PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle, Box Art Revealed

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PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle, Box Art Revealed

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, we’re happy to announce the exclusive Toys “R” Us PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle, available when the game ships on March 22nd. If you’ve been holding out on the PlayStation Move for this title, now is the time to pick up everything you need to get started!

PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle Toys "R" Us

The PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle is a North American exclusive (US and Canada) and will retail for $99.99 at Toys “R” Us. The bundle includes:

Also, for a little something extra, we wanted to share the final packfront art for the stand-alone game, which as you know will be shipping to retailers nationwide on March 22.

PlayStation Move Heroes

Make sure to pre-order to get your free exclusive skin pack! We’ll keep the news coming as we sprint towards launch. In the meantime, keep an eye out here for the latest on PlayStation Move Heroes.

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  • @26 then why they heck do you not offer a move/nav/game combo for those of us that have had the PSeye for 4 years for no good reason?

  • there really needs to be a bundle that includes a Nav controller, especially with all of the FPS and games like this that are much better with one. I don’t know why there hasn’t been one.

  • North America exclusive only at Toys R Us :(

  • pretty cool

  • I’ve been waiting on getting the Move… and assuming this game turns out I’ll probably wait for this.

    Sports Champions just doesn’t do it for me.

    Been there, done that (wii sports)

  • *sigh* If only they could’ve thought of a better title than ‘PlayStation Move Heroes’, since it isn’t all that different from the working one ‘Heroes On The Move’. Sly does look kinda ugly on the cover I gotta admit, but I’m guessing it’s because we’re so used to seeing him cel-shaded and not in ‘polygonal’ form. Hehehe…oh well, all my favorite game characters together at long last; I’m there, day one!

  • SO US only, huh. Typical. This would be the only title I’d consider getting the move for, but if it doesn’t come out as a bundle here it’s gonna be problematic, since stores don’t seem to carry the Eye around here. Move controllers all around, but no Eyes.

  • Dear Sony. Everyone already bought your camera years ago. Wake up and make a bundle for people who don’t want another one.

  • Is there any possibility that there will be a Killzone 3 move bundle? Thanks!

  • I’m glad this came out. It blows there’s no Navigation controller with it, but otherwise I’d be getting a PS Move with a game I don’t really want and still have to shell out another 40 to get this game. This way I just have to get this bundle and shell out an extra 20 to get a Nav Controller, so in a way it’s not so bad.

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