. I always get thru eventually, but as soon as my buddies get online MP … It’s hard not to Join them … and I don’t think I’ll be able to take the Day off work to keep up. lol

  • This is the problem with number-based scores; and even worse if you are using decimals.

    Why does a game get a specific 9.6, and not a 9.5 or a 9.7?
    If there is no such thing as a perfect game, what’s the point of having a score of 10?

    I mean, if no game is perfect, no game shouldn’t earn a 10, unless you’re using a scale of 10.5 or 11 and that would be veeeery lame.

    So, if Killzone 3 has small imperfections (no matter how unnoticeable the are, and they are NOT), then it can’t get a 10.

    Reviewing sites and magazines should use a range-based scoring system instead.

    1-Pure vomit
    2-Irrelevant – average

    Or something like that, I don’t know.

    • Or:
      1 – Bad
      2 – Mediocre
      3 – Good
      4 – Great

      When we redesigned recently, we debated a simpler, more binary scale. But we do live in a metacritic world, so we need to have scores that fit into this world. Can you imagine what metacritic would convert a 2 or 3 into? Because most games would fall into that range, if we were to adopt a four-point scale.

      That said, I’m rather happy with a simple 10-point scale, with no half-points. It forces us to not sit on the fence and to commit to a score. Those half-pointers make it too easy, and don’t really serve the audience, IMHO.

  • Second paragraph:

    Sorry. I meant “If no game is perfect, no game should earn a 10”.

    That’s the problem of having too many ideas at the same time and not being able to prioritize them :)

  • Man, I’m a huge killzone fan! I’m really glad that this game got a 10! A lot of these game reviewers always judge a game by its cover, and they don’t think about how much work Guerrilla games put in this game! I mean look at the atmosphere! the gorgeous models, textures, animations. I can speak upon hours just saying how much work you guys put into this game! I really hope this game sells well (I’m buying the helghast edition) so that you guys can create more astonishing games :)

  • Like the magazine would give Killzone 3 anything other than a 10..

    You can’t trust any “review” sites these days. They’re all in the pocket of someone.

    I played KZ3, I wasn’t impressed at all.

  • I’ve played the beta i’m definitely enjoying this game more than COD black ops the graphics is sweeeeet i’m very proud to be a PS3 owner.

  • @ Gary Steinman
    Did you expect around with such feedback?
    as the official magazine seems to have it more difficult to prove its objectivity than other magazines, no matter how often you have to deny venality.
    It is annoying to be presumed biased? Do you take these comments seriously, really, I mean they affect you in some way related to your reviews?
    One last question, do you think that the players expect too much, and himself too important a role to assign? I refer to the expectations of games and reviews, as well as contact with the developers of Twitter or Facebook. The players want to appear in the development have a voice, maybe it is also true for the ratings?
    Don´t you think?

    • To answer your questions in order:
      + Feedback is always interesting and often surprising. You never know what’ll touch a nerve or spark a discussion.
      + Nah, it doesn’t bug me. We’re confident in what we do at PTOM, and our readers enjoy what we offer. And while I take every comment seriously, I also “filter” them and am not (over)reactive. Just like some think PTOM has a bias, I understand that many commenters have their own sets of of stances that don’t always coincide with mine. And I enjoy lively debate.
      + I agree with this notion that players sometimes expect too much. We’re now in a world where everyone can express their opinion, and I worry about it watering down the vision of the creator. I play a game because it can take me to place that someone else has created, not to see my own desires/notions reflected back at me. The best creators can sometimes make me uncomfortable or do things I don’t always agree with, but they still maintain my interest in a way that a less visionary product would not.

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