More Avatar Options Coming to PlayStation Network Tomorrow

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Thirsting for more PSN Avatar options? We hear you! With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store publish, we’ll be unleashing a flood of new avatars for Tron: Evolution, Hoard, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Check them out below and be sure to pick up your favorites in the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

PSN Avatar mosiac

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  • Comment 13 FTW!

  • Awesome, GTAIV/RDR avatars. it would be cool if we get MGS avatars.

  • I just want Xenogears that’s all that would want right now the game released with avatars that would more than awesome for real.

  • hurray 4 jessica chobot avatars

  • Is Explodemon Avatars coming out tomorrow? They’re already out in Europe and I heard that they would be released on the 25th yet this post doesn’t mention them.

  • Don’t think these are free

  • Cool, but I rather want more random avatars like the ones preloaded on the PS3. Or have the ability to make yourself avatars and it could just be screened to see if it’s “appropriate”.

  • Lame. Just let us upload and use our own avatars….

  • where would i go to report a playstation blog bug

  • Man I really want an infected Nathan Hale avatar.

  • Nice! I hope this trend continues! I would LOVE to see some Mass Effect ones (maybe N7, Cerberus logo, etc), some MGS ones (Peace Walker logo, the old foxhound logo, etc.), Final Fantasy ones (too many ideas to list off), and many more! I`m glad to see these, and hope that you guys at which ever department at SCEA pursue more companies to jump onboard the avatar train :D

  • Thank You!!! I’ve been wanting Assassin’s Creed avatars! I’ll be buying most of these tomorrow. Please make some Killzone & God of War ones.

  • I’m definitely getting those ACB avatars tomorrow

  • Hell Yes.

  • Here’s an idea; why not let PS+ members make their own avatars (after being deemed appropriate) and Sony charge for animated avatars? Buying tiny (still) pictures is a little ridiculous.

  • I had submitted an idea requesting these Rockstar Avatars via Blog.Share that didn’t get accepted…I see why now. I had also requested avatars from their previous games hope to see those at some point.

    Rockstar rules!

    <3 from East Los Santos

  • I really would like dyamanic Avatars I mean you all have done it with themes can u make Avatars move also ?#TeamBON

  • already got my heavy rain one.

  • Should really roll these out weekly/more often and cover more titles (instead of just the big ones). Lot of Avatars to add.

    Also on the matter of Avatars, how about the option/ability to purchase them from the PSP Store or the Media Go Store? We can change them on the former but can’t purchase them which is a bummer.

  • Since I bought Mass Effect 2 off the PSN and it took a chunk of my hard drive space, it would be nice to be able to pick up a matching Mass Effect 2 avatar to remind me how cool PSN has become.

  • Im quite happy with my avatar right now HAHA! good to see new avatars. I can’t believe that when someones given free stuff, they complain that they aren’t given what they wanted (#48, #46…)

  • I love you guys, you should do stuff like this more often! Are any for PS+?

  • Can’t Wait To Get Some AC brotherhood Avatars

  • This is great, I would love to see NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL team avatars next please!!

  • at 72, seriously lets get some NBA avatars!

  • Are these free or premium?

  • This is great! i know people keep asking for them. honestly though i dont really understand having more than 1. i mean unless you like all the franchises then its cool. im glad to see some Rival School ones (hopefully we can get the ps1 classic up on psn?) i mean ill probably buy some if there were from Resident Evil Outbreak!

  • They look good, free or not I know I will be picking up a few new ones at last!!

    Great job and can’t wait for them!

  • Needs more Batman and Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Are they coming to PSN Malaysia ?

  • I remember when avatars used to be free to get. I remember when some Sony worker on this very blog said that both pay and FREE ones would be coming to the PSN in the future. That was over a year ago and there have been free ones released no doubt, but of course in typical fashion they are really crappy and nobody wants them anyway. Time to dust off an old internet catchphrase, but this is straight up nickel and diming.

  • Yes! Niko, Ezio & BRUCIE all in one day! Awesome!

  • If they’re not free, i’m not interested. Thanks tho.

  • Any chance for some Mass Effect 2 avatars?

  • You call that a flood of avatars? It’s barely a sprinkle. Get with it! GTA4 icons, so late into the game (no pun intended). I have always been surprised at the lack of avatar options for the PSN. Especially ones that are available outside of the PS Store.

  • about time we got some avatars with some attitude, other than the current old schoolers and certain reward member avatars. will be picking up these as soon as posted.

  • @13: Paying for a 32×32 (or so) picture? Are you serious? Even if it was 1 cent, i still wouldn’t pay to get one tiny picture… geez…

  • when can we make our own avatars/ that would be worth the cost of plus membership, along with the freebies too of course.

  • Weak, how about avatars from tv shows?

  • I want some Killzone and Mass Effect avatars…

    Colonel Radec, Liara T’Soni, & Garrus Vakarian for the win!!! Although I might get John Marston…:D

  • how about option for us to make up our own avatars? via either ps3 camera or any photos on file?

  • When will sport team logos be added as avatars?

  • When I read options… I thought something new was in store… something like being able to snap a shot of your PSHome avatar and using that as an avatar… would that be THAT difficult?


  • Must be a slow week for something as meaningless as avatars to get their own blog post. :|

  • These are decent and all but… too little, too late! Avatars have got to be the easiest things to add to the PS Store! It’s a tiny motionless picture [DELETED] it!

    Still waiting on MGS, Killzone and sports logo avatars Sony. And where’s the love for Isaac Clarke and his gang of lovable necromorphs? Those would make for some pretty [DELETED] avatars.

  • Also, where’s the Kingdom Hearts and God of War avatars?
    We need those!

  • “Premium” avatars. Seriously? Sony still thinks its OK to charge $ for a 64×64 JPEG file? [DELETED]? I don’t care if they cost 5 cents, its ludicrous to charge for a what amounts to a no-frills AIM buddy icon.

    And it really took this long to produce a handful of mediocre JPEGs from games that are over a year old?

    This whole avatar thing is baffling to me. It’s like Sony’s actually got *developers* toiling away to make a 2k image file? Why not just stipulate that all games submitted for approval to Sony’s game division also come with at least 6 free avatars. That way *every* game has a least a small set of avatars available for free day one. Problem solved.

    p.s. For a nominal fee I will gladly provide Sony’s highly paid ‘visionaries’ with basic common sense tidbits like the above on a regular basis. No sense them hurting themselves trying to put together rational thoughts *and* tie their shoes all by themselves.

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