Kaz Hirai on the NGP

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Kaz Hirai on the NGP

The day we announced the Next Generation Portable, or NGP, was quite an eventful one. You might have followed the live blog, read the message on the Blog from SCEA CEO Jack Tretton, seen the topics trending on Twitter (6 out of 10 worldwide at one point!), or read the hands-on impressions.

At the very end of the day, I had a chance to catch up with Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. While I knew I’d be unable to gather any more details than what was announced earlier in the day, I was curious about the broader aspects of the news: Why announce NGP now? Where does it fit into the PlayStation console life cycle philosophy? How did publishing partners like Epic Games and Activision get involved in the announcement? I hope you enjoy hearing these answers in detail directly from Mr. Hirai.

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  • It looks amazing, but…

    – Name it PSP2 (don’t ditch the “PlayStation(Portable)” brand)
    – Keep XMB back (touch-enabled or standard, I don’t care)
    – Give it mobile phone capabilities (I will use it as my phone)

    …and you have whole wide world in your hands!

  • Beautiful interview! And day #1 buy for me.

  • could care less about the price!! I have a job…Just bring it on Sony!!

  • I’m there. Pre-ordered yesterday as a matter of fact.

  • @55
    How’d you pre-order? You mean you put $5 down at gamestop?

  • Boo to six axis/gyroscope

  • Sign me up!

  • Get down, Kaz! You’ll break it!

  • Gotta say, that game that looked like Katamari was cool how it used the rear touch pad.

  • At 2:33 he says the NGP will not last only 2-3 years. Sony’s track record with new technologies says otherwise: The original ps3 lasted 2 years before developing the yellow light of death or having its laser die. The Grand Wega LCD projection tvs were marketed to last longer than CRT but lasted 2-3 years before developing the blue blob issues. In 2 years I will be telling the “week 1 buyers” I told you so!

    Stay away from criminal sony products.

  • If you’re still reading these … please allow separate PSN sign ins, and perhaps even separate game saves tied to those PSN accounts. I can’t justify having NGP, PSP3000 and a PSPGo in the same Household. lol

  • Rather ironic how he talks about insuring a long lifespan when you got a PSPgo as a prime example of killing support within a year…

  • Impressive…most impressive

  • WilliamWallace gtfo off our site you crap smearing turd. Go spread your fud else where.

  • Wow, Kazuo Hirai is a very soild speaker. Sounds like they have a very soild stance on NGP and it’s future.

    As others have metioned, the price will be the biggest factor into how strong the NGP will launch. Then secondly the line up of titles and thrid, advertising. If they get a handle on those three factors, everything should go well for NGP. Here’s hoping they do.

  • people want price now? lol we never found out the 3DS price till last weeks ago. and it was revealed on e3!! please. more ? on this thing will make people talk and think about it more n more.
    i bought the ps3 on launch at 500, im just giddy about more info aside from the price. btw, tales of graces f ps3 baby!!!!!

  • Dont care how much it offers, more than $200 is always my limit on portable systems. Especially when I can buy a PS3 for $300, or possibly save for a PS4!

  • @52

    forget the xmb, its time to grow from that. online capabilities would be pretty crippled if it still kept that XMB.

  • Looking good.Get some Call of Duty gameplay soon, Jeff! :)

  • @4: I love internet logic. What about 10 years from now when having “Next Generation” on the box will be a liability?

    No. They are not going to do that.

    MAYBE they will keep the initials, but PSP2 is the smart thing to do. The PlayStation brand has real numbers, and the PlayStation 2 still proves that having the “older” model on the market doesn’t stop sales. The PSPGo will evaporate and sales of PSP-3000s will still trickle in for those that still want UMDs.

  • The conference was the first time I’d heard Kaz speaking Japanese. Love that language..

    Anyways, welcome back to the states Jeff! Very jealous you and the crew got to travel to Japan and see everything in person. Definitely saving up extra money for the NGP and looking forward to future news.

  • ok Jeff since its too soon to answer lots of questions how about giving us more info on the games already announced , come on , i know Big Big Studios is working on Little Deviants but who is working on Little Big Planet NGP ? is it true that the same studio that is working on Playstation Heroes is working on Resistance NGP ? how about Uncharted NGP, is Naughty Dog working on it ? , Killzone ? Smart As? Broken ? Gravity Daze?

  • So Jeff, Any chance NamcoBandai can post details of their announcement of Tales of Grace F, here on the Blog?

  • @WilliamWallace

    Yes, those Sony products do have those issues, however that is not what Kaz was referencing. He merely stated that 2-3 years down the road you can head into an electronics store and buy a NGP device that will play NGP games. Much like the PS3, there might be a new version of the PS3, the slim, but it is still a PS3 that can Play PS3 games.

  • Was that Skyrim at 1:06?

  • definitely day one for me no matter what but please dont go over $350 because thats the max ill pay for it

  • Kaz is the man

  • Kaz is sooo cool!

  • They should make it have cell phone features, too. Or, is that what the 3G means…

  • NGP’s OLED screen needs to have scratch resistant ‘Gorilla glass’ like the latest cell phones (Dell streak, Samsung galaxy S, Nokia N8 ect)

    here’s a demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nNJSGR2m0U

  • Thank God for Sony & PlayStation!

    I love this interview & Kaz’s answers! Composure even if tired. A true samurai warrior! The NGP will separate the real men from the boys!

    I love Sony Japan! Where would the world be without Sony?

    NGP: console gaming minus the electric bill at its best!

    But damn it Sony, please give NGP a HDTV Output or DLNA, Google, Android OS & all the apps, touch keyboard, @least 5MP camera, Skype, PS2 Emulation & no shovel wares!

    Don’t screw it this time, ^_^!

    Success Sony! Success!

  • Love the style of the video. Very unique and nicely produced, I’d love to see more like this. Wonderful!

  • hey very nice defintely getting lol first time i comment on PS blog

  • this system will blow the 3ds out of the water

  • i’m wondering if the second joystick is going to be a problem seeing most games are button mashers and the second joystick might cause a problem with those games. If it could be above the XOsquaretriangle, that would be nice.
    then for my next big question after i find out how the NPG can be integrated with the PS3, how can i win one :D.

  • Imagine if Japan had an Monster Hunter MMO for the NGP, the reaction would be amusing.

  • Sold!!!

    As soon more information is pumped out from SONY, I’ll be waiting in line…lolz

  • if the price is right..then i will definitely be buying this.

  • Good Job Jeff. I can’t wait for the NGP

  • “NGP does not have a video output feature,” confirmed Sony Computer Entertainment in a statement. Says on several videogame specialized media sites.

    Please let it have Video Out, its very important, maybe not for all games because of the touch features, but it is important for video file playing, internet browsing and games that not use the touch function like the psp retro-compatible ones.

    Hear your users feedback too. Please.
    Come on Jeff let Kazuo Hirai hear our input on the matter.

  • Great interview. Looking forward to all the continued information on the NGP. This is definitely Playstation’s year. Thanks for all the information Jeff!

  • Question: I want to use the NGP as essentially my gaming smart-phone-without-the-phone; How practical is the size and form of the NGP for something like this? The pictures make it seem bulky, but it could be more portable than it seems. What’s your take?

  • I think they should keep the XMB. They just need to incorporate the basic idea to a touch screen interface.

    ..And why are still calling it the NGP? It’s not like we all don’t know that it’s a PSP. That’s like revealing the PS4 and calling it the NGC. We already know!

  • I have to say NGP looks very nice, but I would like to know more about Uncharted for NGP story wise. Oh and it needs more Fighters, RPG’s, and Racer’s!

  • Man belive me or not this hot piece of tech excite me more than PS3. I love my ps3 so much and i am looking forward to only on ps3 ex games in 2011 (infamous 2 – UC3 – RFOM 3 etc .. ) , but with ngp i feel different so excited couse this device have PSN network capabilities with GPS (near is so cool) close to move gyro , revolution in handled consoles second analog and if it`s gonna use perferct game changer Track Pad OMG how the hell any gamer can`t be excited CAN`T REALLY WAIT . Hope Sony don`t make it`s name PSP2 i want it`s name more fresh more cool ;)

    And the last thing was Apps and games , games and more games . This unique machine must have most and best games with so many new IP`s and it`s gonna be ROCK

    Thanks Sony for always being GREATEST

  • Is Jeff holding a limited edition Pac-Man Moleskine notebook? lol

  • can’t wait for the NGP!!! It looks so damn amazing!!!!!

  • price has to be lower than $249 (i really ain’t buying another $300 device)

  • First day! stop delaying this and give it to me already. if you want the kitchen sink you got it.

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