Happy Birthday MAG! Let’s Celebrate!

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MAG Beta Starts Today!

It may sound clichéd, but wow, time really flies! It’s hard to believe that it has already been a full year since our massive 256-person PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter, MAG, was released all over the globe. To celebrate our one-year birthday, we’re unveiling a handful of promotions as a thank you to our fans throughout the week.

First up, starting Wednesday, January 26 at 12am Pacific Time, we’re changing all in-game queue and “Happy Hour” bonuses to 256% until Sunday, January 30 at 11:59pm. If you’ve been meaning to level up to grab our various “level 60” trophies, our promotional time period is a great time to go for it!

Speaking of January 26, all day from 10am-5pm Pacific Time, members of the Zipper Interactive QA team (our best players!) will be online and playing MAG throughout the day. If you’ve never participated in our “Play MAG with Zipper” events, they’re great fun and offer you the perfect opportunity to show us your skills.

Our third and final promotion is a special “Faction Neutral” switch for the Domination and Acquisition modes. For the first time ever in MAG “Live,” our two biggest game types will switch from being PMC-specific to being open for defense by any of our three factions. Like our 256% XP bonus, this mode switch will be in operation from January 26 at 12am Pacific to January 30 at 11:59pm.

But this isn’t all we’re doing to wish MAG a happy birthday. We’ll also be posting some additional posts throughout the week, including a breakdown of MAG statistics and numbers on Thursday and a special “Five Things You Never Knew About MAG” article on Friday morning. It should be fun.

As always, everyone here at Zipper Interactive wants you to know how much we appreciate all the support and feedback you have given us over the last year and we hope you’ve enjoyed playing the game as much as we’ve enjoyed making and improving it. Thank you very much!

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  • @50 I completely agree I love MAG and the move but trying to get use to playing mag with the move is a pain that is one of the reason why I can’t wait for kz3 beta because it will have a bot mode and supports the move it will help me get used 2 playing fps with the move

  • MAG2!!! i would pre-order it without a sec 2 think ya man +400hrs game play thats the most i ever play in any multiplayer game n enough time 4 the platinum 2 ;)

  • I already put about 600 hours into MAG, now you want more? OK fine I’ll be there.

  • Now that’s funny Roper just puts his face up as his avatar nice!

  • I’ve never played any game as much as I have MAG. I’ve got over 130hrs and still no stopping me from going back.

  • Looks like I’ll be reactivating slots B & C and bumrushing them to 60 at the bare minimum.

    Can’t say no to that much easy XP.

    Never going to get the bloody Eager Beaver trophy though. 58 medals is just way too many, even with the DLC ones added in. Should have been at 40 or something. ;/

  • MAG is awesome and I’ve been playing it more than any other game recently, but dear god please remove the Knife’s send-to-spawn-point insta-death; pitted against the most powerful of guns, it defies all logic.

  • What about the character slots fix for the downloadable version of the game? AND the Duteus Maximus trophy glitch fix?

  • Time to play MAG 24×7

  • Happy B-day MAG. I have enjoyed playing this game for most of the year. Had to stop to play a few other games, I’m back to playing it and enjoying it a lot. Good job to all at Zipper!

  • Happy birthday MAG, it’s been a great one thus far!

    But I can’t help but get upset everytime I see the photo used above. I want me some balaclavas and face-wraps as DLC! ugghh.

  • Happy Bday MAG! I cant believe there are haters out there! At 29.99, its an unbelievable value and hundreds of hours of fun!! Its quite addicting! Congrats Zipper!

  • “Has there been any thought to adding some sort of AI bot setup players can utilize to practice with the Move controller?”

    Use the first two mission types over again. The first is the basic movement training mission. It tells you to duck, run, throw grenades, etc. That’s what I did over again after trying MAG with my Move. Its already in the game to teach you the controls for a reason.

    Then use the same-faction basic mission type and go into some crazy frag-fest multiplayer on the nice small maps as a way to hone your Move skills before you get into the 128+ player maps.

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