PS3 System Software Update (v3.56)

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A new PS3 system software update, v3.56, will be released soon. This is a minor update that adds a security patch.

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  • hey Eric are you guys having a live blog from the playstation meeting ?

  • 15% it stops and i get error.

  • I might hack my PS3, just so I can avoid these useless updates while still being able to log in to the PSN.

  • i get error too and can’t even download the new update from sonys site yet. wow

  • What are you people blabbering on about hackers and significant updates for? PS3 hasn’t seen a /good/ update since 3.40 back at the end of June.

  • Did anyone actually install the firmware yet? I keep getting a error code.

  • i don’t even get too 15%..i stall out @ 9%

  • Same error at 15%, fix this asap. Tought i could play a couple online match of BFBC2 tonight…

  • Weeee no more snes on my ps3 i was having fun with it >:D


  • ive tried several times and it gets stuck around the 15% mark. I was just playing zombies online prior to this what gives.

  • gonna nd the popcorn lol

  • Go Sony Go!

  • Yea Sony dont let us all down!

  • im staring lolol

  • first time the download got to 9% and the second time 19%…trying again


  • did everything next step im running da ps3 right from the modem instead of the router

  • taking away more functionality? kicking more sand in our faces, perhaps?

    How long until we get a working browser? Even the Wii has a better-working, standards-compliant browser.

    When will we be able to rate games and videos from the XMB via the ‘triangle’ menu?

    When will 3D bluray transcode their audio to (at least) 24-bit DTS-HD?

    When will you update the version of GCC in the SDK so that the unofficial toolchain isn’t superior in the optimized code it produces?

    when will we get a boxee/xbmc app?

    be more responsive and no one will have a reason to hack their console.

  • +1 on the “stuck at 15%”
    so much fun, i wanted to get the new GT5 bonus races…

  • This update is taking forever,is been like 15 minutes and is still at 19% it usually takes less for this updates.
    O well Guess I go watch my video elsewhere… anyone up for pizza?

  • not turning off after updat cant even get update to go past 15%

  • Stalls at 10-20% completion, 20Mbps connection running at 100%, no custom firmware/software/hardware/bloatware whatever you kids wanna call it, pure official ps3/content …

  • I lied. Fked up at 19%

  • We all know its for the Jailbreak crap. I hope Sony nails them in court.

  • plzzz bann mw2 hackerss plzzz or sumthing im tired of clzzz

  • Can’t do it on my 2 PS3, what’s the problem Sony ?!?!?

    Sounds like it’s more of a problem with you. If you’ve had 3 yellow lights of death in the span of 5 years, the obvious source of the problem is YOU. I’ve had zero problems with my 40GB PS3 which I bought when they first hit the market.

  • The farthest I’ve been able to update to has been 17%. I’m on my 9th attempt now. I don’t understand why Sony can’t make sure the new firmware is posted on their site when they launch a new system update, it would be so much easier since there would be less server congestion.

  • Another worthless update. Thanks, Sony.

  • Same thing here – around 10% it reports an error and states it can not connect to the server. My internet connection is fine! Any news on when this will actually work?

  • @ meatrean12
    I didn’t set it to turn off after update and I still get the error.

  • I’m at 30% i think its working!

  • ……. but still no MAJOR patches in like the past 4 months, V3.0 was okay, but I mean SONY please, I want an explanation WHY the MOST requested features still aren’t implemented. WHY are features like cross-game chat and backwards compatibility not there?, though the latter used to be a working feature. I can see why you guys removed the b/wards compatibility to cut the cost but a good idea would be to let you rip the data off the ps2 disc and saving it onto the ps3 would work.

    TL:DR – FEATURES LIKE CROSS-GAME CHAT STILL NOT ON THE PS3 AFTER 4-5 YEARS is bugging me. The sheer length of time it is taking SONY to put these things in REALLY bugs me.


  • Oh I think the problem is solved! Change your account and run the update! it work!

  • @DillingerEscaped:
    Another useless comment. Thanks DillingerEscaped.

  • made it to 18% then error thats the highest for me so far lol

  • I don’t mind that there is a security patch to help with the recent hacking of the system, but why not give us an idea of WHAT it is actually doing and maybe throw something else with it that we might actually want. I mean when was the last time there was an actual update that was NOT just security update.

    Come on now Sony I know you can better than this.

  • So did I….SOny please post this update on your site so people can update via a usb stick.

  • @Eric Lempel
    2 Things

    1) Please for the love of God get rid of the PS Move screen that comes up before every PS Move game starts. We didn’t scrap the PS3 logo at game start just to have it replaced wtih another game delaying message.

    2) Serial Keys are completely unacceptable, if I wanted to futs with this stuff I would have continued to remain on PC.

  • Some people are totally unaffected by this, which is strange. The majority of us seem to be having the same issue though.

  • I can confirm, it errored at 14% for me, I do not have a hacked system or anything like that, infact I have a fairly new system with a perfect internet connection… [DELETED] sony!! all I want to do is play oooooooooonline!

  • my highes is 59%

  • Froze at 32% then same thing

  • Switched from wired to wireless and made it up to 19% now .. my guess this is totally random and the servers are just getting hammered. Sigh .. wanted to play some online GT5 with friends at the regularly scheduled time.

    Not an elegant system, Sony.

  • @mlanie10
    Sorry I lied. It stalled out at 21% for me. Atleast I got to download more of it. -.-
    Might as well sell this piece of crap console and get a 360.
    And besides, it will most likely be sorted out.. in around 1 week – 3 weeks. Thanks sony.

  • i got too 32% this time! alright new record for completion %!

    Thanks, Sony

  • How about adding new features or fixing the crappy browser SONY? And don’t give me that hacker crap, we haven’t had a decent update in ages, even before the hacking started. You’re just good at taking things away. Well, perhaps the naughty hackers can add cross game chat…

  • Any news on the PSN android app ? Remote play for Android phones and all laptops. Here’s hoping for the best.

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