Plants Vs Zombies Coming Soon to PSN!

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Hello everyone! I have some bad news for you, courtesy of PopCap Games! The zombies are coming again, straight for your house, and they are—how should we put this—hungering for your brains. And, you know, that just can’t be good.

Plants vs Zombies for PS3 (PSN)

Yes, Plants Vs. Zombies, our splendiferous strategy game that pits loveable eco-friendly plant life against undead, traffic-cone-wearing, brain-eating zombies, is coming soon to PSN. And the only thing we can tell you, if you don’t want your brains to be part of a delicious and wholesome zombie lunch—perhaps with a side of intestines, or maybe some foie gras—is that you get your plants ready hold ‘em back.

Perhaps you did not know that plants are an effective weapon against zombies. Perhaps you weren’t aware, for example, that flinging a slab of butter from a Kernel-pult at an approaching, fly-specked, dentally-challenged zombie would temporarily freeze him in place, allowing your trusty pea-shooters to pummel him with abandon.

If you did not know this, then I humbly submit that you are woefully and shamefully ill-prepared for the upcoming apocalypse. And you only have yourself to blame. The solution? Thank you for asking. We here at PopCap recommend that you pick up Plants Vs. Zombies for PSN. It will teach you everything you need to know to stop the zombies from eating your oh-so-delicious-especially-with-a-lovely-glass-of-Chardonnay brains.

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  • yay!

  • Nice, I was holding off on getting it for PC hoping it would come out on PSN.

  • No mention of price or release date…is it 1080p or 720? trophies? Multiplayer?

  • I love you Jeff Green

    But PC is the best platform for this game

  • Why would you post this without a time period for launch ? Strange days…

    • I’m not allowed to post the launch day! I must answer to my masters, who wield large cattle prods. Electric ones.

  • I love you too! But here on the PlayStation Blog, I think we can all agree that the PlayStation is the best platform, don’t you think?


  • I’m gonna write a second post–WHEN THEY LET ME–that will tell you the details y’all want to know!



  • I knew Plant vs Zombie would come to PSN sooner or later. Thanks for announcing the game. Will it be a Minis or a full game for PS3 and/or PSP?

  • Jeff Green ladies and gentlemen!

    (Golf clap)

    Awesome news :)

  • how bout some move support?

  • from steam now on ps3.

    simply amazing!

  • Very nice. while i have it for my ipod and PC i would love to have it on my ps3/psp.

    With that i must ask is it only for ps3? or will it be able to be played on the psp as well?

  • Idk if I’m excited about this yet. I was excited about Angry Birds until I found out it was a mini, meaning no trophies, HD, etc.

  • AMAZING!!!!!

    I love this game,played it on PC and on my iPhone.

    Can’t wait!

  • Move support?

  • I’ll be definitely triple dipping on this game (iPhone & iPad.) Hope it supports Move controls.

  • Finally Plants vs Zombies for my PS3. Now Jeff please make my day and say this can be played on the PSP too. I want to kill zombies on the go too. Please help me Jeff. All Zombies must die!!!

  • Yay for Mr Green! Always enjoy hearing you on assorted podcasts! Thanks for the announcement and its about bloody time :) Maybe you can tease the Bejeweled 3 on PS3 announcement also… or wait maybe i just beat you to it.

  • excellent news! hmm large cattle prods, kinky.

  • @Jeff Green:

    “large cattle prods. Electric ones”: What other kind are there? Acid-spewing ones?

    (As a farmer’s daughter, I must point out that there are not, thankfully, acid-spewing cattle-prods.)

    Plants vs Zombies takes up too much of my life on my iPod as it is. I’m not sure that this is good news. If it comes with a lot of silver and gold trophies, though, I just may change my tune.

    • Yeah, I revealed my sissified, city upbringing there, didn’t I?

      Oddly, cattle prods aren’t really part of the life of middle-class LA jews. OR AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT WE TELL YOU.

  • I do not know about:

    PSP support
    Move support
    release date

    To sum up: I am useless!

    (However I can tell you that WOW upside-down is MOM.)

  • Already have it for the iTouch. What’s the incentive to pick it up for the PS3 as well? Please respond. Thanks.

    • Well the incentive for us is that we make more money.

      Oh, wait, you meant the incentive for YOU! Errr…well, the more versions of PvZ you have, the higher your quality of life will be. Also, you’ll just be that much more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Or same sex. Whatever you’re into, really.

      As to unique PS3/PSN features: I’m sworn to secrecy. Also, I don’t know. See above comment from me re: my uselessness.)

  • Well… then will there be plants fighting zombies? D:

  • OR zombies fighting plants!?!?!

  • Any difference between this version and iPhone version?

  • i was looking into this one itouch, but might pick it up for ps3 instead

  • Well the incentive for us is that we make more money.

    Gotta love the truth. I for one have never played Plants vs. Zombies and look forward to see what all the kids have been talking about.

  • This guy is hilarious! You, Jeff Green, should post/comment more often!

  • Shame it took so long to finally come to the PSN but either way my son would kill me if I didn’t get it for him. He wants it for every system we have.

    I am curious, does this version include the Michael Jackson Thriller dance or is it the new dance effect? Not sure if Popcap ever resolved the copyright issue or not.

    • I do not believe the King of Pop will appear in any more versions of PvZ. Cue Shakespeare’s line about lawyers.

  • hahahahaha This is awesome! And awesome blog post

    Gonna buy this again on PSN just because of this post(also to help keep Jeff in a job for more than one year, hopefully.)

  • Lol @ comments. But alright, it’s nice to see this sweet game coming to PSN.

  • NICE. I’ve been asking and pleading and begging (in my mind) please please please PopCap, please come to Sony in all ways, especially PvZ! My prayers have been answered! Thanks Jeff Green, for the good news, your uselessness, and of course, just being you.

    <3 tbt.

  • Dang i love how we had to wait months after the 360 version came out. so why did we have to wait for so long and i bet we still have to pay the same amount like the 360 version don’t we which is $14.99. i hate how u developers treat us like were crap to u but complain when your games don’t sell well on the ps3 i wonder why. whatever i can only imagine the bs excuse. if u even bother to answer me.

    • I have no idea what the price is going to be. If it were up to me personally, I’d give it away for free, because I’m from Berkeley and a bit of a communist. I’m sorry you feel like we’re treating you like “crap”—there are always a million factors in play when developers figure out which stuff goes on which platforms, and when. In an ideal world, everything would be a simultaneous launch across all platforms, but it doesn’t always work that way. Sorry I don’t really have a better answer for you than that!

  • @Kane22_ stop your complainging jk i agree……

  • About time.

  • Jeff green FTW. Sign my leg

  • Jeff green FTW. Sign my pants!!! Cause I don’t have any plants for you :(

  • I will sign anything you send me.

    (Note: Please don’t send me your leg. Or your pants. Actually, never mind. Don’t send me anything.)

  • VIDEO!!!!!

  • You will get my money for this game.

  • What’s the average postage on a leg?

  • this is too awesome, thanks for the great news!

  • this sucks… I just bought it on pc. than my brother had to go get an ipod that can play it and NOW its on ps3…

  • Lol Mr. Green your “useless” comments are quite funny, thanks for the laughs.

    now that i got your attention any plans to also do an NGP/PSP2?

  • Any plans for a Plants vs. Zombies dynamic theme?

  • Zuma’s Revenge please :)

  • Already had it on steam. But , I’ll get it again if it supports trophies.

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